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How do you use the temp/pressure chart with refrigeration

\015 How do you know what refrigerant pressure should be in a refrigeration system.\015

Answers :

At R22 it should be 65 psi at the low side and 200 to 285 on the high side. Or slightly higher than freezeing at the indoor coil.

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How do you use the temp/pressure chart with refrigeration

At R22 it should be 65 psi at the low side and 200 to 285 on the high side. Or slightly higher than freezeing at the indoor coil. ... Air Conditioners

Been researching this model, and haven't seen anything about what type of refrigerant it uses. Does it have a compressor and use refrigerant?

Yes it does have a compressor - I believe this particular unit is a 10000 BTU unit w/compressor and uses R410A refrigerant which is btw a ozone friendly refrigerant.\015\012 ... Sharp CV10NH Air Conditioner

How to recharge refrigerant, can a car refrigerant canister be used?

There is an information tag probably on the back of the unit that tells you model number, serial number, manufacturer, etc. On the same tag it will tell you the refrigerant and the amount of refrigerant in the unit. If it is R-134a ( which is proba ... Air Conditioners

Hi im a 3rd yr appentice refrigeration mechanic ,,i need the following for an assingment ,flow charts on reverse valve stuck between heat and cool ,,tx valve bulb has lost its gas ,and worn compressor head valve ,can u give me these flow charts please

Hi I have reefer unit on my trailer and need to how to change the belt for compressor? ... Carrier Air Conditioners

I need to know wich refrigerant a crosley window a/c uses model#CEA8M serial#IK75091108 and also if it is possible to use R-22 thank you

Look on the data plate it will tell you the refrigerant.. its R/22 i bet... if its a real new one it may have the 410-A .but very doubtful because its a window unit ..let me know ..good luck/joe/ ... Crosley Air Conditioners

I need to know the kind of refrigerant the Beckman GS-6R refrigerated centrifuge uses.

... Air Conditioners

Could you use the same refrigerant that u would use in your auto product 134a to your home central A/C?

Umfortunatly no, refrigerant 22 or 410 is used in residential air conditioning. ... Coleman Air Conditioners

1) How do I know which refrigerant to use 2) How can I tell if the AC has the right amount of refrigerant

ALL A/C units & you gave us nothing at all,\015\012have the type of refrigerant on a label somewhere\015\012\015\012You can only tell how much is in there by using\015\012the proper manifold gauge set & using a temperture ... Air Conditioners

AF-S80MX Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner: What kind of refrigerant does this unit uses? ...

Most new window units are using R-22 or it's most common alternative R-410A - but you will need to check the 'data tag' on the AC to be sure. All AC units have a data tag (either metal or paper label) - somewhere on the AC - which gives you model nu ... Sharp AF-S80MX Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner

Could someone please confirm the order of operations for purging air out of the lines for a split system set up, using the refrigerant stored in the compressor. I have a 2 way 3/8" valve, and a 3 way 5/8" valve arrangement. I dont have a vacum pump. Cheers.

I think you really need a vacum pump, this will not only verify that you don`t have a leak, but will also\015\012remove any moisture in the lines.\015\012\015\012These companies that sell this stuff online, need to \015\012rem ... Air Conditioners

Superheat Problem I had an aircondition installed yesterday by a technician and today I did some measurements and found something that I do not understand. The system is using R407C refrigerant and is 18000 BTU. I found the following: Suction Pressure (70 psig) Suction Line Temperature (93 degrees Fahrenheit) Evaporator Temperature (43 degrees Fahrenheit) Outdoor Temperature (100 degrees Fahrenheit) Does the above mean that i have Superheat 50 degrees? Is this normal?

Superheat is the dif. between suction temp on the gauge and temp on the suction line. Make sure you are measuring the right line/ Normal superheat is between 10 to 14 degrees depending on line length. Russ ... Air Conditioners

I have a Carrier split unit model 38AN009100 that I am using to refrigerate my wine cellar.I know that this unit is not made for this purpose. Is it possible to convert it so I can control my cellar at around 12 degrees C? I was wondering if I could put a wall thermostat in the cellar instead of the actual thermistor controlling the temperature. Thank you for your prompt reply

Well most unite will but out 54 degrees but as far room temp reaching that is highly unlikely. the unite would probably turn into a big hunk of ice and stop! this is more of Refrigeration unite which operate at lower temp. you can buy small ones fair ... Air Conditioners

A 1986 isuzu what kind of refrigerant was used a R12 or R22

86-- r12 ... Bryant 462AJC021BA Air Conditioner

I need to know what type of refrigerant and what size of referigeration unit is used for a Mitsubishi Model RH441NAA compressor.

R22 if manufactured before 2005, R410A if after. BUT check the plate on the condenser it will also give you the weight(in ounces) of the refrigerant. A good technician can look at the system and figure it out within minutes. ... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

Just bought a used 1987 Real-Lite truck camper. The roof air unit is Dometic as well as the LP/AC refrigerator. When turned to "cool" the air conditioner really draws down, dims the lights, and eventually blows the home AC breakers. It works fine on blower fan only but as soon as I engage the "cool" settings, big brown out. The fridge doesn't work at all. I'm in the Nashville area. Suggestions

To start with, if it's plugged in to a 15 amp breaker, and extension cord, the compressor starting up may just be enough to trip the breaker. It will draw close to 15 amps on start-up of compressor, and if there is a light extension cord used to plug ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

My room ac model 12QZ22TA is not cooling properly. i cleaned the coils but not much improvement. i think it needs recharged. what refrigerant does it use? what is the est cost? i bought it in 1994

A good way to tell if it needs a charge is to take the air temperature of the air going in. then subtract the air temperature going out. ( on the inside) the diffence between whats being sucked in to whats being thrown out . it should be on high fan. ... Air Conditioners

Central A/C I need to know what kind of refrigerant is used in a Coleman PAC036H1021A central A/C unit. It is attached to a mobile home that must be moved. Any help is appreciated

Hello \015\012\015\012This system uses r-22.\015\012By law it will have to be recovered, it can not be bled in the atmosphere. Just FYI. Hope this helps you.\015\012One way to determine what type of refrigirant you are dealing ... Air Conditioners

Fujitsu heatpump 13 years old is not heating room as it used to.filters are clean.i have gauges and would like to know what pressures are good and what pressures indicate low refrigerant or worn compressor.unit is about a 7kw heating model.

The refrigerant and compressor are related in cooling the room.As for heating problem the thermostat needs to be checked.\012if you're used to a certain temperature of air and your heat pump is producing much cooler air, take the following step ... Air Conditioners

Unit will not cool. We have owned the unit for about 2 years. Use with sparingly. Does the refrigerate need to be replaced? If so, how do we get it done? Mr. Marks

First off you need to check the filters inside of the home, if they are dirty replace them. I would also check the condenser outside and see if it has a high pressure reset, this is usually on the smaller of the two copper lines coming from the compr ... Soleus Air Conditioners

What refrigerant does a dometic 610015 ac use

Hi,\015\012All of them used R-22 up until the last year or so they have been converting the R-410A\015\012\015\012heatman101 ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a GoldStar 50 Pint Dehumidifier With Electronic Controls that I bought last spring. It worked fine last season, went to use it this year and it doesn't extarct any moisture, that fan runs, but you can tell the compressor is not kicking in. It sounds like it wants to, but thats about it. Do these models have a problem with losing refrigerant?

Sounds like you may have a compressor problem. Should be covered under warranty if it is the compressor. If it sounds like it is trying to start it may be cycling on the overload protector. ... Air Conditioners

I am doing an inventory and need to know what type of refrigerant would have been used in an Electrolux window AC unit. No model or serial number, but probably manufactured in 1990s.


What type of refrigerant does a Carrier AirV recreational vehicle airconditioner use

Look at the nameplate on the unit. It'll give all specs. ... Air Conditioners

Solution for ''what refrigerant does a 1999 chevy van use''

Its "R22" ... Air Conditioners

Carrier 38yca030370,with copeland compressor M#cr28k6-pvf-270, i need to know what refrigerant it uses. thanks

How old of a unit is it? Chances are it is R-22. If it is newer than last year it may be R-410a. The unit should indicate what type, and charge (lbs/oz) on the nameplate of the outdoor condensing unit. Hope this helps. ... Carrier 38CKC042 Air Conditioner

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