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Whirlpool model acq158xso shuts off circuit breaker

\015 Every day around 3:30 PM circuit breaker throws off then will continue to do so several times till after 5:00 PM. I think it's because electric company increases amount of electricity in lines as people turn on their A/Cs and TVs as they come home. electric co says nope.\015\012this is a 125 volt A/C and works fine other than these times or in the Florida winters.\015

Answers :

It sounds as though the unit is dirty and during high loads, it is haveing trouble keeping up. Pull the unit from it's housing and wash it real good with a hose and sprayer. Its better to pull the unit because you can get to the coiling easier and clean it the way it needs to be clean. I bet this will solve your problem, if not then it may be low on refrigerant and the compressor is locking out and this can sometimes trip a weak breaker.

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Whirlpool model acq158xso shuts off circuit breaker

It sounds as though the unit is dirty and during high loads, it is haveing trouble keeping up. Pull the unit from it's housing and wash it real good with a hose and sprayer. Its better to pull the unit because you can get to the coiling easier and ... Whirlpool ACQ158XP Wall/Window Air Conditioner

We have a Maytag air conditioner model M6Y18F7B-B 10,000 BTU 240 volt. It works great when it's on but shuts off frequently and annoyingly. This makes the unit virtually useless. Why is the in line switch set to turn off so often. There is an appropriate circuit breaker on the line.

OK, this unit has an overheat switch which can go off when the air conditioner's circuits get hot and draw too much current.\015\012\015\012I don't believe that your circuit breaker is at fault, since it is not tripping.\015\012 ... Maytag Air Conditioners

Whirlpool 240V ADF18040 18000 btu A/C started shutting itself off. Only way to turn back on is to cycle circuit breaker off-on. Did this 5 or 6 times over the course of 2 or 3 days...now won't work at all. It's not short-cycling the compressor, since it did this even with the thermostat off (warmest position). ???Maybe fan motor capacitor???

Hi,Be sure and check the big yellow or main \015\012power wire over to and connected to the compressor. If it is corroded or\015\012 burned and has arched and the brass spade connector is disconnected or \015\012melted you wil ... Air Conditioners

York Stellar heat pump A/C runs for 2 minutes then shuts off . It will restart if I cycle the heat/off/cool switch, or reset the circuit breaker, regardless of method, it will run again for 2 minutes and shut back off. Fan does blow, new circuit card put in, new capacitor put in. (when capacitor was installed, problem went away for about a week, but has since returned).

... Air Conditioners

The circuit breaker trips every time I turn the thermostat to on. The system hasn't been on in a few months, and when I turned it on today, it wasn't pushing cold air out. I saw that the circuit breaker trips for the "HVAC" in my panel as soon as I turn the unit to on. This is A Goodman Model A 36-15

You need to start with a basic inspection in the outside unit. For the breaker to trip immediately like that indicates a dead short. With the breaker OFF look at the internal wiring between the contactor relay and the compressor. You are looking for ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

Ruud furnace Model UGPH-10EBRJR Silhouette ll. blower fan stays on continously, (also draft blower) and the only way it will shut off is to disconnect power. I've replaced thermostat, fan limiter switch, switch on the blower housing, even replace circuit board (IFC). I've even disconnected the thermostat wires to circuit board and blower still comes on as aoon as power is connected. I've disconnected everything on the circuit board except for blower wires and 24 volt transformer and it still com

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I have this model of air conditioner and it shuts off from time to time. It will run for a while and then power down. Then when you try to restart it will run for a few mins and shut down again. But I tried it in a different out let and it will run for a longer period of time. It is not tripping the breaker on any outlets. Is this an issue with the compressor getting over work and it shutting down to cool off?

... LG LB1200ER Air Conditioner

My rv's A/C will not turn on. When I was camping I had my A/C running and when I tird to turn it off with my remote the system would not respond. So, I went to the breaker and manually shut it off. The next day, I tried to turn it on with the remote and nothing happened. I checked the breaker and it was on. I troubleshooted the electrical system from the breaker to the unit circuit bord in the coach and it has power. What step do I take?

First turn the power on to the unit and taking a pencil manually activate the contactor switch by pushing the contactor swith in. (this is the switch that the power feeds to the unit from the supply) if the unit activates and runs then you problem w ... Air Conditioners

I have a Duo Therm Quick Cool, model 59516331, mounted on a 2001 Dutchman. With the A/C on it cools great but the compressor does not kick out or cycle. The unit runs until it freezes and can't blow air. When I shut the unit off manually from the thermostat the compressor continues to run, the only way to shut it off is to shut the breaker off. I am wondering if it could be the thermostat? I have checked everything I can think of. Any advice for me?

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Air handlers unit does not shut off i have to shut it off by the circuit breaker

Make sure the thermostat is set in the auto possition, if yes and still doesn't stop when it riches the temperature is set for, probably the fan relay is bad or the thermostat is wiring wrong. ... Bryant 462AJC021BA Air Conditioner

I have a coleman evcon, model # EB17B, and it wont shut off. i have replaced the thermostat, twice, the new one is a programmable one. i had to shut it off at breaker...

... Coleman Air Conditioners

Hello , this is Bobby and I have a Coleman Mach rooftop air conditioning unit Model # 8335B8964 when I turn on the unit ,it throws the circuit breaker . I have replaced the starting capacitor and the running capacitor for the compressor, the fan runs ok.Is there a circuit board for this particular unit?

Here's a link to a service manual, with step by step tests to determine whats wrong. I'm thinking compressor shot, but this should confirm, and or help you determine for yourself. Be careful with those capacitors eh !! Read warning in service manual. ... Coleman Mach 15 Air Conditioner

I recently lost power to part of my house and now my ac won't cool. I don't know the manufacture but it's model # nhp024akc1 ductless central ac unit. I was thinking it had a circuit breaker trip but I cannot find the breaker on the unit (and don't know how to remove the cover) all that is easily visible is a fuse box.

If the breaker tripped its in your electrical panel, your breaker panel, but the fuse may have blown in it, if it did, its an easy and cheap replacement ... Air Conditioners

Heater shut down sometime in the middle of the night and now it will not turn on. I checked the breaker box and when I flipped the master switch, it came on for about a minute or two but was blowing cold air then just shut itself off. My unit is model# 58STA070-10112 and I have a Honeywell Chronotherm IV thermostat. Any suggestions for this DIY chick? thanks!

Hi what has happened is, this is a heat pump. The main breaker keeps tripping because the compressor is shorted. I hate to give you this news, but anytime a unit keeps tripping the main breaker on a heat pump, the compressor is either locked up and d ... Carrier 38CKC042 Air Conditioner

1989 damon escaper ultrasport, at full hookup site A/C working fine until it just shut off. At that moment I was programming fridge because it wasn't cooling. Might be irrevelant but fridge now working. I unplugged electricity from RV, turned off/on breakers - nothing. Inside RV I noticed A/C power cable in cabinets says "do not exceed circuit rating 16 amps" Im plugged in a 30amp site. Is there a fuse box for AC? Did I burn circuit? I'm a novice when it comes with RVs. Please help, thx

... Air Conditioners

Model 75151 15,100 BTU Kenmore A/C just stopped working No lights on the control panel. The green light on the plug's circuit breaker is on and tried the reset button. Also tried another circuit, but still no lights on the control panel. Remote doesn't do anything. What could be the possible causes?

... Kenmore Multi-Room Air Conditioner

Friedrich model 24m continually trips circuit breaker. had new 220 line installed and have replaced breaker but problem continues.

How new is unit? Looks like a portable. if it has a 3 prong plug, it sounds like the compressor is shorted to ground, tripping breaker. If its new, return it, if not, junk it ... Friedrich P-12 Air Conditioner

Carrier model 38TKB had problems with getting compressor to kick on at first usually just had to turn the ac on and off a few times and it would kick in and run fine until it reached the desired room temp or you shut it off. Now the compressor wont shut off unless I turn the breaker off. I figure there is a relay or switch sticking in the "ON" position undder my cover there seems to be a black block with lots of terminals under it and a round coil pack of some type which one needs changed

The Black Box is a contactor.It is stuck in the on position.Replace it. ... Carrier Air Conditioners

A/c will not continue to cool.. Starts fine, runs fine.. but shuts down cooling ( comp shuts off but fan still runs) after anywhere from 5 min to multiple hours. No circuit breakers or fuses blow. CAN usually reset by cycling wall thermostat if that does not work can unplug 12v. connection to thermostat and it will most often start cooling again when asking via the thermostat. Have replaced computer board in a/c unit on roof and wall thermostat

One amateur test is to place your hand on the compressor and see if it\015\012is too hot to hold your hand on it. You may have a restricted condenser coil \015\012If it is too hot then the condenser coil is restricted inside the unit ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

We have a new house and it came with central air. I have turned on the air and turned on the circuits and noticed that the outside fan on the outdoor unit was spinning round (good) now, I checked and the fan is not turning. Turned the unit on and off, still no turning and checkecd the circuit breakers...Any help please. Model is Aire_Flo Outdoor unit AFAIR12B30-A P I hear a low hum to the unit outside. I see trouble here.

First check to be sure the circuit breaker for the outside unit is not tripped. Turn the two pole breaker all the way off all the way off and then back on. If the outside unit still does not run you may have fuses in a disconnect box by the outside ... Air Conditioners

Fan will run but trips breaker when turned to cool. Circuit breaker has been replaced but still have problem. Model #ACM244XED

Listen to the compressor for several minutes.If you hear the compressor starting and stopping but the condenser fan seems to be running normally, turn off the unit, and have someone check the compressor.It may need new start c ... Whirlpool Air Conditioners

I had to change the compressor of my 2 ton bio-sleep split AC from samsung (6 months old- but stopped working at 5 months). Now when the ac is powered on the compressor starts instantly, without the 3 minute delay. When the indoor unit is switched off with the remote or switch, the compressor continues to run. The only way to shut it off is to shut off the circuit breaker. Help please.

I would say control board. Get on Samsung web site and go to technical support and get there 800 number. I have called several times and they can walk you thru it. Just have your m They model number handy. They can also tell you wether you need a ser ... Samsung AW0503B Air Conditioner

I have a Bryant model 597CN048-D that quit working suddenly. All circuit breakers recycled. Any suggestions? Also what is the tonnage for this model?

Hi,\015\012That is a 4 ton unit...\015\012\015\012Here is a tip about troubleshooting your air conditioner...\015\012There are many things that can cause your air conditioner not to cool… ... Bryant 463AAC008BA Air Conditioner

Mit.hp model MUH24WN Unit was working fine shut off at night went to turn on during day and would not come on it was tripping the circuit (replaced circuit) still tripping we know it is definately compressor unit but I don't believe it is grounded tech. telling me we need a new unit other sources that work on these units say something may have gotten into the compressor, If you could tell me the possible answer to this problem?

... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

Goldstar model # WG1205R keeps blowing my circuit breaker. Cooling fine but will only run a maximum of 20 minutes.

... Air Conditioners

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