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When i turn on my camper ac, the fan will come on but nothing else.... the compresser does not come on. could it be the starting capacitor? do you sell parts? if so how much does a starting capacitor cost?

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Hi! several factor to check out should be done,have you hear if the compressor is humming before this will trip off,this is the signed sound when capacitor is busted,eventually you can test capacitor using tester setting to ohmmeter the two test rod (black and red)of tester attached this to two terminals of capacitor promptly observed tha pointer of tester will deflect to zero reading at initial set up.then reverse the polarity of capacitor on test rod.,observe the pointer will deflect to zero again but gradually the pointer move slowly to zero,meaning you have a good capacitor but if no deflection on tester you have busted capacitor.Sorry, but we don"t sell capacitor,you can try on ac service center or you can surf on website the price type the brand of your ac on internet website it will find it for you.You can also check the overload protection try to reset.Check also the supply source on relay holding coil if your relay is functioning.If your compressor run and still has no cooling effect check the operating current using clamp ammeter if acquire the specific rated current of the compressor w/c tag on compressor unit or in your manual,if you got below your system is under charge.this is a hard work this should be done by qualified a/c technician...have a nice day, thank's
Most of these little compressors don't have a start cap on them. The motors in these little hermetics don't need them. You need to check that athe compressor is getting voltage to it. Check to see if rodents haven't tried to get on top and chew wires. Squirrels can and do cause lots of damage. If the compressor is being "told" to come on, and it doesn't, the compressor is bad. Parts are hard to come by on these little units. You will probably have to contact the manufacturer for a location neer you that sells parts.

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When i turn on my camper ac, the fan will come on but nothing else.... the compresser does not come on. could it be the starting capacitor? do you sell parts? if so how much does a starting capacitor cost?

Hi! several factor to check out should be done,have you hear if the compressor is humming before this will trip off,this is the signed sound when capacitor is busted,eventually you can test capacitor using tester setting to ohmmeter the two test rod ... Air Conditioners

The fan will only go on if I spray water from my hose to get it started. I called an ac repair place but they told me it would be $85.00 just to come tell me what the problem was and the guy on the phone told me it was either the capacitor or the motor. I am sure if they come out it will take all of 5 minutes to tell me what is wrong with it. How much is a capacitor and a motor for model 38ckc036?

If you can get the particulars on the parts, (mfg, part number, etc.), you can call an appliance parts supply house and get an exact quote. It sounds more like the capacitor than the motor to me. If the motor will get up to full speed with your (ve ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

The outside unit is no0t able to start the fan spinning on its own. I have been able to manually engage the outside fan by turning the unit off, turning it on, and then manually spinning the fan when it starts up. The unit will then engage the fan and runs fine until the next cycle when it cannot start the fan on its own again. Can you tell me what part needs to be replaced and about how much it will cost?

Hi!!\015\012\015\012The part you need is called STARTING CAPACITOR and it is located in the same compartment where the electrical connectors are in the outside unit. MAKE SURE THE POWER BREAKER IS OFF before opening the compartment. and befor ... Air Conditioners

Does it cost more to have 2 start capacitors on ac We had a A/C Guy come and he added another capacitor to the A/C unit then it went out again. So now I have 2 that are hooked up and one just hanging. But my power bill went from $400.00 to over $700.00. I think what he did is causing my power bill to spike. I am not sure of the make.

A start capacitor is in use for only a split second if it's functioning correctly. What they do in a nut shell is give the motor (or compressor) an extra push to get it started. You also should have a motor run capacitor - don't have to have a star ... Air Conditioners

I have an LG 11,800 BTU SLEEVE AC that needs to have it's RUN CAPACITOR replaced. How much would this cost to repair or to order the part

If you are able to unsolder the unit you can probably pick up a capacitor at Radio Shack or Electronic Shop. Just buy one that has the same capacity. ... LG Electronic Window Air Conditioner

Wow great site! Problem with my 600 series penguin Unit started acting strangely last weekend, smelled something electrical when I first turned it on. but then cooled fine. This weekend DW took it out for a couple days. but had to bring it home early. compressor was not kicking in. I removed the cover up on top and tried to run it . I noticed a little smoke coming up. Shut it down, turned off the power and removed the cover to the electric. the part next to the capacitor looked to be the offen

Hello my name is Heath it will be my pleasure to assist you. What you are looking at is the start capacitor for the motor a $7 part at any HVAC supplier. If it is leaking it is definitely bad and needs to be replaced. This gives the compressor a boos ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a Duo-Therm RV Roof Air Conditioner Model 57915.622, Prod # 991731648, Ser # 84818800. It will not run. I changed the Compressor and Fan start capacitors. When I turn the unit on at the Thermostat nothing comes on. The Air Conditioner Control Unit E155095, Part # 3107541.009. The fuses are okay.

... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Hi, I have a LG NEO PLASMA S18AHN SPLIT UNIT, It was already installed in our house upon us purchasing it, it would be approx 3 years old, has been pretty much running 24/7 and has been great up until recent, about 6months ago it stop and displayed the C6 error code, at this time I replace the external units motor start capacitor, it ran perfertly again for the next 4months, until it stopped again and again after reseting. When trying to run on Heat it comes straight up with "Defrost Mode" it

My lg 18 000 btu split neo plasma is on heating in any mode u put it\015\012what do u think is the problem ... LG Air Conditioners

I have a CLJ42-1a that is blowing hot air. I think it is the start capacitor. How much should this cost to replace? I want to make sure the AC guy tomorrow is not going to rob me.

That answer cannot be honestly answered by anyone. Due to the change in rates from one area to the next, its hard to tell. Plus, your tech will either be on one of three scales. A flat rate, an hourly rate, or a performance rate.Flat r ... Goodman CKL36AR36 Air Conditioner

Compress and OFM shuts down after a minute. Tries to turn on after a few mnutes but only a hamm is heard for a few seconds. Contactor remains close and there is power. Only part incommon is the starting Capacitor. Is the capacitor bad? What is the capacitor part no?

Its a run cap. on the side should be numbers. for example 45/5 mfd ... Air Conditioners

Control board I've got a Bryant Plus-90 furnace, model starts w/ 350MAV. The status code LED on the control board does not come on. Is this a problem with the control board, or is the issue somewhere else? How do I diagnose the problem? If it is the control board, what is the part number that I need? I've found part number 325878-751 that says it works for most model numbers that start with 350MAV. The word "Most" worries me. I can't find the part number on the current board.

Hello, check to see if the board is receiving 120 volts at the L1 and neutral terminals, if you are then the board will need to be replaced, if you are not getting power then trace the wirimg back to where the voltage stops, for example could be a ba ... Air Conditioners

I installed a new colman mack thermostat in my camper witch has a colman ac unit now ac unit runs 5 min then shuts off for 3 min then starts again and keeps doing this . so I by past thermostat and it will keep runing and cool down camper good that way do I have a bad thermostat or the wrong one part number on ac unit is 7330-730 part number on thermostat is ap7862

If it is a programmable thermostat you can unhook thermostat and when it comes on select 3 instead of 1. As it sounds as though it is short cycling this happens in older houses with drafts. Hope this helps Tim ... Coleman Mach III Air Conditioner

I have an Interthem / Nordyne heat pump model E2EB-015HA. On the outside unit the fan does not turn on when the unit comes on. If I spin the fan it will come on and will run well. With the unit off the fan blades spin easily. I suspect the capacitor, but can not find a part number for it. The capacitor itself is rusty and any writing is unreadable. Please help.

Not sure what Country you're in but the Part No for the Run Capacitor is 1499-4461 and can be purchased from the following link.\015\012\015\012htt ... Air Conditioners

I have a Dometic Duo-Therm 630215.321 Heat Pump on my RV. The start capacitor is going bad but I cannot read the specifications on the label (they are worn off). The Dometic part number is 3100236.169, but they do not list the specs. Can you tell me what the specifications should be for the start capacitor?

Contact the mfg. of the unit, or specs should be on tech sheet ... Air Conditioners


... Goodman Air Conditioners

I have a 561c central air unit. I just replaced the fan motor and capacitor 6 days ago. The unit ran great for just that long now the fan won't come on and the outside unit is hot to the touch, I can assist the fan and it starts and runs great until it reaches the thermostat temp. When it turns off it won't come back on. Is it the start relay switch?

Sounds like you need another capacitor since it will run if you turn it by hand to get it started. If you have a clamp on ammeter check the current draw on the fan motor. ... Air Conditioners

220 was hooked up to this 5th wheel when 110 was needed. The ac comes on but no cold air. I can hear something like a draw (electrical) like the commpressor wants to start then goes off. What could it be burnt up and not giving me cold air? There is a capacitor, start motor that is on the hot side of the capacitor, and also something that looks like a soleniod.

Check the voltage rating of the capacitor. If the cap was only rated and 110 and 220 was supplied, it could have blown the cap.Depending on how long 220 was supplied to the compressor and if the compressor was running, you may have damag ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Just had a Fujitisu 15 rls installed.It makes so much noise when starting up that it wakes me up & I'm hard of hearing. The outside unit is mounted under a window. When the whining noises start you can open the window and listen to the outsde unit and it is quiet. Seems the noise is come thru the wall. Could the noise be coming from the lines? After the whining stops then there is a growl type noise that continues.

Sounds like the noise is in the pipework,whether it is kinked or very hard against building? ... Fujitsu 24C1 Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner comes on but outside fan wont start unless I manually start it....how do i replace capacitor and how would I know if it is a capacitor issue? Please Help

First mark the wires and make a diagram so you can reconnect it. Next remove the capacitor. You can take it to a heating and air supply and they will test it for you. They will also sell you a new one. Use your wiring diagram to reinstall the capacit ... Air Conditioners

I have a Maytag M6Y12F2A-B air conditioner. The fan runs, but the compressor does not start. I believe I need to replace the capacitor. This happened last year, and at that time I found capacitors online, but it was the end of the season, so I just packed it away thinking I would fix it this spring. Now when I search online, I cannot find anything for this model. Does this sound like it is the capacitor, and if so, do you have a capacitor for it available (and if so, what is the cost, and h

Hello, here is a link for parts for your ac http://www.appliancefactoryparts.com/aircleaners/climatrol/m6y12f2aay.html yes is sounds like either a bad capacitor or bad temp control switch. If you have a multimeter you can check if tje capacitor i ... Maytag M6Y12F2A Air Conditioner

I have a new Goodman unit, GSC13 and I have only run it about 4 times, live in Montana. The fan come on and you can hear the compressor try to start, after a few minutes the compressor starts and work fine. I changed out the capacitor 35/5 uf and that didn't help. A friend said to try either a higher UF/ mf or a hard start, it a new unit, will doing this harm the compressor?

... Air Conditioners

I have 2 dometic roof top units on a 2002 MH that I recently purchased. 1 of the units only runs on high speed, the stat has a high low switch, the unit cools fine. The second unit, the comp starts, but the fan only hums, the shaft turns fine. I switched the start relay from the other unit, same result. I suspect that the start winding is open, but haven't checked yet. I am not opposed to replacing the unit because of age, condition of roof cover,and suspected cost of parts. Would appreciate any

Hi, unit # 2 sounds as though the run capacitor may be open, shorted, ect.When you say you changed relay, I assume you were talking about the capacitor. If the motor didn't run when you changed it, you do have a bad winding, or open as it just hums. ... Dometic Air Conditioners

I have a dometic roof air on my RV, The start capacitor melted, i just received a new one from dometic,i orded the quick start kit,do it came with a start relay small black box that i dont remember seeing on my a/c unit, i do not have a generator, so do i still need to add that extra part?

Yes. Use all the replacement parts. Your compressor is hard starting due to increased tork and wear. That is what burned out the original cap. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a Fedders model number c1036bd1v rev:00 the out side part of unit is not working. This happened to me last year around this time and I had it fixed. They replaced the capacitor it was leaking fluid. I took side panel off and look at the capacitor and it leaking fluid again. I have repair people come to look at and fix it. My question is this if it is the same problem again what is causing this to happen? I don't want to keep replacing the capacitor every year.

This NEVER used to happen there is no more quality control. you can replace the the capacitor again and it will work however i would just by a new a/c. they are more efficiant and you will save money in the long run ... Air Conditioners

I have a Dometic 579 Series Brisk Air AC. The model Number is 57915.531. When I turn the fan on, nothing happens. If I reach up and turn the wheel blower the fan will start up and everything works. I replaced the fan motor and put on a new capacitor part # 3100248.412 was supplied. The fan still will not start on it's own. I still need to turn the wheel blower to get it started. Help!

My sheet shows part # 3100248.420 as fan run capacitor.You may have an updated number. Check voltage outputs labeled on it are same as on old one, and double check wiring is correct, to and from capacitor. Be careful not to mistake compressor start c ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

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