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The temperature settings on my samsung ac remote control returns to 24 degrees. Even if i change it to 28 or 29 after switching off it returns again to 24.. how can i change the default temperature setting. Model #AS18WADTL

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The temperature settings on my samsung ac remote control returns to 24 degrees. Even if i change it to 28 or 29 after switching off it returns again to 24.. how can i change the default temperature setting. Model #AS18WADTL

... Samsung AW1203B Air Conditioner

My 500 protech Ruud thermostat which is new was installed by the dealer powered direct and without batteries. When the electrical power fails the differential and temperature return apparently to a default setting. Please tell me what the default temperature and differential temperature settings are and if I can install batteries in this case to retain my settings.

HI; Yes You can pull the cover off(gently) and put in batteries. The installer should have done this for You and should have left You with all the operation manuals. They should also have informed You on how to change the batteries as well...alpharom ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

Hi Guys, I work on a mine site and the temperature on my Mitsubishi model MSZ - 25GEVA split air con has been set and I cannot change it via the remote control. In any mode i.e. cool/ heat if you push the temperature buttons nothing happens. The remote works fine ON/ Off/ Fan etc but they've locked the temperature so it can't be changed. Even if I push the reset button the temperature still remains pre set. I'm of the thought that I might need to remove the batteries and hold done specific bu

... Mitsubishi MSZ09UN Air Conditioner

I have purchased a 2004 Sivercrest Manufactured Home. The water heater is an Intertherm Model IN140NHMT2 Serial HO4133796. The water temperature seems to be very hot. I have changed the temperature control knob from the setting of B down to HOT. It has not made that big of a difference. Is on od the other settings a lower temperature? The Temperature Control Knob has the settings of VERY HOT/C/B/A/HOT.

... Intertherm Air Conditioners

Maytag Air Conditioner Model# M6Y14F2B - unit has started changing set temperature by itself. Example: set at 72°, will hear unit beep (sometimes once othertimes several over a few minutes) and when checked temp has been changed to higher temp according to how many beeps. Have had this window unit for about 3 years and this is the first season it has ever done this. It happens randomly and on all mode and fan speed settings.

... Coleman Air Conditioners

Carrier Comfort 13 Puron model 24ACA3 / FV4NB006 installed 3/18/08 no longer cooling. Carrier AC1-100 Thermostat checked per manual - all default settings intact. Test override did not turn unit on though. All systems turned "on" - circuit breaker "on". Noticed last night that room temperature was rising so we turned target temperature down. Usually room temperature and target temperature are within a 1 or 2 degree swing. System did come on & cool once last night. Today though system is not comi

Verify 24 volts at the low voltage transformer inside the air handler.\015\012If it is OK, jump out the red/green and yellow thermostat wires. If everything comes on, replace the thermostat. ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

Hi, i need to change the temperature settings on my Siemens thermostat/air conditioning unit but cannot find out which model it is? If i send a photo, can you help please?

... Air Conditioners

My LG window air conditioner won't run. The control panel on the unit does nothing. It will not turn the unit on or make any changes. The remote will turn the power on, change the speed and modes, but the unit does nothing. Power is good at the plug and the leds and temperature settings change when using the remote. I think the model# is 5DEX6840. S/NO 512TATG15113 Thank you, Tommy

... LG Electronic Window Air Conditioner

HAIER MODEL PBFS21 temperature settings keep changing! HELP!

... Air Conditioners


This is not even a repair issue.If it is hot out and it's on quite a bit,there will be much condensation.However,condensation on a circuit board is never good.Since it is only 1 week old and you can see this serious of a potential problem,especially ... Goodman Air Conditioners

Hello I have a kenmore 25000 btu window airconditioner model number 25373299200. It has a remote control and every once in a while it seems to change temperature settings on its own. Any known issues with this model? Thanks

... Air Conditioners

Air conditioner Panasonic Modell CS-A24BKP can not be controlled by remote control. Obviously the receiver is faulty. I run it now on Automatic setting (reset on factory setting by myself), which works with the main button on the Air con. Now my question is, because I am not able to change temperature or mode cooling/heating: Is it possible to heat on automatic too?

... Air Conditioners

Please send N-22 model honeywell lcd temperature controller's default setting

... Honeywell Air Conditioners

I own a honeywell thermostat #rth230b and I cannot seem to locate my owners manual. I would like to be reminded as to how to set the four daytime settings for the temperature desired as well as the time to change the daytime setting. The four settings show on the readout as small houses with numbers either 1,2,3, or4. The temperature limits and times for can be set so that various settings can exist for different times of the day. When I am sleeping or not home at a certain time of the day, thes

Go to honeywell.com under welcome sign \015\012bootom red box literature / image search\015\012type in model# click on arrow at right, then click on PDF file. ... Air Conditioners

I purchased a 7000 BTU portable airconditioner by commercial cool for Haier. I set it up without an issue and was able to turn it on and utilize the remote control to go through all the settings. A couple of hours later, I returned to the room and the remote control would not operate the unit. I changed the batteries in the remote (despite the fact that they were only 3 hours old) and was able to change one setting and the remote stopped working again. I switched the batteries a third time a

There may be a master reset switch or combination of buttons to press. The Manufacturer may be able to walk you through this process. Otherwise I would simply exchange it. It sounds like it has a manufacturing problem. ... Air Conditioners

I dont understand how to set the temperature. at night time for some reason it goes to a different temperature than the day. when I use the arrows to change to the temperature i want set it automatically goes back.

Try holding the button in for 2 sec then set up an down temp to desired temp let me know if it works..good luck /joe/ ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Air conditioner/furnace was working for the past few months. Came home today at it is at 81 degrees, although my set temperature was set at 72 degrees. Temperature is rising to 83 degrees and I can't figure out why the air conditioner won't run properly. I turned the fan on from auto to on and it's blowing warm air. The default scree on reads the current temperature at 82 degrees with a circle and snow flake above it and an downward arrow where the word room is written. Any suggestions? I t

Check outside breakers. Open up outside panel and see if contactor is pulled in. If so you have a voltage problem or a bad capacitor. Sometimes a wire burns off. So look for this. If you have a float switch on the inside unit it may be tripped. Stopp ... Air Conditioners

Honeywell Receiver/Valve Model No. RV8310D,E can be operated by switching to a manual mode which will turn the fireplace insert on at level 6 flame hieght (the highest), and top fan speed, no adjustments possible. To turn it off I switch it back to the remote setting. When using the remote which works sometimes on the auto mode, I can set the thermostat to a temperature below what the temperature is in the room, the fireplace may or may not go on, but when the thermostat temperature is reached

This sounds like a control board problem. ... Air Conditioners

When setting waketemp leave temp,return temp,sleep temp should these times be the same i messed the programing changing the batteries. the system is not coming on. i cleared the system with no setting. what does wake mean "for the system to wake up, leave means i am leaving the house, return means i am returning, and sleep means the system is sleep. please help

You have to go thru the program completely setting the time, date, temp desired at ech time these are functions talking to you wake is when you wake up what do you want the temp to be when you go to sleep what do you want the temp to be ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Hello I just had DrifterK helping me, so he knows the problem I have been having with my split system. I don't know why I didn't think of it before but I have already changed the temperature setting on the remote. I am at work at the moment and could no picture it. Anyway, the temperate set up on the control has like a long line of temperature settings for both cycles (hot and cold) and you have to move the little marker thing up or down, as you do, the system beeps to recognise there ha

Don't start a new Problem, use the original problem, u can either use the email link that was send u when the expert answered you are u can find the problem by going to the My Profile page, look at top of this screen to see link, click ... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

I have a Carrier thermostat model TB-NHP01 and just installed it. Went to change the temperature and the screen went blank and stays blank. Bought this one to replace previous one which had the same

... Carrier 38CKC030 Air Conditioner

My thermostat had a blinking low battery symbol in the top left corner of the led screen and the furnce would not stay running as a result. I have changed the batteries and the furnace cut in but will only run for so long before it shuts off and the sign on the screen says heat on but the furnace is not cutting in and the temperature is way below the set temperature for the house. If I keep taking the panel off the wall and reconecting it as if i changed the batteries every time, then the furn

Your thermostat sensor is getting week. Please change your thermostat. ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

I have a comfort control 2200 thermostat. I changed the batteries and the thermostat is set to 80 degrees. The air conditioner stays on and the temperature on the thermostat is stuck at 80 degrees but the house temperature is down to 75 degrees and the air conditioner will not shut off unless I turn the thermostat setting to 81 degrees.

May be the location of the thermostat. Try another thermometer right beside wall thermostat & see what it reads. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Maytag window airconditioner, temperature setting changes automatically gradually from 73 to 88 degrees. Unplugged it, started it again, works for about 30 minutes fine, then changes temperature again.

You have the sleep mode set, which gradually increases the temperature setting( Usually 1degree each half hour until the off time is reached), so turn off sleep mode and it should be fine ... Air Conditioners

Unable to change the blower position, air is just coming out from the dashboard vents, moving knob doesn't change air direction. also when blower is set at 3 0r 4 unable to turn the temperature down. Temperature knob works fine at 1 or 2. I think there might be wires broken inside but not sure where to buy these wires from or what exatly are they called.

The air will not blow through windscreen vents but is blowing through every where else. makes no difference when changing the direction of the knob to the windscreen only. you can hear the air blowing but nothing comes through? ... Daewoo Air Conditioners

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