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Plasma air cleaning system does not start (model MT09AH)

\015 When a Plasma button is pressed (wall remote control) to activate plasma air cleaning system it does not start and PLASMA indicator flashes.\015

Answers :

This means that the plasma filter needs cleaning. Can be done by washing with mild warm soapy water. The filter would need to dry out in the sun for at least a day before being used again. ratemeplease.

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Plasma air cleaning system does not start (model MT09AH)

This means that the plasma filter needs cleaning. Can be done by washing with mild warm soapy water. The filter would need to dry out in the sun for at least a day before being used again. ratemeplease. ... Air Conditioners

I have a duo-therm brisk air a/c model #57908.521 not putting out cool air. filter is clean, on top i cleaned what i call the rad - there was some dust in the fins but not much. the fan works fin. when a/c is started on high cool the compressor vibrates and runs steady. But no cold air. The air does have some coolness to it but not much. I would appreciate any help or suggestions. Thanks Dennis

Sounds like it is low on freon ... Dometic Air Conditioners

We have an older model split system and we're having problems with the heating, the model number is AST9RNGCW. The system appears to go off line when we select heating, it comes on and the vents open but the red light just flashes and the heating doesn't start. The air conditioner continues to work fine. Can you help?

This is from the troubleshooting section of the manual,If this doesn't answer your concerns,please post back with more details.\015\012\015\012\015\012OPERATION Indicator Lamp (red)\015\012● Lights when unit is op ... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

We have a Rheem air conditioner that is 9 years old Model number RAKA 037-JAZ and have been having some issue with it. Last summer the condenser wasn't coming on so we have a friend who is a HVAC guy and he came over and cleaned it all out and then it worked great. At the beginning of this summer we started having the same issue, so we cleaned it out and it worked for a couple of weeks and then started to have problems again. One day, it ran all day and the temp stayed high when we went to look

It sounds like he got you a Hard Start Kit/Capacitor, that might explain\015\012the five minute delay. When the fan is not operating the compressor will\015\012make a loud noise..\015\012\015\012Check to make sure insulated su ... Air Conditioners

Don't panic, but I have a question about my 40 year old duo therm RV roof top AC. I know, it shouldn't be working, but it does. My problem is it will kick on, compressor starts to work and puts out cold air, then I hear the relay kicking out and it stops putting out cold air. This past fall I took the shroud off and cleaned everything and observed the operating system. Again, it starts, runs for a minute or so, than the relay opens. If I push on the relay, it will run again. A friend suggested a

When you say relay I'm assuming the contactor. Does it shut off again when you let go of the contacts (relay)? Most likely it's low on refrigerant and the low pressure switch is shutting it down. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Panasonic ducted air conditioner flashes "Check" on wall mounted control panel. After pressing 'Check' button control panel displays "F42" and air conditioning system won't run when pressing 'start' button. Also looking for user's manual for this system....outdoor unit model number is CU-L50DBE5 and I assume indoor unit is CS-F50DD1E5.

... Panasonic Air Conditioners

Lg Neo plasma inverter split model s18ahn isn't heating or cooling properly. When in heating mode air con will go into defrost/preheat mode for 5 minutes and then air con will blow out air for 5 seconds and then go back into defrost/preheat mode. When in cooling mode indoor fan will pump out air but will not get cold. In both heating and cooling modes the outdoor unit will not start up and the outdoor fan will not spin. I have just replaced the main pcb board and that hasnt made a difference. Bo

... Air Conditioners

Hi, My remote won't work for my air conditioner. Batteries changed. Can't tell if it's just remote or air conditioner unit as well that aren't functioning. Can you tell me if there is a manual way of operating the airconditioner without the remote? If it is the air conditioner, what do I try to get it to work? I have taken filters out and cleaned them and that's all the ideas I had. My air conditioner is a LG Model LST 244H-2 split system. At least 6 years old. thanks for your help

Here is the main ONLINE SUPPORT page for your LG model LST 244H-2: ... LG Air Conditioners

Hi, I have a Panasonic Reverve Cycle Air Con Split system Model CS/CU E15 DKR and it hasnt been cleaned. Can I please have some info on how to clean the filters and anything else that requires cleaning. Thank You

Lift front cover on indoor unit, lift up then pull out the filters and wash them with dish washing liquid in water and hose them off. ... Air Conditioners

Blower motor stopped, there is a medium-loud ''electric buzz'' sound every minute or so as if trying to start the blower motor. Could be relay switch. Last week, I extracted the entire motor and fan assembly (the one in the bottom of the furnace that drives the air through the house duct system). The motor was pretty filthy, so I took the entire thing apart an blew out all the dust, cleaned up the motor, Zoom oiled the bearing assemblies at each end, put it all back together. Started up and ran

You have a bad "starting capacitor" .. the capacitor is used to get the motor to start in the correct direction .. when its bad the motor doesnt know which way to turn so it just sits there buzzing until it gets hot .. that trips a thermal breaker in ... Bryant Air Conditioners

My daughter has a Bryant AC Model number 563AN048-A where the outside coils are freezing up. The repairman has been out twice and has cleaned the coils on the inside and outside units and has checked the coolant levels that he says are ok. Currently, if they remove the cold air return filter, air circulation is increased slightly and in doing so, the outside coil is not freezing. Can't run the system without a filter as the internal coil will clog. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Assoc

Hi, this is a 4 ton unit, Bryant are top of the line, I believe so as I have worked on them for so many years. They were Day & night, just a name change is all. Here is what sounds like your problem is, or is your problem. Did the tech check the ... Air Conditioners

Klimaire Model # KSWG009H13 Split system Air Conditioner just quit working today. Cleaned air filters, checked for loose wires,,,still won't click on.

... Cfm Klimaire KSWG009H113 Split System Air Conditioner

I have a TCL 2.5hp split system air conditioner (model TAC24chs/g) that wont cool or heat...only blows room temp air. The outside fan is working and i have cleaned the filters.No water is dripping from drain pipe.

I will star checking freon pressure but you going to call an HVAC company to do that. Please turn it off or you will damage the compressor, if is not already. ... Air Conditioners

I have a Coleman Evcon gas furnace model# DGAT095ADA last year I replaced the T-O-D #60T82 - 313675 fan switch and works fine. This year the unit started fine, but slowly started taking longer & longer to heat up, then finally not heating up enough to trip fan switch. Manually tripping fan switch resulted in some warm air through system, but not enough to heat a house. Gas comes on and is blue what would be my next course of action ?

... Air Conditioners

My Sharp window air conditioner (model AF-S85FX) stopped working. Message E1 automatically appeared. So I cleaned air filter, then unplugged power supply and re-connected as per operating instructions. A/C started working, lasted 30-40 sec. and stopped. Displaying same E1 message. I repeated this action 5-6 times with same results each time.

... Sharp ENERGY STAR AF-S60FX Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner

First time starting a/c this season, display is lit but no air is blowing. Fan outside is on. Batteries changed, still no air. System is only @ 2 years old. Stat model - TH3110D1008. Thanks.

Set the thermostat FAN setting to FAN ON to verify the fan working.If it works in the FAN ON position the fan motor is OK and you have a bad fan relay.If it does not work you should check the fan motor capacitor.At 2 years old the u ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

I have a king of the road and the air is a duo-therm model#620015.406 as soon as the unit starts to cycle it stops running and seems to reset so after about an hour it tries to start again but does the same thing even just having the fan run it stops working. I have taken the cover off and made sure everything was clean and free of dirt and debris I have two questions for you first what could it be? is there a capacitor or something like that that would cause the problem? the next is if I decide

The compressor start up relay or capacitor is not letting it to run or compressor is low on refrigerant or overload problem or the air flow is getting obstructed.\015\012\015\012 Overload Protector:---\015\012An overload protector is a ... Air Conditioners

Amana model pth123b35ambp starts to blow hot air then starts blowin cool air, how can i find out the problem

... Amana PTH153B50AJ Heat Pump Air Conditioner

I have a Sharp portable a/c model CV-10MH. I drain it regularly and keep the filter screens clean. The other day it started throwing out warm air then just shut down. It does this often now. Any ideas? Thanks again

Not a expert just trying to help,, sounds like you have coils in the back of the unit cloged up with dust,, take outside and spray some water and clorox mixed on the coils and clead good then rinse of with water,, hope this help ... Air Conditioners

Hello, I have a Frigidaire Air Conditioner (Model Number: FAA067P7A1). It just started to beep randomly. Not all the time. Any reason why ? The filter on the front is clean. Not sure what else to look at ? Thanks, Andy

... Frigidaire FAA068P7A Air Conditioner

I have a Ruud Model UAFD-036JAS Air Achiever 9 split system, when i try to turn on the a/c, nothing happens. I've replaced the contactor, run cap., put in a starter cap for the compressor, replaced thermostat, and still nothing. I've pushed in the button for the contactor and everything starts, but when i use the themostat, nothing! Frustrating

... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

My split system runs for about 8-10sec and is cool. It the stops and starts again for the sane time and again and then shuts down. It dies the same on heating and cooling. The fan in the compressor is running normal and is not struggling. I have checked the filters and have cleaned them, still no joy. Please can you advise me what else to do. My ac model is cs-a12ckp Regards Nicks

Simple- Short cycling : Check coil and room sensors. Misplaced or fell down. Fix in right position. ... Panasonic Air Conditioners

I have a Fujitsu Plasma Inverter Split System Air-conditioner, but unfortunately do not know the model number. For some reason, after exactly 30 minutes the louver's which direct the airflow either up or down reset from the position I have set them in (via the remote control) and blow directly onto me. No matter what I do I can't get the louver's to stay 'set' in a single position which wont blow directly onto me. Changing the airflow from left to right has little to no effect, as most o

... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

Heating and air condition unit will not kick on when i try to turn the heat on in the morning. we have tried the auto fan and the on fan for both ac and heat...will only work for the ac. the breaker switch at the breaker box is the only solution we have found to get the unit to fire up and to start the heat for the unit...my brother has checked the wiring at the thermostate..mercury type..found no burned out wires...he changed the filter on the system...tried to clean all the contact points on

Hello , I can help you out here. First check the T-stat with all breakers on take the red t-stat wire and white t-stat wire and green t-stat wire , tie the 3 together and wait 5 minutes to see if anything starts up. If the heat starts running replace ... Air Conditioners

I have a Panasonic CS-W12DKR split system air conditioner, when I switch it on, the power light comes on as normal, and the outlet vent opens, but the fan doesn't start. Then after about 1 minute, the whole thing just turns off. Have cleaned filter, and tried all modes.

Hi,It seems that Fan Motor needs to be replaced or it might be a BAD CAPACITOR. If you hear a humming voice from motor, It's shot.Don't run your AC system if the condensing fan is inop, you'll damage the compressor, & that ... Air Conditioners

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