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Flame sometimes stays lit at the flame rod after heat cycle done

\015 I have a Goodman Model GMNT060 that has a gas problem where I get bic lighter like flames at the flame rod when the heat cycle ends and the rooms are up to temperature and I have to blow them out and reset the red buttons above the jets to turn the furnace back on. I also noticed that when it is running the first Jet has a more turbulant flame after a few seconds of running and the 2nd & 3rd jet are smooth flowing. I am thinking it may be the gas valve or a faulty jet. Can anyone help?\015\012\015\012Thanks\015

Answers :

Definitly a gas valve that needs to be replaced and get another roll out switch after getting hot a few times they are demaged

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Flame sometimes stays lit at the flame rod after heat cycle done

Definitly a gas valve that needs to be replaced and get another roll out switch after getting hot a few times they are demaged ... Goodman Air Conditioners

Carrier 58rav gas furnace won't stay lit. Vent assist fan comes on ,burners ignite but just before the main blower comes on the flames go out. then the fan runs for 30 secs then the process starts over again. Usually the 3rd time it stays lit and actually heats the house. I have changed the flame sensor and if i unplug the power for 10 min. it usually works OK for a few days and then starts doing it again.

Hello my name is Heath it will be my pleasure to assist you. If you replaced the flame sensor I would check the vent pressure switch check the hoses and the niplles that the hoses are connected to to be sure they are clear of aany dirt or rust. If yo ... Air Conditioners

I have a few issues with an old probably dinosaur Coleman Presidential III 7995a-856 Heating unit. I've had 3 different repairmen look at it and they're clueless. The main pilot will light and stay lit until I turn on the heater from the thermostat. It'll click and the intense flame will begin shortly after the 3 min. delay. It will stay lit for approximately 2-4 minutes and it'll blow itself out. If I'm lucky, it'll stay lit and the fan will sound like it's starting but is tempermental. Some

Hi, look 9/10 problems are to do with either the thermistor or thermostat, Especially when the faults is intermittent, and sporadic.or perhaps the Main Controller. Always check the Gas flow & regulator diaphragm is OK..too.. \012The fac ... Air Conditioners

I have an older (1992) Trane Gas/Electric heating and cooling system Model # YCC036F1MOAA. I have been having problems with the unit not allowing the burners to stay lit. The thermostat calls for heat, the combustion fan comes up to speed, the gas is released and the electronic igniter is energized and the burners are lit. Too often the gas is stopped and the burners stop immediately. The system goes through this cycle two more times as expected with the same result and finally the combustion fa

Hi Mke,\015\012The flame sensor system works by passing a small amount of electrical current through the flame from the flame sensor and then back to the ignition control through the ground wire...\015\012the gornd wire is the green wire ... Air Conditioners

1990 Triple E mobile home with an Intertherm model MGH-075AACWN-06 furnace. Pilot would not stay lit unless I heated thermocouple probe with a propane torch a little more than the pilot flame would last winter. This year it will not stay lit at all. Do I need a thermocouple? Where can I get a manual or repair instructions?

I've a similar problem and a new thermocouple solved it\015\012\015\012J. N. Millet, Alberta ... Intertherm Air Conditioners

I HAVE A RUUD SILHOUETTE GAS FURNANCE. The pilot light keeps blowing out. When I light the pilot flame it seems to work perfectly at ignition. As the Manual instructs, I hold down the ignition switch for 30-60secs to keep the flame lit and then turn the gas switch to the on position. After watching the unit I have noted this happening - the furnance will begin the heat cycle sequence and pilot litghs all 4 burners correctly, the blower fan turns on, Heating starts. But after a short period, the

Short answer, yes. However you could have another problem. Replace the thermocouple that keeps the pilot lit. You can get a universal one at any good hardware or farm store. Make sure the new thermocouple is well into the pilot flame. If the blower ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

The flame rollout switch keeps kicking out. Theirs no flame rollout,i put new burners in it, everything looks good. unit may stay on and run for 3 or 4 cycles,and sometimes it wont stay on 30 seconds.Ive had several techs. look at it. Rudd package unit. m#urka-a036jk10e s#1r5539adaaf169913412

Try adjusting gas pressure. There might be an inline rollout switch that looks like an inline fuse. If that is the case several techs might over look it. The best thing to check is the schematics for the furnace in the owners manual. If you follo ... Air Conditioners

Heat-n-Glo model 6000TROAK installed 2005, fire refuses to stay lit. Pilot stays on through-out. Replaced wall low voltage switch multiple times. Used alligator clips to bypass switch. In all cases, fire starts, then shortly (as quickly as seconds, sometimes 20 minutes) fire goes out. With fire not burning and switch/clips still on, turned blower from off to on to off, literally under a second to complete, fire again starts and burns for a while before going out again.

... Air Conditioners

Dometic Duo therm RV a/c rooftop unit. 15,000 btu with heat pump. model 620515. age 5 years. Problem- will not always stay ON. Starts and cools fine. but shuts off within 5 mminutes sometimes.. or will run for hours and hours with no problems. when it stops, I can sometimes restart it by cycling thermostat.. if that does not work I can unplug thermostat from 12v power and then it starts when asked to. Have replaced computer circuit board and wall thermostat.. no change.

... Air Conditioners

Furnace sometimes will not stay lit

Check the heat exchanger for a crack or hole. The room air blower is blowing back into the heat exchanger extinguishing the flame. Have it checked out today. Did you get it checked yet? Now. Have I stressed to you to get it checked out yet or have yo ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

Brivis Wombat 92 heating unit - I am having trouble getting the pilot light to stay lit. The gas is on, the igniter is sparking and the pilot light ignites but when I gently release the red gas valve after 60 seconds as prescribed in instructions the pilot light flame extinguishes itself. Have tried venting the gas line to get rid of oxygen and this isn't helping. Any ideas?

Hear of a PRIMUS pricker?This is a very stiff but fine wire that was used to clear the jet on an old primus stove. The gas jet head at the pilot has a fine hole to allow gas to flow. When you hold it open with the button it allows for the ... Air Conditioners

When call for heat on model # WGPH-10eamer serial number DF5D302f419801914 the furance goes throught the cycles, the burner comes on and cuts off after 8 seconds. The flame censor was changed and the power was shut down for 30 minutes. It was then turned back on and the furance worked for a while and then repeated the problem. On the control board-there are 3 lights. 2 greens and sometimes the yellow one. Thats when the yellow is working right. The yellow one does not come on that much.

It could be the control board, But before I would replace the board I would check to see if the flame sensor is not touching the burner and shorting it out. Also check the flue make sure it is open. This has a combustion blower on it and a proving pr ... Weather King Air Conditioners

I have a reznor heater in my garage, it is flashing the code for open limit switch or open flame roll out switch, it will ignite but not put out any heat, and stay lit for a minute or two then go out. Any solutions?

I have the same issue, Appears that the fan does not start thus the high temp limit switch operates and the unit shuts down and the green light flashed three times. The open flame roll out switch is resettable manually in the top upper left of my uni ... Air Conditioners

Water heater burner flame is low does not heat water it was working this morning pilot stays lit

Frist did this heater go under water if so call the pros.this can be do to dirty orfic on burner. clog presure regulater at gas meater check other gas applince. ... Intertherm Air Conditioners

My Rheem Corsaire furnace is short-cycling. It ignites, the burners stay lit the fans run for a while then the burner shuts off, the fans run until the cooling oft temp is reached then shut off. Right away the furnace starts right back up. It does this until it reaches the temp the thermostat is calling for. I had a problem with the flame sensor last year, but then the burner would light and then go right out.

Try blowing air thru the pilot tube. You may have a spider web in the burner tube. ... Air Conditioners

Have to set thermostat all the way up to 90 degrees to make it work and then sometimes it just cycles on an off until finally it stays on long enough to give us heat in the motorhome....this is a model 3107612...Etratech 50-001402 -A..is this adjustable somehow or do I need to order a replacement?

Keep thermostat @ 135* degree. 90 degree is some how, neutral end in which on and off cycling frequently happens and also affect the unit. ... Air Conditioners

My 30,000 btu Blue Flame gas wall heater wont stay lit, pilot light stays lit but the blue flame went out and had smell of gas I shut off the gas supply but, dont know what is the problem thanks, marty

You could have a overdraft problem causing your flame to go out. check your draft setting at the burner and make sure it's not open too wide. If it is, simply close it it slowly and make sure that the flame remains totally blue. ... Air Conditioners

Have a goodman furnace that is acting like the flame rod is bad. Changed the flame rod and it's doing the same thing. Fires up for 3 to 20 seconds then shuts back down. All wire connections are good, has a good groung, all rollout and limit switches stay closed. Preesure switch stays closed. Thinking it's the circuit board, any other suggestions?

Did this just happen and did you change any parts? ... Goodman Air Conditioners

Furnace starting Lennox furnace model G6OUHV(X) series. Furnace would not start heating cycle unless I ran thermostrat temmp. setting up and down. Most times it would than start heat cycle. If not I would shut main power switch on furnace, wait a few seconds and then the furnace would start the heating cycle. I suspected the thermostat so beofre purchasing a new one I installed the old from my privious Lexxon. It now seems worse than ever. I either move the set points up and down (sometimes it w

Hint number 1, get HVAC license. One mistake or misunderstanding and you could blow your house up. ... Air Conditioners

Amana PTH153B35AK This unit is less than 30 days old, heats fine cools fine, but when i have it in heat mode,set @ 70 or so, as soon as the room heats up, the unit will cycle into a/c mode and blow super cold air for about 5 minutes than return to heating. Sometimes it will reach the desired temp. and turn off like it is supposed to do, but for the most part it just cycles back and forth from hot to cold...Amana has the worse help/service i have ever seen, i was on the phone for an hour,everybod

This often happens if the unit is oversized or to close to a wall or object. ... Amana PTC153B35AK Air Conditioner

I have a Rheem (Criterion) unit and i'am having promblems with the main burner staying on. When i turn the unit on everything operates like it should up to the main burner staying on.Once the main flame kicks in it will stay on for five second and the flame will go out along with the draft moter( for about three second the trouble shooting light will flash four times) then the unit will start cycling all over again from draft moter purging, glow plug will operate like it suppose to up to the mai

Run a wire from the sensor down to the control board conector. Bypass the sensor wire around the connector in the blower deck.\015\012The connection can be wire nutted on the sensor lead with the wire (16 or 18 guage stranded wire works) route ... Air Conditioners

SW6DEA GAS HEATER UNIT FLAME WILL NOT STAY ALIGHT ! Switching gas water heater unit on inside the RV, the red light comes on and approx 6 to 8 seconds later ( normal time cycle ) the gas flame lights up OK but goes out again after approx. 6 to 8 seconds with the red light going out at the same time. Leaving the unit switched on inside the RV, after a further 6 to 8 seconds, the red light comes back on automatically and repeats the start up cycle over - again without success. *4 times unsucces

... Air Conditioners

I have a 18000btu LG mini split heat pump installed about 1 year ago in vacation home. In heat mode the unit cycles on and off when room temp is within 2-3 degrees of set point. Cycle on time varies between 35 to 60 seconds (sometimes more). The off time is 2-3 minutes. During this time, I check inside temp with accurate digital themometer mounted at the air intake of the unit and the temp does not change, assume because unit does not run long enough. When I put temp set point more than 3 d

Hello.I think they are on to something with shortcycling on temp sensor.I think it should be sampling the return air instead of (inside coils ?).A 2*f dead band use to be built in (factory installed) to thermostats to prevent on/off, but ... LG LS-L1210CL Mini Split Air Conditioner

My Carrier 58WAV136 forced air heater's problem is as follows - Thermostat works fine, when desired temp is reached, the fan motor (blower) kicks on. Sometimes it stays blowing for a couple of seconds, sometimes a minute. Often, the electric heating element will heat up and the gas furnace will light. But, the system will shut itself off within a few seconds and will try all over again. The LED sensor will blink 3 times fast, then one time. I do not have the manual to look this info up. Thanks f

There should be a code list inside the furnace panel access door. Find it and see what code 41 says, as I can't remember right off hand. Some of the possible causes could be air in gas line or low gas pressure. Could have blocked vent especialy if ve ... Carrier Air Conditioners

It will only stay lit for 2 to 3 seconds. it will not stay lit long enough to heat the house.

Clean flame sensor. ... Air Conditioners

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