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Samsung Air Conditioner (Unkown Model) - How to reset?

\015 Hi everyone,I have three Samsung Air Conditioner units around the house (split), the problem is that they are no longer doing the cold they should do.I know the outside unit and the inner units are OK, since the technician was here not a week ago fixing a Error 559 and after he was done, everything was perfect. However I had the need to shutdown down the energy in the house (to fix a few electrical issues) and ever since I did that, the units no longer gave the cold I'm used to.The outside fan on the unit is working, however, it's not producing hot air like it should.Since I don't know the models of the units, I took pictures of everything.Outside unit:http://img213.imageshack.us/img213/796/p3260014.jpgInside Wires and switches:http://img207.imageshack.us/img207/7285/p3260017.jpgInside Wires and switches2:http://img207.imageshack.us/img207/2484/p3260018.jpgInside Wires and switches3:http://img205.imageshack.us/img205/5114/p3260019.jpgInside Unit (all three are the same):http://img214.imageshack.us/img214/4296/p3260020.jpgInside Unit Serial Number and number part:http://img142.imageshack.us/img142/8159/p3260021.jpgI believe that, by reconfiguring (reset?) the outside unit (the technician said he entered some code), things will get back to normal. Any ideas?Thank you VERY much for any input.\015

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Samsung Air Conditioner (Unkown Model) - How to reset?

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My Samsung Air Conditioner Model SH12ZW6 do not want to work. The red turbo, green timer indicator & green operation indicator lights is on and when I press the remote on or off, the air conditioner does not respond, it only makes a sound but does not go on. I heard that you can reset it with the remote, but no one can tell me how to do it. Can you give me assistance on how to solve the problem?

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I have an air conditioner (not sure of the exact model.). There is a Reset and Test button on the plug, and when I plug it in the reset button pops up causing the air conditioner to not turn on. I attempt to press it again, but it only pops back up.

The compressor is stuck. Call a technician, sorry. ... Haier Air Conditioners

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Http://nodevice.com/user_manual/samsung/other4/aqv12msan.html\015\012Go to this web site. It has a copy of a user manual. May get the an ... Air Conditioners

I have a Sharp portable room air conditioner model CV-P10NC. The power plug RESET button and TEST button will not click in order to check out the power plug as the unit will not turn on. They did test O.K. at first but the unit would still not come on. Can the power plug back be taken off to check out the fuse inside - or since it is a type of built in circuit breaker maybe it does not have a fuse inside ? The instruction manual states that " This air conditioner uses a fused power plug". The un

The fused9G.F.C.I.) cord you speak of is probably the G.F.C.I. built onto these units by design, can you or someone you know get access inside the unit and :Hot-Wire" the units cord and,bypass the power cord ( Just To Test the Unit)and see if it stay ... Air Conditioners

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I have a Samsung Biotech plus air conditioner - Model SC12ZAB. When the system is turned on, all the lights on the control panel light up and it is not possible to select any of the 5 sway options to operate the air conditioner. Also, the unit does not repond to the remote control. Any suggestions?

Warranty? go that route. Id unplug at least a minute see if it's brain will reset. With these new fangled computerized machines, one needs to be a specialist's specialist. Hopefully you have your owner's manual, it has a troubleshooting section, ... Samsung Air Conditioners

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Have a problem with my Intertherm air conditioner not coming on so I put a new thermostat on it. Nothing comes on fan nor heat nor air. I reset the breaker but still nothing and the unit model is a E1eb015ha? Anyone know if there is a reset button on the unit or where I can start looking to see if there is a problem.

Turn the thermostat off and check for 24vac between R and C on the thermostat. If there is no C then to G or W. If you don't have 24vac go the transformer and check for 24vac on the secondary. If it isn't there then check for 120vac on the transforme ... Intertherm P3RA-048K Air Conditioner

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I have an amana air command furnace/air conditioner. model ev4 gtc, serial number 569162. it is 25 years old, original furnace when we had home built. it had been working fine, on air conditioner setting. then it stopped working completely. i had this problem a few months ago, called a service person, who spent 5 minutes, told me it was a switch that needs reset if doors are off the unit for a certain period of time and charged me $68. i have tried to look at the layout of the furnace, but what

Hi,it is just a suggestion, don't you think it will be nice for you too get a new one to save you all the stress of repairing?. 25 years is good, but it can be better if you try a new one and there will be newer models which great future ... Amana Air Conditioners

Hitachi air conditioner blowing air but it is not cold, is there a reset button on the outdoor unit theat will reset the compresses. Model:RAS63CHA2 Cheers Guy

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We have a fujitsu inverter air conditioner split system with remote model AR-JW11. the air con is flashing the timer light and operating light with no air comming out. I have reset the remote and switched the unit off and on but to no avail, lights are still flashing and no air con comming out. Please help?

Hi, try switching both the indoor unit and the outdoor unit off at the breaker. You want to kill the high voltage to both units as it is a split system. Let it set for 5 to 10 minutes and try starting it back up again. See if this takes care of you'r ... Air Conditioners

My Ruud Air Conditioner Model UAMB-048JAZ is not blowing cool air. The fan blows, but it doesn't blow cool air. It worked this morning, and now it doesn't. I found a red reset button and pushed it, but nothing seemed to change. Can you help me? Cheryl

3 things it could be:\015\012\015\012#1 problem with AC units - dirty coils, this leads to many other problems and is caused by neglecting to change filters monthly. You can buy coil cleaner commercially, but it is not the coils you see ... Ruud UAMB Air Conditioner

My air conditioner rotary blades are not turning and the system is not colling. Is there a reset button? Goodman Model #Ck361A

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Samsung air conditioner reset

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Pull the cover off and remove the plastic cap from the top of the compressor and you will likely find the wires/terminals burned away and the compressor is basically unhooked. The A/C unit will blow air but the compressor wont run and the front grill ... Samsung AW1203B Air Conditioner

Hi, i have a split mural air condicioner Samsung Mh19ZA2-07, with the remote ARH-403, but the remote only works sometimes. Im close to the sensor, the remote have new batteries, etc.... Is possible to reset the remote with the air conditioner unit?

May be either your remote sensor or or receiving sensor in PCB weak. Find and replace. ... Samsung Air Conditioners

Air conditioner Panasonic Modell CS-A24BKP can not be controlled by remote control. Obviously the receiver is faulty. I run it now on Automatic setting (reset on factory setting by myself), which works with the main button on the Air con. Now my question is, because I am not able to change temperature or mode cooling/heating: Is it possible to heat on automatic too?

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Our samsung asv 18e model is not cooling. we already adjusted it to le lowest temperature setting but it doesn't cool the room.I have tried searching on the net for answers and it seems to me that a lot of people have experienced this problem with their samsung airconditioners...is there a way to fix this? I've come across in the internet about gas leaks in their airconditioners..is this maybe the reason why our air conditioner isn't cooling? Thank you so much for your help

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How do you reset samsung sh30za2 indoor unit - Samsung Air Conditioners

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For my window air conditioner timer, do I turn off the unit by the switch, plug it in to the dial timer, set the pins to the start time and then set the override dial to on or off? Ny Samsung window AC Model # AW0891L- suddenly started blowing hot air and requires one hour to cool down and work properly. What's wrong?

YOu will need to set the start time override dial to off. Otherwise it will run on it's own setting. Then you need to allow an hour in between times to cool down. Otherwise the freon heats up and won't be of the same viscosity causing problems of war ... Air Conditioners

Have Amana furnace model GUIB070A30 condenser model RCA24A2A. Replaced a battery and since then neither the air conditioner or furnace will come on. Any ideas? Is there a reset button? Where is it to try?

Sounds like you shorted out the t-stat or transformer, low voltage is real sensitive on this type of unit and the only reset button would be on the tstat depending on which type and model thermostat look in owners manual on tstat reset if you cant fi ... Air Conditioners

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