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Tran A/c installed last summer

\015 One bedroom upstairs about 95 derees in summer. Other bedroom upstairs/freezing. Loft/freezing. Said they did not have access to attic by vent. Paid to have access panel installed. I have heard every excuse possible. 3 kids in room--too many people. Now they say I need return installed in room. It was not this hot with the old A/C and 3 kids were in the room at that time. Said they cannot put larger venting system as there is not room on the box over the A/C unit. Bedroom is close to A/C unit, but vented near bottom of box. They said I should not close door. But all other bedrooms get plenty of air with door closed. I need help with suggestions on how to fix this problem.\015

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It's the ducting that causes the problem. But if the old unit wasn't as bad, did they install a smaller unit to save on money? It is possible, some companies do this to make more money. Sad but it is true. A return added to the room would help but if they can run a return, then they can add another duct or reduct the room as well. Sounds like someone is trying to sell you a story without fixing the issue. Tell them that they don't need to add an extra run, tell them to change the size! Also, make sure that if the run is longer than 25 feet, the ducting has to be stepped down in size to increase valocity to the vent. For example, you have a 10" duct running for 25' and then you step down to 8" the rest of the way unless that run is more than 25'. Hope this info helps!

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Tran A/c installed last summer

It's the ducting that causes the problem. But if the old unit wasn't as bad, did they install a smaller unit to save on money? It is possible, some companies do this to make more money. Sad but it is true. A return added to the room would help bu ... Air Conditioners

I have an american standard air cond. unit outside...I tried to turn it on yesterday and it comes on in the house but no cool air...on the outside the unit is not on, fans not turning etc. checked the breakers inside they are on.....what can I do to troubleshoot. I'm tired of calling the original guys who installed it. I have to call with every season change...winter, summer, winter, summer. I do remember last time I called they replaced something that if I paid extra which I did I could get the

Installed a new controller now nothing works.Marked wires as I removed then from the old controller and installed then into the proper connector on the new controller. Reinstalled old LUX controller and still nothing works. All circuit breakers ... American Standard WCZ036F Air Conditioner

Amana Model APG13360901 ( 3 ton gaspack). Installed new amana last summer. This summer, 4 year old hardwood floor buckled. Existing ductwork from previous 15 years seems to be "sweating" at the register and getting enough moisture in the floor to buckle the hardwood. My old "crappy" rheem never buckled it, and was always able to remove enough moisture. By the way , somehow the condensate drain got plugged in July, and so I suppose the Amana was unable to remove the moisture. But it is funny

... Amana Air Conditioners

A contractor installed a Goodman condenser (new) for my son last november but never tested it,(too late in season). This summer my son tried to use it, the condenser fan comes on but the compressor does not. he called the guy and he thought it might be a seal that wasn't removed but wouldn't come back to correct the problem. Do you know what seal he's talking about what else the problem might be!

It may have a low pressure switch and be low on freon.besides that guess,id need more info. ... Goodman Air Conditioners

I have a 3.5 ton Ruud UBHC-Series Heat Pump, with fan coil unit UBHC-17J11SFA. It was installed in 2004. It has not been cooling well this summer, nd my bills were high last winter. I did not properly change filters for the first couple years, as I thought they were to protect ME, not the UNIT. (I care less about ME than the UNIT!) Recently got it diagnosed with this info: 1) Coils slightly dirty 2) Rozz(I can't read his handwriting) levels: 45.9 / 210.3 psi 8.8 degrees subcool 56 degrees super

Hi I hope this will help, if toy have a air compressor you can clean the coils yourself by bloing air across the coils to the outside of the unit. If there is dirt in the coils and leaves in the condensor coil, once you clean it may be ok but Rudd ha ... Air Conditioners

Hi, we have a problem with our Weatherking heating unit/ air conditioner. We had it installed 07/20/06. It really never has worked properly. For the last 2 summers in run's constantly. Which of course makes our electric bills outragous. Our house is around about 2200 square feet. This unit is a 4 ton unit. What could be the problem. Please help. Thank you. The model # is 13AJA48A01

Lets look at the whole problem. Did you have a new unit inside. Is the charge correct for unit. 1 lb of refrigerant makes difference. Four tons should be big enough if you have proper insulation. I have three tons in a 2100 square foot house. Its ple ... Weather King 12AJA4801AH Air Conditioner

Last night, the system began leaking substantial amounts of water, (condensation?) onto the closet floor where the unit is installed. The system has been running well all summer in this swelteringly miserable heat (+100 degree weather)in middle Ga. Is this a sign of coming failure or is it a normal reaction during these conditions? Your advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

Typical due to humidity. Is there a pan on the bottom to collect the condensate. It may have a clogged drain. ... Air Conditioners

I purchased an evaporative ducted air conditioner that has just come out of warranty.I have had problems with this unit and installation every summer.They have repaired all the faults as they have occured. This summer i have had a repeat of a fault that occured last year.The company came and repaired it . The company did not inform me that the unit was out of warrenty and sent me a bill for $234.75c.Am i entitled to pay this account

That is shoddy business they should have informed you how much the estimated repair was going to be. I would call the company and talk to them about the way the do business and ask them for a break on the bill. Being a heating and air conditioning s ... Air Conditioners

Pilot won't stay lit. Robertshaw thermostat for gas log - 1 yr old. Worked fine last season. Turned off for Summer. Will not work this fall. Will hold down pilot for full 60 sec. Pilot lights quickly, good blue flame, but will extinguish as soon as I release the pilot valve. Installed neww thermopile. No change.

Replace the thermo coupling.. available at most hardware stores.. measure the length or take the old one with you. ... Air Conditioners

Self-Evaporating Technology This summer we are not finding very much if any water in the internal collection tank. We thought our machine was broken so we borrowed the Danby DPAC7599 Portable Air Conditioner and used it in the exact same way. Again very little or no water in the internal collection tank. The only difference I can think of from last summer to this summer is that I never open my western facing window or the blinds at all. We are very near the ocean In Vancouver BC. Last summer whe

... Air Conditioners

We had a brand new unit put in a couple of years back. When it was installed it worked. Once winter came, it obviously was turned off. Then the following summer, it would turn on but just blow air, would not cool at all- so the unit installers came out and repaired it. It worked through the summer, then the following summer-it wouldnt cool again-they came back out and fixed it again. Third summer in a row-it is not working again!! A friend told me this morning, on new units there is a

Yes but you should have to keep resteting it you might have a major problem are you beiing charge for freon if so you have a bad condensor unit (it have a leak ) check your bill if the same thing happens again go see what the techs are doing ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

In 2002, I had an Amana heat pump installed, in 2003, I had to have the defrost panel replaced and in April 2004, I had to have a new air handler installed, I'm not sure how many service calls I have had, but last year 2010, I had 3 calls at a cost of over $300, plus a new compressor, last week it ran and ran and did not heat my house at all. After several calls to the company they finally came and said the compressor was bad, it was replaced on Friday 4/8/2011, the weather was mild and I did n

I would contact Goomman manufacturing directly and explain the problem.\015\012remember tne product is only as good as the installer.\015\012this should not be happening to you and i'am sure Goodman will help you\015\012with this. ... Amana Air Conditioners

We have an older model (58SG100251) installed in the attic. With the thermostat set & turned on nothing happens. A new blower motor was installed last year.The t/stat is a ritetemp digital. I,ve c

Possible fan relay is defective, does outside unit come on ? ... Air Conditioners

I have had a mitsubishi split system HVAC installed in my 150m apartment. It is installed inside the apartment in a small space with one window for inflow a second window for out flow. As we test the unit, 3 problems have come to our attention. (1) When it was really cold outside last Janaury the unit itself was leaking something that turned into ice. There was a pool of about 2 inches of ice on the floor and the wall had a covering and the hoses were encased in ice. The installer maint

The problem is in your Ac's compressor .It is wasting all the cooling gases and chemicals1)the ice you are seeing is the mixture of chemical & gases when get in contact with atmospheric air it converts into ice and pls dont touch that ice a ... Mitsubishi MS-A09WA Split System Air Conditioner

Hello all I am about at my wits end....We had a 2 ton 14 seer Ruud heat pump installed at the end of last year. The biggest problem I am having is in heat mode when it goes into defrost it makes a loud almost helicoper sound for about 20-60 seconds, wakes you up that's for sure. When I have had the company that installed it come out I can never get it to do it for them and I even tried recording it. We have had a multitude of problems I believe mostly stemming from the company that installed it.

It is most likely due to a scroll compressor. these are very noisy and hard to get used to. if it does not have a compressor jacket it would be worth installing. a hvac company would have to get it for you and it put it on. labor should be minimal si ... Air Conditioners

THe a/c has very weak flow of air blowing even with the fan on high. My last carrier had a high volume of air coming out of the vents which was adjusted by the installer as I desire room by room. This installer said the latest carrier units are designed differently and dont allow for adjustments. It takes hours for the house to cool down a few degrees and runs continuously. It only will cool below 74 degrees when the temperature outside is under 77. I have had several installers to look at

Hi,\012It sounds like you got shafted and the guy installed a smaller air handler unit with a smaller motor to try to make more of a profit...\012The problem is getting an unbiased opinion from someone who knows their stuff...sad to say b ... Carrier Air Conditioners

New heat/ac installed oct 09 by friend/family members..started using air last week..noticed it wasnt cooling..today its 84 in home-NO cold air blowing. what in the world did they do wrong on install?

Hi, it sounds as though when they did the install, they may have a poor brazed joint and the unit lost its charge while setting until now. If the indoor unit runs and is blowing just air, go to the outdoor unit to see if its running. If not the probl ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

We have a Weatherking Heater/AC unit the heater works and the AC worked last summer when we tried the furnace this winter no heat found out it was the 24 volt transformer replaced it and heat worked fine went to try the AC this summer and when we switched the T-stat to AC it burned out the Transformer Again. Do you think we have a short in the wireing to the AC unit

I think you have a definite short and it's in the 24 volt circuit. The only problem is - 'finding a low voltage short' is not the easiest thing in the world to do - so - I would guess you'd need a Service Tech.\015\012\015\012good luck! ... Air Conditioners

Carrier Comfort 13 Puron model 24ACA3 / FV4NB006 installed 3/18/08 no longer cooling. Carrier AC1-100 Thermostat checked per manual - all default settings intact. Test override did not turn unit on though. All systems turned "on" - circuit breaker "on". Noticed last night that room temperature was rising so we turned target temperature down. Usually room temperature and target temperature are within a 1 or 2 degree swing. System did come on & cool once last night. Today though system is not comi

Verify 24 volts at the low voltage transformer inside the air handler.\015\012If it is OK, jump out the red/green and yellow thermostat wires. If everything comes on, replace the thermostat. ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

We have a Rheem air conditioner that is 9 years old Model number RAKA 037-JAZ and have been having some issue with it. Last summer the condenser wasn't coming on so we have a friend who is a HVAC guy and he came over and cleaned it all out and then it worked great. At the beginning of this summer we started having the same issue, so we cleaned it out and it worked for a couple of weeks and then started to have problems again. One day, it ran all day and the temp stayed high when we went to look

It sounds like he got you a Hard Start Kit/Capacitor, that might explain\015\012the five minute delay. When the fan is not operating the compressor will\015\012make a loud noise..\015\012\015\012Check to make sure insulated su ... Air Conditioners

The unit will not start for the summer. It worked last summer.

Open the control box and see if you have around 220-240V at the bottom of the contactor. The contactor is the switch looking thing in the bottom. If the unit is calling for air it should have a button in the middle that is pulled in. If you are not g ... Carrier 38CKC024 Air Conditioner

I have an intertherm AC unit (model E2EB-015HA) and the inside unit is leaking and damaging my floor. We discovered this last summer and assumed it was a combination of condensation from the unit and freezing up. As it did freeze up and we caught it rather late. I did a good cleaning, filter replacment, and checked the line running out of the water-pan and it was not clogged and water was flowing well. I fixed some floor damage in my hallway and kept a close eye on the unit. This summer it has s

I realize this post is a few years old, but I keep having the same problem. Just got out from under my trailer draining water out of the insulation. I noticed when my unit was running that the water in the pan was being pulled back towards the insi ... Intertherm Air Conditioners


Sorry for the inconvenience you have had. The compressor and coils etc are 5 year warranty. This still leaves labor, but I know most shops pick up the labor for one year. I know it is still a headache, but hopefully you have some coverage from you ... Air Conditioners

I have an Amana RHE30A2B heat pump. I installed a new thermostat, Honeywell, last night and now the coils are not cooling & the unit is blowing hot air. I have double checked all the wiring & everything seems to work as it should. Is there a breaker or fuse on the outside unit that I am not aware of before I call a service man out. We also had an electrical storm last night. It could be a freak thing, but I am still concentrating on the thermostat.

Hello,If you can hear a click or see a light when you turn your thermostat from up to down you do have power there. Or, you can put a meter on your thermostat and see if there is any voltage or not. If not in either case, you can try this ... Amana Air Conditioners

I installed a Hunter 44860 digital programmable T-stat on a single zone heat pump system. During the summer it was fine and the AC was cold. When winter came, the heat would blow cool. A friend switched a wire for the reversing valve and the heat was great. Summer came and the AC blew hot. I changed the wire again and it was fine. Now winter is here and the heat is cold... reversed the wire and now the AC is hot. Is there a solution to this? Does this t-stat support both?

Single zone means there is only one valve for the thermostat to control for hot, and one to control for cold.The thermostat you selected is not correct.It is not for single zone heat pumps.If you would like me to do additional resea ... Air Conditioners

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