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I have installed myself a Split air condictioning from York (9000 BTU's) but when turning off the internal device, it does not turns off the external part and it starts freezing the system and the internal device. Does anyone have instruction on how to (if there is any solution) connect the electrical wires from the internal and external part? The manual does not say so and the manufacturer does not answer me!

Answers :

You have wired the thermostat incorrectly.
\015\012Check the directions that came with the thermostat

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I have installed myself a Split air condictioning from York (9000 BTU's) but when turning off the internal device, it does not turns off the external part and it starts freezing the system and the internal device. Does anyone have instruction on how to (if there is any solution) connect the electrical wires from the internal and external part? The manual does not say so and the manufacturer does not answer me!

You have wired the thermostat incorrectly.\015\012Check the directions that came with the thermostat ... Air Conditioners

The red blinking light won't go off (i.e., A/C won't work) despite emptying internal tank, attaching external tank, and attempting to drain sump (nothing came out). What is the problem? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I seemed to have done all troubleshooting as referenced in the instructions. Thanks, Sweaty and Tired

... Danby DPAC12031 Air Conditioner

I have a Sanyo Air Conditioner model number KMS0912 that I am looking for either a manual, diagnostics, or schematics on. I am planning to remove and wash the filter but as it stands I simply cannot figure out how to remove any part of the exterior and access the internal workings of the machine. If anyone can provide me with information regarding how to complete the process of removing the filter, washing it, and returning it to its original position, I would be greatly obliged..

... Sanyo Air Conditioners

Obsolete part I am desperately searching for a 2 year old part. The internal water discharge pump for a FAP09EP1Z1 Frigidaire. I am absolutely dismayed that a 2 year old unit is considered obsolete? Is there an afte rmarket source for the pump? or other internal parts?

... Frigidaire FAP094P1 Portable Air Conditioner

Igniter on GE hot water heater ser no GELP1006500784, mod no GP40T06PVJ went bad. GE is sending the part, with instructions to install, will arive tomorrow. GE said I could install it or hire a professoinal. I have no hot water, with the weekend and holiday coming up, may take a while to get some one in to install it. My question, do you have THESE instructions on line, or e mail them to me in advance of getting the part so I could see if I could install it? thanks Bill

... GE Air Conditioners

Majestic dvr36rn I was told by the company who supplied & installed my 11 yr old fireplace that the valve (gas valve honeywell -nat) part #10001782 ... Needs to be replaced, however, they told me part is no longer avail & in order to repair, they need to replace it with a conversion kit from Paris, Kentucky - they said it would take btwn 3 wks & 6 mos. to get part!!! AND itis expensive! I wonder if anyone knows where I can get this part.

... Air Conditioners

Instruction Manual Two weeks ago I brought a Dimplex portable air con with no instruction manual at a garage sale. I have spent hour after hour searching the internet for an instruction manual for the DIMPLEX DAC-12004RC. Does anyone know where I can get one???

I had the same problem. If you are in Australia, the Dimplex Customer Service number is 1300 6739 033. I phoned and they are mailing me the instructions. Maybe don't say you bought the machine at a garage sale.  \015\012\015\012If you are ... Air Conditioners

External tank Hello, I purchased this product two years ago especially for the climatisation system it was offering, since then, I moved in an other appartment, which is half underground. Now that the summer has begun, I started to use the dehumidifier, which is working perfectly; the only problem is the external tank, which is connected and locked properly, but the water just doesn't gather in there! Do I need to install a kind of pipe or something between the internal and external tanks...?? P

How do I even INSTALL the external tank?!?!? I just hook it on, but there seems to be nothing that actually drains into the tank. Am I missing a part? ... Danby DPAC10031 Air Conditioner

I drained the internal tank and reinstalled the external tank but after an hour the red light comes back on. I checked the external tank but it is empty. It doesnt look like there is any water being pumped into the external tank.

All it needs is was the drain plug removing and the water draining out if it doesnt thenMay be a vacume hose leak.Most of the time if there is a problem the light on the stat will flash the fault code on the defrost board. Do you have yo ... Danby DPAC9031 Air Conditioner

My American Std/Trane heat pump model#WCX036A100BB keeps freezing up at the internal coils & compressor tubes. I had someone out the other day, who topped it off with R22. It wasn't that low, according to him. I have cleaned both the inner coils and the external. It is a package unit, so essentially both are external. But I am referring to the coils that the return air goes through (same compartment as the blower fan). It still blows cold, then freezes after a couple hours of running. Chec

... Air Conditioners

I have a 6 month old Philco fridge-freezer model PHTL763FFZ. The drainage filter in the fridge part must be blocked because I get puddles in the bottom of the fridge, and my user's manual says the drainage filter can be removed and cleaned (no further instructions given) ... but there isn't anything there that I can remove, the drain hole is moulded as part of the fridge interior and there is no insert that I can see. Have they forgotten to put a filter in or am I being dim? ps the Philco

... Air Conditioners

We installed a Daikin heat pump in June 1996 Model FVY453CBV1 in Dunedin NZ. It stopped and a repairer said the compressor unit is rusted through & recommeneded a new heat pump. I am looking at whether there are alternative solutions and want to check whether it is economical to replace the compressors, or alternatively whether a new external unit can be purchased. Do heat pumps have a life in years? Is it risky to marry a new external unit to the existing internal unit? I appreciate your help

Don't waste your time and money repairing a 15 year old unit you will just create more \015\012headaches for yourself, And a new outdoor unit would not be compatable with your \015\012old indoor head there have been to many changes over t ... Air Conditioners

I want to bypass the internal thermostat and run my Kenmore 10K BTU thru-the-wall to an external thermostat so I can cool my wine cellar to 55F. The external thermostat will operate power to the unit. What wire do I cut? JP

I know this is going to sound rude but you I promise I mean it with only your best interest at heart. You should probably buy the proper piece of equipment to do the job, not a window air conditioner for a wine cellar. For one you may burn your house ... Kenmore Air Conditioners

Do you know if anyone has spare parts for JBS airmaster A/C units? I know the company no longer exists but maybe someone has some parts?

... Air Conditioners

Remote instructions what do all the buttons on the remote mean/do? i have no instruction book etc. can anyone help with even a manual from another model? I know it has functions like timer delay etc. but I don't know how to program it... thanks

Try this:\015\012http://www.hapm.hitachi-asia.com/index/techsupp/operationmanual/RAS_RAC-32CNH2(EN).pdf\0 ... Hitachi RAS-09UH Air Conditioner

Replace draft inducer motor and fan blade to heating unit. Can anyone order the parts and where is the best place or way to find the parts?

Go to shortys hvac supplies on line. ... Carrier Air Conditioners

Replacement Repairs My air conditioning unit is slightly less than three years old. It quit working so I called the business that installed it. He found that there was a blockage in the necking device on the evaporator coil increasing liquid pressure 40 PSI. I feel that, in as much as this is within a sealed unit, it is a manufacturing problem, not one due to my environment or my doing. It is a very expensive part to replace and I feel that there is some responsibility on your part for this prob

Most units have a 5 yr parts warranty but you would be resposable for labor. ... Weather King Air Conditioners

I have a 12.000 BTU premium unit that have a problem: the internal unit start and then start the external unit and chill out but just for a while and then the external unit turn off suddenly without the reach the rate temperature adjusted to 16 celcius, as a matter of fact, that bearly reach 24 celcius

Compressor may be overheating. check outside unit for obstructions around the unit that may be blocking airflow. how old is the unit? if it is 5 years or older the compressor may just be going bad.or it could be a safety cut off switch th ... Air Conditioners

Red light flashes compressor shuts off water full bucket flashes but external and internal tanks both empty. Sometimes the external tank gets a bit of water 1 cup or so then kicks out and light starts flashing.

... Danby DPAC12031 Air Conditioner

Parts for split mini air conditioner external unit

You may be able to contact Soleus here:http://www.soleusair.com/Contact/contact.htm ... Air Conditioners

Parts list for Tempstar PGAD60E1K1? Anyone have?

Tempstar will only sell to licensed dealer/contractors. You will have to purchase through your local HVAC contractor that deals Tempstar. They will be able to cross your model # to the correct parts. However, you must have an EPA license to purcha ... Air Conditioners

Interesting idea/question i used the small engine from a trailer reefer unit. so has anyone ever used the a/c parts off one of one of these units to cool a shop?

It should work find the btu of unit some also do heat via reversing valve make filter rack or coil will be clogged up quickly ... Air Conditioners

I need a manual / operating instruction booklet (or preferably a link to an online version) for the old style Drayton tempus two "weekender" model, anyone know where i can find this please?

... Air Conditioners


There is such a device as a dual capacitor, it is round or oval in shape, has three separate terminals to attach to that should be labeled C, Fan, and Herm as C is common, Fan is the outdoor fan motor, and Herm is the compressor. What part of the sy ... Carrier Air Conditioners

I have a miller hvac unit model number PCZD-030KB it appears due to filter being too full. I have solved that problem and understand that i now need to hit a reset button. Can anyone tell me where it is on that model? It was part of the house when i bought it so no manual.

See if there is a small red button close to the refrigerant line on the outdoor unit. If so puch the red button in and unit should start ... Air Conditioners

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