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Wont no water to empty or drain

\015 We have GE 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Portable Unit and it wont drain water into the pan, or out the back, and blows hot air every 5 min. it also will not pull humidity from air. it just blows cool, then hot, cool , hot, etc.....\015

Answers :

Either the unit is really dirty or it is low on refrigerant. A unit tha is low on refrigerant will start off cold and withing a few minutes, start warming up. If you aren't seeing any water its because of one or both causes listed.

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Wont no water to empty or drain

Either the unit is really dirty or it is low on refrigerant. A unit tha is low on refrigerant will start off cold and withing a few minutes, start warming up. If you aren't seeing any water its because of one or both causes listed. ... GE APN08AA Portable Air Conditioner

My Fujitronic FA1050 Portable Air Conditioner says it is full of water after being in use for 1 hour (which makes it blow warm air until I empty the water). There are two drain ports on the unit, one close to the floor, one about 6 inches higher. The user manual says I should be draining water from the higher drain port, and only emptying the water from the lower drain port at the end of the season. When the unit says "Water is full", I open the upper drain port, and no water comes out. I then o

Look at this drain pan for some wires going to the side or down the top. Look for a small hole in the side of the pan or casting this will be the location of the sensor. Sometimes a sharp rap with a screwdriver handle will dislodge the sensor causing ... Fujitronic FA1050 Air Conditioner

We purchased a Whirlpool portable air conditioner in 2005 from Best Buy. Near the end of last summer the air conditioner started leaking water. We started using it again this season and it is still leaking. When my husband drained the water out of it, the water came out of the upper part of the back side of the air conditioner and no water was coming out of the drain at the bottom. When it appeared to be empty, we plugged it in and used it again and it continued to leak water on our carpet.

Check to see if the drain is blocked by particles/debris of any type. Also make sure that the unit is level--as level as possible. I have my Whirlpool Portable AC in 4 inch bed risers so I can drain it really easily. I slip under a small low rise p ... Whirlpool Air Conditioners

We have a portable floor model Matag air conditioner and the drain water light is on and the air conditioner won't function. How do you drain the water from it? I can't find a tank to remove and empty.

Hope this helps ... Air Conditioners

I own a Amcor AF8000E, water light lites up, tried to drain the water by removing plug but nothing really came out. Still the water red lites up. How do I empty water out easier then pulling it the unit all apart?

... Air Conditioners

After running the A/C for a couple of hours and after a period of rain, I took the air conditioner out of the window. Probably one or two pints of water emptied on the floor. there is an open vent on top of the box on the outdoor side and no visable way to drain water. How do I eliminate the water problem? Thanks, Steve

Hi,Many of the newer A/C window units do not drain the water, but use the fan to splash it up on the coil to evaporate it and help cool the unit...You can drill a hole in the back corner to drain it, but watch that you don't hit the coil ... Crosley CA10WXP Air Conditioner

My new a/c window unit wont drain water

... Sharp AF-S80FX Air Conditioner

LG LP1200DXR portable a/c top drain won't empty water when full.

... LG LP1200DXR Portable Air Conditioner

I have a portable air conditioner and the water condensation tank fills in about 4 hours of constant use. Is there any kind of portable water tank that I could attach to my unit that would allow me to empty the tank after overnight use rather than every 4 hours? I am hesitant to drill a hole for the plastic hose to drain outside. Thanks for your help.([email protected])

I would suggest putting a condensate pump in the reservoir, find the tube that empties the water into the reservoir and direct that into the pump. You can run tubing from the pump to a sink or any other drain in the house that is convenient. Puttin ... GE APN10AA Portable Air Conditioner

I have a American Comfort 500ch. The pump to drain the water out continues to run and when the basin is empty, the pump will continue to run and is very loud. It will do this for a few minutes then turn off and the indicator to drain the unit comes on. It is still under warrenty but I have to pay for the shipping both ways. I can' t locate any parts for this. can you help. thanks for any help in advance.

Apparently, American Comfort has a plan to start selling parts and accessories online in the near future. However, if your unit is still under warranty and the only thing you have to pay for is shipping both ways, is attempting to repair it yourself ... AMERICAN Comfort ACW500CH Portable Air Conditioner

Occasionally get a flashing a red light below a warning symbol (and beeping sound). I assumed I needed to empty water from the drain tube. But, after pulling the plug and even tipping the unit backwards, no water comes out. Don't know if there is anything I can do.

Clean the drain pipe n drain tray. ... Maytag NMPEB08F2A Air Conditioner

Lg protable air conditioner lp1210bxr keeps flashing unit wont run.. the drain plug has been removed no water drains .

... LG LP1200DXR Portable Air Conditioner

Water full light wont go off even after water drained

There should be some kind of float switch that senses water level. It sounds like it's stuck. ... NewAir ACP-1400H Portable Air Conditioner

Water no longer drains for Everstar portable ac unit. The AC function stays on, but cold air only comes out for 5 or 10 minutes at a time. How do I get the water to drain so it functions properly aga

Just clean the pipe and it will work fine ... Air Conditioners

I have a TCL 2.5hp split system air conditioner (model TAC24chs/g) that wont cool or heat...only blows room temp air. The outside fan is working and i have cleaned the filters.No water is dripping from drain pipe.

I will star checking freon pressure but you going to call an HVAC company to do that. Please turn it off or you will damage the compressor, if is not already. ... Air Conditioners

Is there a drain or water pan for the Maytag portable a/c model M6P09S2A that has to be emptied?

... Maytag M6P09S2ACOM Air Conditioner

My Sharp cv-p12lx keeps flashing the lights for emptying the water out, but I drained it and the lights are still on.

... Sharp CVP12PX Air Conditioner

My unit wont blow cold air and thees no water draining

Check and make sure that the compressor is running and not just the fan on top. Most likely the compressor is not running and you have a bad capacitor. ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

We are getting water leaking inside the window. The unit is slanted enough that is should be draining outside, not in. Is there something that needs to be emptied and how is it accessed? I am not sure what to do at this point.

The slant is probably correct, but the drain hole in the drain pan, under the rear of the unit is clogged. Finding it can be a challenge at times, as the clog will blend in with the drain hole. Be patient and persistent and you'll find it. A pipe cle ... Haier Air Conditioners

The light for the water comes on and the tank is empty? I removed the plug in the back and it drain but take a short time to have the same problem.

Check the sensor make sure it not full junk. ... Danby DPAC10061 Air Conditioner

Everstar MPM 08CR BB4 P1 light is on and unit wont start. I emptied the bucket, I drained the hose inside bucket area and put back where it wouldnt be in the way of the bucket, I unplugged and plugged back in while holding button and it did a recycyle and went back to P1. The black plate with floater in the bucket looks like it is displaced or something. Where does it fit in the bucket. Could this be the prob? Thank you

Http://shopping.netsuite.com/s.nl/c.618686/sc.10/category.71/.f ... Danby DPAC8020 Air Conditioner

I have a Diplomat portable air conditioner and I have emptied the water, but it is still flashing P1 above the power button,and it wont turn on?

... Danby DPAC8020 Air Conditioner

I have a Myson Midas boiler, got hot water but no central heating, the fan is working as is the c/h pump, the boiler trys to fire but fails to do so. The property has ben empty for at least 12 months, i don't know if the system was drained so what is purging the system does & the instructions say to vent the boiler by removing a screw at the top & vent the radiators, is that the bleed screw at the top of the radiators & do I undo one at time or all at the same time, thanks.

... Air Conditioners

My portable Amana AC wont work, even after cleaning the filter, emptying the water, and hitting the rest on the plug. What else can I do?

... Amana Portable Air Conditioner

I drained the internal tank and reinstalled the external tank but after an hour the red light comes back on. I checked the external tank but it is empty. It doesnt look like there is any water being pumped into the external tank.

All it needs is was the drain plug removing and the water draining out if it doesnt thenMay be a vacume hose leak.Most of the time if there is a problem the light on the stat will flash the fault code on the defrost board. Do you have yo ... Danby DPAC9031 Air Conditioner

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