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When very cold my furnace does not turn on warmer only sometimes

\015 I have a carrier unit. When it is very cold the unit does not come on. When it is warmer it comes on sometimes. My therm. is set at 71 deg. and it is only 61 - 63 in my house. The therm. is 13 years old and so is the unit. Sometimes the air can be a little cool when it does come on. We had a part put in that is to help ignite it, but that did not work. It looks like a plastic thick tuning fork about 6 inches long. My husband can push the button to ignite it, but it doesn't stay on.\015

Answers :

It sounds as though your thermostat isn't reading the temp correctly anymore. Its the only thing that tells the unit to come on and it may be short cycling because of the tstat. When the unit first comes on, its going to push the cold air out of the ducts first before the warm air and this is normal. I would replace the thermostat first because it is the cheapest part of the unit and wouldn't hurt since it is 13 years old. You will find that a new thermostat will be more accurate anyway and tend to save you some $$ on your electric bill. I hope this helps.

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When very cold my furnace does not turn on warmer only sometimes

It sounds as though your thermostat isn't reading the temp correctly anymore. Its the only thing that tells the unit to come on and it may be short cycling because of the tstat. When the unit first comes on, its going to push the cold air out of th ... Carrier 38CKC042 Air Conditioner

Ruud Silhouette II furnace: comes on and runs for as long as it wants, then turns off. Sometimes turns off at pre-set temp, other times just when it wants. May turn on again, behave well for several cycles, or for 20 minutes. When I get too cold, I go out, downstairs, and thump it near the fan. Starts right up, runs for as long as it chooses. Nearly least energy-efficient kind, v. frustrating. Had trouble-shooter out a few years ago, couldn't find anything. An intermittent short?

Hi ruby. Begin by installing a new thermostat. Preferably one that allows you to program weekday and weekend temps. separately. Joe ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

The heat pump is not working properly. i think the problem is in the switch mechanism. when the heat is on and the thermostat is turned up it blows cold air. sometimes the compressor turns on and off. if you turn the other switch to the off position, then turn the thermostat up then turn it back to heat. it will blow hot air. if you then turn the thermostat down, wait till it turns off, then turn it back up, it will blow room temp air and sometimes the compressor will turn on.

Hi,\012The problem may be the switch, but it sounds more likely that the contactor in the outdoor unit is bad and is not making all of the time...then the compressor will not always run...\012To figure it out you will need to catch it at ... Air Conditioners

Turning furnace on... Lights flash 3 times, furnace turns on for a short time, blows cold then kicks out... Were cold please help

Hi,Here is a tip that will help you try to figure out why your furnace is notworking.BasicFurnace or Heating System Troubleshootinghe ... Air Conditioners

I have a Carrier model # 58MXA080-F-15112. I think my furnace is 30 plus years old. it isn't heating properly. The blower turns on and sometimes the flames come on, but sometimes they don't. As a result, the temperature just keeps dropping and dropping in the house. A furnace repair technician has been out twice. The furnace was displaying code 13. He replaced the limit switch and a another switch, but I'm having the same problem, but with no current code on the furnace. Any ideas?

A 13 code means the furnace cycled on limit more than three times consecutively and is in a lockout for 3 hours. A 14 is ignition lockout. An ignitor does not intermittently quit working. I'm the service mgr at our shop, and I know that particular fu ... Air Conditioners

I have a Mitsubishi split air conditioner; Model number: MSH-18NA. When I turn the air conditioner on with the remote control, sometimes it works normally, sometimes it doesn't. When it is not working properly, sometimes the fan turns continuously and sometimes it doesn't. No matter whether the fan is working or not, no cold air comes out. The green operation light is blinks and the indicator light is off. It looks like the outdoor unit is not working because the outdoor fan is not moving. Wha

... Mitsubishi MS12TN Air Conditioner

Our Furnace doesnt seem to be working correct. We an: Air Pro BGM075128 and is Natural Gas. It will turn on when we turn up the thermostat.. but we never get any heat through the vents. There is a switch on the side that is "on" and one that is "fan". If we turn on the "fan" only cold air gets blown through. It looks like this is for cool air. So, if we leave the fan off and the "on" swith on, we get the furnace firing up, but no heat ever comes through the vents. I tested out the thermo

Sounds like the blower motor is not working, if the furnace is actually lighting up and the burns are ignited. You should set your thermostat to auto, as if it is on fan then the fan runs all the time until you take it off of fan. I am a little confu ... Air Conditioners

My Honeywell TH8000 is having problms. The light sometimes turns off for short periods and the actual temperature begins to drift lower than it is set to without the heater turning on. Sometimes the temp stays where it should be, but there are times during cold wet weather that the temperature will be lower than it is set to and heater does not turn on, with a gap of up to 5 degrees different, set at 69, will show 64 room tmp and heater does not respond. Mt heating technicians who installed it d

Is this a pro 8000 I don't have the phone # right now but it should be on the installation manuel for a hot line to tech support. Did they hook up a common wire to the thermostat? Did they go through the setup and tell the stat what kind of equi ... Air Conditioners

Sometimes, our furnace will start blowing cold air when it should be blowing hot...I know it is normal that it blows hot air and then will blow cool air as it cools to shut down. This is not what I am talking about. I am talking about while the furnace is blowing hot air to heat, it will quit blowing the hot air and start blowing cold and it it like the air conditioner kicks in. It will then continue running cold air...I usually have to shut the furnance off and when it kicks back on it will

Do you have an automatic change over thermostat? this would switch it from heating to cooling. ... Air Conditioners

My heater is not working reliably. With the setpoint above the room temp, it may come on right away, or not for 12 hours. Pilot/igniter is ok, and will sometimes start the furnace heat going, then shuts off. New digital Honeywell thermostat, worked fine until 3 weeks ago. Thermostat says Heat when it's trying to turn on the furnace, but often nothing. Sometimes when it's starting up a loud buzzing sound comes from the furnace, perhaps a relay oscillating.

Could be an open or stuck limit switch, not really a good thing. ... Air Conditioners

For ruud achiever 10 ac unit uaka-030jaz. Unit was working fine saturday...sunday we noticed air was not cold anymore. I have checked all my breakers, put a new battery in the thermostat, cleaned the filter on the furnace unit, and opened the exterior unit to see it the relay was burned( appears ok as long i understand which part is the relay.). When we turn on the ac the furnace unit in the attic will come on and blow air..however it never gets cold and nothing in the outside unit appears to co

Hi, the problem is in the outdoor unit if the indoor unit comes on and is blowing air. At the unit, you will have a disconnect box, 220 volts. Inside there will be 2- fuses. If you can't see them its because they are behind the plastic cover. You may ... Air Conditioners

Furnace problem, I have a carrie furnace. When I turn the termistate to heat it goes blank. It show the degree on the Central Air. I check all the fuses they are good. When I turn the power switch on I can hear a buzzing sound. please help its getting cold here.

You may have a short circuit in the heating circuit, call a technician. ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

In have an oil forced air furnace. Sometimes the blower comes on sometimes not. the burner appears to be working as it turns on runs for a few minutes and turns off.

Check the fan limit control. ... Air Conditioners

I have an oil forced air furnace. The blower fan works sometimes and sometimes not. The furnace turns on and the burner works, but at times the fan does not come on and the burner shuts off. What is causing this and how do I fix it?

With out brand and model # don't no for sure, but i would check fan relay, and connections for loose\015\012wires and also the fan or capacitor could be going out. ... Air Conditioners

My 2004 GMC Yukon Air Conditioning goes from cold to hot. I can pull over and turn the engine off and immediately start it and it turns to cold again. Sometimes I can drive for hours without a problem and some times it can occur after a short time.

... Air Conditioners

I have two heatpumps up and downstairs and two furnaces (piigy back). At times my pump outside freezes up and cold air blows in the house. I was told that I needed a kit to tell my furnace to turn on when it gets to cold for the heat pump. It will cost 400. This is the third time they came out. 1-nothing wrong. 2-New thermostat 3-Need kit. Is this something I can do? Amana Heat Pump RHA36B2A

Hi,\015\012A couple of things... First your furnace should be 2nd stage on a 2 stage thermostat and if the heat pump don't keep up your furnace should be coming on anyway...If you get a Honeywell Vision Pro 8000 series thermostat for 2 stage he ... Air Conditioners

My Rheem classic 90 plus model # RGRA-09EZA-JS doesn't always ingnite. The furnace will turn on.. but then shuts off before it ignites.. if I shut the furnace off and turn it on it will usually start up..sometimes I have to do this a few times for it to kick in. I know there is no pilot light so what's up?

... Air Conditioners

Fasdfas My Armstrong 80 furnace will work fine for about 10-20 minutes then turns off before reaching desired temperature. I sometimes have been toggling the thermostat set temperature to get the furnace to kick-on. Furnace does blow hot air. Example: My new thermostat reads 62 but is set for 70 degrees. When furnace kicks on, it only stays on for about 10-20 minutes and increases room temp to 65. I already cleaned the flame sensor which didn't seem to make a difference.

... Air Conditioners

Our 1992 brivis buffalo electronic pilot relighter does not ignite the furnace when you turn it on at the thermostat. Have tried turning it off at the power and back on again, makes a ticking noise for about 30sec then stops. Have taken the cover off to have a look, the pilot light is still lit and doesn't appear to be anything electrical. It will also intermitantly start blowing cold air and the only way to stop it is to turn it off at the power point outside. Could it be the ignition electr

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My unit stopped blowing cold and started blowing hot.i turned off unit looked into furnace and saw pilot was still lit.i put out gas pilot and turned unit back on and it is blowing semi cool air (like fan)but not cool as it should.checked outside ac and it is running....munual says to turn unit off for 2 hrs and if it does not do right then it is compressor.we are currently in the 2 hr process. Any help would be helpful at this point.is there a reset switch or anything I could do to troubleshoo

100 degree temps/high humidity puts an extreme load on air conditioners - but if everything is right with the AC - 'overheating is not a big problem.\015\012\015\012The first thing I would check is whether or not the compressor is running ... Weather King 10AJA4201AH Air Conditioner

Have a Amana a/c heater central furnace. Model number PGA30R0452A. The a/c part works fine. The heater part does not turn on sometimes. We have to keep turning it on and off to get to work. No matter what you hear a slight humming when we turn it on just it doesn't always blow air out of the vents. It also does not always kick back on once the temp. has dropped and should start heating the house again. We have programmable thermostat. Any suggestions to whats broken or breaking. My husband woul

When you change from cooling to heating the fan will not come on immediately. A solenoid valve is energized (check that it is working) and operates a reverse valve, changing the gas flow in the system. It takes a few minutes for the system to build u ... Air Conditioners

Our York P4HUB12N08001A furnace has an A/C unit installed and we are running it in cool mode for the summer. Yesterday, my wife noticed a repeated hum from the furnace, and the house was 4 degrees warmer than it should be. She said that it would hum a couple minutes, turn off, then repeat a little later. I told her to shut it off, and I'd look at it when I got home. With the two covers off the furnace, I returned power to it, then pressed the safety switch so I could see everything happening. Th

A fan capacitor can be bad 'without' showing any visible defects - so - I would 'First" try a new capacitor, be sure to take the old one (after you've marked the wires for easy re-wiring) and get an exact replacement.\015\012\015\012Howev ... Air Conditioners

Sears Kenmore Amana window ac unit 13,000 btu: Sometimes the compressor will not shut off to cycle. Last night I woke up to an ice cold house and turned the digital temp up and the compressor wouldn't shut off so I turned the power off and the comp stayed running until I unplugged the unit. What does it sound like to you?

Sounds like a dirty coil or stuck thermostat ... Air Conditioners

Our Carrier Furnace will sometimes work fine, however, at times, it will just not go on. Our thermosat is set to 68 and many times it will drop to 65 or even 63 without turning on. It happens every so often and we usually just flip the switch on the side of the furnace and it will ignite and start right up. We have changed the air filter. Is there something else that needs to be done, so that we can always get it to ignite?

Obtain the code it flashes on the board next time it goes down and let me know what you got. There are too many variables to guess Id rather hit it right on the head. I will be waitiing for your response. The board is usually located in the blower se ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

We have a FERROLI F30 combi boiler and our DHW runs hot and cold, the boiler is working ok. But when we turn on the hot water tap to run a bath, the water gets hot for a short time before running cold again, we then have to knock off the tap and run it again {normally by running the hot water tap in the wash hand basin until its hot before transfering then to running the bath tap} sometimes it works and other times it doesn't Please can you tell us whats wrong and how to fix it?

Did you find a solution? ... Air Conditioners

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