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++HAIER 3125. Fan shuts off.

\015 Haier 3125. Unit will be running ok. Then fan shuts off. When I turn unit off the compressor keeps runnig\015

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Hi! there it seems that your control circuit board is activating default set up or abnormal set up after recieving on control circuit board when you shut off the unit, there's a short circuit behind on holding relay when deactivation process is done, the holding relay should be cutting your entire source connection on compressor terminal when you shut off the unit, in this case try to isolate checking supply voltage behind relay and the supply source terminal of your relay, .try to check on this to your manual circuit diagram to lessen the complication of trouble shooting just focus on relay circiut,replace relay if defective.this is a hard job and should be done by qualified a/c technician. have a nice day regard and thank's a lot

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++HAIER 3125. Fan shuts off.

Hi! there it seems that your control circuit board is activating default set up or abnormal set up after recieving on control circuit board when you shut off the unit, there's a short circuit behind on holding relay when deactivation process is don ... Haier Air Conditioners


Make and Model number please. Gas or Oil. ... Air Conditioners

Compressor on my new Haier portable room AC shuts off after about 30 seconds of operation. Fan keeps running and compressor cuts back on after about three minutes and runs for another 30 seconds. It is an 1100 BTU unit

... Haier HPM09XC5 Portable Air Conditioner

I have a Coleman Presidential 7670 furnace in a mobile home. customer said it came on a couple of times by itself. I ran new wire, fan won,t shut off. Replaced fan switch, fan still won't shut off. Replaced t-stat, same problem. This is an older unit and has no board it has a fan switch a low limit switch, i,m guessing the other is a high limit and a fan relay. I have no schematic and am very frustrated can anyone help me please. Thanks. Brian from california

Brian, it sounds as if possibly the fan relay is stuck however, if the fan will not shut off I would suggest the following, Follow the wires from the fan to the relay on the relay disconnect the fan wire there and see if the fan shuts down if so t ... Air Conditioners

I have a Dometic rooftop Air conditioner in my RV When I turn it to low medium or high the fan run the same speed and when I turn it to AC it will run for about 5 min then the fan will shut off but the compressor keeps running I turn it off for a min or so and everythings comes back on. Turn it to the fan only side and the fan will run for 5 min then shut off a min later it comes back on then back off and on in fan only side.

Bad fan motor I suspect The windings are bad causing the motor to over heat sending the motor into thermal overload. would suggest the replacement of motor. Good Luck on repairs\015\012\015\012Dave ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a carrier heatpump. The blower fan runs all the time. On the thermostat, I set the fan on auto, when the compressor shuts off the fan continues to run. ocassionally the fan will shut off but most of the time it continues to run.what can I do to correct this?

... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

Turned on the furnace last evening to warm things up. When reaching the auto, shut off temperature, the fire/heat shut off OK..but not the fan. Had to shut the power off in order to shut off the fan. What might I do to fix this problem? Is there a reset button (I didnot see one)? Thanks for any help!

Turn the syestem to off-no heat or cool and the fan to auto, turn the power back on, if the fan comes on you probably have a bad fan limit switch. ... Air Conditioners

I have an LG mini split ac / heat pump system ( LAN096 ) that is only 4 months old was working great in all ways until suddenly it quit heating. I am sure it happened quickly because I was nearby when very warm air changed to cool ( unheated ) and hasn't heated since. When I shut it down and restart it the indoor fan runs right away, which is not normal and the outdoor unit will run for a minute or so then shut down and stay off. The indoor fan will continue to spin as though it is set in a 'fan

... LG Air Conditioners

Rbhc-17j11sfa blower fan refuses to shut off in heating mode when heating is not required and fan is set on "Fan Auto." But it shuts off in cooling. It's a new Honeywell programmable thermostat. Wonder why. Many thanks.

... Honeywell Air Conditioners

The electricity went off in our neighborhood yesterday. It came back on. I do not run my central air this time of year so the air conditioner is in off position. My fan is on auto but this usually means it is also in off position. When the electricity came back on yesterday the fan came on (not the air conditioner) and is continually running. I cannot get this darn thing to shut off. I have looked on the internet and made serveral attempts to get this fan shut off. I do not want to pay for

Hello Sounds like runaway blower.The relay in the blower unit is stuck/welded & should be replaced.In the mean time you can turn off the service switch at the unit.If you tap the relay it will shut off (for now) untill the next demand and get stuck a ... Air Conditioners

I have a 1993 yellowstone camper with a coleman wall thermostat. on the bottom of it- it has a heat/cool switch on one side and the other side has a low-high-fan switch. when we run it on low or high it gets cool but the fan never shuts off.if we put it on fan it shuts off with the compressor but it doesn't blow cool air. any advise?

Thank you so very much for your answer! I'm glad I came to this website before I began a new project. I was about to re-wire my unit based on my ex-husbands advice!!!! ... Coleman Air Conditioners

When the AC fan shuts off, the compressor appears to be stuck. It continues to make a humming sound as though it is running. If I remove power and return power it hums momentarily and then shuts off. Is it OK to allow it to "hum"? I constantly kill the power when the fan shuts off in fear of harming the motor or compressor.

Yes, not good for compressor to stay on after being shut off, and hitting the breaker to stop it is a good idea. Sounds like you have a faulty/sticky relay. Not an expensive part, and shouldn't take any longer than 1/2 hr to change. Have a technician ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

My fan limit switch will not shut the fan off in heating (gas). The dial on the limit switch rotates till the shut off point then sticks. I have to turn it manually to shut it off.

Make sure nothing is bent and causing added pressure to keep it sticking.\015\012\015\012You will likely need to replace the limit switch.\015\012\015\012I don't know your model, but its probably 2 wires, 2 or 4 screws and run ... Air Conditioners

My Bryant Quantum Plus with Puron Air Conditioner is two years old at max used for one season. The fan spins and then I hear a click and it shuts down for a minute clicks back on the fan spins for a minute and shuts back down this cycle will repeat itself until I turn the unit off. The house does not get cool at all. This happen if I put the thermostat on auto or fan. Any suggestions?

The outside unit is cycleing on a low pressure switch you need to call for service you have a leak and the system needs to be recharged afte the leak has been fixed ... Air Conditioners

Have an amana 80 furnace blows but wont light now wont shut off . When I started testing it upper fan was stuck loosened it up. Then I reset the small button, fans started. But no heat. Then I cleaned up the heat sensor and igniter. now It wont shut it off unless I shut it of fthe breaker. Also It has a 5 blinking code. Does this sound like a thermostat? Thank you

... Air Conditioners

I have a Haier HWR05XC7 that will NOT work. The compressor turns on, but the fan won't work. The fan moves freely because I tried moving it with a screwdriver, but when I turn the unit on, the compressor kicks on, but no fan. I have been fighting with this thing for weeks and am about to chuck it out of the window. Also, the red error light stays on and there is nothing in the manual on how to troubleshoot it (other than making sure it is turned on and plugged in!). No support from Haier or Circ

HEY< If you start out having problems , what do you think the future of that unit will be! ... Haier Air Conditioners

My Rheem Corsaire furnace is short-cycling. It ignites, the burners stay lit the fans run for a while then the burner shuts off, the fans run until the cooling oft temp is reached then shut off. Right away the furnace starts right back up. It does this until it reaches the temp the thermostat is calling for. I had a problem with the flame sensor last year, but then the burner would light and then go right out.

Try blowing air thru the pilot tube. You may have a spider web in the burner tube. ... Air Conditioners

My ac comes on in my RV and runs for a about 15 minutes and then the fan shuts off and finally the compressor shuts off. this happens before reaching the cooling temp. When it comes back on the fan does not come on at all and you can just hear the compressor hum

The Fan topside , Is the one working? The one that blows on the condensor? If not, your compressor can be trying to start against high head pressure. Ck the other fan, not the one that blows inside, the other one.It cools down the condensor and ... Air Conditioners

I have a Frigidaire furnace model 80 the burner comes on when thermostate calls for heatè, the fan cuts in and when the burner shuts down the fan wont shut down. Just keeps running. Is the electronic board the problem. Jim

Hi!\015\012\015\012It could be the PCB board or the thermostat unit. Check the thermostat first, there should not be continuity between the the R, and the G, Y or W terminals when the thermostat sends the shut down signal. If continuity pres ... Air Conditioners

I turn on the Central A/C unit with the thermostat. The attic fan unit goes on and the system cools the house. When the system shuts down the fan unit shuts off but the outside compressor keeps running. The only way the outside compressor goes now off is when I flip the 240 switch on the main box. This just started. Is it a thermostat problem? Thanks.

Could be a thermostat problem but even more likely the contactor on the unit outside is stuck. In order to change this part you will have to get in to the outdoor unit. The contactor is the automatic switch that the thermostat energizes when the t ... Air Conditioners

The blower fan does not shut off when it reaches the set temperature. Compressor shuts off but fan continues to run making the air inside very humid. Temperature is getting cold.

First, forgive me, but I have to throw the obvious out there......make sure the fan switch is in AUTO and not ON. \015\012If the blower will not stop operating unless the main supply feed is shut off, you have a stuck blower relay that will nee ... Air Conditioners

Heat would not come on and fan would not cut off even when thermostat was set to off. Took off the outside panel of the unit and red light was blinking 7 times - rollout switch fault. Since fan would not shut off, took out the disconnect to shut off system. What does this mean?

This means that the rollout switch was tripped by a flame coming from burners. could be a plugged fue or bad inducer motor, or a bad rollout switch. the fan will not shut off as a safety feature it keeps running incase the heat exchanger is to hot to ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

Heat pump does not seem to be running but fan will not shut off - it runs all the time. Themosat is set on auto but fan will not shut off.

If the fan is running all the time then yoiu have a sequencer thatt is bad on the air handler. you probebly need to contact a service company and set up a service call. Have then bring along a sequencer for the air handler soo that the tech has the ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

Outside unit is shutting down no fan no compreser changed cap cap is good changed fan motor its good, runs for awile then shuts down like a over heat

Have you cleaned the condensor? ... Carrier 38CKC024 Air Conditioner

I have a new Salem travel trailer with Dometic products. Everything appears to work fine, but when I run my furnace and it turns on, my fan blows from my AC unit. I have owned 2 other RV's but have not had this problem. When the furnace shuts off due to temperature being met, my fan continues to blow and does not shut off. Does this sound like there is something wired incorrectly?

Not wired wrong..if furnace runs through thermostat..make sure fan is in auto position.. fan being on low ,med or high.then fan will run ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

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