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When I touch the aluminum heat transfer fins on my home A/C unit, they turn to power. I understand the different metal problems (copper/aluminum) with electrolysis, but what activates this problem. Are there ''sacrificial'' anodes to eliminate this. Can rain/water start this process. The unit works OK but I think it is loosing efficiency.

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Your right, it will lose efficiency. Acid rain causes this and with the right chemical fumes around your unit, it can cause it. There are no anodes that will help. Time to replace the coils or the whole system.

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When I touch the aluminum heat transfer fins on my home A/C unit, they turn to power. I understand the different metal problems (copper/aluminum) with electrolysis, but what activates this problem. Are there ''sacrificial'' anodes to eliminate this. Can rain/water start this process. The unit works OK but I think it is loosing efficiency.

Your right, it will lose efficiency. Acid rain causes this and with the right chemical fumes around your unit, it can cause it. There are no anodes that will help. Time to replace the coils or the whole system. ... Air Conditioners

Vulcan Comfort Control Central Heating unit - Our heater is situated outside and is ducted under the floor and operated by a remote control. When we activate the remote we can hear the unit starting up and have also witnessed the glow of the pilot light starting but the heater fails to start. I have had the technican three times and they cannot diagnose a problem - we have no heater at present - please help

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This is a Fujitsu floor mounted aircon unit. In either heating or cooling modes the 20amp circuit drops out almost immediately after the soft start switch activates. The on board 5 amp fuse is not blown. The fan inside this unit runs very briefly before the breaker lets go. The wall unit fan is unaffected if used by itself.

Hi,\015\012You did not list a model number...so I am just speculating a bit here...\015\012It would seem as though the compressor is either locked rotor or the compressor motor is shorted...\015\012When the power goes to the compres ... Air Conditioners

3.5T/10yr.old ELEC. cooling was ok until I switched over to heat. Unit failed to activate compressor until I touched the reset. once started via reset the unit worked thru initial cycle but often fails to restart without reset. called service and they enfused R-22. issue not corrected, called serviced again and high pressure side exceeded 400 when 250 normal. service recommended replacing unit believing there was a stoppage in the fluid line. Subsequently I replaced the filter in the air handle

It sounds from what you just described, that your problem was the dirty filter to start with.\015\012Then the tech added charge to the system, which i'm sure that he now has it overcharged.\015\012Try removing some of the refrigerant unti ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

I have a TCL air con unit that suddenly stopped working yesterday. I am unable to turn the unit on - the remote is working but the wall unit has no lights or activation. I have checked switch board and remote, but it won;t start? Can you help?

... Goodman CKL24AR24 Air Conditioner


This means a high temp limit switch or flame roll\015\012 out switch has triped, check your air filter and clean or replace, than\015\012 watch unit when it runs and make sure the inducer motor is not slowing \015\012down or stopping.The ... Air Conditioners

Domain Air Split system KFR-70GW/c will not start in either Warm or Cool mode. The External unit fan rotates but there is no compressor activity nor any internal fan operation. Can you please help me to fix this problem?

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Dura-Glo Centurion Model 48 gas fireplace gas valve not letting pilot stay on; has new Tpile, which is activating valve (I can hear click internally when I hook up leads from hot Tpile. Unit wasn't used for quite a while and was found in "pilot" position but not lit. upon re-lighting (long manual hold time) started working properly. We thought maybe intermittent wind blowout, but then Tcouple quit making juice. Replaced, but now just a click from inside valve. I haven't found any tags on the va

Ed, when you installed the new Thermocouple did you finer tighten and just 1/4 turn more with a wrench? Or did you tighten it more than that? If you did over tighten it, the Thermocouple probably locked up the control valve. Unscrew it, give it a co ... Air Conditioners

I have 2 dometic roof top units on a 2002 MH that I recently purchased. 1 of the units only runs on high speed, the stat has a high low switch, the unit cools fine. The second unit, the comp starts, but the fan only hums, the shaft turns fine. I switched the start relay from the other unit, same result. I suspect that the start winding is open, but haven't checked yet. I am not opposed to replacing the unit because of age, condition of roof cover,and suspected cost of parts. Would appreciate any

Hi, unit # 2 sounds as though the run capacitor may be open, shorted, ect.When you say you changed relay, I assume you were talking about the capacitor. If the motor didn't run when you changed it, you do have a bad winding, or open as it just hums. ... Dometic Air Conditioners

Contactor not engaging to start condenser unit . When setting the thermnostat, i hear the click from the unit starting inside the house. Fans start and air starts blowing inside the house, but the condenser unit never starts. I tryed pushing the contactor by hand and then everything works find (cool house) as long as i keep the contactor pushed manually. Seems alike the 24 V (coil) bobine in the contactor is not been energize. When I tried the 24 V outside with a 24 V surce it worked fine. Thank

I would replace the contactor if you are getting 24 volts to the contactor and it isn't engaging therefore the magneto on the contactor is out and the contactor will need replacement. If you don't have 24 volts at the contactor then the transformer ... Air Conditioners

2007 Monaco with 2 rooftop dometic model 630035-331 units. Turn on front unit, fan starts immediately but compessor does not. Rear unit works fine but doesn't start for approximately 2 minutes after turning on which is normal . This same unit had a start cap switch replaced 2 years ago when it failed in same manner. Could this be saame problem again?

... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Unit will only hum and won't start up on its own unless I spin the squirrel cage ( with unit off ) by hand. After spinning cage for varying amounts of time it will free up the resistance and I will turn the unit on - give it a few more spins by hand (being carefull of my fingers getting caught ) and the cage will start spinning on its own. If the unit is turned off the problem occurs again and I have to start all over. (Whirlpool Air Conditioner Model Number ACQ122XK1) Any hints will be apprec

Hi,The motor needs the bearing oiled...to do this you will need to get a bottle of oil at your local HVAC supply house that has a long pull out spout on it... then place a few drops of oil on the shaft by the motor... if possible then tilt the ... Whirlpool ACQ122XK Air Conditioner

Carrier central air 38ckc060301 problem, unit will not start, air handling blower runs, can hear hum at outdoor unit. I turn the unit off at themostat. let sit for ten minutes, turn back on at themostat, unit starts and cools. Will run through serveral cycles and then not start until I repaet process, any thoughts?

... Carrier Air Conditioners

I have a 1993 Model SRHF48U01A (The 0 might be a O (zero) When the thermostat calls for cooling, the inside unit (fan) starts up and continues to run but the outside unit wants to start (it comes on for a second and then trips the breaker that is located behind the outside unit. I can turn the breakers off that are inside the house and let them stay off for a short time and then reset the outside breaker and then turn the inside breakers on and the unit starts and continues to run until the te

Well the trouble is surely at the compressor side. Dont know what kind of repair man you invited. He should have atleast diagnosed the problem. Following can be the causes\015\012\015\0121. Capacitor is slightly faulty (As you said). If t ... Amana Air Conditioners

Unit is a Samsung AS09A1VE Air conditioner Split System Unit turns on with remote, green light comes on with start bells. Another bell sounds yellow light comes on, unit switches off green and yellow lights start flashing, all in around 5 to 10 seconds, unit will turn off with remote, lights go out. I reset the unit by disconnecting power and reconnecting. Unit worked fine for several hours after that (although it did discharge some some small black debris. It then repeated the same proble

Hi,\015\012This sounds like a problem with it either being too cold outside or the unit is low in charge. What happens then is that the indoor coil getts too cold and the unit will shut down before is freezes over.\015\012The cold outside ... Air Conditioners

My MSY-A17NA UNIT will start functioning normally then after about five minutes it stops blowing air and the operation led signal starts flashing. When both the operation and indicator led's are on the unit works properly. After I shut it down and start it up again the unit works fine. How can I get it to stop shutting down every 5 minutes? I'm in Hawaii and it is Hot here! Please help.

Hi,Here is a tip about Mitsubishi Air Conditioners and how to get the manuals for all of the Mitsubishi line. The manual include both troubleshooting and installation. ... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

The outside unit is no0t able to start the fan spinning on its own. I have been able to manually engage the outside fan by turning the unit off, turning it on, and then manually spinning the fan when it starts up. The unit will then engage the fan and runs fine until the next cycle when it cannot start the fan on its own again. Can you tell me what part needs to be replaced and about how much it will cost?

Hi!!\015\012\015\012The part you need is called STARTING CAPACITOR and it is located in the same compartment where the electrical connectors are in the outside unit. MAKE SURE THE POWER BREAKER IS OFF before opening the compartment. and befor ... Air Conditioners

I have a Carries Mod# 24ABR348G510 Condenser unit. The system start with a normal cycle for about Three min, I've timed this to be this way every time the system is started. After the Three minutes the contacts starts to chaters. The 24 volt control voltage is up and down the scale and the condenser unit thin stalls and shuts down? I have Twelve of these units to keep maintained. The head is to be OK and the system is clean and the Thermostat checks out to be OK.

Hi,Did you already check the exhaust or the motor unit, the possible that has problem on there was the electric contactor, this was the switch the make the main motor to power, if this one was faulty it will have a problem just like the o ... Air Conditioners

I have carrier split unit the problem is the when switch it on indoor unit runs but when outdoor unit runs it make cool just for 5 mins and all unit indoor and outdoor go shutdown and green light start blinking and after 5 mins unit starts again after 5 mins again shutdown . any sugges please.

... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

Compressor problem I have a 3ton goodman unit about a month ago my unit started blowing hot air found out compressor wasn't running turned unit off technician came out turn unit on got pressure readings found low charge added refrigerant the unit did well, then the problem started again i called a company out to look @ it and from what I can see he didn't have alot of experience he stayed on the phone with his boss to walk him through the situation (remember compressor is not running) he runs wa

Sounds to me like the capacitor is no good. ... Goodman CKL60AR60 Air Conditioner

I have Samsung AW15ECB7 AC unit. After the unit's timer counted down, it briefly started then shut off completely. I reset the in-line circuit breaker (which appears fine) but the unit will not start at all. The unit has ran before on this receptacle without any problems. The other AC unit I purchased at the same time is working fine. Thank you, Randy

... Samsung Air Conditioners

My air conditioning unit wont start we usually start it with the remote but its not working it. it keeps flashing a symbol up the top when i try to turn it on but it wont start it. how can i fix the remote because i really need to get it started. the remote control unit model is: AR-DB5.

... Fujitsu 36CS Air Conditioner

I have a Goodman Heat Pump System. When I turn the thermostat up to call for heat the outside unit starts and the inside unit(Air Handler) starts. However the inside unit only runs for about one minute then shuts off while the outside unit continues to run normally? Any ideas?

... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

Hi I have a goodman MSG-18HWN1 heating and cooling mini-split unit. The unit keeps going on and off on a cycle of about 5 minutes. 5 minute, unit not started, unit starts for about 5 minutes, stops for 5 and so on. Is that a normal behaviour ? It is a bit annoying. Thanks

Due to abnormal temp of out door.Check outdoor fan motor and compressor and also sensor.Fan motor not working- rectify/replace fan capacitor.Sensor defective-Replace itCompressor high amps-Replace running capacitor.Sensor misp ... Air Conditioners

Recently purchased a second hand Carrier Split A/c -Model 42KPC019303 - 18000 BTU. The unit would work for awhile then shut off - fan included - and the green light would blink 5 times at intervals - but the unit did not start back. The sensor was changed and the unit started functioning normal for awhile - and then the problem resumed. Only difference is that this time the light blinks for about 10 mins and then the unit kicks back on. I want to know if this is a normal function, and if it ca

I have the same problem. What sensor did you change? Did you eventually solve the problem? ... Air Conditioners

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