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Possible restricted drier

\015 York HVAC unit model #DH150C0094AAC, serial #NFNM0808100\015\012I have the following information but conflicting conclusions on an RTU in Gadsden, AL. The driers are located approximately 4" from the distributer. THE FIRST CIRCUIT is 250/65 WITH A 9 DEGREE SUPERHEAT. CIRCUIT #1 IS 107.7 degrees INTO THE DRIER AND 59 degrees OUT OF IT. CIRCUIT #2 PRESSURES AT 195/60 WITH 24* SUPERHEAT. ON CIRCUIT #2 GOING INTO DRIER AT 85* AND OUT AT 49*\015\012The condenser coil is definitely dirty. \015\012My question is, is this unit restricted or not or are the temp drops normal due to the location of the driers so close to the distributer?\015

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Before you start checking pressures, you need to make sure that the unit is clean inside and out. You also need to know what the ambient temp is outside so you know what the pressures should read. Without this information, your info is useless to me. You need to know what your saturation temp is to determine if the head pressure is too high or too low. If the outside unit is dirty, you will have a high head pressure and low suction pressure. If the inside is dirty, you will have a high suction and a normal to low head. My advice to you is to clean first and then start checking temps and pressures. Otherwise you are spinning your wheels.

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Possible restricted drier

Before you start checking pressures, you need to make sure that the unit is clean inside and out. You also need to know what the ambient temp is outside so you know what the pressures should read. Without this information, your info is useless to m ... Air Conditioners

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Remote thermostate Is it OK to replace the batteries in the remote thermostat with rechargeable batteries? This has been the most troublesome air conditioner we have ever had, and I think it is because of the remote. It is hard to keep the signal going from the thermostat to the air conditioner. Is it possible to replace the remote with a regular thermostat and if so what costs would be involved?

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