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Replacing filter on coleman furnace L8T

\015 How do I get into the unit to replace the filter for a coleman furnace model number L8T? I have removed the top panel but cannot get the bottom panel off.\015

Answers :

The bottom panel should either pop out of lift up. They can get a little stuck so you may need to use a screwdriver or similar tool. As long we''re talking about these units, see this link:
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Replacing filter on coleman furnace L8T

The bottom panel should either pop out of lift up. They can get a little stuck so you may need to use a screwdriver or similar tool. As long we''re talking about these units, see this link:\015\012\015\012 ... Coleman Air Conditioners

I have a Coleman furnace in my mobile home, P/N DGAH077BBSB, which was installed April 2007. The pressure switch died in March 2010 and I replaced the pressure switch in April 2010 with P/N 9371DO-HS-0031, which is a 0.18 aperture switch (replaced the 0.15 switch in there previously) but did not use the furnace at all after replacement as the weather was warm by then. Fast forward to October 2010, I changed the filters and turned up the thermostat for the first time this season and it only blo

Hello Maybe the switch is doing it's job.Please inspect the entire exaust/smoke pipe/chimney system for blockage or restrictions/nests. ... Air Conditioners

Last week my furnace went out. My landlord called a furnace technican and he said that the limit switch was fried. So he replaced the limit switch and did a tune up of the furnace. It took 2 days for the furnace to finally work properly, and now it's out again. It keeps flashing 33, so I manually reset it and its not working. I unclogged and opened all of the vents, and replaced the air filter and it still doesn't seem to want to work. What do I do?

Hello, a limit switch will open when the furnace overheats due to restricted airflow, check the blower wheel make sure it is clean and also make sure the blower motor is running at good speed and not dragging. Sometimes a weak capacitor can slow dow ... Air Conditioners

I replaced my filter on my Coleman Mach 2006 year model with a reusable 7x16 and it is frezzing up. The original filter was a 16x16 and appeared to be much thinner. I replaced it with 7x16 because that was all that was available and that is about the size of the return air inlet. The problem is my ac lines now begin to freeze if it doesnt cycle quick enough. Could the air filter be the problem? Is it to thick?

Your new filter is restricting the air flow to much go back to the origanal filter ... Coleman Mach 15 Air Conditioner

I am replacing the blower motor in my Coleman electric furnace. The original motor is a Westinghouse 230 volt single phase, single speed motor with a black and an orange lead. Both of these leads connect to "line". There is also a green ground lead that goes from the motor frame to ground. The Coleman number on the motor is 3400-313. I replaced the original motor with an AO Smith motor number 1468-120P. It is a two speed motor with four leads, and, of course, the green ground lead. The leads a

... Coleman Air Conditioners

Air King Wait 5000 Humidifier will not always shut off water when furnace fan stops....tried all troubleshooting tips in manual.....worked O.K. the first winter....cleaned the furnace filter, replaced the evaporator pad....tried all 3 dip-switch settings for water not shutting off....replaced the solenoid.....NOW WHAT? ....don't want to spend $90.00 hr. for a plumber yet......

My air king 5000 does not go on no green led light comes on it came on the first time i hooked it up and no more after that ... Air Conditioners

Carrier furnace I have been having an enormous amount of dust in the last 8 months and wonder if it could be my furnace. I have replaced the filters to the returns monthly and have purchased an air filter and checked my drier vent but no solutions so far. .

Furnaces do not generate dust. Dust comes from air born polluters, such as near by construction, heavy flow of people, or seasonal. If this problem persists you can check into an air purifier. I am an Ecoquest dealer and can ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

My oil furnace stopped and I think it might be the oil filter. i bought filter and want to change it, but read different things about bleeding etc.. can i just replace the filter without going thru all that or how do I know?

Depending on the type you have some have bleeders on top others you just leave loose on open valve until some spills out. you must bleed out the air ... Air Conditioners

I have a York Diamond 80 ( P3HUB12N08001C ) that was installed about 5 years ago. It has worked fine until recently. I noticed that the furnace does not come on but the blower continues to run. I checked the filter and it was really dirty. I replaced it. Having had a problem with my previous furnace accociated with dust, I opened the inspection cover and noticed a small amount of dust. I proceeded to blow out the dust. The furnace worked for a few week and now only last a day. I'm thi

Hello, It very well may be the limit switch,a Limit switch opens when the heat exchanger gets too hot and the most likely cause is lack of airflow. I would check the blower motor and make sure it is running at proper speed and not running too slow, ... Air Conditioners

I have a totaline P/N 0441 programmable thernostat that is going blank and just noticed today a PF on the screen before going blank. The furnace has a red light that is blinking when the thermostat goes blank? I did notice that the air filter was dirty and plan to replace it. I removed it temporarily and ther is no replacement until I get one from Home Depot. What does all this mean?

... Air Conditioners

I have a Coleman Presidential 7670 furnace in a mobile home. customer said it came on a couple of times by itself. I ran new wire, fan won,t shut off. Replaced fan switch, fan still won't shut off. Replaced t-stat, same problem. This is an older unit and has no board it has a fan switch a low limit switch, i,m guessing the other is a high limit and a fan relay. I have no schematic and am very frustrated can anyone help me please. Thanks. Brian from california

Brian, it sounds as if possibly the fan relay is stuck however, if the fan will not shut off I would suggest the following, Follow the wires from the fan to the relay on the relay disconnect the fan wire there and see if the fan shuts down if so t ... Air Conditioners

I have a intertherm furnace and I am trying to find replacement filters for our furnace. Can you help in locating where I can buy them.

Most of these furnaceshave their flters in the front cover or door and needs a mohair type cut -to-fit sold by lowes dept. stores. If it doesn,t get air. it will trip-out the hi-limit switch at the top box located next to the fan. ... Air Conditioners

Ruud uprl-036jez is tripping on high head pressure. Indoor coil seems to be clean, filter is clean. ref charge is good. Indoor txv was replaced. Fan is on high speed. Hooked up to a 10yo olsen direct vent oil furnace with direct drive blower. This coil is on the return. I have another hp, same model number that is on another oil furnace buts its on the supply side and its doing the same thing but doesn't always trip. The pressure goes really high and then it just drops back to normal. Neither un

Check your TXV outside just like you do inside. Strap temperature sensor to outlet of TXV, disconnect the bulb.and let run 5 min, Get temperature reading, then put the bulb in your hand and watch the bulb open up. Next stick in a cup of ice water ... Air Conditioners

The repairman said there was excessive rust and the area was pitted near the heat exchanger. The furnace is a Coleman EVCON Model BGD12520 about 11 years old. Could this be residue from the burner or something else the repairman saw with his extension light? He said the furnace would have to be replaced and he wouldn't turn it on because of the danger.

If he said there is rusted heat exchanger he was right not to start the unit . you can only call for a second opinion and have a nother repairman confure the heat exchanger is beyond its life. and then ask if there is replacement exchanger avalable f ... Air Conditioners

Mobile home coleman - evcon furnace model EB23B vandalized. I think what is called the Evaporator coil?? (Copper A shape) was taken from the home. All that remains is the blower. Now...was the copper coil for a/c or heat? and isn't there supposed to be some additional heating element that also goes with this furnace used for auxiliary heating that I must replace? I would appreciate any advice as to the parts I must get and possible cost...Thank You.

What a shame! An a coil runs about $500-$600 and an elec. heater kit about $100 plus labor and if the coils are missing then you Will have to replace refrigerant at $20 per lb.. I would replace the unit for about $1000 and t ... Air Conditioners

Where can I find replacement filters for my Fujitsu ASU24C1 ? Internet searches only seem to yield central air and furnace filters.

I would suggest contacting fujitsu general and they will direct you to your nearest dealer.\015\012https://ssl.fujitsu-general.com/global/con ... Fujitsu 24C1 Air Conditioner

I have been working on a Goodman Heat pump. The indoor coil keeps freezing. Outdoor temp is 70F and indoor is 78F. It has a brand new air filter. My superheat is 2F and subcooling is 10F. I have replaced the blower motor. This is a 2.5 unit, my return duct is 12x14, there is a return grill at the return side of the furnace 8x8. It has been working fine for the last couple of years. If I take freon out my superheat become -2. I think I got an airflow issue, and that's why I replaced the blower m

HelloIs there a high speed setting for the blower motor.Check the specs on the rpm requierd for the unit. ... Air Conditioners

We have had a coleman central air system for 5 yrs. It stopped blowing cold air into the house about a week ago. You can still here it running but no air is coming out. my husband replaced the fuses and over night it did the same thing so when my husband went to check out the unit outside he said that the line had ice on it. Is there a filter within the central air unit that needs replaced?

Ice is an indication that the refrigerant is not flashing off correctly in the evaporator coil. In most cases you can simply turn the unit off (until it completely thaws inside and out) and replace the filter. Make sure that all the vents in the hous ... Coleman Air Conditioners

Code is flashing on my Coleman Furnace ...Combustion air switch failed to close...we have already replaced the pressure switch ....What else could it be???

Safety limit switch,or some people call them a firestat,it has a red reset button in the middle,located in the return with two wires connected to it,detects heat ... Air Conditioners

My coleman Evcon model DGATO70BDC 1994 starts up and then locks out. The pilot lights and then furnace runs for maybe 2-5 minutes and all that is still running is the air chamber fan. I am thinking of just replacing all parts that could be responsible the problem. There's not much there as probably you know. There is no circuit board just basic electronic ignition,relays thermo senors and etc.. Any help would greatly be appreciated. James

Does your furnace have an air flow sensor? Blowing out the lowest tube will sometimes clear it and allow your furnace to operate. Lack of differential pressure across the burner will cause a lockout. ... Air Conditioners

Coleman LX Series 14.5 SEER unit makes a pusating noise and seems to recyle frequently (every 10 minutes). We changed furnace air filter but still have same issue. Unit was installed last Fall and this is first time it was turned on this season. Help!

... Coleman Air Conditioners

Ihave a coleman evcon gas furnace model DGAT056BDE . the circulation blower comes on most every night at about 12:15, runs for 3-4 minutes. does not matter if thermostat is on or off. fhermostat is a didgital Carrier brand w/o night time setback. circit board was replaced, still doing it. Home not haunted. gary

... Air Conditioners

I have a Jayco trailer with a Coleman 7300 Rooftop air conditioner. The unit is 13 years old and it doesn't put out the cold air it used to. I have cleaned the filter which improved the air flow however still not blowing cold air. Is it time to replace the air conditioner or is there something I can do to fix it.

Hi,from your problem its obvious that the problem is from the compressor.its bad and needs a replacement,however this requires the services of a technician and it will cost you a lot of money,however in the nearest future another problem may arise fr ... Coleman Air Conditioners

How to replace an intertherm Furnace Filter model MGHA-070AAFC-05

... Air Conditioners

I purchased a 1994 5th wheel with a Coleman air conditioner. It had been covered and in storage for 3 years. When I turn on the thermostat, it sounds like its trying to work but quits after a minute or two. I cleaned the filter and I can hear a gurgling sound (maybe coolent?). I'm not sure what to do next. Can you help with any suggestions? Thanks. Lynne PS The furnace uses the same thermostat and it works fine.

Hi roblynne,\015\012It sounds like you may have a fan motor stuck or obstructed. After sitting for awhile the motor can get stuck and it may need some help to free up. If you turn it some by hand it may just start working. Do not have the pow ... Air Conditioners

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