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Try the FAN ONLY position and start it.
\015\012Could be a stuck fan motor or a bad capacitor..
\015\012Remove the cover. Have someone turn it on. Once they turn it on spin the fan by hand. If it starts and runs replace the capacitor.

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My unit was working fine until 3 days ago when the breaker tripped, I reset the breaker and worked fine for a day then tripped again when it tripped both the ac breaker andthe main in the trailer as well as the main breaker on the pole. Now it trips all 3 breakers when the ac breaker is reset even with the t-stat off. The only problem I can think off is a short somewhere but it just seems odd that it would pop up all of a sudden, seeing as the trailer hasent been moved for three years.

High amp draw can be caused by a few different things, so first check that incoming voltage to trailer is sufficient. (115 volts) Not unusual for some parks to install more hydro hook-ups on a feed line, and when all are up and running, your incoming ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a ruud achiever uaka outdoor central air system, the first time i ran it this summer it tripped the breaker. It stayed on for a good hour as it cooled the house to the desired temp. then it turned off, when it attempted to run again it tripped the circuit breaker. when i reset the breaker it started to buzz, then tripped it again, and i reset one more time and it tripped agin right away. Now just to see what the problem was i turned off the thermostat and reset the breaker again, i then w

Start components are likely bad causing comp to pull high amps tripping breaker careful resetting the breaker they can explode stand off to the sideyou need service all so have preventive maintenance done on the unit ... Ruud UAKA037 Air Conditioner

I have 60 amp circuit breaker on my electrical a/c heater with a 45 amp fuse. I had the unit for 7 years with no problem. This month the 60 amp circuit breaker keeps tripping when the heater goes off. The 60 amp circuit breaker does not trip all the way. Do you think I have a bad circuit breaker? Shouldn?t the 45 amp fuse blow before the 60 amp breaker trips.

You're unit is a 31/2 ton according to the numbers.Normally, breakers will only be in a half way posistion when tripped. Yes, under most conditions, the fuse will blow before the breaker trips. I have seen this many times, the breaker may be weak, bu ... Goodman CKL42AR42 Air Conditioner

My hydropool spa is tripping the circuit breaker. I moved my hottub off the deck onto a concrete pad next to the deck last summer. No problems, then over the first winter I went out one day and the breaker had tripped. I reset the breaker, no problems, happened two more times during the winter. I reset the breaker - no more problems. I should say that I was using the hottub during the winter and into the spring time with no problems. Now the breaker tripped and wouldnt turn the tub back

It sounds to me like your hot tub has bugs take the control panel apart and clean the bugs out of it. if you have ants in the area they will get into the controls and cause it to trip out. i had similar problem with apump until i found the ants ... Air Conditioners

Unit keeps tripping breaker everytime i put the power to it. was working fine then began to trip the breaker. power supply cords test okay, but each time i reset breaker the unit comes on for a couple of seconds and then trips the breaker.

Hi, It's drawing too many amps. Could be a shorted wire, bad fan motor, or a bad compressor. It could also be the relay in the outside unit. One side of the relay could not be contacting.I would pull the disconnect outside and look at the co ... AmcorAire UCHW-H24AF2 Split System Air Conditioner

Dometik Duo Therm Brisk Air rooftop trips AC circuit breaker when the weather turned hot. When circuit breaker is reset, the unit will run for 5-10 minutes, cooling nicely, and then trip the AC circuit breaker again. I changed the settings, but it did the same. Once the outside temperature went down, that evening, I tried it again. The AC worked fine all night and the next morning,and when it got hot outside next morning same thing, trip the breaker

... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Hello, I have goodman 3 ton a/c that runs ok for about a half hour or so then the condenser stops running because the circuit breaker pops off. The a/c tech check the units draw ( 13 amps) and thought it was ok. We thought then it was a faulty breaker. We then put a new breaker (30 amp). Later same result. a/c works ok then trips breaker. Wait awhile then reset breaker and it runs again. What would cause the breaker to trip like that. Any ideas? Thanks

First of all, let me caution you to remove the 30 amp breaker and put back the 20 that was there. It's not to code. It's too big for the wire size. Second, you will need to monitor the circuit with a 'clamp on' amp meter to verify the current d ... Goodman CKL36AR36 Air Conditioner

My well keeps tripping the breaker but when I run power from the breaker straight to the pump the pump runs fine. I have replaced the disconnect box located at the well but everytime I hook it back up the breaker trips but does not trip with the box disconnected. Pump is not hooked up at the box during this.

Maybe undersized wire, or breaker is loose on busbar.http://waterheatertimer.org/Color-codewire.html ... Air Conditioners

Have a package unit that is tripping the circuit breaker early in the morning, around 5 a.m. each day for the past few days. The blower fan motor was recently replaced, but it seems to work fine, all day in fact, after resetting the breaker. (After letting rest for a bit before resetting the breaker.) Why would it only trip in the morning? It cuts off and on fine all other times, but only in the morning does it trip.

... Goodman GPC1342H21A Air Conditioner

Goodman heat pump model CPKJ421B. Tripped breaker for outside unit two weeks ago. Reset breaker, tripped again today. Unit won't run now. Did some basic checks and found that the 28 vac from the inside unit was not going through the low pressure switch to pull in the 220 vac contacter for the compressor. Possibly either the refrigerant is low or the low pressure switch is bad. Could a faulty switch, maybe losing and regaining contact quickly, trip the breaker? Could the refrigerant, just before

... Goodman Air Conditioners

My roof top ac for my rv was tripping the breaker after ten minutes in 110 degree heat. I was told my compressor was probaly bad. I tried it in the evening and it didnt trip the breaker ran fine could the heat be making it trip the breaker and my ac compressor in good condition.

Your compressor most likely has the insuation on the windings breaking down with age and in the heat and the load the poor old compressor was gasping a bit to say the least and running a slight bit hot which causes the windings to short across which ... Air Conditioners

Hello, my heat pump is a 4 ton unit, it heats ok but it keeps tripping one of the breakers, the 40 amp cooling breaker. I have put a new thermostate, it keeps running after the breaker is tripped and the outside unit is off. I am thinking the breaker could be bad the other two breaker are 60 amp. do all three need to be 60 amp. Thanks

Hello Jack, \015\012\015\012Let me see if I have this right. Your heat pump keeps triping the breaker that is going to your airhandler. The Heatpump is on its on breaker and can not trip the breaker on your air-handler. However, the 40 am ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

Have a amana window ac unit. It has triped the breaker. When i turn the unit off and plug it back in, it still trips the breaker. I took the cover off and disconected the control panel and it still triped the breaker. I then removed the power to the capasitor and pluged in the control panel and the breaker did NOT trip (stayed on). Do I have a bad capasitor. If i replace it will i need to dead short it out. Or will it self drain by diod?

Chances are that you may have an bad capacitor also there are chances of short circuit ....So use an continuity tester and check whether oyu have any short circuit and then replace it... ... Air Conditioners

My breaker trips when the outside unit tries to turn on. The inside furnace runs. I cut the inside unit off and the breaker doesn't trip. I manually turn on the outside unit by depressing the cont

Hello, there is a short to ground somewhere, check all the wiring from the inside un it to the outside unit and make sure nothing is touching metal. ... Goodman Air Conditioners


... Air Conditioners

Only fans work on split system model ls-k2463hl earth breaker trips when compresor tries to start I own a Panasonic Heat pump model A18CKP6G with the same problem. The compressor was replaced last June and the breaker has been tripping eversince when it's raining or when it's humid outside. My repairman can't figure out the problem and my electrician confirmed it's not the breaker!

Sounds like a wiring problem between the outdoor unit and the house. You would be surprised what I have come across in 30+ years of A/C work.But it could also be the compressor.I will need to know answers to the following - ... Air Conditioners

I have a Quick Cool (59516.501) which just started tripping the 20 A circuit breaker. I replaced the circuit breaker. Unit still trips the circuit breaker.

You will need to access the unit and look for burnt/shorted wires on/at compressor. if not then the compressor is locked down/shorted and will need replaced Tim ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Unit keeps tripping the circut breaker. I reset the breaker and in 15 minutes time it trips the breaker again

Tripping can be due to over current drawn by the compressor .This can happen due to lower voltage prevailing during that period (due to several other electrical appliances being connected on the same circuit etc).The condensing unit may be accidental ... Airtemp B7D18E2A Air Conditioner

I have outdoor Goodman compressing unit, model #cple24-1c. The breaker tripped and I was told to take out the connector located in the box by the unit and reset the breaker. The breaker did not trip again. I was told to replace the electrical whip because we had alot of rain recently. Is this right?

No, the electrical whip should be able to handle all weather, moisture, and even immersion. The only reason to replace a whip is if it has suffered some kind of physical damage. I recomend keeping an eye on it and if it trips again, have a pro come ... Goodman Air Conditioners

The main breaker keeps tripping when ac starts up . after we trip it .it works again.we put a new breaker switch on . still trips

Is your house running off 100 amps or 200 ? ... Weather King 10AJA6001AH Air Conditioner

LG s30ahp-ud6 split system. tripping breaker. the second the breaker is reset indoor unit beeps and at same time with no delay compressor humms and trips breaker. capacitors are ok and compressor windings are fine.. why is compressor powering up straight away with no delay? only want to speak to someone who has dealt with this same problem on an lg split.

May be Compressor struck due to over charged gas. Try after purging out some gas. Please try with new capacitor also. ... LG Air Conditioners

Air Conditioner trips the 110v breaker, only when the outside temp is above 90 degrees. Unit has been checked several time and the circuit board has been replaced, but has fixed the problem of tripping the breaker. Breaker has also been replaced.

'Breakers' - are tripped because they are exceeding their amp limits.\015\012\015\012The 'hotter' it gets outside - the 'harder' your AC has to work - and under normal circumstances this is not a problem - but when you have a fan motor or ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Ac Problems Im in FL 93F im hooked up to 110 /30 A and i have the AC running the entire day. The Breaker trips several times a day when the compressor kicks in. If i reset it, the entire inside of the coach is flickering and often the Breaker trips again. It a a 2009 Coachmen Prism so the AC is new, it is a 13.5 BTU Dometic Duotherm Roof Unit. The Breaker box is getting hot too.

You must have too many things running on that circuit. Check your connection to the power box.Loose connection on the receptacle can cause the breaker to trip or too many things running on the same circuit. If the breaker is old it might need to be r ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

After a recent thunder storm my a/c unit tripped the breaker in the main panel-I replaced the breaker and the unit still trips the breaker immediately after turning on the a/c unit-I don't know where to go from here

You have a high voltage short to ground.Could be as simple as a burnt wire or as major as a compressor. ... Intertherm Air Conditioners

A/c was wrk.now it keeps tripping cord breaker .control panel not lighting up.when press reset can hear click in control panel but still trip cord breaker.jumped comp. tries to kick on but trips cord breaker.

Is it 220 if so check if you 120 on each pole and should be on a dedicated breaker at least 30 amps. make sure you have a good ground.even on 120 you must have a good ground. or the cord breaker is bad. but check all the above. make sure there no los ... Whirlpool ACD052MM Air Conditioner

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