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A/C thermostat control

\015 I have a 5200 model and the background light does not come on when I touch a button to see what the temp is set on. Is there a bulb in there that can be replaced or just buy a new thermostat? Thanks\015

Answers :

The back-light on these units are the same type as on a computer. You will have to unfortunately purchase a new thermostat.

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We recently had Marley Double line break interrupter Thermostats installed as we could not turn our old thermostats "off". The lowest setting was 5'F. The heaters are in our cottage and when we set the thermostat at the lowest setting, it was still too warm and our heating bills were very high. With the Marley thermostats the temperature is controlled by "comfort zones" instead of individual degrees on temperature control dial. I am not sure how to control the temperature. Is temprature lim

Hi zone controlled thermostats are controlled normally by a master control stat that is wired ( linked ) to each zone. If you had them installed, they should have left you with the sequence of operation to explain to you how these stats work, and wha ... Air Conditioners

I have a 98 Sunnybrook w/Dometic Furnace-A/C thermostat control. Just the other day, the furnace would keep running and it got very hot in the trailer until I could shut it off. The thermostat was set kind of low, but we needed to keep a little heat on in case we got a freeze. Do I need to replace the control unit which is electronic to correct the problem? I am assuming the thermostat went bad, but am also assuming it is a part of the control unit?! Thanks for your help. Dave

... Air Conditioners

LENNOX HS26-048-3P Installing Honeywell wifi thermostat. C terminal on control board was connected to X on the old thermostat. The X terminal wire on the old thermostat is connected to the C terminal on the control board. I used this wire to connect to the thermostat C terminal and now the compressor fails to come on. The slow flashing lights indicate the thermostat is asking for cool and the fan comes on, compressor does not come on.

... Air Conditioners

I have a DuoTherm BriskAIr 13.5K BTU. The Dometic thermostat also controls my HydroFlame 8531-IV furnace. This morning, the furnace would not come on. I checked the wiring and there is no voltage at the thermostat blue wire on the furnace. If I jump 12 volts to the thermostat blue wire, the furnace works normally. Replaced thermostat; no change. I hear something clicking in the air conditioner unit when I switch the thermostat to furnace mode. I assume the A/C has a relay to control the thermost

If you look at control box at roof unit, they usually use a separate set of wires for furnace. See what colors they are attached to at harness to thermostat. Some just follow other harness, and come out at thermostat. (bypass control box) Once you've ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Carrier 58RAV095-16 will process thru the test sequence properly: inducer fan, ignitor, blower high, blower low, all ok. fuse checked good on controller board. when commanded to supply heat by the thermostat controller in the living space the unit runs with fan only, no gas, no ignition. changed thermostat controller, no joy. Comments: Jan 31, 2010 - thermocouple/ignitor is ok and positioned well. It tests ok too. I changed it last year. I am not getting gas flow so I suspect gas control va

Go to the furnace and turn off the power take the door off you must have a multimeter inhand with the cover off the furnace and access to the gas valve put yor meter leads on the wires going to the gas valve turn the power on and after the ignitor gl ... Air Conditioners

I have a Nordyne MGHA-056ABFC-05 furnace. It currently uses a 624567 2 wire control board and 2 wire thermostat. Can I use a Nordyne 902987 relay control box (uses Nordyne 624625A control board) to connect a 4 wire thermostat to it?

You could use a $10 relay ... Air Conditioners

Carrier 58RAV095-16 will process thru the test sequence properly: inducer fan, ignitor, blower high, blower low, all ok. fuse checked good on controller board. when commanded to supply heat by the thermostat controller in the living space the unit runs with fan only, no gas, no ignition. changed thermostat controller, no joy.

Hello \015\012Your closing the circut,and getting power to the ignitor.\015\012\015\012Have you tried another t stat or check your wiring low voltage side.\015\012\015\012Is there a pre purge fan for gas to be cleaned ou ... Air Conditioners

Purchased a dometic duotherm a/c for rv partially installed it, but conected all the correct wires and it will not turn on. All new unit with new thermostat and control box. the Thermostat requires 7.5v dc to function but the control box is not producing the voltage. None can be detected on the terminals of the thermostat. there are two wires for an solar/filter indicator that should have +12v and a -12v. neither have any voltage present. tried to return the whole system to the vendor bu

Check all grounds,all grounds,I stress this because the system may need ground elsewhere to operate.If the control box is what produces the 12 volts dc,and the 7.5 volts dc,and you have power to the box,then the box(converter)is bad.Is this unit 120v ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Goodman Gas Pack Unit. Model PGB048125 Control Board 1068-400 Installed 1993. ** No Heat. ** Checked breaker at box. ** Have changed thermostat, no change. ** control board LED light shows: Red: System turned off at thermostat Red: A/C turned on. Flashing Red: Heat turned on at thermostat.

Count the number of flashes and consult your manual as to what the flashes mean. The blower access door may show the faults codes. What you probably have is a contaminated flame sensor or maybe a rollout switch tripped due to rusty burners or air res ... Air Conditioners

I have a dometic roof mount ac unit with the single zone digital thermostat . It now shows error code E1 on the display. Reset the breakers, checked all connections , Etc and still displays same error. Error code is lost connection between thermostat and control box. Checked control box and all connections seem fine and NO burnt smell. Any ideas?

It could have the sensor wire not plugged all the way or maybe a broke sensor wire from console to condenser control ... Air Conditioners

We have a type 1f56-444 thermostat control the unit will not stay on long enough to come up to the desired temp. I can turn it down n count to five then turn It back up an It comes right in and sounds normal but will only run one or two cycles then i have to help it again. Do u think a new thermostat control will help this?

... White Rodgers Air Conditioners

Does the boiler thermostat control the heat of the radiators as well as the hot water temperature? Does the thermostat control the water temperature and the pump - as our pump seems to be on all the time The boiler is old but has been working well - but yesterday the spur fuse went that supplies the electricity to the boiler - the fuse has been replaced but does this indicate a problem?

There should be a control called an aquastat that regulates the temperature of the boiler. The thermostat will turn on the circulator to start the flow of water through the radiators. If the water coming back fr ... Air Conditioners

Carrier Comfort Zone II Smart Control in one zone frequently cycles unit (every 20-30 minutes) even when temperature in the room does not change significantly and the indicated thermostat temperature does not change at all (stays on 77 for example). Shouldn't the thermostat temperature change at least a degree or two in order for it to turn the unit on or off?? Is there a way to adjust the sensitivity of these controls?

Sounds like your zone control tstat needs calabrated or maybe replaced,in owners manual there should be a section on calibration if not you may have to replace it ... Air Conditioners

Temperature regulation GE Zoneline AZC906DAV1. Problem started in summer when I had to set the the thermostat control knob to a higher and higher temperature to prevent over-cooling. I replaced the room thermostat. Now it's winter and I have to set the the control to a lower and lower temperature to prevent overheating. It turned cold here last night (20 F), and I now notice the compressor only runs for a short time (maybe 30 to 60 seconds), then shuts off and just the heat strips are working.

I am going to attempt to help you locate the issue as best as I can but im limited to the information you provide me. Its a lot to take in so see if I have understood. \015\012Overview \015\012 1) Zoneline has all temp controls mounted ... GE Zoneline AZ55H07D Air Conditioner

My 1996 Motorhome Dometic 4 button Comfort Control suddenly does not recognize that the furnace is present. After wiring in a manual thermostat the Comfort Control suddenly recognizes the furnace. I take out the manual thermostat. I clean all the external contacts and then it continues to recognize the furnace thourgh about 15 test over 6 weeks. Pause 2 weeks and suddenly it does not recognize the furnace. What is going on. Could it be a sticky relay in the suburban Furnace?

... Dometic Air Conditioners

We just purchased a brand new Goodman 4 ton 15seer heat pump, model #AEPF4260TX5N4472#-- with a Honeywell thermostat controller,model#0836. The installer is having trouble with the fan not cutting off when it meets the set thermostat temperature. The fan keeps running, even if you unplug the green wire from the thermostat, or if you totally unplug the thermostat, the fan still runs. I am thinking that he has one of the wires wrong. HELP!

If you turn the power off and then back on does the fan stay running then. It is possible that the wiring is incorrect but it could also be a faulty fan relay or limit. If you disconnect the power when it is running and then turn it back on and the f ... Air Conditioners

I have a Bryant Air Conditioner 561CJ024-E and a Bryant furnace. The furnace control board is not sending a 24V signal to the outdoor condenser and fan unit. Is it possible to trouble shoot the control board itself or do I need a new control board? All control wiring from thermostat and outdoor condenser looks correct.

... Air Conditioners

I have a comfort control 2200 thermostat. I changed the batteries and the thermostat is set to 80 degrees. The air conditioner stays on and the temperature on the thermostat is stuck at 80 degrees but the house temperature is down to 75 degrees and the air conditioner will not shut off unless I turn the thermostat setting to 81 degrees.

May be the location of the thermostat. Try another thermometer right beside wall thermostat & see what it reads. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Honeywell central heat & air unit--wall thermostat not controlling it--will not work--thermostat only lights up -aux- and screen goes blank...worked previously...replaced relay and thermostat---still same thing. Why would the thermostat just stop working?

... Honeywell ER150B Air Conditioner

Hi there I have had a siemens thermostat RAA02/03 fitted to control the heat transfer kit in my house. Something is amiss, I think, in that when I set the thermostat to a temperature well above the actual room temperature (eg set to 30degrees when actual room temp is 15degrees), the thermostat is switching on the fans in the heat transfer kit and when I have it set lower than the room temperature (eg set to 15degrees when the actual room is at 25degrees), the system is switching off. It i

Nope...this is just a misleading in their way to express teh function ...the actual thermostat you are setting will only regulate the temperature in accord with the room it is installed into ..and the only way will blow to the other is when it is on ... Air Conditioners

I have a heat pump controlled by T87 thermostat. Attached to the thermostat is a S.P. double throw switch that allows me to switch from the heat pump to an evaporative cooler.My question is can I keep the switching arrangement and install a 6300B progammable thermostat.

If the new thermostat is heat pump compatable. ... Air Conditioners

Hi - our Siemens RDJ10RF remote thermostat controller fell off the shelf and went off as the batteries came loose. We put the batteries right and reset the thermostat remote, but the heating will not come on. Do we need to reset the boiler and how do we do it? The water still heats up, it is just the heating that doesnt respond to the thermostat anymore.

... Air Conditioners

I have a Goodman Package unit Model # PGJ 03075-1. The blower motor only rocks back and forth while the compressor and fan run and begin to form frost on the pipes. I replaced the large capacitor, main control board, fan control board, thermostat, and removed the control module off the back of the ECM motor to look for burned areas. There are no visible burned areas. Any ideas on what to check next? Rick

The blower motor only rocks back and forth ? That means it is getting power. Most of these have their own smaller capacitor did you check it?\015\012Any sloppy vertical movement means the motor bearings are shot, the motor is what we ca ... Goodman CPLE24-1 Air Conditioner

Have 2 thermostats, 1 for sleeping area upstairs and 1 whole house located downstairs. whole house thermostat won't open dampers to allow downstairs vents to blow A/C or heat. no matter which thermostat is on, a/c or heat only blows thru the upstairs vents. control system in the attic is a HONEYWELL MINIZONE KIT, EMM-3K. What do we need to do to get system to open dampers to blow a/c or heat thru downstairs vents. other wise the a/c and heater is working fine, just that the minizone that c

It seems as though you have a polarity mishap. The damper valves will be VDC if the downstairs thermo is driving them to open with full VDC and the polarity was reversed it will drive them closed. The Thermostat will not know this. Using a DMM and th ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Programmable thermostat I have a Hunter programmable thermostat and can't figure out how to manually override the programs installed. I want to manually control the temp and not use a 7 day program. The model # is 43153. I have downloaded the manual but it doesn't state how to turn off the programming only how to program the thermostat. The hold button is just for a temporary situation and doesn't turn off the programming. Any help out there? I use to do this manually but somehow in the last day

Basically, your going to press either of the arrows until it flashes, or about 1 second. Then you set the temperature you desire and then press and hold the HOLD button until HOLD is displayed in the display. Congrats, your o ... Air Conditioners

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