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Carrier split 42G250HF-1(indoor unit

\015 Anthj here, my carrier split when on cooling will operate for a while anywhere from 5 mins to a few hours then indoor evap fan stops outdoor cond unit also stops and indoor `unit on` indicator flashes 4 times then misses a flash then repeates 4 flashes (1 a second)if i isolate outdoor unit from supply for 10 secs and then restart unit functions again for anywhere from 5 mins to 1 hour maybe 2.any adjustment to remote makes unit fault as above is control pcb faulty?\015

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I'm not sure exactly what unit you have and what controls you have installed on the unit. But....there usually is a flash code schematic on the unit. Usually on the inside of the blower compartment cover. This should tell you what is wrong with the unit. It could have a low voltage short somewhere and is loosing the call for cool. So the answer can be a possible yes to your question but without knowing the flash code, it's hard to tell from my point of view. You might end up calling a service professional out to check it.

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Carrier split 42G250HF-1(indoor unit

I'm not sure exactly what unit you have and what controls you have installed on the unit. But....there usually is a flash code schematic on the unit. Usually on the inside of the blower compartment cover. This should tell you what is wrong with th ... Carrier 38CKC042 Air Conditioner

Carrier hi wall split unit on light flashes 4 times ???

This problem is outdoor unit issue. Blinking 4 times in carrier highwall unit means Compressor drive malfunction. Possible cause are the following:\011- Stuck up or grounded compressor.\011- Magnetic contractor in outdoor u ... Carrier 38CKC042 Air Conditioner

Carrier aircon may 2 years nasa akin ang aircon ko na carrier split type. kada six months nagpapalinis ako ng unit ko. lagi kasi syang tumutulo ng tubig. pinatignan ko sa technician may natuyo daw dun sa malaking bilog na fan. baka daw may butas. 4500 ang singil nila. ewan ko kung ano ang natuyo at nagcause ng leak sa unit ko. ang tanong mahal b talaga yun o simpleng linis lang talaga ang kailangan ko. hindi ko masyadong naintindihan yung paliwanag nung technician. masyadong techie.ang sabi nya

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I have carrier split unit the problem is the when switch it on indoor unit runs but when outdoor unit runs it make cool just for 5 mins and all unit indoor and outdoor go shutdown and green light start blinking and after 5 mins unit starts again after 5 mins again shutdown . any sugges please.

... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

I have unit 48bne018301 mini split unit. For 2 summers now it is blowing a black substance almost like insulation all over, I have had the a/c man out 2 times and he has no idea. this substance is ruining everything it touches. there is no way to get tothe back of the unit under the coils, i dont know where to go. i am pretty upset since i feel something inside the unit is breaking down, and the reason i chose carrier is for the quality.please help. tel 252.261.5406. thank you

I have not heard of this in the Carrier mini splits, but sounds like you are on the right track, the back side of the indoor section is plastic and styrofoam, it could be breaking down. Did you check to see if the air filter is breaking down? \ ... Air Conditioners

My 53QNL009/012 CARRIER SPLIT SYSTEM, comes on everytime i plug it in, the remote control works but isn't able to turn the unit off. A soon as the power is appplied to the unit I hear 3 beeps and the system starts. It was last turned on and off yesterday but the remote. When my wife returned home this afternoon the unit was running and she was unable to turn it off. The same remote works fine on the same (but larger) unit out in the family room? Thanks Ian

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Recently purchased a second hand Carrier Split A/c -Model 42KPC019303 - 18000 BTU. The unit would work for awhile then shut off - fan included - and the green light would blink 5 times at intervals - but the unit did not start back. The sensor was changed and the unit started functioning normal for awhile - and then the problem resumed. Only difference is that this time the light blinks for about 10 mins and then the unit kicks back on. I want to know if this is a normal function, and if it ca

I have the same problem. What sensor did you change? Did you eventually solve the problem? ... Air Conditioners

I have a central air conditioning unit in the apartment where I live. It is a split unit - somewhere outside is my outdoor unit (and everybody elses too). Anyway I seem to get way too much humidity in my apartment. The air conditioner I suspect is 15 or 20 years old or more. The label on the indoor part is almost unreadable. Carrier is the maker. The model might be 40AC02450052. There are also other numbers 40AC901190 ? or 40709010 ? Can anyone identify what I have? I would like to know how old

The humidity problem is from the condesation drain. It is more than likely to be clogged up keeping water in the condensation pan causing the humidity problem. This can be cured by a wet vac put onto the outside drain for the inside condensation pa ... Carrier 38CKC030 Air Conditioner

3 ton carrier split unit. heats good, but thermostat will not shut down the inside unit, nec. to cut off the circuit breaker to the inside unit

Hi, what is happening is your fan limit keeps the indoor fan running all the time. I wish I knew the age of this carrier, I would know what fan control it has. This is tour problem though, if its older, you will have a Honeywell box when you look at ... Carrier Air Conditioners

Hi, I have a 1.5 carrier mini split heat pump. I cant find the model number but believe it was made 2000-2003. This has the remote with the infra red eye mounted in the front of the main unit (like a tv). (There is no other controller as I have seen with other units). The unit is heating and cooling fine, however, it does not seem to be sensing the thermostat. Whether it be in heat or cold, it will turn on and run for about 10 minutes and then shut off and not come again. To get it to run again,

Hi,There are a few things that can cause that kind of problem....The unit could be low on charge and the thermistor on the indoor unit will sense the coil getting too cold and shut it down on a hard lockout....resetting the power resets t ... Carrier 38CKC042 Air Conditioner

Carrier split unit evaporator shuts off flashing green light

... Carrier 36KCARMS Air Conditioner

I have a carrier split unit model#38HDL024311. It's dripping out the front of the unit. When I turn it off, There's a stream of water out the front also.

Where is water dripping? Out the outside unit or inside? Evap. Coils (indoor coils) condense when cooling so it is necessary to have a condensate drain hooked up. If the unit is leaking out of something besides the drain like out of the coil case the ... Air Conditioners

I just serviced a carrier split dual condensers on the roof and cooling unit in the building, i shut the breaker off on the roof connected to the condensing unit, but it goes on and off what is wrong?

I would look a faulty breaker. If you're replaced the breaker and the problem persists, I'd look for either a floating neutral or open ground. A neutral/ground problem is doesn't have to be near the equipment but closer to the feeder panel. ... Carrier Air Conditioners

We have a Carrier mini split AC that we are wiring on a portable office that will be going to a foreign country, the Carrier #38QG24-H. This unit's voltage specifications is 200-240volts, single phase, 50 Hertz. Question we will have a normal (USA)electrical panel with 240volts single phase and 50Hertz. Can I connect this AC off of a 2pole breaker? Someone suggested that he thought we could only connect off of a single phase (1-pole?)(phase to neutral or ground) of the 220/380volt local service.

Please 200- 240 volts is a standard for all and for the breaker is depending of the country if 120 v single phase you will install as usa if 220 v single also you can connect you breaker but the problem is some countries are not 50 hz comfirm th ... Air Conditioners

Can Carrier split system 38G250H be converted to be controlled from a room thermostat rather than the return air thermistor. I have a very high ceiling ,2m above the indoor unit,and the stratification is a problem. I have already the ''Butcher'' ceiling fan installed and it is still cold at the floor level, and 27deg.C at the unit level.(2.4 m)

Yes it can be done as long as the thermostat has the capability of acting as a on-off switch.It could be bimetallic type which till today are the best way of tep control since the inherent qualities of the bimetallic strip is that any temp change co ... Air Conditioners

Carrier split unit aircon mdl 42P100c has water dripping from the unit mounted internally onto floor.

Due to non maintenance of a/c. Col and air filter dust blocked. Due to this, some time ice formation over the coil will be there. Clean air filter, coil and blower wheel. And also drain pan.If you see any ice formation over the coil after servi ... Air Conditioners

I have a Carrier split unit model 38AN009100 that I am using to refrigerate my wine cellar.I know that this unit is not made for this purpose. Is it possible to convert it so I can control my cellar at around 12 degrees C? I was wondering if I could put a wall thermostat in the cellar instead of the actual thermistor controlling the temperature. Thank you for your prompt reply

Well most unite will but out 54 degrees but as far room temp reaching that is highly unlikely. the unite would probably turn into a big hunk of ice and stop! this is more of Refrigeration unite which operate at lower temp. you can buy small ones fair ... Air Conditioners

I have a six year old carrier high wall split air conditioner that is displaying a code four (runs for 20 minutes then shuts down wall unit green light keeps flashing 4 times. if you switch off then on the circut breaker the unit cycles up and runs for another 20 minutes then the process needs to be repeated

... Carrier 38CKC042 Air Conditioner

Wire diagram for split unit on carrier model 40AQ024330EH

... Air Conditioners

I have a Carrier Airconditioner split system unit which I purchased in 1995. The model number is 42KNL018703. Can you tell me what kw output this is. I want to replace my current airconditioner with a similar output as it is now 15 years old. I am thinking a 7.0 kw output will do.

How much do I have to pay for a field power supply conn in my split system air conditioner carrier ... Carrier BCA101R Air Conditioner

I am searching for an operating and maintenance manual for a Carrier split system air conditioning unit - model A135H and AO35H.

Download from online:www.transportaircon.carrier.com/Files/Bus/Local/US-en/T298.pdf ... Air Conditioners

Unit is showing e1 for carrier 24k mini- split

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I have a 4OQNC030---3 split carrier epressin unitl on the wall the fan will run until you put the A/C on and everything go's off. Gas pres is good on outside. the greeen light is going on & off, what could be going on with this unit. thanks for your help.

First ting to check is if you have it on the right MODE AND THEN TEMPR. SET POINT.,usuali on heat mode take 2-3 min until the temp. on the indoor coil is high enough to switch the fan ... Carrier Air Conditioners

Schematic diagram for Carrier Split unit model 38AE 064 610-4

... Amana Air Conditioners

I have a Carrier 42G150H indoor unit for a split system and it has a fault. The green light on the front panel flases 5 times and then there is a delay and then it flashes 5 times...and so on.

Look on the back of the panel where the green light is located. You will need to remove the bottom panel of the furnace and on the back of the panel you removed there should be a breakdown of the codes as to what the flashing green lights mean. If ... Carrier 38CKC042 Air Conditioner

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