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Samsung MH068FXEA4 - Fan not working

\015 Hi everyone,I have three indoor units, with all the correct option codes entered, but my outdoor unit is not working properly. The fan is not moving, and when it does, no hot air comes out (when set to COLD).This all started to happen after I shut down the energy here on the house. The technician told me a reset would fix it (on the outside unit, not the ones on the house).Below is a picture of the outdoor unit motherboard:http://img205.imageshack.us/img205/5114/p3260019.jpgAny ideas?\015

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Samsung MH068FXEA4 - Fan not working

... Samsung AW1203B Air Conditioner

I have a Samsung window unit, model # AW109CB. I realize it's older but it only worked for 2 seasons. The third year, it turned on, the fan worked but the compressor would not go on. It would not cool. It remained in storage for a year or so and I would like to use it again. Can it be repaired?

Mine is working but not cooling like it did the first summer I have only used it two summers!!! HELP ... Samsung AW1091L Air Conditioner

Samsung CH44CA 407c. working on cooling but when on heating the fan not working on heating

Usually the fan starts after when indoor coil has heated up but it doesn't indoor coil thermistor or pcb is defective. ... Air Conditioners

I had Samsung Split AC. Last night the AC was working fine and excellent, But then all of a sudden, it started loosing chillness. From then, I find the fan is running, but the compressor is not starting and no cooling at all. What can I do to rectify. We had just filled the coolant coupleof months before.

If you had to fill the coolant reservoir, that means there was a leak to begin with.Leaks do not resolve themselves. Unless the leak was fixed, filling the reservoir will only pressuring the system until the current freon level also leaks. ... Samsung Air Conditioners

Hi, I have Samsung AQ18U Air conditioner split unit, i have it installed only 10 days ago, and the warranty as bad as possible, the problem description as follows: 1- i turn it on it works for approxmitly 30 to 40 minutes 2- then suddenly it closes the fan exit and a green light flashes from the smart saver indicator. 3- i turn it off , then turn it on and the cycle repeats again. Please any one help me

Change the thermister ... Samsung AS18A6RB Air Conditioner

My samsung window unit has stopped working properly. It hums and the cools feel somewhat cool but it doesn't kick into output mode. The fan doesn't seem to come on

If you remove the outside panel you will be able to see the blower carefully try to spin it if it starts after that you know its the fan motor or the dual run capacitor which looks like a giant battery most times they are silver ... Samsung Air Conditioners

Recently bought samsung multi split 3 rm air conditioner. 2 of the room air con working fine but the 3rd room fan coil seems to be blowing only cool air not like the other 'aircon' feel coolness. Got the technician to top up gas but same problem persist. Help!

Doesnt sound like a gas problem. theres a vavle they opens and closes inside the unit that might be playing up either the vavle or the indoor pc board. did it ever cool ? might also be the vavle on the outside unit were not open with the alan keys so ... Air Conditioners

Hi ive got a Samsung S Inverter AQV24NSBN (indoor) AQV24NSBX (outdoor) its starts up ok but it doznt cool or heat fan inside works just over 2yr's old , also sometimes green & red light flashes & beeps then turn's it self of can someone please help!

... Samsung Air Conditioners

I have a samsung AQV12 fan airconditioning unit. The problem is it will not work, the indoor unit has two green lights flashing and one red light flashing.

Hi! Please try this. Remove the battery from the remote then insert it again. Press the up and down temp button at the same time and it will give you code. Please try to click on the link for it will guide you. Hope this helps and have a good one! ... Air Conditioners

Hi Expert, my reverse cycle aircon is Samsung model name=AQY09NSBN, only fan is working on the outside and inside unit at the moment, no heat air or cool air coming out of the inside unit, even tried with different temperature setting. Everything was fine till my gutter downspout was blocked and the switchbox outside near the unit was flooded and the aircon was on and off by itself every three seconds, so I turned the aircon off from the main switch outside. I got an electrician to replace the

Hi, and no your warranty is not void due to a flooded disconnect box, this is a lie!! If both fans are running, and you have no heat or cooling, the compressor is not running. This is a heat-pump with a reversing valve. The indoor unit has a control ... Air Conditioners

Hi there Please help , not sure if the aircon needs to be re-gassed , bought a place with the aircon - a samsung silver nano . the aircon has been working fine but lately it seems that we only have fan air and not chilled air and we have set the remote on aircon chilled air . please advise

I believe you're on the right track. The coolant gas may be low or absent all together. Having it professionally serviced will determine if that's the problem and also determine if their is a leak in the coolant system. Or it may simply be the contro ... Samsung Air Conditioners

The light fixture needed to be repaired. It never worked when I bought the house. New light bulbs didn't worked. I replaced the two ceramic light switches that had corroded wiring and reconnected blue to black and white to white. I have a dual wall switch that controls the fan and light. Now the light only works when the fan is on. The light on my other identical fan works without the fan on. Is the wiring problem in the fan or switch. The switches are different.

If its a duel switch that controls lights, and the fan seperately. sounds like the power for the lights is going directly to the fan, and therefore making the lights work also. also check out switch, make sure power is only going to the lights, with ... Air Conditioners

My fan stopped working, but i hear the refrigeration unit working. is there something i can do to fix this? i cleaned out the filter, that didnt do anything to the issue. when i have it set to just fan mode, nothing works. but when i set it to high AC i can hear the ac unit working but no fan movment, so im assuming its the fan that is the issue.

Yes , you may have to change your fan and it should work . seems your fan went up on your a/c .. ... Haier HWC05XCB Air Conditioner

I have a U-42 Janitrol gas furnace that will not start the exaust fan nor will it light the burner but the blower fan will come on. I have two identical units. I've swaped the exaust fans and the unit that was working strarted the other exaust fan - put the known working fan in the non-working unit and it still didn't come on. I switched the thermostats and still no positive results. Any suggestions?

... Air Conditioners

I don't know what model my fan is, but it's only 3 years old and suddenly two days ago the light and fan quit working. We replaced the light switch on the wall-nothing. Took apart whatwe could of the fan to look at the wiring-all intact. We then replaced the battery in the remote and it instantly worked fine again. After putting it all back together it stayed lit with the fan working for about two hours at which time I turned it off using the wall switch. I immediately tried turning it back on a

That may be, because you were using the Remote Control to operate it, but then turned off the wall switch instead of turning it off using the Remote Control.Turn the wall switch back On and try to get the Remote Control to take back over ... Hampton Bay Air Conditioners

I have a Mitsubishi split air conditioner; Model number: MSH-18NA. When I turn the air conditioner on with the remote control, sometimes it works normally, sometimes it doesn't. When it is not working properly, sometimes the fan turns continuously and sometimes it doesn't. No matter whether the fan is working or not, no cold air comes out. The green operation light is blinks and the indicator light is off. It looks like the outdoor unit is not working because the outdoor fan is not moving. Wha

... Mitsubishi MS12TN Air Conditioner

The fan on the condensing unit isnt working it works for awhile and then shuts off,then the compressor starts to work by itself really hard and the whole condenser heats up really fast so I turn off the breaker and start it again but the fan makes and electric humm and I have to push start the blades to get it to spin and then it will work for awhile and then the fan will stop again after about an hour and then same thing happens

Does the fan turn freely or is it hard to turn by hand? If it is hard to turn the fan motor may need to be replaced. If it isn't hard to turn then check the fan capacitor. You can test it with a multimeter or take it to a heating and air supply and g ... Goodman CLT36AER36 Air Conditioner

The fan in the bunk does not work. I have a 1997 379 Peterbilt. Bench tested fan and it works. The two wire that go to the fan were tested with a test light . One wire the test light is very bright , the other wire test light is dull. If i run a wire with a ground to the wire with duill light the fan works with air but only on high but cannot turn off with switch on the dash. Is it the switch in the bunk or what can it be.

... Air Conditioners

Recently moved into my mothers home (deceased0. Her Carries central air unit is 2-3 years old. worked 2 weeks prior to moving in, but has not worked since. The unit would buzz a th the fan motor, but would not spin. The capacitor was swollen, so I replaced it. The fan now works, but is not cooling. Could the refrigerant be the problem, even though the fan turns on. Thank you!

Hi,\012 \012Here is a tip about troubleshooting your air conditioner...\012There are many things that can cause your air conditioner not to cool… ... Carrier Air Conditioners


Goodman unit you can use a 1/4 hp or 1/3 hp cond. fan motor but it does sound like a cap. Replace cap first. Its very easy to do just open up panel and replace the silver bullet with terminals out the top. It will say on the side what size it is like ... Air Conditioners

Installed the Altura 56" fan (56ATR), worked fine at all speed until we put on the light. Everything worked fine for about 10 minutes, then the fan stopped working, but the light stayed on. Kept trying to get the fan to start at any speed but no luck. Seems as though something may have burned out after we installed the light.

Both the fan and light have a common connection .. usually all the white wires are connected at one wire nut .. check to see if the fan wire has pulled out of the wire nut ... remove the wire nut and re-tighten it .. pull on each wire to make sure ea ... Air Conditioners

I have a goldstar 18000 btu window air the fan has stopped working the compresser works good but when the compresser turn on the fan completly stops working . do you think it could be the fan or capacitor or both.

... Goldstar LG LW1804ER Window Air Conditioner

Sometimes, when the inside blower shuts down, the outside compressor and fan motor continue to run for some time. Other times, when the inside fan motor is running, the outside fan and compressor motors are not ... if I press the outside reset button, it starts up When both inside fan motor and outside fan and compressor motors are running, it works fine ... warm air blows out of registers. Other than that problem, both units work great!

Sounds like you have a dirty condenser. You are going to need to disconnect the power at the outside unit on the wall by pulling the fuse block out. Take a good look at the louvered covers that are attached to the outside of the unit. Remove the scr ... Ruud UAKA060 Air Conditioner

I have two Harbor Breeze Triton (Item #233576) ceiling fans purchased approximately 3 years ago. Neither have pulls, so the only way I can change the fan speed or dim the light is with the remote (the light can be shut on or off with a light switch, and I can also turn the fan off completely, if I want). A few weeks ago, one of the remotes stopped working...replaced the battery, etc., and nothing worked. I took the remote from the lesser used fan, changed the dips, and use it for that fan

... Air Conditioners

I have a Honeywell oscillating quiet cooling tower fan that was bought two years ago. Loved it, till yesterday it just stopped working. the oscillating feature still moves, but the fan does nothing. the buttons still beep and turn on and change while plugged in, and it sounds like something is working...but obviously not everything cause the fan doesn't fan. Is it fixable? Should I send it to the manufacturer? Or just eat the cost and buy a new fan?

Could be fixable but until someone determines the problem there is no way of knowing if it is fixable. Could be a broken wire between the selector switch and the motor or the motor itself could be bad.When you are trying to operate it does the ... Air Conditioners

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