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Daewoo airconditioner not working

\015 I am trying to install a second hand Daewoo DSB-120LH air conditioner but can't get the unit to turn on.\015\012 The indoor unit flashes two LED's 5 times ('ON' and 'AIR CLEAN' LED). What coult be the problem.\015\012I have vacuumed the unit and re-gassed also leaned all filters\015

Answers :

Try reset power to the unit and see if that will take care of it.

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My Daewoo DSA-249L Airconditioner , new out of the box , will turn on , then remote won't work , or shut off . Is it time to get new remote from factory , or will universal remote work ?

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Daewoo airconditioner not working

Try reset power to the unit and see if that will take care of it. ... Air Conditioners

Our aircondituoning circuit on the power board shut down yesterday. Both air coditioners stopped. When we turned it back on the airconditioner in lounge room came on with left had light flashing continuosly but no cool air only fan working. I tried turning off the isolator switch outside for 15 seconds. The airconditioner came on with both lights working no flashing for approx 2mins and then resumed to only left light flasing again.Can you assist me with any further ideas? Thank you.Catherine za

Http://www.mitsubishipro.com/media/214656/msh-a18~24nd_servicemanual_ob427b[1]_5-18-07.pdf ... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

We have just had an electrician do work around our house when we went to use the airconditioner it doesnt work. Tried to call our electrician but of course no answer. Any ideas how to start my airconditioner??

Check the electrical panal and make sure the breaker is on(220 volt 2-piole breaker). Check at the air conditioning unit and make sure the disconnect is on and there are fuses in the disconnect. Some disconnects are a non-fusible type. Turn the bre ... Mastercool 67680 Evaporative Cooler Air Conditioner

Centrex airconditioner i have two centrex aircons, the one works for a few seconds then stops working and shows an error e4 on the screen. The other one works but wont blow cold air, only warm air. Please help me.

I bought a house with one already installed. Found that it isn't switching from 'hot' to 'cold' After time the unit will beep and flash LED's on the unit itself and then switch off. Rather handy on 40 degree days. Good luck sourcing parts for the uni ... Air Conditioners

Srk50zix-s airconditioner not working worked for 5 minutes then turned off . it done this once before after 9 hours started working again looks like there is no power but all checked same as last time aswell. is it frozen up? what can i do? also have now held down the power button for longer than 5 seconds it says in the book dnt do this only for service and moving aircon what do i dop now any help would be appreciated. ****

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When the airconditioner is on, the big unit (blower) outside does not work> When we finally got it to work, the air coming out is not cold, it's just like a blower, it's like the air it is blowing is from an electric fun. We have ducted airconditioning, Fujitsu ART series and it's only 2 years old.

Check the compressor is working with exact amps. If not short of gas or no gas. Check thermostat setting 23 degree with cool mode. ... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

Our airconditioner 5 way contol lights on the air conditioner are flashing and therefor the airconditioner won't turn on it keeps turing off. can you suggest a reason for it. the actual hand control does work and batteries are new. Thankyou...please reply soon as that our only way we are keeping warm!

Well i think problem with ur electronic board software..u have to put codes according to model no ... Samsung AS18A6RB Air Conditioner

Hi, My remote won't work for my air conditioner. Batteries changed. Can't tell if it's just remote or air conditioner unit as well that aren't functioning. Can you tell me if there is a manual way of operating the airconditioner without the remote? If it is the air conditioner, what do I try to get it to work? I have taken filters out and cleaned them and that's all the ideas I had. My air conditioner is a LG Model LST 244H-2 split system. At least 6 years old. thanks for your help

Here is the main ONLINE SUPPORT page for your LG model LST 244H-2: ... LG Air Conditioners

My Art cool was working fine. Airconditioner guy came to check all units, now it is not working. Inside unit will not power up. Checked power input out side - fine - 220VAC. Outside circuit board clicks (constant slow)

Hi, Are you getting any error message , on the display screen or its just completely a no power situation. The problem could be caused due to bad inverter or control panel . Would request to call up the service guy again so that he can check ... LG Art Cool LA121CNP wall/window Air Conditioner

Roof top airconditioner stoped working after we washed our rv. (was working before) not sure if that means anything. cheked the fuzes

Hi,\012Probably not... just a coincidence...\012\012Here is a tip about trouble shooting your air conditioner... ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

We have a Kenmore window airconditioner about 10 yrs old. 15,100 btu, 27inches wide, 10.7 effic. rate. Cannot access model # at the moment. The on/off switch on the control panel is a sensor, and we pushed it in too hard and it broke through (made a hole). Now the airco doesn't go on. We bought a universal remote for Kenmore, but it doesn't work. OUr old (original) remote didn't work either. Should we try to get hold of a "new (replacement)" original remote and see if that helps? What do

Buying a new remote would not help at all, because i dont think that the problem is it with the remote it may be with the window air conditioner, if you know about it you may have to open it, else you should consult a repair guy. ... Kenmore Air Conditioners

Could you please help me. Last night my Brivis evaporative cooling system didn't seem to be working very well (ie not cooling properly). I left the airconditioner on overnight and when I got up this morning there is no display on the controller and I can't turn it on. Is this an electrical problem or an issue with the airconditioner. Can I fix it myself? Thanks.

You gave us good clues to help you figure this out-- THANKS!So-- you have an evaporative AC ! Great! -- (I assume you are in a very DRY area?-- For those type of AC units don't work well here in the North East!)However-- ... Air Conditioners

I have a motel with 20 daewoo airconditioners and one recently died. I had a spare but it was slightly larger and would not fit in thre existing opening. The is no possibility of enlarging the opening, so i need to find somewhere to purchase the same model daewoo air conditioner. i am in Nova Scotia , Canada. Where do I look or who should I contact? Thanks robert

The Daewoo DWC-056CL is already out of stock from most seller. This seller in US has the same mod ... Daewoo DWC-056CL Air Conditioner

Last night my Brivis evaporative cooler didn't seem to be working very well. I left it on low overnight and when I got up this morning, the system is no longer working and there is no display on the controller. Do I need an electrician or an airconditioner specialist. Is there something that I can do to fix it?

Hi,Yes the evap coolers do need maintenance just like all other air conditioners,The end result of controller no longer working is indicating there is now a electrical issue.You should contact a Air Conditioning mechanic for a break ... Air Conditioners

I have error code ch 09 displaying on my airconditioner control and the system is no longer working could you please tell me which error this is. It is a LG ducted airconditioner. Thanks

Hi, The error CH09 on LG airconditioning units is an EPROM checksum problem "EPROM Checksum Mismatch". This most likely means that the EPROM "Electronically Programmable Read Only Memory" on the control PCB has failed. You should be able to get a ne ... LG Air Conditioners

My airconditioner for the house is not working we change the electronic thermostat an still not working we replaced the fuses an its not improving would it be because of my dogs eating the wire's that are coming out the box from outside ??

There could be a short in the wire. meaning that its not getting the proper voltage. do you have any other symptoms? make sure that the breaker is not tripped, and if it is, it very well could be from the dogs eating at the wires. that could also ... Goodman CKL24AR24 Air Conditioner

I have a york airconditioner - about 10 years old and works perfectly - however the microcomputer remote control has stopped working - can you advise where I can get a replacement or get this looked at to see if it can be repaired - it does not have any distinguishing serial number - only a CE on the back

... Air Conditioners

My digital thermostat has shut off after a power failure. There is absolutley no display appearing. I pulled the thermostat off thinking maybe the batteries were no longer working but came to find out that the thermostat does not have batteries. I then went and bought a brand new thermostat that does have batteries for the display but when I properly installed the new one, the display worked (of course because of the batteries) but niether the heater nor the airconditioner comes on when I tried

Check inside the air handler for a small 3 Amp fuse or wire that may have come off of a terminal. ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

My digital thermostat has shut off after a power failure. There is absolutley no display appearing. I pulled the thermostat off thinking maybe the batteries were no longer working but came to find out that the thermostat does not have batteries. I then went and bought a brand new thermostat that does have batteries for the display but when I properly installed the new one, the display worked (of course because of the batteries) but niether the heater nor the airconditioner comes on when I tried

What you have is a 24v control circuit problem. There is a transformer in the air handler ( inside unit ) you will have 220v on the one side and 24v on the other. If you have 24v from transform there is a small fuse on the pc board that could blow du ... Carrier 38CKC042 Air Conditioner

Timer on Airconditioner works, however, nothing else works. It has electricity, but will not turn on - just the timer.

The fuse is located on the main board of the ac.fot that the ac upper unit has to be opened.its like a mini tube light.and about 1 inch in lenght .and made of thin glass.\015\012as per my knowledge it can be possible that fuse is blown out,but ... NewAir AC-12000E Portable Air Conditioner

External Compressor is working but unit inside not working. Sharp airconditioner. Filters cleaned.

Check the circuit breakers for the indoor fan. If you have power to the fan then you might have a bad capacitor or bad fan motor. Make the power is off and see if the fan rotates freely by hand. You can use a multimeter to check the capacitor and the ... Sharp Air Conditioners

We have a Kenmore airconditioner about 10 years old 15,100 btu, 27" wide, 10.7 effic. The on/off sensor on control panel got pushed all the way in and broke. Airco does not go on now. We tried a universal remote - it did not work. Our original remote never worked either. Do you think getting hold of a new "original" remote will solve the problem, or is the airco broke and needs other kind of service? We have a manual but don't know the model # right now. Thanks much.

No remote will work without a sensor. The sensor will need to be replaced. ... Kenmore Air Conditioners

Alpine airconditioner model kfr60gw We have had the electricity supply to our airconditioning system switched off for a couple of months.We turned it back on again and cannot get the system to work. The remote control is working but the system is not responding. How can we get it to start up again?

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Problem with daewoo air conditioner, not working, reset button is on, when i press test button, is just make a noise, but air conditioner is not working

... Daewoo DWC-052C Air Conditioner

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