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Trying to get information before buying a/c and furnace{central}

\015 Have heard of comfortaire brand-do they make a 16 seer or eer model\015

Answers :

No, the highest seer, eer is 10.2 in this brand and that includes all catagories of units they make. I believe they are made by ICP, which make Carrier.

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Trying to get information before buying a/c and furnace{central}

No, the highest seer, eer is 10.2 in this brand and that includes all catagories of units they make. I believe they are made by ICP, which make Carrier. ... Air Conditioners

Hi I hve a mitsubishi ms-pfb13 air conditioner with a air freshener/cleaner installed in it. I cannot find any information on the small bottle type cartridge that holds the disinfectant spray. I am in Thailand and trying to get people to undestand me is very dificult when it comes to technical details. Can you help me to find out where I can get the replacement parts?

If its a window air conditioner, take it our of the window, then take\015\012it outside unplugged. Spray the coils with a garden hose at low water\015\012pressure. You don't want too much water pressure cause it can bend the\015\012fins. Also try not ... Air Conditioners

I need a selector switch for a Frigidaire AC model# fal103s1a1, I've tried everything to get a part number for that switch.I know that I can buy it from my local distributer for $70,but I was hoping to find it somewhere cheaper.Can you please help me. Thanks, [email protected]

... Frigidaire FAL103K1 Air Conditioner

I am a service technician trying to install a Totaline p474-1050 stat to work for one stage heat gas one stage cool.. I do not have the operating manual just installation... In the installation manual I could not get my advanced settings information that i need ... so i can go thru the settings to program it right.. the Owners manual has that info.. how do i find out what options are which with out manual ... or how can i find the owners manual for this stat... I think it is dumb they put that

Dear friend, don't worry! I encourage you. You can download freely from:www.totaline.com/.../P374-0431ThermostatRemoteControlandReceiverOwner'sManual.pdf - Plz reply, if you satisfied. ... Air Conditioners

About the Polar Wind Portable air conditioner: When the compressor tries to kick on it just shuts off again. I tested the start and run capacitors and they tested fine. The coils are clean. The water basin is empty. I can't find any other information on it and don't know if I can buy a part if I did find something that was wrong. The only thing left that I know it might be is the circuit board or a bad winding in the compressor. Any suggestions? Any contact numbers? Thanks

Have you chk'd the head pressure of the condensor? ... Air Conditioners

I have a Lennox heating and air system. It's 5 years old. The tape that hold those long tube things together has failed and the tubes are disconnected from the vents that blow air into the house. I have used duct tape as a temporary fix. I'm told that when winter comes that my duct tape will come apart. Where can I buy the right tape to put everything back together? I have tried to get contractors to do the work, but so far they are all booked up for weeks. My electric bill is sky high probably

Sounds like a lousy job. Best tape is alluminum. You can pick it up at Home Depot or Lowes. If the tubes are flex duct be sure to pull back the outer insulation and tape just the inner lining ... Air Conditioners

I am trying to get some information on Intertherm unit on the inside of a Manufactured Home, With the new Hud requirements they are saying the out door unit must be installed by the manufactures installation instructions that comes with the indoor unit, my question is will those installation instructions allow you to install a Trane or a Rheme unit ? I know they will work but are they allowed by the Instructions? Would you know if the Trane or Rheme units are Hud approved ? Thanks for any help

Hi, since you live in a Manufactured home and not a R.V., I see no reason why you cannot go with what ever type of condensing unit you want to install on a slab outdoors. The installation instructions for the Intertherm unit for installing the outdo ... Intertherm Air Conditioners

Hi, we have recently purchased a new home with panasonic airconditioning unit model no cs/654/0. We would like to do a service on it. What needs to be checked? Do you have a diy information on it. I live at Brisbane Southside. Is there a shop where we can buy new parts or get assistance.Thanking you Maria Turner 0411406551

Check air filter\015\012check condenser coils outside \015\012check power cord for better contact with power supply ... Air Conditioners

HELP......! Have a gas furnace . It doesn't say what it is.... I believe it is a coleman, or intertherm the model number is DGAT070BDC serial # is 940465330 that is the only information it has on it. Someone apartly tried to make it work, and all of the wiring is undone or gone...board is gone. and I am not sure what else.... Is there a way you can get the wiring scamatics for me.... and possibly a listing of what parts should be in it.... Please help! let me know...at: jarvissonsinc.att.net If

You might try a Coleman or Intertherm dealer in your area, they should be able to help you or maybe go online to those companies. ... Carrier 36KCARMS Air Conditioner

Hi I'm trying to get the air conditioning on but I can't light is flashing on the airconditioning and 12pm is shown in remote control Could u help me to sort this matter out I have three LG neo plasma in 3 different rooms and I'm trying to get them on but I can't

We have the exact same problem with our unit. Can't find solution. Any chance you have found out the cause? We also have 3 units, in 3 different rooms. The air vent's are in our garage. ... LG LSC121PMA Split System Air Conditioner

Am still trying to figure out where I can buy a circuit board for my air conditioner. If I pull it apart will I find the part number on the circuit board? Who sells circuit boards?

... NewAir AC-12000E Portable Air Conditioner

I have a 1/2 hp jet pump that draws lake water. We have tried and tried to prime it and get it up to presure. I have replaced the foot value but when started it reaches 20 psi and waivers down to 5 then back - can't seem to get it truly sucking. We have filled pump with water, replaced the plug loosely, let air bubbles escape and repeated literally dozens of times. The feed line in on a gradual slope up from the lake. Any further suggestions?

I have seen little critters (looks like baby clams) make a home inside the suction pipe and on the impeller in the pump. They can cause a lot of pressure problems with just a few of them in the way. ... Air Conditioners

Wall Hung A/C unit remote control # AR-DL10 batteries died last. Replaced remote batteries with 4 new duracell batteries. Unit came back on but running to warm. I tried to figure out the programming of the remote but can not get it to even swing the louver. This cools a computer server room that needs to cool down soon. Looked for remote mannual online but could not find one. Please help me get this remotre working. At present I tried to set it to 64 degrees. That usually kept the room at 70. I

I just got onto a technician who solved the problem for me. What he had me do was:-\015\012\015\012Pull dowwn the slider and use a pen to press the ACL button.That didn't fix it so...\015\012 ... Fujitsu 18C1 Air Conditioner

I have a new AMICO AP- 11,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner. I am getting an "FL" code and the unit wont work. I tried draining it, nothing. Checked the filters, nothing. I have only been running it ab

... AMICO AP- 11,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner 24 Hour Sale ENDS

Ac compressor is not starting and when it tries to strart voltage gets down for 5/7 sec. and again after 5 minutes it tries to start but could not starts

You may have a faulty capacitor which gives compressor a kick start . Also you may have an issue with soft start relay. ... Air Conditioners

We are trying to hook up a thermostat honeywell RTH230B1006.....the unit is an old unit.. all the wires were cut...weve tried every which way to hook it up and still cannot get the ac unit to turn on

Need to know what terminals are available on the stat, and what color wires you have coming from condensing unit. ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

We have an Encon Corinthian 3 speed ceiling fan with triple light. The switch for the fan no longer changes the speed. Is it possible to get another switch and how much would it cost? We tried to get one locally but could not get it to work. We were told to contact the manufacturer. Thank you for your consideration. Carol


The snaps for the grill cover of my Bionaire Stand fan broke in few pieces and now i can't get the cover to stay. I called Bionaire and the model # BSF1017RC is now discontinued. She advised me that I should just get a new one. I would like to get the snap rather than buying a brand new fan since it's just the snap the broke and the fan is perfectly working fine.

I have no ideal what the snaps look like, but I do know that at a home improvement center sell different type of snaps and they may have something that may work. Might not be the same type. hope this helps Tim ... Air Conditioners

Hi There, I have a problem in that we have lost our remote control for our Cooline Pacific Air Conditioner. We have searched hi and low and have been unable to come up with it. We are currently experiencing an absolutely disgusting heatwave at the moment and want to know if we can get a universal remote control. I have tried getting a replacement remote from the Head Office in Saudia Arabia however we are not having much success in the communication process there. As for getting a universal remo

Hi Erin, I am not familiar with this particualar model, but should advise you that most aircons have a manual "on" button, sometimes behind the grill cover. This should see you through while you are waiting for a remote. ... Air Conditioners

My thermostat inside my house will not shut off, runs constantly now, on both a/c and heat cycles. Does the thermostat need to be replaced?I have central air and heat. Recently tried to shut off the heater one morning , had warmed up outside and was too warm in house. I could not get the heater to shut off even manually. finally tried turning on the a/c, it came on but it would not shut off later when it reached temperature set even when I manually tried to shut it off. My outside unit (a/c) is

Hello\015\012IF this is a programable stat.Take the batteries out and replace them.\015\012Then reprogram the stat.\015\012\015\012IF this is not programable have the wiring checked at the unit and the stat.May need to replac ... Air Conditioners

Firstly, water was coming out the front of the holding tray. It was tilted at a proper angle and should have run the excess out the back. We investigated to try and find out why and to correct some of the wood rot that was happening. After we tried to start the machine and 88 code and all lights come on then it bounces to E2 message and the only way we can turn off that is to unplug. We have tried leaving the machine unplugged in order to get a reprogram set but to no avail. I sent an email

The water is coming out because the evacuation hole - or the pipe , or the pump attached to it is blocked by dirt. You must access all and clean them thoroughly. Ideally you should take the pump , pipe and tray out to clean them.\012\012\012The ... Haier Energy Star ESA3183 Air Conditioner

Replacement fan I'm trying tov locate a replacement upper fan for this portable ubit. I called my local rep who directed me to the Fedders main location. I called and the recording says to check online, I can get an exploded parts list and can order from there. I do not see any thing like that. I sent 2 different email messages and have gotten an acknowledgement email but no more than that. HOW hard could it be to get a replacement part? Anybody have any ideas on how to get a replacement motor f

Please check the of fan , no of blades and direction of flow & also if possible pic of fan . it can be easily avl in open mkt. \015\012ravi ... Fedders A6P09S2A Air Conditioner

Fan won't turn on. When I turned it on for the first time this summer, it won't blow cold air. I tried the different settings. The air compressor comes on, but the fan doesn't. Nothing happens with the fan only setting. I tried the reset button, using the remote, unplugging it and trying again. Any suggestions? Will it be cheaper to buy a new one? Thanks from Salem, MA.

\015\012Shut the power off to the unit, spin the fan blade to see if it spins freely. If it doesn't spin freely, (there appears to be a little drag when you spin it),the bearings are bad, if it does spin freely, then try moving the motor shaft ... Maytag M6Y12F2A Air Conditioner

Heating and air condition unit will not kick on when i try to turn the heat on in the morning. we have tried the auto fan and the on fan for both ac and heat...will only work for the ac. the breaker switch at the breaker box is the only solution we have found to get the unit to fire up and to start the heat for the unit...my brother has checked the wiring at the thermostate..mercury type..found no burned out wires...he changed the filter on the system...tried to clean all the contact points on

Hello , I can help you out here. First check the T-stat with all breakers on take the red t-stat wire and white t-stat wire and green t-stat wire , tie the 3 together and wait 5 minutes to see if anything starts up. If the heat starts running replace ... Air Conditioners

Error code I am getting an E1 error code and don't know what it means? Any help would be appreciated. I get the E1 error code in the temp display as soon as plug in my model HWR 10XC6, 10,000 btu window A/C unit. I tried the reset button but that was of no help.

Do you still the warranty for this unit? maybe you should contact the company which you bought the unit. ... Haier hwr10xc6 Air Conditioner

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