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Twinning problem My goodman GMP 075 3 furnace took a dump this morning. The status light flash continuously. I consult ---''the chart''--- and see twinning and polarity errors. I checked the other answers and want to make sure the primary leads are the ones on the main power coming in from the house. I don't have a problem switching them but don't want to fry something I might need later.

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Induction fan motor is getting no power from control; modul
Switch the leads and also make sure that you have a good ground.

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Twinning problem My goodman GMP 075 3 furnace took a dump this morning. The status light flash continuously. I consult ---''the chart''--- and see twinning and polarity errors. I checked the other answers and want to make sure the primary leads are the ones on the main power coming in from the house. I don't have a problem switching them but don't want to fry something I might need later.

Induction fan motor is getting no power from control; modul ... Goodman Air Conditioners

Hi, I want to wire a Type 19/T Thermomess thermostat to my oil boiler at home. I am not too sure what wire I should connect to the terminals. On TR (the temp control) I have points 1, 2, P1 and on STB (reset switch unit) I have 1, 2, and P1. My mains power goes to the burner via the thermostat and I want to connect the wires correctly. Does the mains cable connect to TR (Live on 1, with Neutral on 2)? Do I connect burner cable to STB (Live on 1 and Neutral on 2)? What is P1

... Air Conditioners

I have a Goodman Co. air handler model #AWb24-OBC REV E. I had to replace the fan motor and want to make sure it is wired correctly. There are five wires one red, one black, one purple and two brown. I know the two brown go to the capacitor and the purple to the 30 amp breaker. Does the red or the black go to the BTDR?

... Goodman Air Conditioners

My main power cord the thick white one came out (pulled out) and i am not sure where the white and black one goes i know where the green one goes

You would have to test your outlet with a voltage tester to see which wire is hot then match them. In houses the black wire is usually hot, but not always, and HVAC techs do not always match them up. Rather than causing damage to your system, I wou ... Air Conditioners

Does it cost more to have 2 start capacitors on ac We had a A/C Guy come and he added another capacitor to the A/C unit then it went out again. So now I have 2 that are hooked up and one just hanging. But my power bill went from $400.00 to over $700.00. I think what he did is causing my power bill to spike. I am not sure of the make.

A start capacitor is in use for only a split second if it's functioning correctly. What they do in a nut shell is give the motor (or compressor) an extra push to get it started. You also should have a motor run capacitor - don't have to have a star ... Air Conditioners

I have a Tempstar NFCP3600/A1. There appears to be two condensate drains. The main one is plumbed to the outside. There is another drain next to it and it is pointed down and drains into the garage where the unit is hanging. I guess the secondary drain is an overflow drain, maybe not. I have cleaned out the primary drain by using a vacuum. That solved the problem temporarily. There is definitely water draining to the outside from the main pipe. Would you suggest plumbing the two together

Can't hurt! ... Air Conditioners

Hi i h have gree airconditioner but is alredy has been fixed on outdoor but the problem is if i want to take of but is two pipe going on side ways there is one is gas but other one liqut. But i dont know whats is liqut can you tell me please

The liquid is the thin line and the gas is the thicker one. ... LG LS-L1210CL Mini Split Air Conditioner

Haier hsu 18 heat pumps . I have 6 of them , all intermittently come up with e17. otherwise sometimes they will just blow fanned air ( compressor not running ) all day . The power source is fed to the indoor unit first, with the main power and data then fed along the same standard 4 core cable to the outdoor unit. I have fitted one of these units which had this problem to another site , and instead of wiring it as per the above way (as per instructions) I put the data cable seperate to the oth

... Haier Air Conditioners

I have a goodman spliit system clj42-1c. Outside fan does not run. I removed it and gave it power and it came on. Then with fan removed I powered up the unit the compressor hums for a minuite then cuts off but it never seemed that it was realy working. Thear is freon in the system. I need to know if the capasitor is at fault or if the compressor is bad. I am an air craft tech so I have a multimeter and enough know how to find the problem. I just dont want to purchase the wrong part. Can u tell m

If your multimeter has a Capacitance Meteryou can test the capacitor. There are ways to broadly test a ca ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

How do I find the capacitor size for my goodman cj36-1c? It has been replaced once and want to make sure it is replaced with the correct one.

... Goodman CLJ36AR42 Air Conditioner

Cycleing, ok it sound like the heater fan kicks on then off , on then off, on then off, just like that . it will do this on heat cold or in off post. the ac and heat seam to work but i dont get the on off cycleing ! its not the ac blower but like a fent fan for the heater ! had a ac tech tell me it may be my main bord! carrier modle # 58RA (VJU one of these is next not sure witch)050 board # HK42FZ009 S/N 3197A13382

You are referring to the inducer motor that is kicking on and off. It is probably a limit switch that might be triggering it to go off and on over and over. It could possibly be the board but I highly doubt it since the ac works just fine. It can ... Carrier Air Conditioners

My Samsung Air Conditioner Model SH12ZW6 do not want to work. The red turbo, green timer indicator & green operation indicator lights is on and when I press the remote on or off, the air conditioner does not respond, it only makes a sound but does not go on. I heard that you can reset it with the remote, but no one can tell me how to do it. Can you give me assistance on how to solve the problem?

... Samsung Air Conditioners

Hi I have a problem with my dehumidifier the only button that seems to work is the one that shows the hours but it does not run. The fan and the power button don't seem to work at all. What can I do to make it run.

Try and empty that tank. OR the board could be bad or the compressor is shot. ... Air Conditioners

The power cord to my ac model #agp18dbg1 was removed and lost. we got a new cord and want to make sure its hooked up properly. when we plug it in it immediatly trips the breaker.

... GE Air Conditioners

Hi, i have a 11 SEER (RUUD) Model# UALB-036JAZ and there is a problem with the fan outside on the condenser. It starts to turn and then makes a dead stop like its binding up, but when i take the cover off and kill power, it will spin free by hand. I am not sure what to check. Thank you for any help Rich Daniels

The start/run capacitor for the fan motor must be checked.Turn off the power to the outside unit and open the control panel.Follow the brown wire from the fan back to the capacitor.Look at the capacitor. If it is bukged out on top i ... Ruud Air Conditioners

Outside a/c unit hasnt powered on yet and I want to make sure my RH and RC wires are correct.

Connect the red to RHGo down to the furnace and look at the circuit board and note what color's go where. Most units only use 4 wires.Should be RED to RHYELLOW to YWHITE to WGREEN to GThen ... Air Conditioners

I replaced my Rheem Power Vent model 21VP50-1 and need the owners manual to see what the distance from a windo is for this model. The building department is going to give me a problem since the vent pipe is 32" from a windown and muy new one requires 48". I want to show the township that they initally approved the installation of the Rheem 21VP50

... Air Conditioners

Is there anything to worry about when you have heavy swetting of the air conditioner, ductwork is in garage, so no attic problem, just want to make sure becaus we do have puddles in the garage.

Hi,there is nothing to worry about with the heavy sweating of the air conditioner,it's a normal feature of the AC depending on a variety of factors such as the work rate,surrounding temperature,settings and other variable factors,provided the AC is f ... Air Conditioners


Hi,\015\012Although your exact timer is not listed in this document, there is all the information you need in there to hook the new one up...there are many there that will be very similar to yours...\015\012\015\012 ... Air Conditioners

I need a longer power cord for my A/C that's mounted in the wall. The one that's on it is too short and will not reach outlet? It was already like that when I bought this place.?? Can I make one? If so does the black wire or white wire plug into capacitor? The other goes to fan control switch. Since the original power cord wire isn't color coded I don't know which (black&white) goes to what. Thanks a million if you can help.

It will work either way since it uses alternating current and not DC ... Amana Comfort Zone 12M32PBEH Air Conditioner

I have a Raypak RP 2100 R405 pool heater. When I turn the rocker switch on the front panel to ?on? I get nothing or no lights on the front control panel and nothing happens to the heater. I checked and there is power going from the transformer via the blue wire to the PC board but no power being distributed to anywhere else. Is it the PC board and if so how can I check to verify this is problem? The board is expensive and no one will accept a return of this item it if this isn't the problem. C

\012When you turn the power ON of the unit.It will show "Water pump" in the display".\012If its not showing "water pump"\012Then  3 things has to be checked>\0121)Check ON/OFF switch right side of heater.\0122)Check 120/240 volts for tr ... Air Conditioners

No heat My air conditioner on my unit went out via power surge back in the summer. A/C man came out and rewired the circuit board so we could have A/C but the heat would not work. He had to order in a new pc board. Since all of that happened, A/C man has gone out of business. Now no one wants to come out and fix what he messed up without charging the **** out of me. I already paid once and don't want to pay again, at least not yet. Can some one tell me how to rewire that pc board to get heat, ot

THERMOSTAT ... Intertherm P3RA-048K Air Conditioner

I'm having a problem with my heating and air system, my heat only works on emergency heat ( and run 24/7) if i turn it to regular heat it only blows cold air. i dont think my outside unit fan is turning( i could be wrong about this one) how can i fix this problem so i dont have to run my emergency heat all the time

If your Heatpump's fan isn't running but your compressor is, your fan motor is out. If nothings happening at all ensure your getting power to heatpump (ex: breaker tripped, fuses blown on outside power switch, or fuses blown in breaker box?) ... Air Conditioners

We have a solar / electric hotwater system.our booster swicth appears to make no change in hot water supply. it seems to activate at the mains box and says boost on, but dosent make any hot water. how long should it take? we have only had it installed for 9 months in a new home do we have a problem. the hot water system will make water over night

Hello,there is a problem with your solar / electric hot-water system. The fault should be from the solar outside, probably its not passing enough current to the hot-water system, that's why the water is not getting hot. Or the heating ele ... Rinnai Air Conditioners

I have 2 Frigidaire window a/c units, model# fam18eq2a1. The landlord tells me they are brand new. Both units have the same symptoms: about 30% of the time they power on and function normally. The rest of the time nothing happens when you hit the power button. After checking the appliance plug in to make sure is plugged in, I then hit the reset button, afterwhich the digital display lights up completely, beeps, and then usually goes dead, although 1 out of 15 times it will power on and cool f

... Air Conditioners

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