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My Daewoo DSB 091L unit has started to drip condensate from the casing joint underneath the front drainage tray. I have cleaned the blocked drain pipe and proved the water drains away. The condensate drip seems only to happen during the compressor is in cooling cycle. Maybe the flexible drain pipe is perished. How do I change the flexible drain pipe?

Answers :

Make sure that the flexible pipe is securely connected to the drainpan, it can come adrift and cause leaking. The way to check this is to make sure everything is dried out completely. Then open the front grill and carefully pour water so that it goes only into the drip pan. Pour slowly so that you do not overflow the pan. If water is coming out on the outside and you have no leaks on the inside, then you can rule out the perished or disconnected drainpipe theory. In this case your unit may be short of refrigerant causing excessive run time and a freeze up of the evaporator.

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My Daewoo DSB 091L unit has started to drip condensate from the casing joint underneath the front drainage tray. I have cleaned the blocked drain pipe and proved the water drains away. The condensate drip seems only to happen during the compressor is in cooling cycle. Maybe the flexible drain pipe is perished. How do I change the flexible drain pipe?

Make sure that the flexible pipe is securely connected to the drainpan, it can come adrift and cause leaking. The way to check this is to make sure everything is dried out completely. Then open the front grill and carefully pour water so that it goes ... Air Conditioners

Hi have a fujitsu asta18 that is dripping water from indoor head unit , drain all good water runs away perfectly , but water coming from the air chute and through the louvres seems to be condensating on the plastic !!! Any ideas please as pulled all hair out Thanks

I would say that either your unit is short of gas, which is weird because you would of also said the unit has been loosing effiency or I would say that your unit is not level or has came of the back plate. If you pour water on the coil and it drains, ... Air Conditioners

Condensation water is not draining properly on Goldstar AC window unit and backing up and dripping on the wood frame and floor below the unit. Is something blocked it just started happening. I am going to clean the little pipe that water drips from outside but it involves climbing a latter. Also I am going to clean the condenser coils...is there another reason or anything else I am missing and do you clean the condenser coils with little wire brushes? It occurs after the unit has been runnin

Yes,remove the ac unit from the window,and clean it out with a water hose out side,remove all debris from inside the unit,and tilt water out of unit.Make sure there is nothing in the way of the drain,and when the unit is put back in the window,make s ... Goldstar KG6000R Window Air Conditioner

Water leaks out of bottom tray of unit, instead of draining through the drain pipe outlet. Seems to have a blockage to the drainage of the water condensation. Any advice on how to unblock the problem? Thanks. Wong

Carefully, run a flexible, yet sturdy wire down through the drain tube. While doing this, move the wire up and down slightly. This will help dislodge any accumulation of debris. The other option is, if you have an air compressor, blow a strong burst ... DeLonghi Air Conditioners


Check to see if the flame rod tip is in the flame(like the hot junction on a thermocouple). the pressure switches are a normally closed switch and a blocked flue could cause them to open. the circuit board should run through the safety switches and c ... Amana PTC074B25AE Electric Heat Air Conditioner

My Air Conditioner Unit (Pansonic Model CS-E18EKU) drips condensated water inside the room. The drip is in the opposite side of the drain pipe. What can be the problem?

Either blocked drain or the unit is not tilted back enough. ... Panasonic Air Conditioners

We have RUUD AC, in second floor , that has a white pvc ope connected to condensate drain. other end of this pipe is inerted into large pipe neanr wall. looks a drain outlet. In the middle of this white pipe, there is a T-joint pipe. The joints middle pipe is open and short. Now our AC is causing leak of whater into the tray. this caused water caused leaking inot the roof of first floor. we shutoff the AC, removed water from tray then leaking in first floor sopped. Looks like ithe issue is cause

Yes this Tee is put in for you to clean pipe and pour bleach down pipe to kill algae. You need to insert a hose(small0 into pipe and use air to blow thru it. This will clean out drain Russ ... Air Conditioners

I have a heat pump with the unit under the house. We have noticed our power bill has increased. After crawling under the house I notice the drip pan is full and not draining through the pipe. So I unclogged it and it drained fine, but my next issue is, why would the return duct have about 3 gallons of water sitting inside the pipe making it sag. So what can I and need to do to fix this. I have been covering the ducts to cover the leak that I found but this water in the pipe has me baffled. Pleas

Hi, this sounds as though you just have a backed up condensation line that you opened up the drain, and you say it drained fine. As far as the return air duct having water in it, it is connected to the return side of the evaporator coil and it just o ... Air Conditioners

I have a Tempstar NFCP3600/A1. There appears to be two condensate drains. The main one is plumbed to the outside. There is another drain next to it and it is pointed down and drains into the garage where the unit is hanging. I guess the secondary drain is an overflow drain, maybe not. I have cleaned out the primary drain by using a vacuum. That solved the problem temporarily. There is definitely water draining to the outside from the main pipe. Would you suggest plumbing the two together

Can't hurt! ... Air Conditioners

Condensate drain not working. Water driping from entire attic unit. Have flushed and vaccumed line to no avail. Secondary tray does drain but water drips outside the tray area. American Srandard Allegiance 12 is the unit

The drain coming off the unit is the one you need to clear, not the secondary pan. its usually clogged in the P trap which is usaully not far downstream from the outlet on the coil. ... Air Conditioners

Our frigidaire window a/c unit (model faa067p7a) does not seem to be operating properly. There is no condensate forming anywhere (beneath the coils is dry and no evidence of water and there is no water coming out of the tube under the coils into the styrafoam drip area). Everytime we run the unit it cools the room to a degree but the humidity also goes way up. I tried the reset button on the power supply but that didn't seem to have any effect. Any ideas?

It sounds like your unit is low on freon or the compressor is not kicking in. If the compressor kicks in you can hear it turn the unit on fan only or turn the thermostat off then turn the unit to demand cool you should hear a hum even vibration when ... Frigidaire Compact Air Conditioner

Room AC unit condensation drains into room, not outside. There are no obvious drain holes on the underside of the unit. I've drilled to create some, but condensation still comes in. The unit has a definite slope away from house, so that doesn't seem to be the problem. Any suggestions are welcome.

Hi, if this unit does not have any weep holes as they are called, you should have a small diameter soft plastic drain tube connected from the inside coil where the condensation forms to outside that is plugged. You should have a trough that the conde ... Haier 5200 BTU Window Air Conditioner White

Condensate Drain Weather King 12AJA6001AH Air Conditioner. There is no water (condensation) running from the unit during operation. The drain pipe has been cleaned and there is no obstruction. The unit has been serviced last year and runs well. Please let me know what to do before calling the AC technician. Thank you for your help. Jack

Please contact the service authority because this is beyond your limit. to solve your problem, the back panel has to remove and only the service engineer knows the skill.......................sorry friend! ... Weather King 12AJA6001AH Air Conditioner

I have a unit in the attic and another part outside. I can stand inside under the ceiling vent and hear water running. When the unit cuts off, the water sound quits. I'm afraid something is not draining right. The drain pipe that leads to the outside is dripping a little. I've tried a shop vac to suction out any obstruction but it didn't help.

Sounds like your drain has sagged from the heat in the attic. It then backs up in the pan and sloshes around from the air moving. Get up there and see if that is the case, if so support the drain line so water runs freely to outside. This is an exper ... Air Conditioners

Condensation buildup LG 10,000 btu window unit condensation buildup. The water does not seem to drain properly creating a buildup. When the air conditioner is running the water then gets spit out the vents and makes alot of noise as well as creating an electrical hazard. I'm very dissapointed w/ this air conditioner....Any suggestions

Make sure the unit tilts towards the outside. If it's installed level or tilted toward front it will not drain properly. ... LG Electronic Window Air Conditioner

Dripping water from the pvc drain pipes of 2nd story eaves.

Yes, that is your emergency drain pipe. You need to have the a/c drained cleaned out. It is probably jammed up with algea. A professional should be called to blow it out. or get ahold of your Mr. Fixit buddy. If you leave it like this your drain p ... Air Conditioners

I have a Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner. The drain pan seems to be plugged. Water is dripping in through the filter. Where is the drain pan located

... Air Conditioners

My hvac duct work on one of my central air units has a lot of condensation and causing puddles of water throughout my basement. Do you know what the problem is? The drain lines don't seem to have any leaks. There is condensation at the main supply unit of the HVAC system (gas forced air system). Can anyone help understand what the problem is and how to fix it?

Could be just not insulated enough is this a new instalation? the humidity is too high around the ducts is their a return air vant close by that you can open? you need to lower the humidity or seal the ducts so it cant get to them dan ... Air Conditioners

Goodman heat pump/air conditioner Model ARUF48601BA is not draining properly. It sits in a vertical position. Water is standing in the condensation tray but there doesn't seem to be anything blocking the drain line.

... Air Conditioners

4 ton carrier horz ac fan coil. seems to wick water off the a coil surface and in time floods the bottom of the fan coil case. Pan good, fan speed ok drains good. the cooler the home the more condensate seems to show uo.

Over time the AC coil collects oils from the area it cools. Get some good coil cleaner and soak the coil down. Rinse off with a small but continuous flow of water that your condensate drain will drain away. Apply a second ti ... Carrier Air Conditioners

I have a model AW189CB samsung widow air conditioner. Its 4 yrs old. I keep the filter clean but for some reason but for some reason water is now dripping out the front of it. It has the slope needed to drain outside. I have never had a problem with it untill recently. I took the front cover off and there was lots of condesation on the front copper piping and the plastic tray below it was full and dripping out the front. Any ideas? Thank you David Lewey

The front copper coils need to be cleaned ... Samsung Air Conditioners

How can I stop the cold water copper pipe, coming in from outside, from the condensation onthe outside of the full length of the pipe running across the laundry room where it is open ceiling and dripping?

Insulate pipe with rubertex from a/c supply house or hardware ... Air Conditioners

I have a unit in the attic that is installed in the attic horizontally. The condensation leaks out the unit into the overflow pan. I have had the drip pan replaced as it was cracked, the overflow line adjusted to insure positive drainage and no sags and raised the unit so it maintained positive slope towards the drain pan. I also made sure the drain line is not plugged by pouring bleach water down it and after a period of time, blew compressed air through it. What else could be the problem.

It sounds like to me that the leak is coming from inside the unit(air handler) possibly your evaporator coil is icing up and causing a build up of water just below where the 3/4" P.V.C. drain line connects. Instead of draining out the line, it is fin ... Air Conditioners

My a/c vent pipe is dripping water I was told that I have a slight blockage in the drain pipe somewhere? My Goodman a/c unit model is CLJ60-1.What can I do to fix this problem. Thanks Roy.

Replace the drain or clear the blockage with some air pressuer ... Air Conditioners

My dometic RV rooftop air conditioner is leaking on the inside of the camper even after I cleaned the water condensation drain on top of the roof. What could be causing this? The fan is blowing the water into the filter area in the camper, thus it drips onto the floor.

Remove all covers and look down with them removed and see if the coil drain pan has a stopped up exit where the water drains out and into the rear of the AC unit. If the unit is off level it could cause a draining problem too. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

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