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No pressure on suction side of condenser

\015 I have 125 psi on the liquid side and 0 on the suction side. 5 Ton Compresser is running fine. Is there a problem in the coil?\015

Answers :

Hi there,
\015\012 there are several factor we can consider of that status of the pressure of your ac.,if this run at normal operation w/sufficient
\015\012cooling effect,and standard operating pressure,then suddenly it drops to that pressure you said,there is leaks,before you recharge,you should find the leak,locate where tube and repair,testing leakage on tube is not easy job,it uses nitrogen gas
\015\012w/ 1000 psig to charge your system and halide leak tester has been used to find exactly where that leaks was in all your system.soap bubble test is a basic test but also helpul.this should be done by certified a/c technician.
\015\012 beside one factor also is lost compression of the compressor,what ever you recharge,it will not work because of worn out of compression ring at piston,this case is seldom but if the service of your compressor is longer to warranty this may happen,or dried out of lubricant inside compressor.
\015\012 better call on your service center to check on this,regards dont forget to ratew me thanks a lot.
Sounds like system is very low on refrigerant charge,let it run and see if it goes into a vaccum.if you had a problem in the coil your liquid line will have higher pressure.

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No pressure on suction side of condenser

Hi there,\015\012 there are several factor we can consider of that status of the pressure of your ac.,if this run at normal operation w/sufficient \015\012cooling effect,and standard operating pressure,then suddenly it drops to that pr ... Ruud Central System Air Conditioner

How do you check to see if the high side is leaking back into the low side on a scroll compressor suction pressure is 90psi R-22 suction line is warm but not hot

90 psi is very high for R22....low for R410 refrigerant. If leaking by the head pressure and suction pressure will be close to to the same reading ... Air Conditioners

GSH13 Goodman heat pump split system is running a long time in cooling mode and will not cool below 74 degrees. A lot of condensation generated. The low side pressures 78 to 81 and high side pressures are 180 to 200 psi. Energized and deenergized the reversing valve several times.Pumped down the sytem (pumped down well) and checked the flowrater for any type of obstruction. Have a sight glass on the system - will get clear then bubble up. System is in the second cooling season with clean air fil

Check sub cooling and super heat. the New ac units are very critical to charge. There is a charging chart on the inside of the cover to the unit outside. Check temp difference across coil. Should be 18 to 22 degress. If you have an ampmeter. Check th ... Goodman CLQ36AR49 Air Conditioner

How do you check to see if the high side is leaking back into the low side on a scroll compressor suction pressure is 90psi R-22 suction line is warm but not hot

Hi,\015\012If you are running that unit with a scroll compressor and a high load then 90 is not that high and you probably are just low on charge...if you were leaking or crossing over the pressure would be much higher then that...\015\01 ... Air Conditioners

Pressure problems head pressure 250 psig and suction pressure is at 40. txv is opening and closing because i put the sensing bulb in hot and cold water and watched my gauges. Head pressure also is bouncing alittle bit. checked temps on either side of filter drier and they were only 2 degrees apart. so that tells me it's probably not plugged. I closed my liquid line service valve and ran the air conditioner to see if the compressor would **** it into a vacuum and it did. so that tells me that the

Not non-condensables no high head.Freon doesn't go bad. Do you have good air flow on the air handler? All dampers open? Filter clean? Nothing blocking the return air registers? If it has a belt is it good? Could be low refrigerant charge. Possibly dr ... Air Conditioners

Have air conditioner that freezes up after setting it on the lowest setting. checked the freon on the unit and the suction pressure was at 42 on the 22 scale & about 70 on the psi scale, low side. no high side tap to get reading. fan motor very hot, rpm? have some #'s off of the unit 12078 ace244pt3/201s170001562.... compressor make / modle.. HIGHLY SHW73TC2GP1 ...4390H1793741 WHAT SHOULD THE LOW SIDE READ ON THIS UNIT ACCORDING TO DESIGN SPECS& SHOULD THE MOTOR BE SO HOT YOU CAN'T KEEP YOUR HAN

If it's freezing up, chances are the freon is low, but read the info on the panel near the taps or the compressor to find out how much you should have. you need r-22 (if that is what it takes), guages, a thermometer for dry and wet, a temperature se ... Whirlpool Air Conditioners

Extremely high head and suction pressures

Disconnect the blower and turn on the ac.see if the coil frosts evenly.when you had the system open,you should have changed the liquid line drier. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Tane 2 ton condenser unit that has high head pressure(290) and high suction pressure(150). The unit is properly sized but no cooling. Unit has been installed probably 4-5 years and has not been run for over a year.

Has anyone added some freon? The unit has way too much freon inside it. You need someone to reclaim the freon and weigh in the right amount of freon. If you run the unit the way it is will cause some very serious damage. Let me know ken ... Air Conditioners

Have goodman unit, ac unit running 55 suction, 210 high side. cleaned condenser coils and charge to 10 degrees supercool. suction at 65, discharge 245, why did my discharge go so high

You should have liquid line filter/dryer that maybe restricted or there is a restriction in the orfice inside the evap coil normal operating pressures are 68/ 180 ... Goodman Air Conditioners

Have Coleman-Evcon heat pump system. Model DRHS0421CB. Condensing unit has intermittent no run condition. I replaced the contactor, as it was a few years old. I eliminated the thermostat from the equation by twisting together the RYO wires at the thermostat sub panel. This makes the air handler run and MOST of the time also makes the condensing unit come on as well. When it does run together, it cools great. Suction and discharge pressures are normal. The float switch is ok and no water prese

Elimate the items not needed to test the unit.\015\012Disconnect the defrost power board and set air handler to run.\015\012Disconnect the thermostat and hold contactor switch in closeing connections to the compressor and condensor fan. ... Air Conditioners

Trane xe1000 compressor runs for approx 5-10 mins then shuts down. The condensing fan is still running. Also, Suction side gets cold during the 5-10min run time on the compressor.

... LG Air Conditioners

Install 2 ton 13 seer goodman furnace coil and condensing leak test with 110 psi of nitrogen overnight good the next day pull vacuum no leaks start up unit charge unit to proper charge check the next day system hadlow reading on suction side ice up

Goodjob, now check the valves stems for leaks.! .....Thank-you-very-much! ... Goodman Air Conditioners

I hook my gauges to the condensing unit on the A/c I'am working on. The problem I am trying to solve is: High side pressure is going up and down from 300 to 400 every 10 seconds. This system dose not have exspansion valves. what is going on?

Im thinking you might be over charged...too much gas..it will pop off on high head if over 400...other wise no airflow through the condenser will cause this ... Air Conditioners

Freeze up Hi, Thank you for your help. The gas is R410-A and pressure in suction line is 105 PSI when the out side temp is around 23C. Freeze up some times start after 3 days working and some times after 5-6 hours working. The air flow is OK.Thanks,

Soud like you have a relay problem thats not kicking in when need too ... Air Conditioners

This is a weatherking central air conditioner. Had been looked at by another person before me. Wasn't cooling right is all the information I had. When I walked past it one day (this is at a golf course), I noticed the suction line going into the condenser cabinet was iced up. First thing I thought about was maybe it had to much freon in it. After looking into it further I noticed it was iced up all the way to the compressor. When I had a person turn the t-stat down to turn down, the head pressur

Sounds like the compressor is tripping it's thermal safety. You say you turned the thermostat off and your head pressure climbed? I would check the contactor for stuck points that are leaving the compressor running continuously. BTW, you should have ... Weather King 10AJA3601AH Air Conditioner

A r410a central system requires a line dryer, this devise has an arrow pointing the direction of flow, which should be at the condensing unit, does it matter how far from the unit it should be placed. when installing a new r410a system, do you open the liquid line valve to pressure test / leak check the system with nitrogen? and also to attach the vacuum pump, keeping the suction line valve closed until the lines are at -500 microns and ready to open and release the stored factory r410a gas i

Hi,Okay... I hope I get all of the questions for you....First....no the filter can be anywhere in the system....but are you using s liquid line filter or a suction line filter....often you will use a liquid line filter and in that case th ... Air Conditioners

System pressure for puron read 280 and 135 for low side. System is not cooling at all. Suction line at air handler is not cold at all. System has had problems with leaks and customer has told me some techs have added refrigerant which I suspect has affected the mixture of the refrigerant. What should I do to bring thge system up to it normal capabilities. Also amps for compressor was 8 and is rated for 23 RLA

The system must be leak checked, refrigerant recovered, evacuated, a drier installed, and recharged to the correct subcooling, (I assume this is a carrier since you reference "puron")\015\012the low side pressure seems to be in line the high si ... Air Conditioners

I am working on a 1996 rheem 12 seer heat pump and the homeowner said it stopped cooling last wednesday when i put gauges on it the pressures were 150 over 35 i added almost 7 lbs of freon and the liquid side rose to 225 but the suction stayed at 45. It was almost 90 dagrees today my question is how do i know if the txv indoor or outdoor is the problem or what other problem could it be?

Check your air flow ... Air Conditioners

High side low side pressures don not respond to freon levels

Chances are you have a TXV already installed. Thats why simply adding refridgerant is not effecting the pressures.\015\012\015\012All you are doing by adding refridgerant is overcharging the unit, and possibly forcing the compressor to tr ... Ruud UAKA042 Air Conditioner

1994 corolla-I charged the air cond., and it was cooling fine. After about a mo., it was not cooling very good. I assumed it had a small leak. I put my guages on it and the low pressure was running 15 to 20. The high side was reading about 150.I put a can of stopleak and detector in it. Then I put a can of freon in it. While I was putting the freon in it the pressure started to drop on both the low side and high side. Now the low side pressure is running about 15 and the high side is running 0.W

Hi\015\012\015\012\015\012Thanks for using FixYa. This has happened because of the low side pressure on your AC pump isn't kicking on, because when the pump is off, the pressures equal out and the low side shows a high ... Air Conditioners

Insufficient cooling in my mercedes 300e 1989. When i hook the manifold gauge and turn on the AC, the low side pressure shows ~70psi and high side 200 - 230psi(low side pressure stays constans and high side not to)

1989 year would indicate the system uses the Old CFC R12 refrigerant. 70 PSI equals about 70°F . This is not enough pressure difference to give you any cooling. Sounds like your compressor has bad valves. Replace compressor. ... Air Conditioners

I get 0 pressure on the suction line and about 160 on the high.

Bad thermostaic expansion valve inside. ... Ruud UAKA060 Air Conditioner

When charging the system do you have to remove the O ring lock and open the valve on the suction side? I cannot get the suction side to take the R22

Hi!!\015\012\015\012Remove the Low Pressure Service Port cap, hook up your Low Pressure gauge, if you have a reading, proceed to add R22 refrigerant to your system, if there is no reading, open Service Port Valve by turning the hex screw ... Ruud UAKA030 Air Conditioner

I got a Carrier Flowtronic with two recips and EXV's. Unit goes out on compressor failure. Ran test mode and EXV's operate normally. Pressures look good.(R-22-260 head, 65- suction) The unit only has a high pressure cut-out and a suction thermistor, which had been recently changed. First circuit A failed and would not reset. Then circuit B failed. Now the unit is running on circuit B. Thermistors ohm out good and expansion valves are doing O.K. as well. Installed a new MBB board and configured i

Theres a major malfunction with the unit,, trying diff things can cost you alot of money for some thing like that i would contact the makers for tech advice as trying diff, things is costing you alot of time and the cost with be greater in the end th ... Air Conditioners

2yr. old a.c. and coil(txv).Unit runs but suction pressure stays low(50 psi).Unit eventually freezes up.When txv sensing bulb in put in hot water,the suction pressure rises to correct reading,and unit cools properly.Is then txv the problem?

See if it's adjustable if not it has to be changed ... Air Conditioners

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