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Will not **** up water

\015 Delux model\015

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You may need to take the unit apart to check for clogs in the system. Also, the vacuum pump my may be detached from the motor or that the motor isn't turning. Most of the time, the unit becomes clogged in an area that is not obvious.
Yes, I tried to take it apart. I removed the transparent plastic box that collects dirty water. I removed 10 screws from the plastic box. But I do not know how to open that box.
\015\012Where the motor? Is it in the transparent plastic box or is the moter in the standing part of the shampoor.
\015\012Also, where is the pump?
\015\012Prabhakar G. Joshi

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I have a customer who would like a Bosch AE-9.5 tankless water heater installed in the master bathroom. The master bath is located at the far end of the house & they are wasting a great deal of water waiting for hot water to the bathroom. Can the AE-9.5 be installed at the end of the existing hot water line from the whole house water heater so that it will bring the water collected in the pipe up to temp immediately.

In theory it sounds good, but I don't think it would function properly. Most folks install a low boy 20 or 25 gallon water heater near the master bath and use the home's cold water feed as the supply line. That way, the water for the master bath alon ... Air Conditioners

I bought a haier water dispenser (hot and cold). the cold water dispenser is dispensing warm water. it is about a month old. it worked fine, the first 2 bottles of water, and now put the third bottle in. cold water not working. also the water bottle itself is very warm to the touch model #wdns201ss

... Haier Air Conditioners

Hi, I have hot water coming through the cold water taps in the house, there is a check valve on the cold water return side of the water heater. could this be the problem? The cold water line feeding the hot water tank is also hot, could there be a problem with the tank as well. Your help is much appreciated. Thanks

I have seen a faucet that has a valve on the end (like your pull up on the shower)back feed the hot water or yes you could have a bad ck valve dan ... Air Conditioners

Air Conditioner 3 in 1 danby SPAC12030 leaking water on the floor. No water in right side compartiment also no water in the back reservoir. Water leak from right side of the machine. From the right side compatiment remove did not saw water inside base bottom of machine. Where is the water coming from????????????????

I had that problem last year. When I took it apart I found that the drainage hoses that lead to the reservoirs were plugged with dust build up. I clean out the hoses as well as the rest of the insides. I have since placed the entire unit inside a ... Danby Air Conditioners

My Fujitronic FA1050 Portable Air Conditioner says it is full of water after being in use for 1 hour (which makes it blow warm air until I empty the water). There are two drain ports on the unit, one close to the floor, one about 6 inches higher. The user manual says I should be draining water from the higher drain port, and only emptying the water from the lower drain port at the end of the season. When the unit says "Water is full", I open the upper drain port, and no water comes out. I then o

Look at this drain pan for some wires going to the side or down the top. Look for a small hole in the side of the pan or casting this will be the location of the sensor. Sometimes a sharp rap with a screwdriver handle will dislodge the sensor causing ... Fujitronic FA1050 Air Conditioner

My hot water pipes were froze this morning. Michigan! I have cold(almost froze) There is not any water coming out in kitchen from hot side. I have cold though in every room. There is water coming out a little bit from hot side in both bathrooms, its all cold water though. Lit the pilot light on hot water heater, has stayed lit since. The burner will not light though?

No easy fix . your water heater should be fine most likely its up to temp ,thats why its not lighting its main flame . the frozen pipe is another story you need to get the heat up in the house open any cuppord doors that have pipes in them like unde ... Air Conditioners

My Megaflow Immersion Heater D70 suddenly stopped heating the water. I only use it for hot water, not heating. The fuse was fine but I switched on and off just in case with no result. It is getting on a bit at 6 years but wonder if there is anything I can do before I call in the plumbers. Also, if it is worthwhile getting parts for this tank or replace it.Live in hard water area so maybe element is gone. Can water softener be attached to the inflow of the tank to descale softening the water now

For this problem , if you have a multimeter and a modicum of knowledge you can (carefully!) check for voltage at the element yourself. multimeter may show the timer was at fault so tat u can replace it and make it run!!\015\012 ... Air Conditioners

Carrier Infinity AC indoor unit in the garage is leaking water on the floor. There is no ice on the coils, The drain is not clogged. There is no water in the coil area. I turned off power to the indoor and outdoor unit and it continues to leak water. I finally shutoff the water supply coming into the house. The leak then stopped. The unit is on a wooden box approx 3 feet above the floor in the garage. The only water seen is on the floor. I open the side of the A/C unit an

Hi,It seems as though you have an unrelated water leak.... Often the water supplies are copper tubing....Copper tubing and concrete do not get along well...but hey it lasts till the warranty is up....and they can't see i ... Carrier 52CQ315 Air Conditioner

My Rinnai 24 will only start when I use the the hot water in the kitchen (which is closer to the heater). If I open any of the hot water taps in the bathroom it doesn't work.. I have to start the hot water in the kitchen first then go and open the hot water taps in the shower to get any hot water

Hi,The flow valve in the heater is not working right...The flow is not fast enough to trip the heater on from the further faucets.You will need to replace the flow valve in the heater or adjust it if possible...heatman10 ... Air Conditioners

I have a Carrier furnace and noticed water on the floor. I saw it was coming from the filter housing. I pulled out the filter which was wet only on the bottom And noticed the pan/track it sits in had water in it. There is no water dripping from above it or in the duct leading to the blower or the cold air return. It's like the water appears from nowhere... I changed the filter and the same thing happened. Where is the water coming from?

Hello, there might be a crack in the condesate pan. Usually if the leak is concentrated in one area that is the cause. If the water would be leaking all around then a blockage in the drain line would be a problem. Have the drain pan inspected. ... Air Conditioners

I recently bought a matsui air conditioner model no: MPA9KWR..after one month of using it had let out 1 cup of water through the water out let.,but last night the system started to drip water constantly...what am i missing? it is still dripping and ther eis no water coming out of the water out let...please help...mail me [email protected]

I also have this problem is there a solution to this ... Air Conditioners

We have installed a rinnai water heater in the basement. Since it takes a little time before the hot water arrives in the kitchen or upstairs in the shower, we are wasting qite a bit of potable water every day. What is the best/most energy efficient way of avoiding the waste of a precious resource like water? Installing an electric water heater? Many thanks for and best regards. Bettina

The only way to reduce water waste would be to have a plumber install smaller pipes coming from the water heater to each individual point of use. The normal way of plumbing a house uses a large pipe that has smaller pipes that go to each sink, tub, ... Rinnai Air Conditioners

I have a Baxi Genesis 96 Boiler. Last week it tried to fire up when the hot water was turned on, but kept cutting out after a very short time. After opening it up I cleared it of water which had gathered in the tray under the elements. After a few more attempts of requesting water and it firing (puffing air sound) it got working and has been ok for a week. Today, it failed to fire up on turning on the hot water. It is now working, again after several attempts at cleaning/requesting water.

... Air Conditioners

I have a DPAC 10030 which is pumping out cold air as expected, but there is an accumlation of water under the unit and no water in the internal or external tanks. I can hear water spashing around in the tray when I shake the unit, but that water does not seem to flow to any water resevoirs as expected. Is something blocking the flow?

Yes, I would check the flow of water to the reservoirs and clean the machine of any blockages in the water tubing or routes.\015\012\015\012I searched for dpac8020 and dpac 10030 but did not find it on the U.S.A. Danby site. Is this unit ... Danby DPAC8020 Air Conditioner

We purchased a Whirlpool portable air conditioner in 2005 from Best Buy. Near the end of last summer the air conditioner started leaking water. We started using it again this season and it is still leaking. When my husband drained the water out of it, the water came out of the upper part of the back side of the air conditioner and no water was coming out of the drain at the bottom. When it appeared to be empty, we plugged it in and used it again and it continued to leak water on our carpet.

Check to see if the drain is blocked by particles/debris of any type. Also make sure that the unit is level--as level as possible. I have my Whirlpool Portable AC in 4 inch bed risers so I can drain it really easily. I slip under a small low rise p ... Whirlpool Air Conditioners

I have a ruud pvp50-1 gas hot water heater, the water gets cold. I can turn it off and reset it and turn it back on, it heats up normally but then the water gets cold again. To heat the water again

... Air Conditioners

We are type testing a 4 Tons water coled Air Conditioner with water cooled Brazed Plate condenser which has water inlet froma 1 HP Pump form the water tank. The AC uses Copeland Scroll Compressor, TEV/Filter dryer & a sight glass. The problem is - the discharge pressure varies between 250-300 PSI & doesnt settle down.

Check that the brazed plate condenser is verical and plumb. Variance can occur when the condenser is moved out of a plumb position to a horizontal position as it affects the free condensation area when the freon gas first enters the chamber. Some dis ... Air Conditioners

I have a kenstar little cooler plus it has a water tray/tank on the top of it and a water level indicator near the bottom of the unit. i'm not sure whether I should put water in the tankor whether it collects water? Thank you

If it is a portable air conditioning unit, the tank will fill up with water as the unit pulls humidity out of the air. you will need to empty it when it gets to the full mark ... Air Conditioners

I just bought a Danby portable air conditioner (model # dpac5070). The manual tells you how to use the direct drain hose if you want to "vent" the water outside. If I don't want to direct the water outside, do I need to use this hose? The product has a safety shut off feature so the water tank won't overfill. It's almost overfilled twice. I have the hose in the oblong hole on the top flap of the water tank. Am I doing this wrong? Please help!:)

You use the hose only for continuous draining outside of the unit into a bucket or what have you. You don't need to attach the hose at all. I actually need the hose if you want to part with yours. coatings(at)shaw.ca ... Danby Air Conditioners

Water heater I have a 40 gal. electric water heater. Both elements are turned up all the way.  At first I was getting about 15 mins. of hot water.. Now I'm getting maybe 5 mins. of hot water.

Its your bottom element,if no hot water its the top if the top thermostat is not kicked out.you can do a voltage check at your bottom element,if 220 volts replace,but im very sure its the bottom if wires are ok. ... Air Conditioners

Kenmore AC 58067081. Have water draining out front. Think it's clogged, but where are the drain holes. Nothing in manual... I've taken off the front grill, and shop vac'd up the water sitting in the bottom (probably 2 cups of water!), and sprayed water up into the bottom of the ac. I've tried to re'level the AC down a bit more for more of a slant. This hasn't happened last year, or until this weekend. Wondering if it's now clogged and if so, where would the drain holes be....should I slide out t

If you can slide the unit out, there is a drain tube or drain hole from the front tray under the coil that directs the water into the rear of the unit to drain out the hole. That tube needs to be blown out or flushed. It's most likley plugged. You on ... Air Conditioners

Water tank full light keeps coming on an shuts the AC off after about 10 minutes on a Amcor A12000E Nanomax Portable Air Conditioner. I drained all the water out of it I could and it does turn back on after I turn it back on and will run for about 10 minutes. Then it beeps 6 or 7 times and the water full light comes back on and shuts it off. There is no more water coming out of it and there is a buzzing when it comes back on but it will blow cold air until it shuts off again. Please help!

Dod u get any help with your problem because i am having the same problem and ofcource the company is no longer around ... Amcor A12000E Nanomax Portable Air Conditioner

On a aquastar 125 vp, after the water is turned off on any of the house faucets, the burners continue, and water streams out the pipe on the side of the house.(A pressue relief, pipe I think) I can turn the water on and off a few times, and get the system to shut off. But if no one does that, hot water shoots out side for a hour or so

... Air Conditioners

Water boss water softener-model 900 water softener was unplugged. now the tank [where I put the salt] is half full with water. can you help? thank you, Frank

... Air Conditioners

I have a GE Hot water heater which is about 1 1/2 yrs old. 3 days ago the overflow valve started spewing water. I cut off the cold water and about 2 hrs later everything was fine. Now again the same thing. There's no drain so the water drains in a bucket and then overflows on the floor. Help!

The overflow valve as you termed it is operated by two factors. Temperature which would mean that the Bottom thermostat may be malfunctioning. Pressure which is not as likely, Lifts at about 150 PSI. Check water temperature. If the temperature is to ... GE Air Conditioners

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