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How do I find the filter on a lennox G8Q3904 furnace?

\015 I need to know the location, and procedure for chaging the filter on my furnace. I also need to know the size/type of filter to purchase.\015

Answers :

If you don't have a filter "rack" installed then you have to remove the blower housing door. Usually the filter is there if it is not located in the house where the return air supply is. Some units have a filter in what is called a return air filter grill. If there isn't a filter already installed in the unit then you will have to measure the inside dimensions and then use one that is similar in size. It's not imperative that you use the exact same size. You just want to cover the opening of the unit. If you don't have central air conditioning, then it's not necessary to use a filter.

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How do I find the filter on a lennox G8Q3904 furnace?

If you don't have a filter "rack" installed then you have to remove the blower housing door. Usually the filter is there if it is not located in the house where the return air supply is. Some units have a filter in what is called a return air filte ... Air Conditioners

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Most of these furnaceshave their flters in the front cover or door and needs a mohair type cut -to-fit sold by lowes dept. stores. If it doesn,t get air. it will trip-out the hi-limit switch at the top box located next to the fan. ... Air Conditioners

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Turn your fan from auto to on, your fan should run. If it does not turn on you have a 24volt problem.\015\012Go down to furnace and remove thermostat wires at control board. Install a jumper between R and G. Put door back on and turn furnace on ... Air Conditioners

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The directions on mines says to turn the pilot off for 5 min to clear gas out the pipeline. then turn it to the PILOT position and push down while lighting it, then once its lit turn it to ON. ive tried that but its not working. i dont know if im not ... Ruud Air Conditioners

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How old it your Aprilaire 700?\015\012Eventually they all need maintenance, cleaning or replacing dirty or inoperative parts. The bottom Water tray has a drain tube that needs to be cleaned or replaced every fall as it will plug up with mineral ... Air Conditioners

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Make sure your thermostat is in a suitable location,and that your a/c unit is large enough to cool the whole house..go by this rule of thumb:1 supply per 200 sq ft minimum(One way to tell if it is undersized/not performing correctly is to close all t ... Air Conditioners

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The flame sensor is bad. It is a simple replacement, although the style is a bit different from manufacturer to manufacturer. ... Air Conditioners

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Usually a Filter rack is installe don the outside of the furnace for easy access....if this is not the case , turn off the power and carefully remove the bottom panel of the furnace (The top may have to be removed first)....The edges are sharp so use ... Air Conditioners

I have a mobile home furnace and I have no manual. I think it needs a filter but I can't tell where it is supposed to go or what kind of filter I should use. Is there a diagram available I could look at? The furnace is tall and is natural gas with louvers on the upper part. It is an Intertherm furnace that uses a cut to fit Nordyne filter. Thank you!

The filter is usually located in the door or front cover. If you have trouble finding material you can measure opening and get one or more 1 inch thick high effiency filter. You can set these filters on their sides or upright,it really does't matter ... Intertherm Air Conditioners

I have a lennox 2 stage gas furnace and a lennox XP15 heat pump controlled through the Lennox 7000 touchscreen thermostat. I want to disable the heat pump due to excessive noise due to lower temperature at this time of year (+5C and lower) and have the furnace operate without the dual fuel feature. Can this be done at the thermostat or it requried to disable at the furnace? Any input would be helpful. Unable to locate 'installer manual' for thermostat.

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I can't use a good air filter because it sounds like the furnace is starving for air. Blower is set on low. I installed a filter holder above the furnace for a 16x 20 filter

Try Medium Low for a speed. Make sure all ducts are open with good air flow. ... Air Conditioners

Where can I find a sanyo sap121k manual made in 2000? Our air conditioner worked fine for us nearly all this summer but the light was on telling us to check the filter but we can't find a filter. We were hoping to replace or clean the filter before we called in a technition.

The filter usually is where the hot air is brought into the unit should not be hard to find ... Sanyo Air Conditioners

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