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Burn out circuit board

\015 I understand that there is a common problem with the brivis buffalo 85 central heating unit ,that the electronic controller can burn out and cause a fire. this has happened to our unit, and brivis want 340 dollars to replace the controller.\015

Answers :

Hi! there! replace the burn out circiut board,what ever you pull out the same thing you put back just be sure that has the same model and specification,calibrate and test overload protection,defective overload protection replaced to prevent any burn out,short circuited mostly came to burn those thing that's why imposing preventive maintenace schedule for this kind of large ac central unit is very much significant.mostly timer delay circuit malfunction on large scale unit supplying by three phase a/c source on central control panel board.when ever replacement occured try to put mark or list color coding of specific terminals to connect and isolate short circuit make possible to detect at once before installing the new one and make make record on this for future reference we have several cases like that after buying a new one and replaced still burn again,the common cases is that they did not find the cause of short circuit connection they just relay on circuit board burn out,so it better to make assured that every thing is fine before installing the new one.specially on supply source of circuit.,relay on diagram and manuals take and check all data source as reference this will be a great help.take all necessary precaution this should be done by qualified technical ac support,have a nice day and regards

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Circuit board on AC unit at home was replaced, turned on unit and new circuit board burned also burned spots at the same locations as older board? What could be the problems?

You have something in that circuit that's pulling high amps or shorted. You need to determine what is in that circuit fan, compressor, contactor, wiring, etc and fix it first.\015\012Until you fix that you will keep burning up boards. ... Air Conditioners

Transformer and circuit board blown on Nordyne AC this happened suddenly when the a/c has been running fine, also it blows the 3 amp fuse on the circuit board, I replaced with a 10 amp fuse and it ran fine with that. Is there something I have done that would cause the transformer and the circuit board to blow and also the circuit board had NO burn marks on it.

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What cause ac circuit board burn out

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On my goodman ssz160481ab heat pump. When going into either heat or cool mode the contactor won't hold. its as if the coil voltage is going on and of very fast causing the contacts to burn out. I replaced the contactor beacause it was so badly burned and found that the thermostat was bad too and replaced it. However it is still doing the same thing. I am getting a full 28v from the transformer, but get a weird reading at the contactor coil, 18vac and 8 v dc. could it be a bad circuit board?

Disconnect the yellow Y1 wire from the thermostat to the control board in the air handling unit and read the voltage from C - common to the yellow wire. It should be 24 VAC, 0 VDC. If it is, cconnect the wire back to the control board. Now, discon ... Air Conditioners

Burn out circuit board

Hi! there! replace the burn out circiut board,what ever you pull out the same thing you put back just be sure that has the same model and specification,calibrate and test overload protection,defective overload protection replaced to prevent any burn ... Air Conditioners

Biasi Mod M90 24SV The boiler starts normaly, but after burning (between 5 and 20 sec) stops; singe red alert light do 4 short blinks and PCB(Printed Circuit Board) is starting new ignition cicle. This is happened over and over again. All sensors are checked(overheating thermostat, NTC delivery sensor, air presure switch, flow switch). All wires and connections are checked too. The PCB was replaced with the new one, but the problem remains.

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Intertherm M2RL-080 : Furnace LIGHTS and burn, hear CLICKS to turn on BLOWER but will no RUN, Replaced Limit Switch, and Blower MOTOR, DO I HAVE TO CHANGE "CIRCUIT BOARD" ??

Hi, you first of all replace the thermostat which can sometimes be the cause of the clicking noise. Since you have changed the limit switch and the blower motor, consider changing the thermostat to see what happens and if the clicking continues, you ... Intertherm P3RA-048K Air Conditioner

I was expecting to find this relay. It's not there. My unit has a rather complicated looking circuit board. The circuit board seems to have been made by Emerson Climate Technology. On the top edge of the circuit board is printed "Climate Talk" and the number "4672H". There is also a Bar Code sticker affixed to the circuit board that bears the number 11014630400034. Where do I connect the thermostat wires (red & white)?

This board needs a 24 volt supply run from the furnace to power up the communicating board\015\012check your wiring diagram on the inside of the panel this will help you ... Amana Air Conditioners

Blower fan stays running. Fan relay attached to small circuit board (coil tabs [timer?]). Capacitor on small circuit board had ''fallen out'' of ic board. Tried to get replacement board, and was sold just a standard relay - told that relay alone replaced the previous relay -and- circuit board configuration (?). Problem still exists (no change). Also changed thermostat just to eliminate as a possible cause, but seems like problem must be in the fan relay area. Question about the wires attache

... Carrier Air Conditioners

Am still trying to figure out where I can buy a circuit board for my air conditioner. If I pull it apart will I find the part number on the circuit board? Who sells circuit boards?

... NewAir AC-12000E Portable Air Conditioner

Ruud furnace Model UGPH-10EBRJR Silhouette ll. blower fan stays on continously, (also draft blower) and the only way it will shut off is to disconnect power. I've replaced thermostat, fan limiter switch, switch on the blower housing, even replace circuit board (IFC). I've even disconnected the thermostat wires to circuit board and blower still comes on as aoon as power is connected. I've disconnected everything on the circuit board except for blower wires and 24 volt transformer and it still com

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I''ve been working on this thing for three weeks now. It is a Dometic Duo Therm model 57915.531 roof top ac on my rv. It will not run. This is what i have done so far: replaced the thermostat, there is voltage to the thermostat; there is voltage to the unit. I replaced the circuit board today (took two weeks to get it from Dometic)but nothing. I don''t know what else to do. It has a new thermostat and a new circuit board. Other than the two capacitors on top at the compressor there is nothing el

Check the compressor winding resistance from common to start \015\012start to run\015\012run to common \015\012the two lowest should equil the highest\015\012also check shorted to ground \015\01 ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Have 2 dometic duo-therm 13.5 penguin model 620015-307,front air would not start no lights electronic control unit,swapped control units with rear which was working fine,still did not work,swapped circuit boards from ac units neither unit works,returned original circuit board to rear unit now that doesn"t work either...help

Hi,It would seem as though something in the front unit is killing the circuit boards....The front circuit board was bad so the control still did not work in the front...then you swapped the circuit board from the back and killed it in the ... Dometic Air Conditioners

I have a 2005 winnebago adventurer.I have a coleman mack basement unit the fan will come on and my heat will but my a/c will not come on the circuit board the circuit board has a green light that steady blinks green.

... Air Conditioners

Carrier 36K wall unit. Lost remote control. Bought new remote from local Carrier dealer. New remote does not control unit. Technician replaced circuit board in unit, but remote still does not control unit. What to do??? Buy circuit board and remote together that are known to work with each other??? Help, thanks!! Evans Bell

Buy circuit board and remote together that are known to work with each other (sic) I think you have answered your own question.. very sagacious.\015\012\015\012To my mind that;s really all you can do. I am surpri ... Carrier Air Conditioners

My Amana Air Command 80 SSE IIQ Gas Furnace started up for a few seconds the shut down with no indicator light. I went up and switched disconnect off and on, then checked all connections and fuse on circuit board, all good. Closed up unit and it started running. Good for a day or so then repeat. I replaced circuit board about 6 months ago.

Have you cleaned your flame sensor? Take a piece of emery cloth or a piece of light sand paper and sand it a little. It is located in the burner section and it is usually to the left side of the unit and it looks like a L. Hope this helps. ... Air Conditioners

I have just completed installing a Honeywell HE220A humidifier to a Carrier Weathermaker 8000vs that was installed in 2003. My problem is that all the identified circuits in previous posts on the circuit board are constantly energized at 25v even when there is no call for heat. Is this a normal feature of this particular board, or is there something amiss here that should have one or more of the terminals deenergized when there is no call for heat? End result is that the humidifier will draw wa

The terminals on the control board are designed to provide power to the controls of the humidifier, not run directly to the solenoid. If you don't want to install the controls, you can run the 24 volt signal from the furnace heat signal (W1/W2) thro ... Air Conditioners

Hi, I have a Britony Combi SE. I have had a persistent problem whereby I am presented by fault lights 40-80. I am aware that this is a common fault and usually relates to water pressure. That has been tested and not the problem. In an attemp to fix the problem the engineer has changed a printed circuit board which again hasnt fixed the issue, what is happening is that on the circuit board there is a 3amp fuse which keeps blowing. The problem is we don't know what is causing this. Can you help?

... Air Conditioners

I need schematics for a Honeywell EMM-3 Electronic MiniZone Panel. I have already diagnosed there is a problem on the circuit board, and have removed the panel from thermostat circuit. I would like to troubleshoot the board to component level.

Hi,\015\012\015\012I have included these links which may help. This link contains all the downloadable data on this unit. Scroll through documents in box at bottom of the link page to see all readily available documents and s ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

I have a Goodman Package unit Model # PGJ 03075-1. The blower motor only rocks back and forth while the compressor and fan run and begin to form frost on the pipes. I replaced the large capacitor, main control board, fan control board, thermostat, and removed the control module off the back of the ECM motor to look for burned areas. There are no visible burned areas. Any ideas on what to check next? Rick

The blower motor only rocks back and forth ? That means it is getting power. Most of these have their own smaller capacitor did you check it?\015\012Any sloppy vertical movement means the motor bearings are shot, the motor is what we ca ... Goodman CPLE24-1 Air Conditioner

HI, I had a gas furnace (GOODMAN GMP125-4).When i turn heat on from thermostat, the burner is not light up, the induction motor is not running. I took off the panel and I also found that the status light (red light)on Circuit board is NOT on also.Is this a circuit board problem or thermostat problem?

... Air Conditioners

A Nordyne air handler, model B3BV-030K, with 4 wire thermostat. Thermostat and AC works fine in "cool". Switch it to "heat" and nothing happens.No fan, no heat.(I have built in heat strips -resistors). I jumpered (on the nordyne circuit board-input from thermostat) from R to W. (24 volts from R to W, which should start the heater. Nothing. No relay "click" like when AC comes on. If i jumper R to Y, AC comes on ok. Does this sound like a relay gone bad on the circuit board? Or what? If relay bad,

Do you get heat when you jumper R, G & W? ... Ruud Central System Air Conditioner

I have an Amcoraire model AOS091HX that also displays an F1 error code. Fuses were blown on the outside unit. I read about the fix by replacing the capacitors in the middle of the circuit board. I contacted Pridium and was told the circuit boards from China have been on order for six months, so I have nothing to lose by replacing a capacitor or two. Any other advise would be greatly appreciated.

... Air Conditioners

The 5 amp fuse was blowing on my old circuit board. I was able to get the furnace to work if I pushed down on the black transformer, this indicated to me that I needed a new circuit board. I replaced it and the fuse is still blowing. Where do I go next??

Hi,The fuse blowing indicates that you have a high current draw or a short somewhere in the system.The first thing I do when I get this is unhook the t-stat wires to isolate the furnace and see whether the problem is internal to the furna ... Air Conditioners

The f1 fuse on the circuit board keeps blowing out on a pth073b35aj amana unit. i've replaced the circuit board and thermostat to no avail. thanks keith

... Amana PTH073B25AJ Heat Pump,7000BTU, 230V, 2.5KW PTAC Air Conditioner

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