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LG S36AHP-UD7 Split Air Con. won't turn on.

\015 LG S36AHP-UD7 Split air con won't turn on. Previously worked, would intermittently trip main power circuit breaker. Now, main breaker is reset, power present at out door unit, however there is no power at the indoor head unit. Any suggestions?\015

Answers :

Generally when an ac trips the main breaker and the breaker its self isn't bad, the compressor is going bad or is bad. To check you will need to do an ohms test on the compressor. If you get a reading of less than infinite, then the compressor is bad. You will need to test every lead going to the compressor which is usually 3 unless you have a crank house heater installed but they are not typical on a small unit. If the compressor has gone bad it is possible the it took the board out as well.

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LG S36AHP-UD7 Split Air Con. won't turn on.

Generally when an ac trips the main breaker and the breaker its self isn't bad, the compressor is going bad or is bad. To check you will need to do an ohms test on the compressor. If you get a reading of less than infinite, then the compressor is b ... LG Air Conditioners

Air con I have a Centrex Split System Air con and now when i turn it on it just uses the fan it wont move into the run mode and start cooling. Any suggestions

Could be the thermostat or the low voltage line to the outside. Usually a dog chews through it or the weedeater hits it and breaks connection. Turn on cool, go outside and see if it gets 24 volts to the two wires going to contactor (have to take of ... Air Conditioners

I cant reset operation time on this split system..the remote wont reset the time for the air con to come on or turn off..iv tried turning everything off at the main switch for hours and tried the reset button..

Swicth on a/c. Make your timer on to be 00 hrs by clicking buttons and same for timer off by your remote. Now restart the unit. ... LG Art Cool LA121HNP Split System Air Conditioner

Split type air-conditioner SRK50CR. After turn it on for about an hour, the timer signal go blinking and the air con will then turn off automatically. Anyone can help me?

... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

I have a WEATHERMAKER split system air -con , the remote control does not control the unit , had a power failure and since then can't turn on air -con , the remote needs to be re-coded and don't know how to do it , thanks .

... Air Conditioners

My toshiba split system will blow cold air for about 30min then it will blow what seems to be cool air but not air con cold air when it is quite hot outside. The timer light operation and filter light will flash. I have turned it on and off reset remote cleaned filters. When it's cooler outside it seems to work fine???

... Fujitsu 9RLS 9000 BTU Split System Air Conditioner

I have a Sanyo SAP-126S Split Unit Air Con and the air gets cut off once it hits 25 degrees. How do I turn off this auto-cut off function and just have air blowing consistently?

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There are a lot of test variables to go thru for your unit. Since they are quite extensive, here is the service manual for your unit. It has a wealth of service information that will help you with the repair and any future problems you may encounter. ... LG LSC121PMA Split System Air Conditioner

Air conditioner is turning on etc air is coming out but is not cooling. On the display screen on the unit is a error code CH flashes then a 1 flashes. LG neo plasma inverted split air con. Model S24AWN-N56

Hello NaevaPlesae visit the link provided below :http://www.mylg.co.uk/data%20for%20site/Multi%20F_dx_%20Fault%20Codes%20-%20Nov%2007.pdfhttp://www.abacusairconditioning.co.uk/lg%20split%20codes.pdfhttp ... Air Conditioners

Kelvinator KSR20G split system air con won't turn off.

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Hi there i have a delonghi one split system air con. unit cools good for a minute or so then starts to struggle blowing warmer air. i have noticed the condensor fan on the unit out side does not turn on. any ideas would be great

Either the fan motor outside is bad or the run capacitor for it is bad. One quick way to tell, you just have to be really careful, when the compressor turns on get a long screwdriver and spin start the fan. If it starts turning then simply replace ... DeLonghi Air Conditioners

An lg nep plasma split system air con. when its turned on it comes on for about 3 seconds before turning it self off?

Go to your main switch board turn the ac unit circuit braker of for a minute then turn back on. it pretty much just opens its fins then beeps then closers? ... Air Conditioners

Split system air con LG model LST 2434C-2 unit won't turn on, remote is working but unit won't respond, turned on at wall.

Check there will be red icon when power is on,before switch on by emote. If no red light, there is no power goes into indoor unit. Check. If red light is there and no response with remote, communication error between remote and PCB in indoor. Try wit ... LG Air Conditioners

Hoi... We have a Condura split aircon of 1.5 hp. 12.000 Kj/hr -R22 The in- and outset unit needs cleaning and has to be disconnected from each other. Here's my question: After connecting again and vac.sucking, how much Freon I have to add? Have I to add it by turning unit and what pressure I will see on my gauge.?I can repair my car air-con, have also tools gauges and pump but have no experience with split-aircons. Maybe you can tell me the way how to work after cleaning and connecting the un

Hi Frans! I'm Roger. I have never had to disconnect the Evaporator from the Condenser to clean them but here is your answer. Use the access valves on the liquid side of the condenser. After evacuating, let the vacuum pull liquid R22 into the liquid l ... Air Conditioners

I have a GE Split-Type room air conditioner model number AA1AH24EWI.I used it last summer but now it wont turn on.Have changed the remotes batteries and checked if it is sending signal(looking through digi camera to see if its sending) and still nothing works.Have turned it on at fuse box etc still nothing.is there a reset switch on the unit itself

Check power is indoor. And also for long time no use cases, please remove batteries from remote and re fix it when it is on use. Keeping with old batteries for long time with no use will affect the remote. Please check with other remote. It doesn't m ... GE Air Conditioners

We have lg air con, i think it is a split system. no buttons visiable. we lost the remote for it a while ago. it turned itself on an hour ago. cannot find remote want to know how to turn off?!

Find the circuit breaker of this aircon outlet or unplug the unit to outlet or wall socket to made it off. If your desire and want to shut it down.\015\012\015\012Then final option, Find the Thermostat control (Temperature control) If it ... Coleman Mach III Air Conditioner

When turn on three eighth pipe freezes up air con does not blow cold air split system i also noticed the compressor is very hot even after the unit has been switched off.

This could be the result of a dirty filter, or in the case of no filter installed, dirty evaporator / condenser coils. The unit may also be low on refrigerant due to a leak and will need to be located and repaired before recharging. Refrigerants ar ... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

My poblem is that my air con wont always turn on when i press the remote , but when it is ready after pressing the buttons numerous times and after hours. the batteries have been checked , the air filters cleaned,the sensor bits wiped please can you help me .! kylie

Transmission problem from remote to indoor sensor. Try with another remote. If not problem with receiving sensor in PCB. Repair it. ... LG LS-K2430HL Heat Cool Mini Split Air Conditioner

I have a kelvinator air con madel number KSE62HRA and there is a red light that is on and the heat wont come threw unless i change it to another heat like cold or dry. ive tried turning the timer on and still nothing. its gettn cold at night and really want it to turn on its brand new its a kelvinator even though i have put it under something else s it wasnt listed

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Air con remote wont turn on the airconditioner

... Panasonic CS-S9NKUA Ductless Mini Split Wal Cool Air Conditioner

Kelvinator Split System Air Conditioner not turning on.

On some remotes there is a reset button which is pressed by using the nib of a pen. Or if this does not work you should look under the cover for a manual button, most units have one, and see if the aircon responds. I suspect your remote sensor is fau ... Air Conditioners

I have an old Kelvinator air conditioning. Not sure what the model is since I have lost the manual, but from the remote control I can see some code looking like the model number: 6711A20012M. A few weeks ago the remote control died while the air con was on. I thought this was because of the battery, so, I went on to replace the battery, and tried to turn off the air con, buttttt....it didn't work, the air con was still on no matter how many times I pressed on/off to turn it off using the remote

You're right! It's receiving sensor problem with your PCB. Only repairman who knows electronic tech could only repair. I could say the cost of repair in Indian Rupees IRS.850/- maximum. Hope it's helpful? ... Air Conditioners

We have a samsung sc24zw6x/x5a split system (cooling only)air con that turns itself off after a few minutes

Http://safemanuals.com/user-guide-instructions-owner-manual/SAMSUNG/ASHM260VE-_E\015\012\015\012click the link direct ... Samsung Air Conditioners

I have a red light on the front of my electra wmn 24 rc air con and it wont turn on

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Lg split system air con model ls-J0962hl the problem is when you put it on the sun icon it turns off and the green light on thr system lights up on fan water droplet icon how can I get heat out of it please

Found the manual ... LG Air Conditioners

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