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Unit blows cold but freezes up

\015 My roof top ac unit on a 2004, 27 ft trailbay freezes up after blowing cold and working fine for a while. The filter is clean. Does it need freon or could it be something else? Know anyone (that will come to me) south of Jackson MS who services rv ac units?\015

Answers :

You are low on refrigerant.

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We have an American Standard Freedom 80 Gas Furnace.It is set on heat at 73 degrees and will only blow cold air throught the vents. We have tried turning off the theromstat and the breaker to the unit and then turning it back on. The little red light flashes fast until the unit kicks on then it flashes twice and it blows cold air into the house. Please help....we are freezing :(

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Central air unit problem.......It starts out blowing cold then will only blow room temp air after some time. I don't see anything freezing up..Filter is clear. The unit outside is not clogged up. The copper line running in is getting very hot..

Check your outside unit to see if fan is running. If it is running check to see if air is blowing out if not you have a bad capacitor. Some times if a capacitor shorts out the fan will run backwards and the line will get very hot same as if the fan i ... Air Conditioners

Ac freezing I have an old goldstar air conditioner and I have been running it at about 16 the low temp to get my apt cold and the whole inside is freezing up and its not blowing out cold as good any more.. ? I have turned the unit off to try and defrost it but it stays frozen on the coils..?

... Goldstar WG5000 Air Conditioner

Unit blows cold but freezes up

You are low on refrigerant. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Bought 2004 popup camper 3 weeks ago went to s.c. 3 weeks ago ,temp was over 100 degrees ac unit ran all the time ,compressor didnt cut off and on, was working great!! freeze you out. went camping this weekend still blowing cold but only for 5 to 10 mins.compessor cycling you can turn the termostat to cold to warm , but no click some times (low pressure?) temp outside was 80 degrees during the day and 65 at night. please help have gauges and epa card but rv dealer gave me 30 day warranty which i

Isolate the thermostat sensor. Hold it with your hand and see if it comes on and stays on. If so, replace the thermostat. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

My American Std/Trane heat pump model#WCX036A100BB keeps freezing up at the internal coils & compressor tubes. I had someone out the other day, who topped it off with R22. It wasn't that low, according to him. I have cleaned both the inner coils and the external. It is a package unit, so essentially both are external. But I am referring to the coils that the return air goes through (same compartment as the blower fan). It still blows cold, then freezes after a couple hours of running. Chec

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When turn on three eighth pipe freezes up air con does not blow cold air split system i also noticed the compressor is very hot even after the unit has been switched off.

This could be the result of a dirty filter, or in the case of no filter installed, dirty evaporator / condenser coils. The unit may also be low on refrigerant due to a leak and will need to be located and repaired before recharging. Refrigerants ar ... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

Daewoo DOZ-1206G Brand new, just installed. This replaced an older a.c. unit in our apartment that was not blowing any cold air. The technician said that one was broken and replaced it with this one. Once it was installed, the technician turned it on and left. After 5 minutes with it set at 16 degrees celsius the cool air (which was never freezing) just became normal air. We have tried everything on the controls, we cannot get it to cool our very small studio apartment. We live in Sth Korea by t

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Dirty filter or low on freon ... Goodman Air Conditioners

Compressor lines Compressor linews are freezing up and the unit a Coleman Mach is not blowing much cold air. Is there a charging port or some sort of hot bypass at all ?

If the large line returning to the compressor is frosting you don't have enough air circulation. Check air filters on inside unit. ... Coleman Mach 15 Air Conditioner

My 5000 BTU GE window AC is making sporatic loud popping or cracking sounds when the compressor is on and running. It has stopped blowing air! When I put my hand in front of the air vent I can feel cold air but it is not being projected out like it normally is. Do these units freeze up? What causes it, if so? And how can I check? What can I do to get it working right again? We are burning up! Thank you so very much!

Fan inside blower unit stuck or seized. The compressor noises are because liquid refrigerant is coming back because it's not picking up heat from the room. Check/ clean the filters and spin the motor of the fan WHILE SWITCHED OFF. If it spins, it's p ... Air Conditioners

My AC unit is not blowing cold. I have two. One small and one big . I just noticed that My upstairs was not cooling off. So I turned both units on and went out sid to check them. The small one is running fine fan blowing cold freon running through. The big was not running at all. I sprayed them off and while doing that the fan on the big unit began to turn. Now it is running but every now and then it keep making a noise like a motor is trying to turn on. and the freon line is not as cold as the

The start capacitor is in question and the fan appears to be overheating, That is where the water camre into it. You may need a HVAC tech to make your repairs. Good Luck _Ned_ ... Air Conditioners

I recently had a new outdoor unit installed on my central heat and air conditioning sytem. I have had the installer out 3 times and the system still does not operate correctly. Sometimes when it cycles (every other time or every third time) the unit does not blow cold air. Sometimes the unit comes on not blowing cold air and the compressor fan is running but not the compressor. Sometimes after 15 minutes of this the compressor will come on. What is the problem.

It sounds like the compressor needs starting components installed on it. All a/c units have a run capacitor for the compressor and another one for the condenser fan motor. These motors use these capacitors all the time when the motor is running. H ... Air Conditioners

I have two Friedrich PDE15KSB-C units. When trying to turn on the heat neither will kick into the heat mode. They both blow cold air only. When they are first turned on the air blows, and there is a click sound as though the unit is trying to start the heat pump, but then nothing really happens...just the fan continues to blow cold air. Any help would be appreciated. BTW the dip sticks are all in the positions of 1234 ON, 5678 OFF - factory setting. I did try to turn 7 on for the emergency

Keep +10 degree from your room temp and also thermostat in "heat" . And then check. But in your case, I think RV not energized. If no proper voltage in RV in heat mode, check the wiring to RV. If voltage in means RV not working properly. You have to ... Friedrich PDE15K3SB Portable Air Conditioner

GE zoneline heat pump/ AC unit wont blow any hot air? When you turn the switch to high heat and the thermostat all the way on it blows ice cold air. Its like the unit is just blow the cold air from out side into the room. help

... GE Zoneline AZ55H07D Air Conditioner

I have two indoor condensores, one with both lights on, but not blowing cold air, and the other with only one light flashing, but blowing cold air. History; 5yr system, did blow 100amp breaker during storms, just usually reset and no problems, initial problem one light flashing and no cold air, and other unit with both lights on and blew cold. Any help, thanks Darrick

You need a new pc board. You can buy one from http://paylessminisplit.com ... Mitsubishi MSH09TW Air Conditioner

My unit stopped blowing cold and started blowing hot.i turned off unit looked into furnace and saw pilot was still lit.i put out gas pilot and turned unit back on and it is blowing semi cool air (like fan)but not cool as it should.checked outside ac and it is running....munual says to turn unit off for 2 hrs and if it does not do right then it is compressor.we are currently in the 2 hr process. Any help would be helpful at this point.is there a reset switch or anything I could do to troubleshoo

100 degree temps/high humidity puts an extreme load on air conditioners - but if everything is right with the AC - 'overheating is not a big problem.\015\012\015\012The first thing I would check is whether or not the compressor is running ... Weather King 10AJA4201AH Air Conditioner

Heating unit model number PCB024075-1 is blowing cold air...note this is first time this year using heat...gas is on and unit is coming on fine it's just blowing cold air

... Air Conditioners

I have a Sanyo Flexi-Multi Series CMH3172 that allows four evaporators but I only have two evaporators connected now one 9btu and a 12btu. It very new but one of the units 9 btu blows cold air for a while and than goes off blinking and the other unit just blows out un- cold air. My installer who came back once before to add Freon said I should reset the handheld remote controls. The remotes allow you to turn the system on and off and change things but it does not seem effect the tempture setting

... Sanyo 12KS51 11800 BTU Cooling Only Mini Split Air Conditioner with Clean-Air Filter

2000 isuzu rodeo, ac blows outside air temp, i tried to recharge. when i connected unit the gauge read 70 psi. i let out psi to 50. put the charge in and it took 90% of can and read 55 psi. it still blows outside temp air. (if the temp is on hot and while running switch to cold ac, i get a brief 1/2 second spurt of cold air) which unit might be bad; compressor or condenser?

You may have a clogged expansion valve. ... Air Conditioners

I have a GE ZONELINE 5100 hvac unit when unit is turned on the blower works but it will not generate heat when set on heat selection nor will it blow cold air on cold air selection it just blows air out like normal fan what could be the problem

Check the selector switch to make sure that the controls are transferring from heat to cool. Then if the control is working you would have to check power to the valve that changes the flow of refrigerant from heat to cool. This unit may be heat ... Air Conditioners

For ruud achiever 10 ac unit uaka-030jaz. Unit was working fine saturday...sunday we noticed air was not cold anymore. I have checked all my breakers, put a new battery in the thermostat, cleaned the filter on the furnace unit, and opened the exterior unit to see it the relay was burned( appears ok as long i understand which part is the relay.). When we turn on the ac the furnace unit in the attic will come on and blow air..however it never gets cold and nothing in the outside unit appears to co

Hi, the problem is in the outdoor unit if the indoor unit comes on and is blowing air. At the unit, you will have a disconnect box, 220 volts. Inside there will be 2- fuses. If you can't see them its because they are behind the plastic cover. You may ... Air Conditioners

One of my inside klimeaire units is not blowing cold air The other 2 are blowing cold air

... Air Conditioners

Unit is icing up and not blowing cold air

Hi,\015\012 Usually when this happens, the unit is low on freon. If you have an AC tech come out, make sure he does a leak check for you. Hope this helps... good luck! ... Samsung AW0505M Air Conditioner

Amana central heat and air unit use to blow cold air through all the vents. Now the 2 hardest blowing vents close to the air handler barely even blow out cool air while all the other vents still blow very cold air..Any idea or help as to what may be going on is welcomed..Thank u.

Visually inspect the duct run connections to the main trunk. It is possible that they have loosened and are losing air under the house. Also inspect the duct runs from the trunk connection to the vent connection. You want to check for any damage or o ... Air Conditioners

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