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Rheem Criterion Ignitor Issue?

\015 The ignitor on my Rheem Crerion furnace stopped heating up. I thought the ignitor went bad so I replaced it, but the new ignitor is not heating up as well. I'm not getting any error lights on the furnace. The furnace turns on, the ignitor doesn't warm up and it turns off again. Any ideas? Thanks!\015

Answers :

Maybe some trash or water got into the hose from the draft inducer to the proving switch It happens this time of year.

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Rheem Criterion Ignitor Issue?

Maybe some trash or water got into the hose from the draft inducer to the proving switch It happens this time of year. ... Air Conditioners

Rheem condensing unit fan motor failure?................3rd motor was replaced by contractor on 3 year old unit. Unit starts vibrating very badly and will also start vibrating when blocking airflow. All mounting screws are tight. Is there an issue going on with these GE motors? What is the issue here? Contractors have not seen this type of issue before. R-410A, Model: RANL-030-JAZ

Could be the fan blade is the issue for vibration. Perhaps the blade was bent or somewhat damaged during failures or during the fan motor replacement process.\015\012\015\012Might try replacing the blade. Be sure to install the correct bl ... Air Conditioners

We have a Rheem air conditioner that is 9 years old Model number RAKA 037-JAZ and have been having some issue with it. Last summer the condenser wasn't coming on so we have a friend who is a HVAC guy and he came over and cleaned it all out and then it worked great. At the beginning of this summer we started having the same issue, so we cleaned it out and it worked for a couple of weeks and then started to have problems again. One day, it ran all day and the temp stayed high when we went to look

It sounds like he got you a Hard Start Kit/Capacitor, that might explain\015\012the five minute delay. When the fan is not operating the compressor will\015\012make a loud noise..\015\012\015\012Check to make sure insulated su ... Air Conditioners

I replaced my Rheem Ruud 62-24084-82 Ignition Module Control Board in my Rheem gas furnace last year. Has worked great until last night. Now blower purge motor starts but does not go into ignitor cycle. On board power light is ON(AN1)but green light next to it (AN2) is intermittently going on and off. I am trying to determine cause of malfunction.

When the purge motor turns on, the controller is waiting for proof that it is running before ignition. On your model I think it a differential pressure switch and it should be in front of the furnace. Should be able to see a pressure or vacuum line r ... Ruud Air Conditioners

I have a Sta Rite Max E Therm pool heater and when I start the unit, the fan kicks on but the heater never does. After 45 seconds or so, I get a " Service Heater" light. The circuit board had leds for limit switch, pressure switch, air sensors, etc, but none are lit. The ignition contol module has a blinking red led which the manual says is a "ignition lockout" issue. What is an ignition lockout? Do I need to replace the HSI Ignitor? Or could it be something other than ignitor? Thanks

Hi,How many times that light is blinking?Is it 3 times sequence?Let me know,so that we could proceed.Thanks!! ... Air Conditioners

Rheem Rheem Criterion II Gas Furnace RCBA-3765GG17

... Air Conditioners

Rheem criterion rgdg - Rheem Air Conditioners

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Rheem Criterion II Furane would not ignite

What you need to do is take and inspect the hose that goes to the pressure switch and make sure that it is not dry rotted. if it is and the combustion blower is running then firsat try to cut the hose down and slip on a better piece of rubber. If n ... Air Conditioners

Rheem Criterion II - blower works OK w heat or AC, not by itself

Does the blower do anything? turn the power off and take the lead that comes off of the "cool" ( wire from the blower motor) and hook it up to the outlet side of the door switch ( the wire that comes off the door switch and goes to the board) ... Air Conditioners

I have a Rheem (Criterion) unit and i'am having promblems with the main burner staying on. When i turn the unit on everything operates like it should up to the main burner staying on.Once the main flame kicks in it will stay on for five second and the flame will go out along with the draft moter( for about three second the trouble shooting light will flash four times) then the unit will start cycling all over again from draft moter purging, glow plug will operate like it suppose to up to the mai

Run a wire from the sensor down to the control board conector. Bypass the sensor wire around the connector in the blower deck.\015\012The connection can be wire nutted on the sensor lead with the wire (16 or 18 guage stranded wire works) route ... Air Conditioners

To what terminals do the two wires coming from the a/c unit connect to on the furnance?i have r w g y c on the furnance board. its a carrier tech 2000 a/c and a rheem criterion 2 furnance

The 2 wires that come from the outside unit will connect to the Y(Cooling) and the C(Common) terminals on the board. It doesn't matter which wire goes to either one, they both work either way. Have a good one! ... Air Conditioners

I have a Rheem Criterion furnace that's leaking. The sump pump works and the condensation line isn't clogged. What to check next?

... Air Conditioners

Looking for the rheem part number for the hot surface ignitor for model number pvw50

Look on johnstone supply co. they might show what you are looking for. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Rheem criterion II gas furnace. Excessive water is coming out the pvc pipe that looks like it is a relief pipe. We are in Arizona so it is running long with the ac on. Never noticed this much water in past summers.

Hello MDRAZ Locate the end of the pipe & blow it out with compressed air to clear the CLOGGED condensate drain. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Rheem 21VP50H-1 water heater. the blower or vent come on and then the ignitor turns red-hot, i hear some clicking coming from the gas valve but the flame will not come on. Help please.

... Air Conditioners

I have a Rheem criterion ii gas furnace. i put bin new blower motor and i need to put connect wires to the intergrated control module blue, orange, black, red

\015\012Blower hookup on the circuit board isYellow/Orange - HeatRed - FanBlue - M2Black - Cool\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012Let me know how this works out for you.\015\012 ... Air Conditioners

I have a Rheem Criterion ii furnace. I replace the blower motor and need to connect the blue, orange, black, and red wires to the intergrated furnace control, they go to heat, cool, fan and M1 or M2, all other wires are in their proper connections from my memory

Hi\015\012\015\012M2 is just a blank terminal and does not run anything. Remove the red wire, yellow wire and blue wire leaving the black wire for high speed. Black represents high speed for Cooling, red represents low speed for hea ... Air Conditioners

I am trying to determine the specs on my Rheem Criterion II lx2000 heating/AC unit unit installed in Sept 99, I blieve it was manufactured 2/5/99 based on AC Pump serial number 6263F259928697 Model RAMB 036JAZ I belive this means it is 3Ton On heater I find VR8205H 8016 (inside on ?ignition?) Indoor AC box model RCGA 36A2GH17 serial# M3398 appreciate direct me to a site that can help

Rheems site is secure for dealers only but i can tell you. its a 3 ton unit 12 SEER R22 unit. The coil (rcga) is a 3 ton coil The AC is a 1999 and coil 1998. the # you have for the heater is accually just the honeywell gas valve. the model for the he ... Air Conditioners

I have a rheem criterion ii a/c and furnace. The power source from the a/c outside unit is not hooked up inside. Where on the unit indoors does the wire attach.

Two wires go from the inside unit to the outside unit. Y terminal and C terminal (both low voltage). Power should come from circuit breaker panel (20 or 30 amp double breaker). ... Air Conditioners

I have a rheem criterion II FURNACE (rpgh 10eamer) When hooking up a thermostat for air conditioning, the y terminal on the furnace does not turn on the outdoor compressor. Is there a way to configure the control board so that the y terminal is active and would control the compressor.?

The thermostat activates the y command. The wiring passes through the furnace, but the furnace does not activate the compressor. ... Air Conditioners

Rheem criterion gas furnace

Check freon, you will need guages on the condensor, also make sure the cond, outside unit is operating ... Amana Comfort Zone 12M32PBEH Air Conditioner

I have a Rheem Criterion Gas Furnace. Mod #rcba-24576617 s/n mo494 Even if the a/c or heat is off position and the fan is on auto. The blower fan motor consent run. I must turn the main power off to turn blower off. Is it because the mother board is bad. And if so, could I order one thru your company?

Actually this sounds like a thermostat or relay malfunction. \015\012\015\012As for parts, you have posted this question on Fixya, I am sorry but Fixya just answers questions and does not sell any parts. ... Air Conditioners

Rheem Criterion II air conditioner runs but it does not cool

Check air temp out vent should be approx 20 degrees colder than room temp if it is your unit is too small for the amount of space you are cooling.Rule of thumb 1 ton(12,000btu's) for every 400 sq ft of uninsulated space ... Amana Comfort Zone 12M32PBEH Air Conditioner

I have a Rheem Classic XI / Model # RPGC-025JAS. The issue is that it does not cool down. I left the AC turned on for 2 days now and the house still warm.

Not cooling at all, even at night, tends to suggest a refrigerant leak in the absence of other failures: condensor (outside) fan running, compressor running (clacking at startup), air handler (inside fan) running. Those are the first things one shoul ... Air Conditioners

My rheem centrion furnace hot surface ignitor heats up and the main burner lights for afew seconds and then goes out.it cycles like that twice without the other two burners lighting, and then the blower motor comes on, it seems like the normal sequence exept for all the burners igniting.

I am not sure from your description about the main burner. There is one set of burners in a heater. There are usually tubes that in line that have jets in them. The ignitor should have a flame detector. IF this detector gets dirty or corroded then wh ... Air Conditioners

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