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Wall unit leaking drain is clear

\015 Any idea where the leak could be? Model is MS-18/MSN-18N.\015\012Service guy serviced unit and after the service the unit began to leak, he will not return calls and I have removed the cowl that is the drain and removed fluff and debris but it still leaks\015

Answers :

Sorry, am not familiar with the model number. But offer advise as follows: If it is a midwall split type.
\015\0121) Make sure the filters are clean as you have already done.
\015\0122) Locate drainpipe on outside of building and either using a mechanical blower or your mouth, blow into this pipe to dislodge any sludge buildup at the drainpan outlet. Note, this may block up again and will have to be done until all sludge passes through.
\015\0123) Extreme possibility is that the drainpipe has disconnected from the drainpan.
\015\0124) Running the unit at too low setpoint temperature during periods of high humidity can cause evaporator freezeup to the extent that the ice overlaps drainpan edge and leaks into the room.
\015\012Or if this is a window or box type, same applies, clean filter, on the outside there is a hole where the condensate water should drip to the outside, make sure it is clear. Check if the fins on the evaporator, behind the filter and cowl, are clean. If not this could cause a restriction of airflow and result in excessive ice buildup. The only way to properly clean the finplates is with an evaporator coil cleaner specifically made to foam the dirt out.
\015\012Hope this helps, rate me.

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Wall unit leaking drain is clear

Sorry, am not familiar with the model number. But offer advise as follows: If it is a midwall split type. \015\0121) Make sure the filters are clean as you have already done.\015\0122) Locate drainpipe on outside of building and either us ... Air Conditioners

The unit is leaking water down the wall, how to i clear the drain pipe

Blast the end of the drain with a garden hose for a couple of seconds. ... Air Conditioners

I have an amana ac unit that is leaking water out of a hole that is right beside the drain pipe. i cleaned the drain pan out and made sure the drain pipe was cleared out.water starts coming out when the ac unit shuts off?

Check filter or coil plugged if drain is clean or there is no vent so the fan holds the water while running then when fan shuts off it lets it go ... Air Conditioners

My wall unit is leaking in my outside walls .and it doesnt have a drain on the back of the unit.

I hear about this problem a lot. The most likely cause is that the unit isn't tipped toward the outside of the building and/or the drain holes in the pan are plugged. Also, it's important to keep an A/C unit clean. It should be cleaned at least an ... Heat Controller Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner

Unit is leaking at the back towards the wall. Drain was cleaned but leak continues.Air filter is also clean. Can't find manual. please help!

Sometimes the pan that catches the water rusts through and leaks no matter what you do with the drain. If the leak spot is accessible you can fix it when its clean and dry with some JB weld or some other epoxy;' many times though its totally unreach ... Air Conditioners

The air conditioner is leaking out of the side of the unit and its going down the wall. how do we unclog the drain line or drain tube?

Depending on the model remove the outside panels of the unit and you should be able to see were it should be draining you should be able to just clean out the drain and be fine if it has a hose on it use compressed air and blow through it ... Air Conditioners

Drainage occurs near the front of the unit, resulting in pools of water leaking onto my window sill. Unit is installed properly, there is no drain hole to direct water away from the insides of the walls in my house. Please help with a fix for this awful awful design.

The A/C unit should be tilted slightly to the rear and this will allow the water to leak to the outside of the window, you may have to drill a small hole in the case to drain if there is no pre-existing hole. ... Frigidaire FAC126P1 wall/window Air Conditioner

Cs-ye12mke. Panasonic Inverter A/C system How do i access the drainage tubes behind or within the wall unit. The unit appears to be sealed with little access to the internal parts. It leaks down the wall after a short period of usage. I can access the outside unit and have tried to vacuum the drainage house from downstairs, but believe it might be plugged by the upstairs unit, or a leak in the tube itself. How is this unit mounted to the wall?

... Panasonic Air Conditioners

The unit is leaking water into the building. I need to locate drain holes or something outside. this is through the wall and the sheetrock is getting damaged. Any suggestions?

Need to incline the unit so that it will drain out . Drop it down a bit from the back and it should be okay. ... GE Profile ASM10AA Air Conditioner

How can I clear drain line on Sanyo wall unit

... Sanyo 12KHS71 Split System Air Conditioner

My portable a/c continues to leak water from the bottom when in use. I have a hose attached to the spout in the back, but it still leaves a puddle and almost nothing drains out the back. It's a sunbeam sca102rpc1, 10,000 btu model. I have the unit level on a few 2x4's off the ground, so the drain off from the spout is all down hill. but yet the unit must be leaking because the water is in a puddle at the bottom under the unit, not the drain pan.

It sound like the coil inside could be dirty. I have had the same problem with air handlers, when the coil is dirty or the filter is dirty it creates a back pressure and causes the condensation to drip off away from the condensation pan. ... Sunbeam SCA102RPC1 Portable Air Conditioner

Fujitsu wall mounted Inverter Unit leaking water internally

... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

Carrier Infinity AC indoor unit in the garage is leaking water on the floor. There is no ice on the coils, The drain is not clogged. There is no water in the coil area. I turned off power to the indoor and outdoor unit and it continues to leak water. I finally shutoff the water supply coming into the house. The leak then stopped. The unit is on a wooden box approx 3 feet above the floor in the garage. The only water seen is on the floor. I open the side of the A/C unit an

Hi,It seems as though you have an unrelated water leak.... Often the water supplies are copper tubing....Copper tubing and concrete do not get along well...but hey it lasts till the warranty is up....and they can't see i ... Carrier 52CQ315 Air Conditioner

Excessive Leak My new LG unit has an excessive amount of water leaking from the drain... When I put the drain plug in it stops of course, but I''m worried that water will just collect inside the unit if I leave it like that.  What could be the problem? Is there a problem? Any help would be much appreciated.

Remove the plug and tilt the AC slightly downward on the outside so the water will flow outside where it is supposed to go. Thanks, Sea Breeze ... LG Heat cool Window Air Conditioner

My Carrier FB4ANF036 unit is located in the garage. Water is dripping on the garage floor and creating an unhelathy situation. Could it be the drain line is clogged? How do I access the unit to try and clear it? I know there was a product called "Sludge Buster", which was a small white tablet that would clear the drain line. What can I do?

The drain is clogged try cleaning it out with a shop vac from out side or if it is low on freon it could be frezzing up is it still cooling!! ... Air Conditioners

Wall-mount A/C unit leaking behind fan blower

... Air Conditioners


Check to see if the flame rod tip is in the flame(like the hot junction on a thermocouple). the pressure switches are a normally closed switch and a blocked flue could cause them to open. the circuit board should run through the safety switches and c ... Amana PTC074B25AE Electric Heat Air Conditioner

Excessive leaking The carrier unit has a drain pipe that come off of the unit it also has a peice of pipe that comes off of the unit and points staight up about 4-5 inches, in between these two is a little hole where you can actually see the water flowing. the unit is leaking from this point at different times during its cycle. Why? and How do I fix this?

This is a condensation drain, The pipes were probably just pressed together. it is actually a T fitting . The tubes just need to be fitted together and pushed together. the lower pipe drains to the outside of the house and the one pointing up is ju ... Carrier 38CKC042 Air Conditioner

How Do i get my Thru the wall A/C unit to stop leaking inside? The A/C unit is smaller than the opening

It can happen that the drain holes from front to back clog and have to be cleaned out (i have added my own holes thru th e"firewall". Yes it has to be tilted but if it is working right only a slight tilt is nec. ... GE Air Conditioners

My ac unit is leaking through the coil box, I cleaned the drain, but it still leaks from the side of the box. Could it be cracked? the unit is 9 yrs old

Could be a cracked condensate pan. this may require replacing the pan or there are sealing sprays on the market which you can buy at HVAC stores. ... Weather King Air Conditioners

Water leaking from indoor unit against the wall.

It's probably the insulation around your refrigerant pipes. If it is too thin or missing in a section they will condensate. ... GE Quiet-Aire Ductless Split System Air Conditioner AS1CD12AA0/AS0CD12AA0

In this extremely muggy weather, the unit leaks from the right front into the room. We have ensured it is tilted to the outside and is level right to left. We have increased the tilt to a full bubble to ensure the water drains to the outside but it still leaks. I bought this unit in August of 2009. It is a Kenmore but I don't know the model number. It is not a big btu unit but designed for a smallish room.

Ideally the unit drains to the rear and out the drain but yours is clogged and can't make it out underneath the coils to the back. Remove the front and use a coathanger or similar underneath.Thank you for using fixyaLeo Ponder ... Kenmore 75180 Wall/Window Air Conditioner

Re: friedrich model # EL25J35-A wall unit It is spewing water from the front and not draining out the hole in the back underside out side of the house. I want to slide the unit out onto it's support frame and clean the gunk that has accumulated that is preventing the water to drain outside. I am not able to figure out how to detach the grill on top so that the unit will slide forward. thank you, Janna

Dont pull the unit out, you may damage the lines that carry the freon.Your drain may be stopped up. try pumping it out by hooking up a shop vac to the drain from the outside, this should pull through any debris loose that is blocking the water from ... Friedrich TwinTemp EL25J35 Air Conditioner

I have installed 4- Mr. Slims A/c, 3 work fine, the one in my apartment leaks water internally. The drain is not plugged, unit is sloped toward the outlet discharge. I am an Electrician and familiar with most of these type of units. The unit I have is leaking internally, the bowl doesn't fill up Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Robert

Here's a list of the most common reasons an AC can leak. Not all of the answers apply, since you've checked them, but a couple other ones may help you figure this out:\015\012 ... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

I have a unit in the attic that is installed in the attic horizontally. The condensation leaks out the unit into the overflow pan. I have had the drip pan replaced as it was cracked, the overflow line adjusted to insure positive drainage and no sags and raised the unit so it maintained positive slope towards the drain pan. I also made sure the drain line is not plugged by pouring bleach water down it and after a period of time, blew compressed air through it. What else could be the problem.

It sounds like to me that the leak is coming from inside the unit(air handler) possibly your evaporator coil is icing up and causing a build up of water just below where the 3/4" P.V.C. drain line connects. Instead of draining out the line, it is fin ... Air Conditioners

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