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The AC will not cool below 71 degrees. Can it be adjusted to cool down to 65. It appears that it was set at the factory to not cool below 71. I do not care for that at all.

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You have a air conditioner not a refrigerator. The reason that its locked to not go below is because any lower then that and the evaporator will freeze up and then liquid refrigerant will go to the compressor.

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The AC will not cool below 71 degrees. Can it be adjusted to cool down to 65. It appears that it was set at the factory to not cool below 71. I do not care for that at all.

You have a air conditioner not a refrigerator. The reason that its locked to not go below is because any lower then that and the evaporator will freeze up and then liquid refrigerant will go to the compressor. ... Amcor A12000E Nanomax Portable Air Conditioner

New Mr. Slim system just installed. Set to "Heat." Temp setting adjustment on the remote control will not go below 59 degrees. Is that factory setting? Set at 59 it keeps room at 70 degrees, can't get it lower, seems calibrated 10 degrees higher than the setting, will run up electric bill if I can't turn down lower overnight.

I have a related concern. I put the Mr. Slim unit in my garage/workshop and most of the time need it just to keep the pipes from freezing. I'd like to set it at 45 or 50 degrees, but the lowest it allows is 59. I bought this to save energy, but it's ... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

The builder of my house preset my honeywell thermostat such that it could not be adjusted below 72 for cooling. This was to prevent subcontractors from setting it lower while doing interior work on the house. I never learned how to de-program it so that I can set it lower than 72 degrees. What do I do?

Try reseting the circuit breaker first and see if that fixes itI can get you a manual but I need the model number of the unitPlease let me know if the simple reset of the circuit breaker fixes it.Notify me by posti ... Air Conditioners

Penguin a/c The original Penguin A/C on my 1999 Airstream failed in August 2006, and the roof portion was replaced by an Airstream dealer. The replacement would not work with the existing thermostat, which was replaced by a thermostat designed to handle multiple zones, although I have only one zone. The combination operated irratically; it was often necessary to set the demand to 50 degrees to get the unit to start on a hot day. Once the unit was cool, any adjustment to a moderate temperature (

The multiple zone thermostat should work fine but sounds like this one has an internal failure try replacing the thermostat ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a TCL split system air conditioner.when i set it to cool,fan or feel and adjust the temperature so it is at 20degrees the temperature on the front of the unit always reads 28/29 degrees and nev

... Air Conditioners

THe a/c has very weak flow of air blowing even with the fan on high. My last carrier had a high volume of air coming out of the vents which was adjusted by the installer as I desire room by room. This installer said the latest carrier units are designed differently and dont allow for adjustments. It takes hours for the house to cool down a few degrees and runs continuously. It only will cool below 74 degrees when the temperature outside is under 77. I have had several installers to look at

Hi,\012It sounds like you got shafted and the guy installed a smaller air handler unit with a smaller motor to try to make more of a profit...\012The problem is getting an unbiased opinion from someone who knows their stuff...sad to say b ... Carrier Air Conditioners

The air conditioner is emitting cool air instead of cold air. I have the setting on cold and the temperature setting at 60 degrees. On these days that have been near and over 100 degrees, that cool air offers no relief. When we first got the unit, it emitted cold air. We've changed nothing. The unit is not installed in a window but rather in a hole made for it in the wall.

... LG LWHD1009R Air Conditioner

Duo Therm Quick Cool Hi Efficiency AC runs. Will not shut off automatically. I can adjust the temp setting to cause it to stop. Or adjust the temp setting to cause it to run. It cools fine but will not function automatically. is this the overload protector?

Hi,\015\012Even though you can make the t-stat work manually, I feel that it is your problem...it will kick on and off when moved with force but not by the bulb...that would be where I would start...there really isn't anything else it could be. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Just install suzka09/slkka09 with mrch1 remote. The remote cool setting only goes down to 67 degrees. Can you help? I'd like to set it to 60 degrees. Confirmed that the min setting is at 50 degrees but it won't let me go down below 67.

... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

I have an XQ08 model - thru the wall When turned on it provide cooling for approx 10 minutes (sometimes longer) and then it stops blowing cool air. My repair man came and adjusted the sensors which he said might solve the problem. It did not. the thermostat is set to 69, I have it set on 'cool', not money saver. When it stops cooling, and I turn it down to 60, it makes no difference and no sound indicating the compressor clicks on. Any suggestions would be helpful. thank you Ms Hill

Hi\015\012\015\012To fix a cooling problem in AC you must know the cooling process that the condenser (outside unit) pulls in the house's warm air and cools it with Freon. The cold air is then forced back into your home through the duct s ... Friedrich Air Conditioners

I purchased a commercial cool room air conditioner by Haier (7000 BTU) and I set it up and turned it on and used the remote and everything worked accordingly. I came back in the room to adjust the settings and the remote would not work. I changed the batteries (though they were just out of the package 3 hours ago) and was able to adjust one setting and the remote would no longer work. Unfortunately with this model, all settings except the on/off switch are on the remote. Please help!

I am assuming that this is the same thread that I just answered only with a different title. ... Air Conditioners

We have this air conditioner in our sunroom. From the beginning, the temperature set is not maintained. When the unit is set to cool, no matter how high a temperature I select, the unit cuts on approximately every 10-15 minutes, and cools the room to about 66 degrees. When set to heat in the winter, no matter how low a temperature I select, the heat cuts on about every 10-15 minutes, and the room will heat to a much higher temperature than selected. Any idea what the problem is, and how I ca

Change thermostat. ... Amana PTH153B50AM Air Conditioner

My ac unit will not go below 77 degrees. It quit working about 1.5 weeks ago, and I had a service technican come and look at it. He replaced the capacitor and the unit started back up and would cool to 75 degrees (where I usually have it set). He checked the pressure of the unit as well and said that it was fine. However I came back from a trip and the thermostat read 77 degrees even though I have it set on 75, and the temperature will not go any lower. This is the same thing it was doing

Hi, It sounds to me like you have covered all of the basis. The evaporator coil should be clean if you keep your filter clean and the condensation is showing that it is cooling properly. Normally, when the temperature increases outside, you will loos ... Air Conditioners

We had a new AC unit & the inside unit replaced last night, it cooled fine over night. This morning it started making a "locust" sound every few seconds from the outside part & a gurgling sound from the inside part. It was 96 degrees today & although it was set for 80 degrees, it hovered at 85-86 all day. It's now cooled down outside to 89. It's still 86 inside. Do you have a suggestion as to what the cause is? Could it be over charged? Under charged?

Hi,\012My first guess is that it is under charged or may even have a leak...\012The unit is froze up..get them right back to get it fixed...\012\012\012Here is a tip about trouble shooting your ... Goodman Air Conditioners

Room temp 78 degrees with unit setting at 68 degrees. The unit is running (i.e. compressor) but unit not pumping out cold air. To be specific the unit is pushing out cool air just not cold with such a difference in room temp and temp setting. Any suggestions other than having an HVAC service contractor out.

Sounds like it could be low on freon I believe these units have about 1.5 pounds of freon in them and are critical in not undercharging or overcharging them if it is a freon 410 ac unit the pressures should be about 135 and both lines cold if is l ... LG LAN240HSV2-LAU240HSV2 24000 BTU 20 SEER Art Cool Ductless Heat Pump Air Conditioner

Our thermostat is set at hold with the fan on auto. The house and cool temp is set at 75 degrees, yet the fan will stay on CONTINUOUSLY unless I manually take down the temperature OR the outside temp falls below 75 degrees over a several hour period. This can't be efficient? HELP!

It is ok to run your fan continously. constant air filtering as long as it pauses before a/c cycles on. will not use any more electricity than a toaster. is there a fan programing feature on t-stat. if so you will need to turn programing to fan o ... Amana Air Conditioners

My Simple Comfort 2000 worked normally for about 2 years until recently. It was already a part of the house when we purchased it. There are several issues: 1) The "set" Temperature mode remains on constantly. It (inconsistently) will switch to the room temperature or even allow anyone to adjust the temperature. If it remains in the "set" mode it consistently sits at 45. Obviously its not 45 degrees in the home but nevertheless thats what it does. 2)After I sit there and try adjusting the te

... Air Conditioners

Can the cooling system be programmed to be set at 65 degrees to cool the house down to 65 degrees?

Yes it can but 65 degrees is very cold you air conditioner will probably never shut off I dont recommend it. What are you trying to accomplish? ... Air Conditioners

I have a Voltas Vertis premium 1.5 ton ac. It automatically stops cooling after 30 degrees eventhough I set the minimum temperature at 25 degrees? Can anybody help me as to what is the problem or is anything problem with the setting.

... Air Conditioners

I can't get my a/c to work. I have a totaline residential thermostat P/N P374-1700. I set the thermostat to cooling only and set the temperature to 72 degrees and while the house is 75 degrees and the green light goes on, nothing happens. The fan doesn't run either. I have HVAC on both the lower floor of the house and a separate station on the upper floor. The upper floor station works. The lower floor station worked fine earlier today, but nothing now. Any suggestions.

... Carrier Air Conditioners

Our upstairs Central AC unit will not cool below 80 degrees. Everything is blowing fine. It is 89 degrees outside today. The air coming in thru the ducts is 80 degrees. The downstairs unit blows 70 degrees even if thermostat is set for 78. The unit is 6 years old. We cleaned the coils. No change. What should we check next? Thank you!

You will need a thermometer, you can use a meat therm.take a temp reading of the air going into the return and then coming out of the supply at the unit, it should be at least 15 to 20 degrees cooler in the supply, if not it may be low on refrigeran ... Air Conditioners

My heat pump is pumping out warm are instead of cool. I have our thermostat set to 69, on cool, and it got up to 80 degrees before I finally turned if off and opened the windows. This is my first time using the Heat Pump this spring for cooling. Not sure why I'm not cooling down.

Its wired wrong the thermostst has wires running to the indor unit and the indor to the outdor wiring these units can be a bit complicated even for pros so use your judgement if you dont think you can handle it leave it to a pro be couse you can caus ... Coleman Air Conditioners

Non-cooling Our 38AKS016/40RM016 split system is cooling a 24' X 60' room which has 4 open doorways to three other areas (cooled by different units). The room has ~30 PC's and 2 printers which are on continually. Sometimes when the outside temperature is below 30F, the system gets in a mode where the air mover runs, but the compressor does not. The room will equilibriate about 8 degrees above the temperature set point (71F) and the compressor will not come on until it warms up outside (or the sy

- Calibrate your electronic thermostat if it is accurate. If not then replacement is needed.- Check the location of your electronic thermostat, it may be installed in the room where its too cold. ... Carrier 36KCARMS Air Conditioner

We are unsure of how to set our air conditioner on heating. I have it set on the 'sun' diagram and set temp to degrees however continues to blow out cool air. No manual available as was already installed when we purchased the house.

Get the make and model of your unit and check . The fixya service manuals and you can down load service manuals. Also go to product web site with model number and download manual, Rus ... Air Conditioners

Our samsung asv 18e model is not cooling. we already adjusted it to le lowest temperature setting but it doesn't cool the room.I have tried searching on the net for answers and it seems to me that a lot of people have experienced this problem with their samsung airconditioners...is there a way to fix this? I've come across in the internet about gas leaks in their airconditioners..is this maybe the reason why our air conditioner isn't cooling? Thank you so much for your help

... Air Conditioners

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