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Dometic w/hp installed,has 115ac @12dc thermostatworks sends signal but won't fire

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Hi! there, as you mention since source was 115 voltwas initialized and thermostat detected was functioning but heater won't fire, check if there's incoming source on your heating element using multitester on voltmeter set up,if there's source 115 volt,check your heating element resistance be sure to switch off your ac before checking resistance of your heater (your tester may damage upon testing resistance when ac source was on takenote),set your tester to ohmmeter R10 test rod at both end on terminal take reading if no deflection,you have busted heating element,replaced heating element,If there's relay holding supply on heating element on circcuit board try to check it out.if source 115 volt is acquired,also check the resistance coil of relay,iif defective replaced one...have a nice they.

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Dometic w/hp installed,has 115ac @12dc thermostatworks sends signal but won't fire

Hi! there, as you mention since source was 115 voltwas initialized and thermostat detected was functioning but heater won't fire, check if there's incoming source on your heating element using multitester on voltmeter set up,if there's source 115 vol ... Dometic Air Conditioners

I have a GE Split-Type room air conditioner model number AA1AH24EWI.I used it last summer but now it wont turn on.Have changed the remotes batteries and checked if it is sending signal(looking through digi camera to see if its sending) and still nothing works.Have turned it on at fuse box etc still nothing.is there a reset switch on the unit itself

Check power is indoor. And also for long time no use cases, please remove batteries from remote and re fix it when it is on use. Keeping with old batteries for long time with no use will affect the remote. Please check with other remote. It doesn't m ... GE Air Conditioners

Boiler wont fire up. changed old relay to new L8148j aquastat relay. boiler ran fine all day. now boiler wont fire again.

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Ive fitted a thermocouple to my kinder oasis he gas fire and it still wont light. there is gas but it wont spark. what can i do?

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Ive got a Alpha combi boiler and it just wont fire up and the prussure needle is below the green mark so ive put that flexey pipe on the two pipes under the boiler to bring the pressure needle back up to were its supposed to be but the needle wont rise so ive got no heating or hot water

There is 2 taps on the filling loop ... Air Conditioners

I have glow worm micron 40ff and wont fire up fan spins ,air pressure swithch clicks but no fire ? leds flash green on reset? any ideas tryed pcb board but same fault.

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My oil fired boiler wont stay fired i cleaned it out it will run for about 30seconds then shut

This can be a result of several things. The most common problem is the photo sensor. If there is a flame, and the photo sensor can't detect it - the furnace will shut down. If the furnace has run dirty and sooty - there's probably black soot cover ... Air Conditioners

The remote to my aircon doesn't seem to be sending a signal

If you get a mobile phone and select its camera, then look at the LED at the front of the remote thru the camera, press some keys on the remote unit and you should see the LED light up on the remote on the mobile phone camera screen (it picks up Infr ... Carrier Air Conditioners

My heatline 24 wont fire up, fan & pump run but no flame. any ideas

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I have a fulton boiler that keeps misfiring due to a low flame signal error. had electrode and flamerod replaced. i am afraid the tech guy did not place the flame rod correctly. my boiler is still mis firing. dont know what it should look like... please help..... small business suffering, west virginia

Easy fix take a piece of steel wool clean flame sensor lightlly also check your ground very important. but most times\012cleaning rod will solve good luck ps turn off power peforming any maintenance ... Air Conditioners

When I switch the T-stat to (fan on) the blower won't come on unless I move the Fan limit up close to the 100 degree mark and then I move that limit back down close to 130-135 degree and after approx. 10 seconds blower shuts off. I'm not sure where that fan limit is supposed to be set at, it was originally set around 130-135. It's a 2 wire limit and the range is 100-140. I know the stat is sending signal, I get 24v on green term. at fan center relay. Thanks, Dave

To help you we need more info. What thermostat and what furnace or air handler. There are two circuits involved. One is the green wire or g terminal that switches the fan relay into high speed for ac. The other is the w white that actuates the fan cy ... Air Conditioners

I have a c+m combi 80, just fitted a new secondary heat exchanger, because of h/water probs. now c/heating wont even fire up. hot water is working perfect,

This is usually as a result of improper fixing in the unit. When the pipe which passes the cold water is not fixed or connected to the proper channel it wont fire up as the pressure for the c/heating is not existent due to the improper connection. If ... Air Conditioners

Wont cool It seems like compressor isn't coming on and won't send cold air out carrier model # 68RV14112A

Ok well if it not turning on you will not get cool air. dose fan turn on if not might just a fuse it should be right next to unite. if no fuse check circuit breaker. ... Air Conditioners

My central heating unit in house will not turn off. Thermostat sends signal when temp is reached but heat and fan keep running, I changed fan relay but no change, have to turn off breaker to get if to go off, when breaker is turned back on it is off as long as thermostat is at temp

Definately a relay - but i suspect inside the controller itself.Replace the thermostat(controller) unit.Thanks for using FixYA!! ... Air Conditioners

Hello I am installing a new slant fin boiler system, EC-10 oil fired unit. 2 Zone Valves are V8043G. My problem is how do i wire in the Stack Relay switch type RA116A all equipment is Honeywell except thermostats they are White-Rodgers 1F78. The Honeywell system in the boiler is L7224/L7248 Electronic Aquastat. Plus how to wire in thermostat. Thanks for your help Rob. email addy [email protected] if you have to send me anything. Thanks again

... Honeywell Air Conditioners

The light on my miller furnace blinks twice stating the pressure switch is open and it wont fire

... Air Conditioners

Remote sends signal a/c/ won't respond,also a/c/compressor won't come on.manually a/c goes on and off but still no compressor

As for the remote,with a nail board (used for finger nails) lightly sand off the battery and battery contacts,with this file because such low voltage 3 v.d.c.(on the remote control) any corrosion on contacts even tho you can't see it can't pass curre ... Maytag M7Y15F2A Air Conditioner

Air conditioner My remote control does everything but register with the sensor on the actual conditioner.I can fire it up manually but the remote wont switch it on or off or respond at all. I have new batteries inserted in remote and display on remote is working OK. Can you help please?

Some some remote control have RST or RESET button, you have to push this every time you change the battery or for malfunction remote control. You can find this either in front of remote control or at the back of the remote in battery compartment. ... Air Conditioners

I have a DELONGHI DE400P 40 Pint Dehumidifer.its red led starting send signal(like 3 beep every 10 seconds). I think it can not discarge water secondely, Its draing soket broken during my survy. how I can buy its spare?

I know, the drain socket just jumped off into your hand....Ther three beeps....a code,,, look inside the panel or paper-work for the code,, &for the leak, "gorilla glue"! Thank-you-very-much! ... DeLonghi Air Conditioners

Everything is operating fine but the furnace wont fire. you can hear the gas kick in for like 3 seconds and kick back off when it doesn't ignite. then after about 5 tries it shuts down and the red light on the control board in-side blinks 4 times.


I have a large wood stove with back boiler to heat 4 rads in my bungalow but it wont seem to get the water hot enough to heat the rads. the rads are not cold but are far from hot. The fire burns fine, but not hot enough it seems, any ideas?

Make sure that the water level is full and don't forget to bleed any air out of the systen. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Drayton Digistat RF1 with SCR thermostat for my central heating which is about three years old now. It has worked well up to now, but has developed a problem. The red continuous light (alarm) on the SCR keeps appearing. When the thermostat sends a signal the red light flashes and then goes out and the green either appears or doesn’t depending on the thermostat setting (and the motorised valve for my heating opens – if green). However, after less than a minute the green goes out and

... Air Conditioners

Hello all~ I have a Carrier WeatherMaker 8000 & it is turning on by itself even though the thermostat is NOT sending the turn-on signal. When this happens, the flame does NOT come on nor does the main fan come on... but instead just the pre-stage fan blower. The duration is 5-10 seconds & the frequency varies from 3-20 times/hour. Also, there are NOT any error codes flashing. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks~ Joey

It sounds like the control box or ECM is going bad. ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

My Drayton Digistat RF3 boiler control is not working. The thermostat module indicates it is sending a signal, but the unit beside the boiler has a red alarm LED lit. I've removed the batteries and turned it off, re-programed it all and still no success. I have to use the manual override button to get the heating on or off. Is the unit broken? Anything else I can do?

I found that this solved the problem hope it helps you too.\015\012\015\0121. Turn off the power supply to the Digistat SCR (receiver unit)\015\012and leave for 5 seconds.\015\0122. Turn on power to SCR unit and ... Air Conditioners

Pac L90 Hello, I got a PF error and not sure how to fix it. Do I need to send it back to Delongi? I live in Hawaii and not sure how much that will cost. Its been running great and have no problems but now it wont start the compressor at all. Thanks 808-398-9327 [email protected]

\015\012p f PROBE FAILURE\015\012(The probe is damaged) Contact Service Center. From manual. ... DeLonghi Pinguino PACL90 Portable Air Conditioner

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