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I have power running to the indoor units but the heat pump and the indicator lights are not comming on. It's like there is no signal from the heat pump got any ideas?

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Have you checked the breaker to the outdoor unit? Have you checked to see if your indoor unit is calling for it to come on? You will need to do a complete breakdown on the unit to see if the two are communicating with each other. It could be the control board outside.

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I have power running to the indoor units but the heat pump and the indicator lights are not comming on. It's like there is no signal from the heat pump got any ideas?

Have you checked the breaker to the outdoor unit? Have you checked to see if your indoor unit is calling for it to come on? You will need to do a complete breakdown on the unit to see if the two are communicating with each other. It could be the c ... Mitsubishi MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

First, my thermostat wouldn't shut off either my heat pump or my furnace (it runs both). Thought it was an issue with the thermostat...got a new one. Worked like a charm for 1 day. Now, there is a clicking noise coming from the heat pump - it did it at first when trying to turn it on....now, when it's warmer, it will turn on, then start to do it. Doesn't seem to be putting out hot air now. Any ideas? The thermostat came with a new box that sits inside the ceiling and it's been replaced, bu

Sounds like your unit may be tripping on a pressure switch due to low refrigerant or a dirty outdoor coil. You may be able to look through the cover with a flash light to see if the inside of the outdoor coil is stopped up. Otherwise, you will have ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Central heat pump unit isnt keeping house warm and runs all night long - low temp has been in teens last few nights - noticed the outside unit is making a constant noise like whump-whump-whump - is it low on freon? should i switch it over to emergency heat only? any ideas what might be wrong?

Hi,Is it a Compressor that is making Noise? If yes, this is a Bad News. More often you need to Replace the Compressor.Usually when it comes to Warm air, usually that shows that AC is low on Freon.On Both Cases, yo ... Air Conditioners

Got a 13 month new duel fuel Trane heat pump..House has a crawl space.....For a couple of weeks now it smells like dirt when the heat kicks on and its getting worse everyday...Where could it be coming from? ...Is there anything I can check on my own to find the cause, before I have to spend money for a service call?

Check for air leaks in the rturn if there is any type of air sucking in then that will need to be sealed the best way to test is with a lighter while running along the seams or if you have flexable duct work check all areas where the duct is tied tog ... Sharp CV-P09FX Air Conditioner

I got a goodman heat pump and in a/c mode the fixed orfice sounds like it is gurrgling could this be fixed with a txv

Hi,No,The problem more likely is that the unit is not charged correctly...or there is air in the system...Here is a tip about troubleshooting your air conditioner...There are many things that can cause your air condition ... Goodman CKL60AR60 Air Conditioner

Baxi Bahama 100 SIT controlsI have checked most items cannot get pump to fire up in central heating mode followed trouble shooting steps and leads me to pressure switch fault which works properly. I would like any ideas on this getting frustrated now

... Air Conditioners

I have a 6 year old Carrier Performance 38yza. Having a problem with heat. First no heat at all heat pump or AUX. Found AUX heat strip were grounded out and have now been replaced. Second no heat pump, Compressor comes on for only 1 to 2 minutes then shuts down. Service call yesterday Tech says no signal from Carrier Programable T-Stat, jumper heat pump, low freon adds. Says T-stat bad, but puts back together. Heat pump works blowing 90 plus degree from vent works great all afternoon and into ni

This sounds like you have a freon leak. Most units never lose freon. So that is one problem that needs to be addressed. Here is some more solutions for you: Other things that will cause or aggravate\015\012ice are clogged filters, bad fan moto ... Air Conditioners

We have a gym that is 150 feet by 75 feet and around 40 feet high, I have 2 york 20 ton heat pumps located on out side of building. CFM are 8000 a peace. when temps outside are in single digits temps in side gym never get above 40 degrees it as been like that sence it was installed. there is only 1 return vent for each unit located ground level where heat vents come in. heat is routed across sealing. seems like all heat stay up high where it comes out at, How can I get temp into the 60's Heat p

Do you have any ceiling fans in the building? Fans forcing the circulation will force the hot air down. Have you had any other professionals take a look at your problem in person?Thank you,Lee ... Air Conditioners

We recently bought a new house (to us). It has a Goodman heat pump and Goodman Electric backup furnace(A36-15) with a Janitrol stat. I switched the stat to emrg. Heat when the temp got below Frezzing. The heat pump and the heating elements now both run at the same time. The outdoor unit will run when it is 15 degrees outside still. I check the out outside stat to see what it was set on and the outside one is set at 40 degrees. Is this normal??? thanks Jon

If you have a volt meter, check to see if you have 24 volts coming from the thermostat on the yellow wire.\015\012\015\012If you do, and it is set on emer heat, you have a bad T-stat.\015\012\015\012\015\012It looks like ... Air Conditioners

Mitsubishi MUZ-A42ANA heat pump and MSZ-A42ANA indoor fan unit worked like a charm for over a year. Still does. But the condensed water removal operation (A wall mounted 2”x2” mini pump, Sauermann SI3100UN-23, 230v 50/60 Hz 18w, Made in France, removes water through plastic tubing from the indoor unit to the roof mounted heat pump 8 feet above) is making a vibrating noise each time it is activated, about every 30 seconds or so. Water is being sucked out, bubbles inside tubing and all, but the

... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

My heat pump is pumping out warm are instead of cool. I have our thermostat set to 69, on cool, and it got up to 80 degrees before I finally turned if off and opened the windows. This is my first time using the Heat Pump this spring for cooling. Not sure why I'm not cooling down.

Its wired wrong the thermostst has wires running to the indor unit and the indor to the outdor wiring these units can be a bit complicated even for pros so use your judgement if you dont think you can handle it leave it to a pro be couse you can caus ... Coleman Air Conditioners

Heat pump shut off 1 to 2 minutes, service yesterday for same problem told low on freon. Added freon, worked fine until it went thorugh first defrost, now back to same thing. Tech says compressor not getting signal from thermostat. After resetting T-stat, unit came on. Unit works on cooling and Aux heat, but no heat pump.

It is possible that you have one or a combination of a few different problems here.If your heat pump will not come on but the air handler works, the first thing you want to check is that the circuit breaker and disconnect for the heat pum ... Carrier Air Conditioners

Have a goodman 3 ton heat pump - ac worked excellent this summer - however when in the heat pump mode we hear sounds like gravel or rocks inside the big copper line - heat works but what causes the sounds/

You are reversing the flow of refrigerant in the heating cycle. Since liquid is now flowing through the suction \015\012line it has less volume than the gas from the cooling\015\012cycle that was flowing through it.. Making sure the outdo ... Air Conditioners

We have a Carrier Heat pump. Today the heat pump and (gas) furnace turned off completely and the thermostat is blank. We've checked the fuses and they seem to be fine and everything else is working well. It's forecast to be in the high 30's over the next few days so having the heat pump/AC working is a necessity. The installer can't get here for 2 more days ( he doesn't work weekends). I don't have any idea what to do. Help - help!

Is the thermostat battery powered or powered by the transformer. If it is powered by the transformer then the transformer may have gone out. Turn the thermostat to off. Use a multimeter to check for 24 vac between R and G on the thermostat. If you do ... Air Conditioners

I HoneyWell Heat Pump Thermostat and would like to upgrade to a digital. Can I use a standard digital thermostat? or do i need a specific heat pump thermostat?

Honeywell 8000 is a great digital thermostat that works very well with a heat pump ... Air Conditioners

I have a Toshiba Heat pump. 220-240V 50HZ 40 watts. I have lost the manual and do not know how to get it to give me hot air. I put the temp at 22deg but seem to just get cold air blowing in on me all the time. Surely when it is 5deg outside I should be able to get hot air coming form the stupid machine. However said heat pumps were good obviously hasn't got one of these!!!

It's in the wrong mode ... Air Conditioners

Our heat pump smells like something dead. Had the heat pump guy out and he cleaned it all out but smell is still there. Anyone know what it could be maybe dead mice?

Possible mold in the ducts or could even be coming from the drain line ... Air Conditioners

Rudd upmc024jaz I have Ruud heat pump model UPMC 024JAZ, the air condition works great but the heat pump comes on runs for a minute or so and the compressor goes off. you hear a hissing sound from the compressor like pressure being released.

... Air Conditioners

Help Needed My heat pump keeps turning its self off and the timer light keeps flashing red and will not turn back on..... it does not blow out air, i have tryed re setting it and cleaning the unit but nothing seems to be working does anyone have any ideas that could help fix my heat pump?

... Fujitsu 18C1 Air Conditioner

I hae a electric heat pump and gas furnace, when utilizing the heat pump i get chattering from a relay, i have replaced this relay with a new one but continue to get chatter any ideas

Chatter on a relay can mean a few things but since you have just tried to replace it, i wouls check the voltage at the relay,,,,\015\012chatter is caused by i mproper voltage at the relay, coil, ... Air Conditioners

My Panasonic heat pump HE9LKE (flagship model), stopped working last weekend, and after 'check' gave off an H97 error code. "Check the outside fan". It was freezing outside, and both front and backside of the box were frozen, but not totally covered in ice. Ice has been removed, but to no success. Any ideas to get the heat pump started again?

H97- Outdoor fan lock abnormality. Check fan motor rotate freely. If hard replace bearings or motor. If rotate freely, out door PCB faulty. Replace it.Helpful? ... Air Conditioners

My indoor unit on my heat pump will not shut off. The electric heat keeps running, and the fan keeps running. It only happens when it is really cold, like 25deg or below, above that and it functions fine. The outdoor unit shuts off, but the indoor stays running. I do HVAC work, but I have never seen a problem like this. I have switched the stat out, and its just so strange. I figured the relay may be stuck, but if I turn the stat off, it turns off shortly after which tells me it may not be the c

I would venture to say your stack relay is getting stuck. either that or you have a short in your low voltage wiring somewhere that is not always making contact....or it may be making contact through another median...like ice or frost. Remember ele ... Intertherm P3RA-036K Air Conditioner

I have a goodman A49-20 electric heat it recently quit heating and I pull the front off the heater. One red wire off a leg of the 60 amp breaker was burnt that was going to the upper heating element. I replaced it and it still is not heating. The two heating element plates have alot of surface rust on the plates looks like. Any ideas thanks.

Electric heaters have safety thermostats and possible one has tripped. Also find out why the wire shorted in the first place. ... Goodman CKL49AR49 Air Conditioner

Heat pump freezing in heat mode

Your reversing valve may be faulty ... Air Conditioners

I have an Alpha cd18r condensing boiler 4 and ahalf years old,regularly serviced and under central heating cover from southern electric.When the boiler starts up after 5 mins it sounds like someone is hitting the pipes with a hammer,it lasts about 5mins.I've had new honeywell valve, grandfos pump and heat sensors.Now I'm told it needs a new heat exchanger and/or a flush can anyone advise me please?

You need to turn down the btus on the pcb (ch cap) ... Air Conditioners

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