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Condencer unit fan wont run

\015 I changed run capacitor still wont run itook off unit. is their a way to check fan motor while disconecked from unit to see if it is bad before buying one?\015

Answers :

Turn OFF the power. Check to see it the condenser fan will spin freely. You should feel no resistance if you spin the blade manually. If it is tight change the motor. To check the power to the motor remember 220 volts CAN KILL YOU if you do not know what you are doing. If you are safe for this use an amp probe or a volt meter to see if you have power going to the motor. You can check this at the contactor. If there is power to the motor and the motor doesn't start its either the motor or the capacitor. If you do not have power to the motor it could be your contactor, your disconnect box or your line voltage.
\015\012Good luck...
If you have power to the fan and the fan won't come on, then its bad. You don't have to do another check. You will know if the capacitor is bad by turning the power on to the unit and taking a stick to start the fan. If the fan starts running after manually spinning, then the cap is bad. If not, the motor is bad.

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Condencer unit fan wont run

Turn OFF the power. Check to see it the condenser fan will spin freely. You should feel no resistance if you spin the blade manually. If it is tight change the motor. To check the power to the motor remember 220 volts CAN KILL YOU if you do not know ... Air Conditioners


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Im working on a old Rheem pac unit with a faded model and serial number! When I arrived the condencer fan was running real slow and nothing else! One fuse was burned out in the pull box! The contactor was in very bad condition so I changed it! Now the fan runs still runs slow and its running with out the contactor engaged and when I ingage the contactor it blows the fuse!

Fan motor is going out or the capacitor to the fan is bad I suggest replacement of both the fan motor and the capacitor which should always be done any time you replace the motor. Also check your wiring again you have a wire connected to the fan tha ... Air Conditioners

I get heat, but its now time fr a little A/C and the "condencer nits inside the outside fan unit are completlet covered in ice. I turned the units off and the ICE/FROST cleared out in about 1hr...I tried running it cool again and it only took 10-14min for the lines and the condencer nits to freeze up..n air came out of the vents?? had the unit 5 years with NO isssues at all...any thoughts or idea?

A system restriction can cause freeze ups. This usually either happens at one of the driers (looks like a cannister) or on a capillary tube if you unit has one. The capillary tube is a 1/8th inch line. What you can try..is tapping on cannister of ... Air Conditioners

Blower fan in the inside unit tries to turn on but wont. It can be turned manually and air conditioner comes on and runs fine. The " squirrel " cage spins completely freely and is not sticky or jammed. Is the motor bad or is it a run capacitor. Model number of inside unit is a49-15

\011Sound more like the cap, but if the motor is raging hot, it could be the motor, another thing it could is improper voltage although less likely. But Goodmans/ do have this weird fan relay issue were they just bite it some times. I wo ... Goodman Air Conditioners

Inside fan wont run when outside unit comes on

Hi there, \015\012 check the fuse or overload protection of fan motor on control panel circuit board,there is a\015\012relay to reset the overload to put back the circuit connection.find the lever and push to reset.have a nicw day reg ... Air Conditioners

I have the MR36TQY3f outdoor unit with 2 MW09Y3FM units and 1 MW12Y3FM indoor units! The MW12.. works great and one of the MW9... works great! When I run the 2nd MW9 only (other MW9 & MW12 off)..... the outdoor unit compressor or fan does not come on! If I run all units then ... compressor kicks on runs great, fan runs... lines get cold on the 2 good units ... nothing on 3rd unit... then I turn 2 good units off....and it sounds like the compressor kicks off and the fan will continue to run reall

After looking at the manual for the units, I believe that the system is having trouble with the number of units that you have linked. Here is a portion of the manual about multi system operation>Also link to manual:http://www.fri ... Friedrich MR36TQY3F Split System Air Conditioner

I have a durotherm model 52712c unit fan runs but compressor wont run help

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Inverter unit fan and compressor wont run.

Sir/Maam,, Just Call or visit directly to your nearest service center, Thanx...... ... Hitachi RAS-09UH Air Conditioner

Duo therm a/c unit fan wont run blows fuse

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Dometic duo-therm rooftop ac unit motor wont spin unless i jiggle the wires that go into the motor then it works! Trailer sat in a monsooon storm last night. next morning compressor kicks on just fine and motor hums but fan wont spin unless i jiggle the wires? did somethning just get wet and needs to dry out or did it short out my run capicitor? Help?

If you have to jiggle the wires going into the compressor motor to get it going, I would submit that you may very well have a broken wire or otherwise loose connection that is making contact when you jiggle the wires. If all appropriate connections w ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Lg lsu242he a/c runs fine but when unit is in heating cycle ,the fan wont stay on.fan came on a split second then cut off.outdoor runs fine in both heat and cool.LCD seems like it is fluttering in this mode as well.checked defrost sensors and they both are open.

Hi, whenever this type of problem is exhibited, usually we suspect the thermostat itself, as this is what ultimately controls the fan.\015\012\015\012It still maybe a sensor, (the ONLY way to tell is by substitution with a "Known Good") althou ... Air Conditioners

Help... My problem seems to be my furnace works fine if i manually cold start it but once my unit gets hot it wont restart the jets wont stay lite and the fan will not come on but if it hasnt been running and is cold its starts fine ???

If you were experiencing a failure just after a heating cycle but not on a cold start, I would suspect an electrical component failure. As the component cools, it makes contact and allows the furnace to operate. This will change and not for the ... Air Conditioners

I have a carrier Modle No. 38YXA042300. I am getting an H5 error message on my Thermistat Control. I have run the Fan only mode and the fan in the air handler unit works fine. On the unit when I ingage the manual override, the condener unit and fan motor runs and cools. The unit will not run when I put the Thermidistat on Cool mode. Can you help me. Andrew Construction Mangement Speicalthes, Inc.

On some carriers they have a lock out feature outside to reset shut down power to furnace for 90secs. and then restart ... Air Conditioners

Fan condenser unit wont run

This is usually a bad capacitor or bad fan motor. The capacitor is located inside the electrical panel on the outside unit. You can check these by using a meter that measures Mfds (Microfarads), most of the time you can visually see the capacitor swo ... Air Conditioners

Fan wont run on auto

... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a Sanyo Split System the indoor unit is a KHS0921 and the outdoor unit is a CH0921. When i first turn the indoor unit ON the fan will run for a few minutes and then go off. The outdoor unit never comes ON when there is a cll for cooling. The only way to get the fan to come ON again is to turn the breaker OFF and then back ON. The Operation loght will come ON when the fan is running but it will start flashing when the fan goes OFF. What should i look for?

... Sanyo Split System Air Conditioner

Friedrich YM18 230 volt heat pump. The unit has heated and cooled well for about 5 years. Just started heating mode recently and the unit no longer heats. Fan runs OK. Was able to get the heat strip to run for a few minutes (smelled the dust accumulated over the summer burning off). Now, no heating whatsoever. When in the "Money Saver" mode, nothing happens. Fan will not come on and unit will not heat. With "Money Saver" mode off, the fan runs.

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My AC unit is not blowing cold. I have two. One small and one big . I just noticed that My upstairs was not cooling off. So I turned both units on and went out sid to check them. The small one is running fine fan blowing cold freon running through. The big was not running at all. I sprayed them off and while doing that the fan on the big unit began to turn. Now it is running but every now and then it keep making a noise like a motor is trying to turn on. and the freon line is not as cold as the

The start capacitor is in question and the fan appears to be overheating, That is where the water camre into it. You may need a HVAC tech to make your repairs. Good Luck _Ned_ ... Air Conditioners

This is a heating and cooling through the wall heat pump. It works normally when heating is selected - the heat pump runs and both speeds of the fan blow warm air. But nothing runs when cooling is selected. In other words the unit works normally when "High Heat" or "Low Heat" is selected but nothing runs when "High Cool", "Low Cool" or "Fan Only" is selected. The position of the Fan Cycle Switch has no effect - behavior of the unit is the same in both positions of the Fan Cycle Switch.

You have a bad board or bad switch. I would say board. You can have service tech check this out. There is only so far you can go without knowledge of Controls ad electricity. Russ ... Air Conditioners

Comp fan only runs when given a spin otherwise wont start is it the capacitor Not familiar with this unit and customer has no manual

Possible, but the only way to tell is to get a new capacitor. You would need the capacitor anyway if the motor is bad as you don't use an old capacitor on a new motor. ... Air Conditioners

Coleman CSC II cooling fan wont run mobile home unit

... Air Conditioners

My outside unit wont start. the inside fan is running but just blowing normal air, not cold?

Check you contact on your outside unit, the relay may have gone bad. In the corner remove four screws, and the cover should come off it may have a fifth in the middle. It is a black square, T1 T2 T3 and L1 L2 L3 , it has a relay in between. Make sure ... Goodman CKL42AR42 Air Conditioner

Recently replaced blower wheel and blower wheel motor mounts,that problem was solved but now fan motor for the compressor runs non stop-wont shutoff except by breaker box.also changed thermostat at the same time.have i inadvertinly placed the wrong wire terminal in the wrong recepticle in either the blower motor or thermostat? If so,which one and where?How can it be fixed?The unit is a 1973 coleman evcon.

First question first, NO! this is a simple problem and a common one to fix, just change out the outside contactor coil, the contactor has a thin layer of silver on them to prevent them from arching and sticking together, over time this thin layer b ... Air Conditioners

Compressor wont turn on. fan runs central unit

First check you thermostat settings and make sure that it is on a cooling setting if ok it can be the fuse that sends the power to the outside unit if fuse is ok it can be the capasitor for the compressor if ok you may have to check the compressor fo ... Amana PTH153B50AE Air Conditioner

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