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Converting a ceiling control unit to a thermostat on the wall.

\015 I added another ac unit to the top of my trailer. The original unit has a thermostat on the wall and ducts in the ceiling panels. I would like to put ducts on the second unit and change it to a thermostat on the wall also. Can I convert the second unit from the ceiling knobs to a thermostat on the wall?\015

Answers :

Unless the new unit is 24 volt thermostat convertible inside the unit, you will have to use a line voltage(120v) wall thermostat.

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Converting a ceiling control unit to a thermostat on the wall.

Unless the new unit is 24 volt thermostat convertible inside the unit, you will have to use a line voltage(120v) wall thermostat. ... Coleman Air Conditioners

I have a Carrier split unit model 38AN009100 that I am using to refrigerate my wine cellar.I know that this unit is not made for this purpose. Is it possible to convert it so I can control my cellar at around 12 degrees C? I was wondering if I could put a wall thermostat in the cellar instead of the actual thermistor controlling the temperature. Thank you for your prompt reply

Well most unite will but out 54 degrees but as far room temp reaching that is highly unlikely. the unite would probably turn into a big hunk of ice and stop! this is more of Refrigeration unite which operate at lower temp. you can buy small ones fair ... Air Conditioners

Can Carrier split system 38G250H be converted to be controlled from a room thermostat rather than the return air thermistor. I have a very high ceiling ,2m above the indoor unit,and the stratification is a problem. I have already the ''Butcher'' ceiling fan installed and it is still cold at the floor level, and 27deg.C at the unit level.(2.4 m)

Yes it can be done as long as the thermostat has the capability of acting as a on-off switch.It could be bimetallic type which till today are the best way of tep control since the inherent qualities of the bimetallic strip is that any temp change co ... Air Conditioners


A new remote. ... Samsung Air Conditioners

Our Goodman inside unit has an accumulation of ice on the Larger of the two lines from the outside unit. A thermometer in the grill in the ceiling indicates that the temp at the grill is 76.4 F even with the thermostat set at 73 F. The red light on the Control in the inside unit is illuminated and the outside unit is on. When placing your hand on the freon lines near the air handler, the freon seems to be pulsing. By that I mean that you can feel the pulsing thru the insulation of the large

It could be that the unit is to small and the compressor does not cycle on and off Try turning it off for a 1/2 hour then turn it on again and then check the air temp of the air coming out. If that does not work it might be low on freon. ... Air Conditioners

Honeywell central heat & air unit--wall thermostat not controlling it--will not work--thermostat only lights up -aux- and screen goes blank...worked previously...replaced relay and thermostat---still same thing. Why would the thermostat just stop working?

... Honeywell ER150B Air Conditioner

I have a carrier 15,000 rv air conditioner with remote control, can I change the bottom unit & hook it up to a wall mount thermostat? My old a/c was hooked to the thermostat so it is wired for the change.

Call 1-866-464-2478, Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm.I see no reason why not, once you have lower unit (control box) and wiring diagram. When you call that number, have your current model number ready of upper unit, and I'd ask for technical assistance. Good ... Air Conditioners

I want to convert my #57915.541 unit to a wall thermostat. What do I need and how do I do it.

Just disable the original wire came from the thermo an full it out you will have a two wire now the external thermo has 4 terminal it mean it has an supply depend on the model..\015\012put the two set of wire that came from the thermo and put ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a 98 Sunnybrook w/Dometic Furnace-A/C thermostat control. Just the other day, the furnace would keep running and it got very hot in the trailer until I could shut it off. The thermostat was set kind of low, but we needed to keep a little heat on in case we got a freeze. Do I need to replace the control unit which is electronic to correct the problem? I am assuming the thermostat went bad, but am also assuming it is a part of the control unit?! Thanks for your help. Dave

... Air Conditioners

I have two Dometic roof top units both have sepreated controlls. The smaller bedroom unite will not shout off. When turned to off, when the thermostate is lowered, or when the controll is switched to furnace. Still the unite will keep running. The fan can be low or high but the unite will not shout off unless the breaker is opened. I thought the problem may be the wall mounted controll so I switched the one from the front (knowened to be good) to the back bedroom. No change. The bedroom controll

May be the relay is stuck, you will need to open the unit and see if the relay is releasing when you turn off the breaker. hope this helped tim ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

FUJITSU Air Conditioner Model AST24RGB-W is unable to switch on. Have checked safety switch and fuse on home circuit board and is OK. Power conected to outside unit is on and OK. Remote control has new batteries and display OK. Cleaned remote sensor panels on both remote and wall unit. ISSUE: When pressing the Start/Stop button the signal doesn't seem to be received by the wall unit. There is also no operation light on the Wall Unit. Unit does not turn on

What about the inside unit does it have power going to it. i would check the breaker for the inside unit. ... Air Conditioners

Unable to switch on. Have checked safety switch and fuse on home circuit board - OK Power on outside unit on and OK Remote control has new batteries and display OK Cleaned remote sensor panels on both remote and wall unit ISSUE: When pressing the Start/Stop button the signal doesn't seem to be received by the wall unit. There is also no operation light on the Wall Unit. Unit does not turn on

As per the problem which you mentioned it clearly indicates that problem is with the switch in the wall unit.but you mentioned that you checked the switch and it is OK.\015\012this means that the problem is with the main circuit control board o ... Air Conditioners

I want to wire digital wall mount thermostat to my window AC unit

I think you are wright and also may lead to short cycle and burn the start relay on compressor(it may be too hot to be without air just now)try bigger relay when it is a bit cooler and 24,000btu must220-240 volts be very careful ... Air Conditioners

Batteries on the control unit thing ran out, so I took the whole thing off the wall (not realising that the batteries can be replaced by pressing a button at the back of the unit to reveal the battery compartmnt), replacd the batteries and it looks like it works (display on, showing temperature etc), put the unit back on the wall and ... nothing, zip, no response. Help! Surely taking the unit off the wall wouldn't break it? It came off easily enough, and goes back into place just as easily.

Hi, check the wire connections to make sure the Red wire is good and tight. This is only low voltage, so don't worry about getting zapped. If all wires are tight. you may have blown the control fuse at the indoor unit. Go to it with a good light, pul ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Carrier 36K wall unit. Lost remote control. Bought new remote from local Carrier dealer. New remote does not control unit. Technician replaced circuit board in unit, but remote still does not control unit. What to do??? Buy circuit board and remote together that are known to work with each other??? Help, thanks!! Evans Bell

Buy circuit board and remote together that are known to work with each other (sic) I think you have answered your own question.. very sagacious.\015\012\015\012To my mind that;s really all you can do. I am surpri ... Carrier Air Conditioners

Bought a new dometic a/c and it won't run. voltage is present in the control box until the upper unit is plugged in/connected, to the control box/thermostat. the voltage to the upper unit then disappears like it's shorted or grounded. prior to plugging in the upper or main unit there was 110v a/c present on the lo and hi fan terminals as well as the output to the female plug for the roof unit. when plugged in the 110v is no longer present on any terminal of the control box or thermostat. any ide

Compressor down to earth, try replacing the capacitor first. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Carrier Comfort Zone II Smart Control in one zone frequently cycles unit (every 20-30 minutes) even when temperature in the room does not change significantly and the indicated thermostat temperature does not change at all (stays on 77 for example). Shouldn't the thermostat temperature change at least a degree or two in order for it to turn the unit on or off?? Is there a way to adjust the sensitivity of these controls?

Sounds like your zone control tstat needs calabrated or maybe replaced,in owners manual there should be a section on calibration if not you may have to replace it ... Air Conditioners

I have a rooftop dometic A/C With heat strip. Unit is controlled with a two button ceiling mounted selector control or a remote control. there are no selection controls on the adb box. Unit does not respond to either control. Can this be over rode and is the control module and remotes matched where they must be purchased as a matched set?

First thing I need to ask is , are you sure, it has the strip, or coil, and did it work before? Did you actually remove ceiling cover and see it in there? The reason I ask is that it is very common for someone to tell you it has it, but it actually h ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a Mitsubishi MS-09D wall mounted air conditioner. The cooling function does not seem to be cooling. The fan is running but the it seems to be recirculating the air only. The defrost light is red on the wall unit. I don't recall this light ever being on before. Could a button or combination of buttons on the remote unit have been bumped somehow? Could you please tell me how to reset the remote control or wall unit to have the cooling operation to come on again? The air ducts are clean,

... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

I have a DuoTherm BriskAIr 13.5K BTU. The Dometic thermostat also controls my HydroFlame 8531-IV furnace. This morning, the furnace would not come on. I checked the wiring and there is no voltage at the thermostat blue wire on the furnace. If I jump 12 volts to the thermostat blue wire, the furnace works normally. Replaced thermostat; no change. I hear something clicking in the air conditioner unit when I switch the thermostat to furnace mode. I assume the A/C has a relay to control the thermost

If you look at control box at roof unit, they usually use a separate set of wires for furnace. See what colors they are attached to at harness to thermostat. Some just follow other harness, and come out at thermostat. (bypass control box) Once you've ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

My air conditioner won't stop running. The fan won't stop on the upstairs unit unless we remove the thermostat from the wall. The condenser runs constantly. It does cool when the thermostat is plugged in. I took at look at the unit and the fan came on, even when I had removed the thermostat. I don't think I have a thermostat issue.

Does the compressor also run constantly? If it does, the problem with the outside unit may be a stuck contactor. You can remove the cover where the power goes into the outside unit and the contactor should be located near there. If it is stuck, turn ... Air Conditioners

A/c will not continue to cool.. Starts fine, runs fine.. but shuts down cooling ( comp shuts off but fan still runs) after anywhere from 5 min to multiple hours. No circuit breakers or fuses blow. CAN usually reset by cycling wall thermostat if that does not work can unplug 12v. connection to thermostat and it will most often start cooling again when asking via the thermostat. Have replaced computer board in a/c unit on roof and wall thermostat

One amateur test is to place your hand on the compressor and see if it\015\012is too hot to hold your hand on it. You may have a restricted condenser coil \015\012If it is too hot then the condenser coil is restricted inside the unit ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Carrier 58RAV095-16 will process thru the test sequence properly: inducer fan, ignitor, blower high, blower low, all ok. fuse checked good on controller board. when commanded to supply heat by the thermostat controller in the living space the unit runs with fan only, no gas, no ignition. changed thermostat controller, no joy. Comments: Jan 31, 2010 - thermocouple/ignitor is ok and positioned well. It tests ok too. I changed it last year. I am not getting gas flow so I suspect gas control va

Go to the furnace and turn off the power take the door off you must have a multimeter inhand with the cover off the furnace and access to the gas valve put yor meter leads on the wires going to the gas valve turn the power on and after the ignitor gl ... Air Conditioners

Purchased a dometic duotherm a/c for rv partially installed it, but conected all the correct wires and it will not turn on. All new unit with new thermostat and control box. the Thermostat requires 7.5v dc to function but the control box is not producing the voltage. None can be detected on the terminals of the thermostat. there are two wires for an solar/filter indicator that should have +12v and a -12v. neither have any voltage present. tried to return the whole system to the vendor bu

Check all grounds,all grounds,I stress this because the system may need ground elsewhere to operate.If the control box is what produces the 12 volts dc,and the 7.5 volts dc,and you have power to the box,then the box(converter)is bad.Is this unit 120v ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

The fuse on the control circuit on the inside unit keeps tripping One side of the fuse goes to the thermostat the other side goes to the control board the fuse blew about a week ago let the unit sit for a week while we were out of town. put another fuse in it ran for 5 days fuse blew again let unit sit for 2 hours then the fuse held not sure what to check

Its hard to say without being there but here are somethings to check. Outside check the thermastat wire onthe condensing unit. I have this problem a lot down on the gulf coast. The wind blows and cause the Tsat wire to rub against the unt and it shor ... Air Conditioners

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