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How many BTUs does this unit have?

\015 Maytag M3X05F2ASpecifications: \342\200\242 Volts 115 \342\200\242 EER 9.7 \342\200\242 Amps 5.0 \342\200\242 Watts 515 \342\200\242 Plug cap. amps 125/15 \342\200\242 Pints per hour 1.4 \342\200\242 Room air (CFM) 160Room Size: \342\200\242 10' x 15' \342\200\242 150 sq. ft.\015

Answers :

The M3X05F2A is a 5000 BTU unit.
The Maytag unit is a Fedders brand a/c. Here is a link to the 800 number. They will be able to give you all the information that you are wanting.
\015\012If you are only asking about BTU's, then you are looking at about 5000 sq. ft.

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I have a question about matching up BTUs for the inside and outside units as I have had conflicting info from 2 different repair men. We have a 36 BTU condenser outside (Mitsubishi Mr. Slim) and a 24 BTU unit in the main living area with two 9 BTU units in each of the 2 BR for a total of 42 BTU on the inside. The installer of course says this is perfectly fine, another repair company said this was the reason why we were having so many problems with the unit. When it works, it's great. However i

Hello,In a traditional air conditioner setup where the compressor runs at one speed, the condenser and evaporator need to have matching BTU ratings. If the condenser (compressor) is too small, it will not be able to cool effectibely, and ... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

How many btus is this unit - Carrier XHD183D Air Conditioner

XCB183D is 18,000 btu. ... Carrier XHD183D Air Conditioner

How many BTUs does this unit have?

The M3X05F2A is a 5000 BTU unit. ... Maytag M6Q10F2A Air Conditioner

How many BTUS on rooftop AC unit on 32 ft. FEMA trailer?

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My frigidaire air conditioners spit dirt all over the floor. My window unit and my through the wall unit in a sleeve both do the same thing. I called Frigidaire two years ago and they told me there were no reported problems. I keep the filters clean and don't know what is causing this. My rugs and furniture are full of dirt particles when I use these units. I have had air conditioners for many, many years and have never experienced a problem like this. Please advise me if this is a problem with

1. Turn units off\0122. Remove Filter\0123. Spray a foaming cleaner on the coils (Dow Bathroom Cleaner)\0124. Use a spray bottle filled with plain water\0125. Replace Filter and Grill ... Frigidaire FAC124 wall/Window Air Conditioner

One year old condenser unit salt corrosion. Inside temperature reading at vent nearest evaporator was 56 deg. At 45 psi applied salt removal solution to condenser unit removing the salt. Next day took Temperature reading and lowered inside temp. at vent to 51 deg. Can you tell me how many kilowatts I saved per deg for 1 month. Or can you tell me if a new installed unit inside temp at evaperator is 50 deg and temp inside increases one deg thru 10 deg how many more kilowatts will be used. Efficen

I was able to find a table with complete conversions for your convenience. Its at the lower part of the file specifically on pages 16-17. You may want to click here ... Weather King Air Conditioners

How many BTUs is the M6x05F2A

... Maytag M6X06F2A Air Conditioner

How many BTUs in Whirlpool Model # ACQ062MP1?

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Where do I find how many btu's my unit is. i' trying to figure out how many BTU's my window ac unit is. where do I find this info

Hi,\015\012Pull off the front cover and then the filter...usually reight behind there is a sticker with the BTU outpit of the unit...model number, serial number, etc...\015\012\015\012heatman101 ... Whirlpool Electronic Window Air Conditioner ACQ158XR

How many amps will a 15000 btu ac unit pull at start up and how many to run a honda eu2000i generator would be to small for a 15000 btu rv ac unit

15,000 BTU stating current 18 to 20 amphs. And running amphs will be around 6.5 to 7 amphs. ... Dometic 57915531 Air Conditioner

PROBLEM I have had this unit for two weeks now. The unit is constantely pumping cold air. Just yesterday the unit starting pumping slower with air filled with humidity and very cloudy. The unit is not pumping as strong and makes some noise and there is constand smokey air coming out. I am very confused and have contacted many and no one has a solution. Is the unit just broke... Is there anything I can do????

Hi well have a check on the compressor or refrigerant. check the blower motor also. hemish ... AmcorAire UCHW-H24AF2 Split System Air Conditioner

I have a Rheem RRKA-A036JK08X ground pac unit. Yesterday the condensor froze over. I let the unit thaw out completely. When I turned on the next day, it did not respond. It sounded like a contactor was trying to engage, so I'm wondering if the coil or the contactor has burned up? I have had this unit for 11 years. We have had similar problems in the past, but I had a whole cut in the side of the unit to promote more air flow. That solution worked for many years. Unfortunately, I neglected to

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Daikin split cycle air conditioner FTXD50J heaps of water coming out of interior unit 1. Do I have to unblock drain hole on the interior unit or the external unit. Also dont have any compressed air 2. Also very whistley almost drowns out the TV can I lubricate the bearings? If so what do I lubricate it with and how do I get to them. 3. roller fan on inside unit is all gunked up almost solid with dust Can this be taken out and cleaned some how or how do I get it back to a new condition? many than

You will need to find where the unit is clogged and try and run something up through to snake it out. In regards to the whistling noise, this is usually caused when there is debris that has collected and the air is trying to be sucked through a prev ... Air Conditioners

I would like to know how many square feet a Model # BRCQ0421BD Serial # 990905429 Coleman Central Air Conditioning Unit will cover. The unit supply is 208-230V 1 PH 60 Hz 10.8 RLA 97 LRA.

... Coleman Air Conditioners

Hi, thanks. I have a question regarding the portable air conditioner cvp10nc as I am preparing to purchace one. Is the air from the room being cooled recirculated exclusively through the unit and all put back into the room? Or, is some of the air in the room where the where the unit is cooling sent out the exhaust? Also how many amps does this unit draw? Thanks so much Kerry

Hi kerry have tried to look for the model number as mentioned by you hwever was unable to find that on the sharp site however they do have two other models namely CVP10PC and CVP10RC for which i am providing you with the link here you can get whateve ... Sharp CVP10NC Air Conditioner

Temperature setting rises up by itself no matter how many times you lower it back down to a lower setting manually or with remote. When the unit acts up like this it won't even let you power off (manually or using remote) unless you unplug unit. When you power back up it may or may not work again for a while. Window unit is GE Model # AEW12AMG1.

... GE APH10AA Air Conditioner

Maytag Air Conditioner Model# M6Y14F2B - unit has started changing set temperature by itself. Example: set at 72°, will hear unit beep (sometimes once othertimes several over a few minutes) and when checked temp has been changed to higher temp according to how many beeps. Have had this window unit for about 3 years and this is the first season it has ever done this. It happens randomly and on all mode and fan speed settings.

... Coleman Air Conditioners

Do you come across many leaks in the evaps of these units. I cant seem to find my leak of R-22 the unit is a coleman mach 3 rv unit.

Yes, the evap is easy to access. On the upper unit, remove the metal cover that is on the front. There are screws down both sides and across the top and bottom. Once this is removed, the evaporator is right there. When you pressure tested the uni ... Coleman Mach III Air Conditioner

Model AST9LSBCW - Timer green light flickers when unit powered on. Won't re-set and therefore, unit will not come on and heat. Have tried re-set button many times. Seems to be some sort of timer in operation. Note: Unit relocated recently.

... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

I have a Pyrox Vulcan wall heater that frequently stops - displaying "F1 1 ERR". Many technicians have looked at the unit, the most recent has changed a capacitor (which one I don't know but I assume it was related to the fan motor), the first tech just said is was human error and that I don't know how to operate the unit. I am considering replacing the 3 yr old unit with another brand, as the support for this one is virtually non existant.

... Air Conditioners

My husband stupidly put the timer on the air conditioner. Thinking it would reset itself, he unplugged the unit. Now my LG lwhd1006r 10,000 BTU air conditioner mounted in the wall is not working. We have reset the plug many times and when we got this unit did not get a user guide with it so are not having much success in troubleshooting the issue. My husband suffers from "CRS" and cant remember what else he did to make my brand new unit not work. Help.

Helloplease you cancel timer mode in the control panel and select cooling for start system again . ... LG Air Conditioners

I have a Baxi combi boiler 105e and a Honeywell ST6100C programmer/controler, and i wish to add a Seimens wireless digital room thermostat RDH10RF/Set. the RCR10/433 unit needs to be wired to the boiler/controler above so that the thermostat switches the boiler on and of when demand for heat is called for by the room thermostat unit RDH10RF. can you please advise on how to connect the wiring or if it is possible to get a wiring diagram many thanks Paul

... Honeywell Air Conditioners

RUUD UBHC-17J14SFA HEATING PROBLEM. Is there a way to make the Return fan run slower, The noise is driving me crazy. The Unit pumps way more air than required. On a previous unit i Had -- all that was required was moving one of the wires onto another Contact and it reduced the fan speed. Many Thanks Barry

... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

We have a Lennox model GCS16-1353-270-7y. It has not been working right all summer. I have a manual for it. We called a serviceman 3 weeks ago. Have not seen him yet. We are remote Montana and do not have many chooses. The unit has a economizer on it. I blocked the dampers open on the ecomomizer to try to make the unit operate better, and opted to wait for the tech as it was lowering the temp 10-15 degrees. We do not need much in western Montana. That worked until yesterday when the Outside temp

Well, it sounds like you may just need a good cleaning. Water and rags and maybe a little soap will do wonders on this unit if you haven't cleaned it ever. Also try using a compressor to blow out as much as you can first and then using the rags to cl ... Air Conditioners

I have a Fedders AZEY18F7B a/c unit. I want it to turn on at 7pm and off at 7am everyday automatically. The timer setup is stupid. It says something like, how many hours from now do you wnat it to turn on, and how many hours from now do you want it to turn off. It doesn't not turn on when I tell it to. And if it did do what I programmed it to do, the instructions don't even say if it will repeat everyday. How can I get this stupid timer to actually turn on my a/c at 7pm and off a

... Fedders AZEY18F7B Air Conditioner

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