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AC Control Transformer keeps failing.

\015 My AC unit was completely unresponsive. I Checked the fuses at the unit and they were fine, and I have my 240 voltage. I found the control transformer was not outputting 24 volts, so I replaced it. I first test the new transformer, and was getting my 24 volts. I turned the fan on, and it operated properly. I then set the unit to cool, and there was no response. I tried switching the fan on again, and there was nothing. So I climbed back up on the roof and tested the control transformer again, only to find that the brand new transformer is blown!!! Someone please tell me there is something simple here like a bad relay causing the transformer to die, and not the compressor somehow.\015

Answers :

Well it has blown the fuse on the transformer, then you have coil switch bad.It could be the coil on the contath in for cooling.But can check by taking the yellow wire a loose and see if the don't blow. The red wire is one side of the transformer and the com could be any color.But look at the red wire because it is the main wire that travel the voltage throuhg the unit.

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AC Control Transformer keeps failing.

Well it has blown the fuse on the transformer, then you have coil switch bad.It could be the coil on the contath in for cooling.But can check by taking the yellow wire a loose and see if the don't blow. The red wire is one side of the transformer and ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

I keep blowing the control transformer when I turn on the A/C. The system works fine when I turn on the heater. When I try to turn on A/c nothing turns on before control transformer blows.Jim [email protected]

First thing I would recommend is to go to the closest auto parts store and get an inline car fuse folder and some 5 amp fuses. Connect this to wire that comes off the transformer and goes to R. That way you will only blow fuses instead of transform ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

My unit keeps blowing out the 240/24volt Transformer. The fuse on the control card is good.The unit on heat,will cycle to 3 minutes to full flame and blower then shuts off. I have 2 blinks and 6 blinks on circuitboard

If the transformer is burning out the problem is in the wiring from the thermostat to the transformer. There has to be two wires that are touching each other or the wires are grounding. You might also check the polarity of the furnace to see if the ... Air Conditioners

I keep burning out the control transformer even after putting in a two amp fuse on the line side. It is a Gibson heat pump unit and when the unit calls, it burns up the xfmr-any ideas as I am stumped-I have cked for shorted wires or grounded relays-??

The 2 amp fuse is for the 24v side, does it blow the fuse? If not than your problem is on the line side. ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

I have a 98 Sunnybrook w/Dometic Furnace-A/C thermostat control. Just the other day, the furnace would keep running and it got very hot in the trailer until I could shut it off. The thermostat was set kind of low, but we needed to keep a little heat on in case we got a freeze. Do I need to replace the control unit which is electronic to correct the problem? I am assuming the thermostat went bad, but am also assuming it is a part of the control unit?! Thanks for your help. Dave

... Air Conditioners

Master cool controller failed

Generally this is a 115/24 40 va transformer, as long at the VA rating and mount is the same you can source a universal. ... Mastercool 67680 Evaporative Cooler Air Conditioner

I have a Vulcan bonair comfort control, i am trying to get the cool air to work how do i do it... it keeps saying precool and stops working ????? how do we keep cool??? through the remote control its one of those roof top air conditioning ????? HELP ITS SOOO HOT 34DEGREES

... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

My Weathermaker SX heater will not start automatically after a long period of no demand for heat. Resetting teh control board by switching off/on has intermittently worked. Ideas? COntrol transformer output voltage is measuring 28.9 volts -don't know if that is bad for a 24vac transformer

... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

I have two Dometic roof top units both have sepreated controlls. The smaller bedroom unite will not shout off. When turned to off, when the thermostate is lowered, or when the controll is switched to furnace. Still the unite will keep running. The fan can be low or high but the unite will not shout off unless the breaker is opened. I thought the problem may be the wall mounted controll so I switched the one from the front (knowened to be good) to the back bedroom. No change. The bedroom controll

May be the relay is stuck, you will need to open the unit and see if the relay is releasing when you turn off the breaker. hope this helped tim ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

The controller board for my Duo-Therm has a bad transformer. Where can I get parts for the controller. Also where can I get a schematic for the controller. The controller is made by Harper-Wyman. I think they are out of business

Radio shack should have a transformer that will work bring the board in with you. Also try R.V. junk yards they have a lot of good used parts off of wrecked rv there is one on lincoln in Phoenix a many more go online and look up used rv parts. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner


What I have always been told is if your 24 volt side burns out check the high volt side if the hi volt side burns out check the low volt side.A quick way if the primary side is burningout due to a problem with the low volt side:1 MA ... Air Conditioners

I posted a question about the Ultra sx 90 (Armstrong) furnace not lighting and the combustion blower keeps running. I did clean the flame sensor and no change. I also changed the spark control moduleas well and it still does not lite. I checked power at the control module and is 24V. When it calls for heat, there is power coming up to the control module and the PV terminal only. There is no power on the PV/MV terminal at all. I am sure that power is required there for it to let the gas out. I ca

When this problem has occurred on my York furnace, the temperature limit switch had to be replaced. You may have checked this in your troubleshooting but if not, it's worth a try ... Fasco Air Conditioners

Vulcan Comfort Control Central Heating unit - Our heater is situated outside and is ducted under the floor and operated by a remote control. When we activate the remote we can hear the unit starting up and have also witnessed the glow of the pilot light starting but the heater fails to start. I have had the technican three times and they cannot diagnose a problem - we have no heater at present - please help

... Air Conditioners

Inside unit The control transformer blowed up when when water got on it from thawing out the coil after it froze over due to being low on coolant. I call a repair company and they installed the wired transformer backwards Where would i get a wiring diagram for a Intertherm heat pump Model#: E1EH-105HA SERIAL#: E1E9505-06625

How do you know it was installed backwards? ... Air Conditioners

Got a pyrox comfort control ducted gas heating system cant heat house above 19 dec have to keep hitting reset button every 10 mins, have cleaned the filter still doing the same, have heard the comfort control model have lots of problems. Unit is roughly 6 years old.

On the reset switch there should be a temp. cut out take a temp. reading and see if it is realy getting as hot as the switch is rated for maybe the switch is bad ... Air Conditioners

Fedders ac unit iced over Blower fan willl not come on when called for cooling but will work when contacts are pushed in,Supply voltage at L1 and L2 are goodNo control voltage readings should I replace control transformer?

OK, if I understand you correctly, you push in the contacts and the voltage at L1 and L2 are good. No control voltage readings.\015\012\015\012You could change the control transformer, seeing that you have no voltage. The transformer wire ... Air Conditioners

Hi got a vaillant ecotec plus 831 got right voltage at p c b board.on control panel it keeps saying con and constantly making a clicking noise,i have took the control panel off the boiler and blown down the contacts and it looks like it has a good connection,can you help out kind regards david

... Air Conditioners

I have an ACE184XRO window unit. The reset button keeps tripping everytime the unit has reached it's cooling temp. It' used on the power saver control. How can I keep it from tripping the button?

... Whirlpool Window Air Conditioner

Our airconditioner 5 way contol lights on the air conditioner are flashing and therefor the airconditioner won't turn on it keeps turing off. can you suggest a reason for it. the actual hand control does work and batteries are new. Thankyou...please reply soon as that our only way we are keeping warm!

Well i think problem with ur electronic board software..u have to put codes according to model no ... Samsung AS18A6RB Air Conditioner

I have an lg artcool unit with model numger LSV244VM-4 on the outdoor unit.The ambient temperture is around 15 degrees celcius today so i set the controls for 30 degrees cecius to ask the unit to heat.The indoor unit responds by sending power to the outdoor unit but neither gthe compressor or the condensor fan turn on.The customer told me that "C6" keeps apearing on the remote although this did not occur while i was attending.There is something in the control circuit of the outdoor unit that is

Check for 240 voltsto the contactor! ... Air Conditioners

My dimplex duoheat radiators keep clicking madly like they are stuck, i keep having to turn them off by the plug and turn them back on the next day. I don't think they are receiving the signal from the main control panel. It's never all 3 heaters together, just one or two at a time. This is now happening every day. I have been told a process to reset them but it is not working. Any help would be great!

... Air Conditioners

I have a ducted vulcan climate control gas heater unfortunately there is no visible model no the only info i have is VULCAN CENTRAL HEATING CLIMATE CONTROL ILEC .THE MANUAL IS ALSO NOT AVAILABLE. When the heater is switched on the flame and fan comes on but the flame does not stay alight for more than 10 to 15 secs after several attempts the reset indicator shows on the remote have tried switching on and off power and restarting several times only keeps blowing cool air

You should locate the flame sensor and clean it. Take a look: ... Air Conditioners

I have a large house with three areas, three areas are cast skirting radiators controled with indivisual room stats controling three motorised valves i have fitted a combi boiler but i want to keep the skirting rads would you supplyme with a wiring schematic for this unusual heating system thanks kevin

Hey kevin ,type it up on the internet ,find the manufacture name for the valves or the thermostat.! ... Air Conditioners

Transformer weather king firnace keep blowing transformer

What you need to do is isolate the loads that are on the transformer and put a amp meter on the transformer and read the amps while you put the loads on one at a time. the one that spikes is the one thats bad. You can put a inline fuse in to protec ... Weather King 12AJA4801AH Air Conditioner

Hi. I have a failed indoor controler on a hitachi ducted aircon. mod ras-5hz. inverter. can I replace it with other type. Unit 15 yrs old and parts not available. What is the control voltage between indoor and outdoor unit?

Hi, the control voltage to both indoor and outdoor will always be 24 volts AC. If this is a heat-pump unit, the high voltage to the indoor and outdoor will be the same, 208/ 230/ 240/ 277. If it is a split unit with a gas fired unit, the outdoor will ... Hitachi Air Conditioners

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