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My furnace, Goodman CAPF030B2C, isn't putting out any heat. The blower runs constantly without any heat. The code light flashes 6 times, which means open roll out. Is there anything i can do to fix it myself? Any help or info would be much appreciated.

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Yes, the roll out switch is located near the burners and has two wires leading to it. It is about the size of a dime or penny. There is a small reset button between the two wires that you press to reset it. Sometimes you need to press a little hard to get it to reset. If the unit trips it again, and you don't see the flame "licking" out from the firebox and no evidence of soot in the area, it's a bad limit and needs to be changed but if you see even a little bit of flame leaving the fire box, shut down the unit immediately!!!! You are in danger of a fire and carbon monoxide poisoning!

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My furnace, Goodman CAPF030B2C, isn't putting out any heat. The blower runs constantly without any heat. The code light flashes 6 times, which means open roll out. Is there anything i can do to fix it myself? Any help or info would be much appreciated.

Yes, the roll out switch is located near the burners and has two wires leading to it. It is about the size of a dime or penny. There is a small reset button between the two wires that you press to reset it. Sometimes you need to press a little har ... Goodman Air Conditioners

I have a unit that it is blowing out cold air when have it on heat. I have had issues in the past where the heat stop working. I had the part fixed and now i have no heat again. Where i live it is 11 degrees and it not planning to get warmer no time soon. I need some advise asap because i had a tech come out to look at it and they are stating that the gas valve is receiving the correct amount of voltage but it is not opening and suspecting a cracked heat exchanger which all this sounds famil

Check power goes to heating coil by a volt metre. I think, it's better to calla repairman to repair/replace the heating sensor or heating element. ... Air Conditioners

Goodman AR-36-1: We had to call a HVAC person each year for Heat and AC at the begining of each season.The compressor will not come on to make the A/C work. Feeling that I was being hustled, this year I went in the attic and opened the devise in order to see if the breakers were working or turned off, by what I thought was a good relaible HVAC person. When I open the unit, I discovered a black wire hanging down with 240 volts of current not a attached to anything. Does any know if this is

There should be 2 hot wires and a ground wire coming into the air handler. 120 volts on each wire totalling 220/240 volts across the 2 hot wires.\015\012The 2 wires should go to a terminal block where the power is then distributed to the fan mo ... Air Conditioners

We have a Rheem Imperial 80 that won't heat. We have turned the power switch on and off and set the thermostat to heat. It blows air, but doesn't blow hot air. Is there anything we can try to do to fix it, before calling a professional?

Hi,Here is a tip that will help you try to figure out why your furnace is not working.Basic Furnace or Heatin ... Air Conditioners

My statis code reads #33 which limit flame or roll out switch is open i dont know where to locate a roll out switch . i just never work on this heating unit

The flame rollout switch should be located in combustion chamber directly above the burners.Most of them have a red reset button in the center. Check to see if it will stay in when you push in on it. If not then replace it. Hope this helps you.Thank ... Carrier Air Conditioners

I have a reznor heater in my garage, it is flashing the code for open limit switch or open flame roll out switch, it will ignite but not put out any heat, and stay lit for a minute or two then go out. Any solutions?

I have the same issue, Appears that the fan does not start thus the high temp limit switch operates and the unit shuts down and the green light flashed three times. The open flame roll out switch is resettable manually in the top upper left of my uni ... Air Conditioners

I have a marco gas fireplace model 792864B. Just recently bought home not manual. Not sure how to make certain that the damper is fully open? Also, the fans are blowing but no heat is coming out of the top of the unit. Wondering if there is anything I can do? Nate

... Air Conditioners

Good Morning, my york diamond 80 gas furnace not workinging. Thermostat batteries new; fan runs on both auto and when on "on"; I opened sheild pannel on furnace when turned off - on at burner switch noticed the heating ellement not activating and gas not coming out of jets. In the pass I have cleaned the sensor in the first jet port, seems to blacken up once per season., if this means anything. Thank you EJ

Do you have to shut the furnace down (electrical switch) to get the fan to shut off? ... Air Conditioners

Heat pump is blowing cold air, I opened up and cleaned all the filters but didn't fix, it has a label that says it has a heater reset switch but I could not locate it. where is heater reset switch?

... Amana PTH123B25AJ Heat Pump Air Conditioner

Goodman Gas Heating A/GPG13 Not Heating - Pressure Switch Stuck Open

Clear the little hole where that hose go to the inducer case ... Goodman Manufacturing Goodman GPG1336090M41 13 SEER Packaged Furnace and Air Conditioner

Have 2 thermostats, 1 for sleeping area upstairs and 1 whole house located downstairs. whole house thermostat won't open dampers to allow downstairs vents to blow A/C or heat. no matter which thermostat is on, a/c or heat only blows thru the upstairs vents. control system in the attic is a HONEYWELL MINIZONE KIT, EMM-3K. What do we need to do to get system to open dampers to blow a/c or heat thru downstairs vents. other wise the a/c and heater is working fine, just that the minizone that c

It seems as though you have a polarity mishap. The damper valves will be VDC if the downstairs thermo is driving them to open with full VDC and the polarity was reversed it will drive them closed. The Thermostat will not know this. Using a DMM and th ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

I have a Muskoka unit that I have been using for about 1 1/2 yrs periodically in the winter months in my Sunroom, all of a sudden it will not work at all, no fan, heat or light, is there anything I c

... Air Conditioners

Makes a humming and clanking noise while heat is running

If the inducer fan is turning it is working they do get build up in the small hole or moister in the hose causing it not to work when the unit trys 3 xs or how many its pre set for and if it does not push or pull on the switch at the end of this hos ... Goodman Manufacturing Goodman GMH80453AN Goodman 45,000 BTU 80% Efficiency, Two-Stage Burner, Multi-Speed Blower, Upflow/Horizontal Flow Application Gas Furnace

Crazy Heat I have a Dometic Duo-Therm Ducted air conditioner with a analog stat. Some times in order to make the heat work I have to: set the stat to cool and set it to the lowest temp setting. Then I set the stat to heat and a desired temp.The heat works fine as long as I leave it on heat. If I just set the stat to heat it does not do anything. This is a nine year old unit. This does not happen all the time. It seem it is getting worse. It happens more often now. Dometic said to replace the sta

I think that I would change out the thermostat only due to the symptoms you are describing. Think the control board may be fine however, the thermostat sounds as if the internal componants are going out. Good luck on your repairs\015\012 ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I'm having a problem with my heating and air system, my heat only works on emergency heat ( and run 24/7) if i turn it to regular heat it only blows cold air. i dont think my outside unit fan is turning( i could be wrong about this one) how can i fix this problem so i dont have to run my emergency heat all the time

If your Heatpump's fan isn't running but your compressor is, your fan motor is out. If nothings happening at all ensure your getting power to heatpump (ex: breaker tripped, fuses blown on outside power switch, or fuses blown in breaker box?) ... Air Conditioners

I have an NewAir 12000H Portable Air conditioner with a heat pump. The problem is that the heat pump no longer seams to be working. The desired temperature is 79 degrees. the unit never gets above 75 degree. when it actually gets that high it because my heat from the house has turned on. once the heat goes off then the unit goes down to 72 degrees and stays there until my heat comes back on. whats wrong with the unit? is there anything that i can do?

It sounds like the actual control module, the "brain", of this heater / air conditioner has failed and can't sense when to kick on the heat any longer. Have you tried just unplugging the unit for a good 5 minutes minimum and seeing if it will help " ... NewAir Air Conditioners

Heat pump just a response to our question , no the fans on the outside are not working.(i only had heat if i turn my therostat onto emergency heat,when i turn it to heat it blows cold air. what can i do to fix this problem. thanks for your help

... Air Conditioners

Braeme HX OT2 open at start (fault 19) how to fix

Says I should change the HX OT1 and HX OT2 switches and reset in service mode, however can't find where to get these ... Air Conditioners

Hi there my fujitsu reverse cycle heat pump has started playing up over the last six months. the air con works fine but when turned on for heat it blows very gently withou much heat. is there anything i can do to rectify this problem? thanks jethro model AOT24LMADL seriel T020993

... Air Conditioners

Howdy , I have a 5 year old or so Goodman model pckj060-1, I have no heat a/c seems to work ok not sure if its heat strips are working or what, it was working fine a few days ago when we dropped below 37 or so, it has power to the breakers and the thermostat in house was jumped out so its ok, being disabled now hinders my movements so from what i can tell its getting power to the heat strips and ive done an ohms reading on them and they do not seem to be any dead coil strips or open strips to ac

Hi,\015\012If everything elese checks out, I would be checking the contactors or relays... whichever is used to energize the heat strips....\015\012If you have power going to the unit and the strips are good then the relays are not placin ... Air Conditioners

I have an Intertherm heat pump model number E1EH-010HA. Last night we had a bad storm and our electricity went out and we had a water leak, now out heat pump isn't working. There is power to the breakers, but the heat pump won't do anything. It was either the water leak or lightning. Are there fuses and what should I check?

Your furnace will either have circuit breakers or fuses at the bottom in the panel below the blower. Also, there MAY be fuses in the disconnect box outside that gives power to the heatpump. Intertherm furnaces are famous for leaking water onto the ... Intertherm Air Conditioners

I have a White/Rogers thermostat and Concord 80+ furnace. They have worked just fine for several years now. All of a sudden, now the furnace is heating and heating, no cooling, regardless of the setting. In other words, it heats instead of cools and goes way beyond the set temperature. What can this mean and how to I fix it?

Hi,the problem is possibly from the thermostat of your unit,the thermostat regulates the temperature provided by the unit,which means the excessive heating is as result of a bad thermostat,the solution to your problem is to replace the thermostat of ... Air Conditioners

Hi, I have just had a Dimplex XL 24 nightstore heater installed. My wife is concerned that the heater is fixed in direct contact with the wall (painted plaster) via the wall fixing bracket supplied. Our old heater had a strip of sheet metal fixed against the wall behind the heater to protect the wall from the heat. Is not having sheet metal protection a fire hazard?

YES it MUST have a meta backing to conform with the CODE. It's NOT so much the heat from the unit, it is in case of a fire INSIDE the unit, as anything that has electricity can have this happen, well the metal backing at least gives some protection f ... Air Conditioners

My Honeywell 4006 1017 aquastat normally opens at 160 and when the water heats up to 180 the blowers shut off. Mine does the reverse right now so I have to do it manually so I can turn it to 160 to shut the blowers off when the water heated to 180. If I don't the water keeps heating and once was way over 200. I have the red wire on top screw of the the Honeywell 1017 and black on the bottom screw. I am thinking maybe if I put the red one on the bottom and the black one on top it will rev

... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Electric heating my air works fine, but when I turn the heat on nothing happens at all. No heat and the fan doesn't blow. The breaker is on, so i'm not sure. if the fuse is blown, how do I know and is that something I can easily fix on my own? Thanks

There are heat relays in the furnce. one of them is probably bad. ... Air Conditioners

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