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Gas emergency heat pump comes on with chemical odor

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If the emergency heat doesn't come on very often, it will burn off debris that has collected on the heat exchanger causing the smell. Also, check that there aren't any chemicals that are being stored around the unit that would put out fumes that can be drawn into the system and when heated, cause the odor.

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Gas emergency heat pump comes on with chemical odor

If the emergency heat doesn't come on very often, it will burn off debris that has collected on the heat exchanger causing the smell. Also, check that there aren't any chemicals that are being stored around the unit that would put out fumes that can ... Carrier 52CQ-312-4 Comfort Series Heat Pump Air Conditioner

We just started getting a chemical odor when our heat pump comes on,I was worried that it could be harmful so I called the fire dept. They came out and said since there was no gas to the house they couldn't test for gases and that freon couldn't hurt you, Is that true if we have a leak? What could be wrong?

You may have a small refrigerant leak in the exchanger coil in the furnace. \015\012\015\012You might want to have a heating/cooling tech check the charge on your unit to see if it has leaked. Then a dye test can confirm if there is a ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

Amana heat pump emergency heat comes on but blower will not start. The call for heat comes in and the heating element(s) glow red for a few seconds and then there is a "click" and the heating strips de-energize. The blower fan motor doesn't come on, however the squirrel cage fan spins freely. The heat pump stopped working several years ago, but I just used the emergency heat option for heating solution. The squirrel cage fan motor was replaced about 3-4 years ago.

... Air Conditioners

I have a Rheem A/C Heat Pump split with gas backup. The gas unit is mounted in the air flow directly before the A/C HP coil. Should the gas unit be wired as stage two heat, or is it OK to wire it as just aux/EM heat? There is no other heating unit. What is the difference between stage two and aux? Please note that the aux gas heat cannot come on if the heat pump is running or it may hurt the heat pump due to the gas heat units location.

Stage 2 is okay as long as there is a fossil-fuel kit accessory wired in the field control wiring. EM heat would only allow gas furnace operation if the thermostat is set for EMER HT mode.......this is not ideal and not recommended. Dual-Fuel applic ... Air Conditioners

I have a heat pump system with gas as auxillary heat. What outside temperature should I switch my thermostat to "Emerg Heat" to run only gas? I also have a dial that appears to be some sort of temperature control on the lines that run outside the house to the compressor unit (currently set at approx 32). Is this for defrost control or does it tell the heat pump to shut down when the outside air gets below where this dial is set and then use only gas heat?

The dial thing you are talking about is a low ambient control that will not let the heat pump run below the set temperature should be set between 32 and 40 degrees farenheit. The heat pump is not effiecent below 32 degrees as I would reccomend only r ... Air Conditioners

No heat I have problem with a carrier heat pump / AC the fan inside work and the air is circulating but no heat is coming out, only heat with the emergency heat come on, also the fan outside works, I change the thermostat by noting change.

Your compressor sounds like isn't working? And the problem is if we are lucky you just lost the capacitor. turn off the breaker to the ac/heat pump unit. Open the electrical panel on condenser locate the capacitor if it is swelled up like puffed u ... Carrier 38BRC048 Air Conditioner

Emergency heat comes on instead of heat pump

... Air Conditioners

I smell an odor possibly electrical but I was unsure and had the gas company come and check. The gas company serviceman states the gas connections are good, nos gas smell in any areas of the house. The unit is putting out heat at the correct temperature but the smell of a burning odor worries me. What should I check to verify an electrical problem?

Any burnt wire inside the room smell easily sucked by a/c and spread over the room. And hence, please check any electrical appliances like iron box, electrical oven, like this.which may be faulty.If your unit has heating element (heating strip ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

Emergency heat comes on everytime heat pump starts UPKA025JAS

Most heat pumps do use the heat strip when they start untill the compressor gets the heat going. This keeps the air coming out of your vents warm as the system is ramping up. ... Air Conditioners

Amana Heat Pump Emergency Heat will not come on

On the heating element [behind the coil, (the springy thing)], at the top end of the element, there is a little thermistor I think it is called. You will have to remove the fan shroud. With the power off, check for continuity if you have a multimet ... Amana PTH123B25AJ Heat Pump Air Conditioner

Goodman AC Unit with Heat Pump - Works great cooling when switched to heat the outside unit does not come on - inside comes on and uses emergency heat? What can I check? I first checked the contactor and it looks fine, the inside thermostat had low battery voltage...replaced batteries but still not working? Any help? Thanks

Because the outdoor unit works in cooling, it sounds as though the contactor and other components outside are working correctly. The problem sounds as though it might be somewhere in your thermostat. Has the thermostat been replaced recently? If so, ... Goodman CKL60AR60 Air Conditioner

I replaced a B126554 sequencer that was burned out and I am not sure I got the wiring connectors back in the right places. this is for the emergency heat which was coming on by itself when i was running my PHKJ036-1 heat pump in the AC mode so I shut off the power to the Emergency heater. what i have done wrong.

I couldn't run down a wiring diagram, but here is a good site for reference:\015\012http://www.inspectapedia.com/aircond/aircond1123.htm\01 ... Goodman Air Conditioners

On my heat pump, my thermostat is on heat the fan is running but no heat is coming out.just cold air, I even tried it on emergency heat also and its just cold air...

I am assuming you have electric heat as a back-up.\015\012If you do make sure thre breaker switch to the electric heat is turned on for starters. ... Air Conditioners

I have 2.5TON heat pump that works fine in ac mode but does not heat only have heat in emergency .condenser fan does come on when heat is selected

The heat pump is either wired wrong on the low voltage side or the reversing valve is sticking. these need checked by a tech. if you are showing emergency heat then your thermostat is meant for a heat pump and that is also a good place for the tech ... Air Conditioners

3 ton goodman heat pump package unit, odor coming from vents

I ran upon this a few years agoafter 20+ years in the industry it is actually called "DIRTY SOCK". In the winter the drain pan and trap dry out and all the junk left behind when the summer rolls around mix with the condensateand cause the odor. "Hom ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

I have an AR32-1 with an emergency heat switch on the thermostat. The heat pump runs and runs and runs and blows cold air when it's freezing outside. If I turn on the 'emergency heat', nothing happens. We do have three 220V breakers in the panel box. One is labeled 'heat pump', the other two are labeled 'furnace'. What could be wrong that the 'emergency heat' does not work?

... Goodman Air Conditioners

I am trouble shooting a Bryant Hi-bred system that uses an air cooled heat pump with high efficiency gas furnace for backup and low ambient operation. How does the system decide whether to use the air cooled heat pump or the gas fired high efficiency furnace. It appears to be outdoor air temperature related, but I can't find the setpoint for it. The main zone Bryant thermostat appears to control the system, but it doesn't always bring the backup heat if the heat pump doesn't function.

If you are using honeywell vision pro 8000 t-stat you need an outdoor sensor program on t-stat would have to look up ... Bryant Air Conditioners

Dear FixYa Experts, I am a new home owner. I have a Kenmore Air Conditioner (heat pump?, see more details below) with Lincoln Gas Furnace. According to the former owner, the heating system will start heat pump first when the temperature is above -15C and then turn on the gas furnace when the temperature drops below -15C. Recently, when I turn on the heating system, only the gas furnace was always running but not the Kenmore air conditioner. And our average temperature was always above +5C for

... Kenmore Air Conditioners

Theres a mechanical noise coming from the water pump area during running, the potterton gas central heating boiler is over 5 years old, someone suggested it may be a pressure problem

Need more info ... Air Conditioners

I have a 6 year old Carrier Performance 38yza. Having a problem with heat. First no heat at all heat pump or AUX. Found AUX heat strip were grounded out and have now been replaced. Second no heat pump, Compressor comes on for only 1 to 2 minutes then shuts down. Service call yesterday Tech says no signal from Carrier Programable T-Stat, jumper heat pump, low freon adds. Says T-stat bad, but puts back together. Heat pump works blowing 90 plus degree from vent works great all afternoon and into ni

This sounds like you have a freon leak. Most units never lose freon. So that is one problem that needs to be addressed. Here is some more solutions for you: Other things that will cause or aggravate\015\012ice are clogged filters, bad fan moto ... Air Conditioners

I have a Kewanee model#1736 hot water boiler furnance which is gas fired.I had to change the heat pump and the heat pump switch.The heat system is wired through a Webster Heating Contol unit which has three settings,Run,Auto,and Off.Normally when the heat control unit is in the Auto position the furnace and heat pump will start and run automatically until it reaches the desired thermostat temp. Then both the pump and the furnace would shut down at the same time until the thermostat falls below t

The thermostat turns the Boiler and the Heat Pump on simultaneously???....That doesn't sound right...normally the Thermostat brings on the heat pump first and if the temp continues to fall (Its Cold out) then the Boiler would kick in about 2 degrees ... Air Conditioners

Heat pump and gas furnace running at the same time.

An explanation....\015\012\015\012When in the heating mode, all heat pumps are dependent upon the outdoor conditions to remove heat energy from the environment and turn it into useful heat for your dwelling. \015\012\015\012 ... Air Conditioners

Approx 2 years old. quit working during recent rain storm. have a backup furnace that kicks in when temps go below 35 degrees. new carrier thermostat (1yr old). furnace fan comes on blowing cold air, but heat pump does not come on. can go to e-heating and furnace works fine. no fuses on heat pump, no reset button and circuit breaker is fine. believe this is electrical, not mechanical. thanks

It sounds like the contactor is not pulling in . corrision maybe even a bug could prevent it from pulling. ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

I have a evcon eb12b heat pump, it works intermitantly on heat, ihave replaced the contactor, and have 24v at the contactor, come times the heat pump will come on sometimes it wont, The hvac repair guy wants to replace 900.00 worth of parts cause hes not sure of the issue

Does this unit have a capacitor that is hooked up to the motor, as it may be the capacitor or motor, of course this is just a guess as I am not there to see it. I guess you can push in the contactor a few times and make sure all is coming on like it ... Air Conditioners

I have a frigidare gas heating unit aprox 8 yrs old. the problem is the unit comes on the ignitor heats up gas comes on and lights but the gas only stays on about 5 seconds then shuts off?

You have a flame proving device that senses the flame. It is located on the last burner in line looks like a piece of thick wire. Take some steel wool and gently rub the outer surface 4 or 5 strokes is all it takes to remove the carbon that has bui ... Frigidaire Air Conditioners

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