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My window unti is dripping water inside the bedroom room.

\015 I was told the consensation motor? was tore up on it and that was why it was leaking/dripping water inside my bedroom. The unit was unit was tilted and sat correctly in the window. my uncle even drilled a hole in the back of it outside to let water run out and it still ran out the front on the sides inside the bedroom. I had to make a gutter thing for it out of some plastic and duck tape to let water run into a bucket. My contraption was ugly , but it worked last summer. Any ideas on how to fix this please. The unit cools great and i would not like to soend money on new a/c unit if this can be fixed....\015

Answers :

There could be an obstruction in the bottom.remove it from the window and remove the case.check for anything obstructing water flow (condensation) to the outside.

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My window unti is dripping water inside the bedroom room.

There could be an obstruction in the bottom.remove it from the window and remove the case.check for anything obstructing water flow (condensation) to the outside. ... Sharp AFS60FX Air Conditioner

I have a Panasonic 11,500 BTU Window A/C for my bedroom. It does not condense any water on humid days and the thermostat keeps cycling on/off. The model is CW-XC120VK. My living room model compressor is on constantly trying to make up for the larger model and I can see the water dripping out the back. The compressor on the big one does come on, but just then shuts off and my bedroom temperature rises above the set 23C. This is a two year old model. Help!

\015\012Compressor starts and stops in seconds\015\012There are Five Main reasons that this will happen\015\0121 - A bad run capacitor (silver or metal capacitor)\015\012It’s either shorted, grounded or open.\015\0 ... Air Conditioners

I have a new GEAEM08FM 8,000 BTU ac in my window. (around 7/2010). There has been a mildew smell in my room, and when i looked inside the air conditioner (from the vent at the top), i can see the pipes inside are covered in rust and sitting in a pool of rusty water - what do i do? It does rain here in portland, OR. thanks

If it was me I would mix a strong Clorox/water solution and spray everything down leaving the Clorox water in the tray...this will kill and fungi/mold and make it smell good...heatman101 ... General Electric AEM08FM Air Conditioner

I have a window unit and water is leaking all on the inside of the room from under the unit?

Your drain hole on the ouside of your unit is plugged up, I always drill a couple extra 1/4" holes on the outside on the bottom to prevent that from happening, take caution when and if you drill your own extra drain holes not to go to deep and damage ... Air Conditioners

I have samsung window AC, Water is not drain from my window ac but i am getting the cooling well .. but water stored inside the machine if it make any problem in future? bottom of the machine have one hole it is closed by our service person..he told if water stored inside it increase the life of AC compressor is it true.. kindly clear my doubt.. thanking you..

If you continue to operate your AC with the drain 'closed up' it will eventually :"run over" and probally into the house.\015\012\015\012The drain hole should be open so your 'condensate water' can drain to an outside location.\015\ ... Air Conditioners

Water is dripping from inside unit-RUUD water is dripping inside the window. Don't know what to do. How do I unclog and were is the hole to uclog it from. It's a widow AC

Window AC's mut be installed with the back slightly lower than the front to allow the condensate (water) to drip outside ... Goldstar R5050 Air Conditioner

My sister was stumped because her window unit a/c keeps leaking water inside her house.She even had her husband drill a small hole in the housing of the a/c, so that it would drain excess water more efficiently, but it still drains inside the house,they also tried to tilt the unit more, but no luck.Do you have any suggestions?

If you remove the lower casing of the unit, you will find that it was design in such a way the water followed a certain track. Your problem should be fixed if you align that track with the opening to coils so water should drain in the proper track. ... Air Conditioners

Water is not draining forom my hampton bay air condiotioner. It is gurgling and you can see water inside the unit. I have tilted it more in the window there is some water dripping but there is still water in the unit. I do not see a drain hole on the bottom of this unit.

Allot of Window units do not have a drain anymore. The condenser fan picks up the water that lays in the bottom of the unit and slings it against the condenser coil to help keep it cool. If it is not leaking water inside the house it is normal to h ... Air Conditioners

Kenmore 18500 btu window a/c model 70181 brand new. Water in the pan is being kicked up by the fan making loud pinging noise as the water drops hit the inside of the a/c. Like the water level is too high and is touching the fan. It's I installed it correctly with about a 1/2 in downslope to the outside. There is no drain plug to let the water drip out. The manual said not to drill a drain hole.

... Kenmore Room Air Conditioner

I have 2 Gibson AC's that are thru mounted that have worked well over the years with some water issues. WE have cleaned them without removing them from the windows with good success each year. Now, both of them are dripping water down the inside ofthe house. They both have the angle ointing down on the outside that they originally had. Something makes them both want to back up water. Can I carfully drill a hole further back to relieve some of this, or is there a better way. I think the pan on th

DONT DRILL A HOLE! It is to easy to drill through a refrigerant line and that's big problems. Water in the bottom of the unit is normal and there is usually a water slinger on the outside fan that blows the water on the condenser coil. Its good th ... Gibson Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner

Hot Upstairs I bought a new house 4 yrs ago and during the first summer I noticed that I could never get the upstairs cool. The best I get is 80oF My master bedroom is downstairs and very cool so being hot upstairs wasn't a big issue until now. Now my kids are ready to move into their rooms upstairs and I am wondering what I can do to cool these 3 rooms and a gameroom. No window unit AC is permitted in my subdivision. Every room has a vent but these vents are not big enough to produce enough coo

A good heating guy should be able to balance your dampers to increase the airflow upstairs. Keep in mind heat rises. 2nd floors are the hardest to cool. You may need to add more returns to pull the heat down the the evaporator so it can be cooled. I ... DeLonghi Pinguino PACL90 Portable Air Conditioner

I have upvc windows & always have condensation inside the windows. Only time that I don't have this problem is in the summer months when the weather is fine. I have had the windows for the last 12 years. Is also in the corners of my bedroom on the outside wall & black spots on the ceiling. Any suggestions?

This is caused by high humidity and difference in temperature from inside to outside. So in winter when you have the heater on, there is a reaction when the inside of the upvc is heated and the outside is cooled and causes condensation to build up. V ... Air Conditioners

Living in an apartment, 2 story building,my apartment is on thr first floor, so there is no attic, my problem is that on the wall there is a lot of moisture, but on the wall facing the side of the building,not the wall next to the shower room,this is a 2 bedroom apartment and the problem is on the same wall that runs across both of the bedrooms,and that's the only wall that has the problem, it seems like it swets,and it feels like wet,and the bedrooms smels humid, the bathroom has no window, but

Which way does the wall face, north south east west? is it a brick wall?? you should call the appt mang. and let them know about it because this could cause mold in the drywall and get you guys sick. i would also get a dehumidifier that will help get ... Air Conditioners

My Frigidaire Window Ac Unit is Collecting Water on the Styrofoam Thats Facing Inside The Home By The Vents,Why Is this Happening?

... Air Conditioners

Frigidaire window unit spits water into room

To be honest with you this is a good and a bad thing. The bad thing is that it is spitting water into the room. The good thing is that the unit is running Great. The amount of humidity it is removing. is greater and faster than it can run down and ... Maytag M7D24E7A Air Conditioner

I am turning on my window air conditioner for the first time since last summer. Air is blowing but water is coming out of the vents as if water is inside.

Hi, what is going on is the unit is working good so you will have condensation running down the front of the indoor coil. You will have a trough at the bottom that has collected dirt over the winter and has clogged up the drain. Some window units hav ... Frigidaire FAC124 wall/Window Air Conditioner

Frigidaire 18,500 btu installed about 2 weeks in the wall and has been working great...It is tilted down on the outside, however this evening it started blowing drops of water inside the room..About 1 drop every 3-4 minutes..... It is in a room 30x20 and there was no stove or anything on, however there was a door wide open leading into a out 40 feet of the house at the time was not air conditioned....any suggestion...Doug Hogan

Sounds like over condensation caused by the uncooled area but may also be a clogged drain hole on the outside of the unit ... Air Conditioners

GE MODEL #AKZ10ANT window a/c. Brand new, daylight coming through top of a/c where cool air comes into room. We see the white styrofoam inside wall of a/c...all our other window a/c's are lined with dark plastic (or metal?) and no daylight comes through. Is this a/c defective?

They have changed thier manufacturing proccess, so it is not uncommon to see the styrofoam. As far as the light shining thru, you might want to chack and see if you have the vent setting in the open position. If it is in the open position, the square ... GE AJCQ08ACB Air Conditioner

Hi: The model # of my ac is acb067e. I took it out of the windows because it was dripping inside the room. After I reinstalled it E1 came up in the display window. It will not turn. This has happened before but it eventually started. Can you describe what to do to get it running again?

Your sensor is deffective change the coil sensor ... Amana Air Conditioners

Gold star ac window unit water leaking inside the window plus were is the drain plug on this unit i dont see no holes

Window ac clicked during a thunder storm won't come back on. ... Air Conditioners

I am turning on my window air conditioner for the first time since last summer. Air is blowing but water is coming out of the vents as if water is inside.

Get your AC serviced, due to dust and all the coils are choked this is the reason for water is comming out from the evtns ... Frigidaire FAC124 wall/Window Air Conditioner


... Air Conditioners

Water leak water condening inside room

Check your drain hose it may be clogged ... Air Conditioners

Have a ge ac in window unit asto5 model leaks inside just recently . connot find any plug to pull for draining outside excess water inside ac cabnit . does it have one? been running this ac all summer and never have had a problem till just this week.

No drain plug but this model should have a SLINGER RING AROUND the end of the fan blades which picks up the water & sling it on the back coil which it is so hot & evaporates to help get rid of excess water .. So as for the water running ins ... GE Air Conditioners

Why does my window air conditioner in my house spit water out of the front of it and i can also hear the fan blowing water around the inside of the AC?

It is freezing up. Change or clean the filter(s) and turn it off until it thaws. If this doesn't work the problem may be more serious. Usually this means it is low on freon. A technician will have to do this repair due to EPA restrictions on the refr ... Air Conditioners

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