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How to work the contol panel!

\015 Can you please tell me how to use the timer as well as the sleep mode? How do they work?\015\012\015\012The basic problem is that I do not like sleeping with the a/c on but hubby does. Whatever he does seems to set it going all night - or that's what it seems like anyway! I'd like to compromise and have it going on and off every now and then, and if possible quieter and slower!\015\012\015\012Many thanks in advance...I'll be sleeping in the other room in the meantime!\015\012\015\012Model is TOSHIBA RAV 717KED(W)\015\012\015\012Natalie Mitchell\015

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Contol panel is not working, is their a way of restting panel or does it half to be replaced

The control board has to be replace im sorry. ... Danby DPAC8099 Air Conditioner

How to work the contol panel!

After doing extensive research, I couldn't find the information for your unit. You need a user manual but I couldn't find your model number. The only way you can contact this company is the email them. They should be able to send you the informati ... Air Conditioners

A/C will come on when I plug unit in..but the controls are not lighting up or working.The remote does not work either, as it appears the electronics in the A/C are broken...unable to adjust the temp, speed, etc as the entire control window is not lit up.Unable to turn on or off with the contol panel..only be plugging in.

You need to change the control panel, but first find out what caused it to go out. ... Samsung Air Conditioners

I currently have an Ideal icos HE24 condensing boiler. It suddenly stopped working altogether.replaced the pcb board. Pump now working but no fan and no control panel responding. However clock working. if the fan has packed in does this mean that the control panel will not work either. Or could it be that the control panel just needs replacing. regards

... Air Conditioners

My LG window air conditioner's control panel completely stopped working today. I turned unit on and attempted to lower temp and nothing on control panel would work. remote does not work. I would

... Air Conditioners

GE room air conditioner control panel stopped working. The buttons on the control panel does not work and the remote stopped working also. I have use the power surge protector to cut the air conditioner on and off.

Check that your dip swtches are set right ... GE Built-In Room Air Heat Cool Air Conditioner

My problem is with frigidaire air conditioner model fah126r2t. the digital electronic panel doesnt work, power button doesnt work either (no buttons work on panel). but the fan will not stop spinning when unit is plugged into ac

I am not too familiar with these systems but, it sounds to me like it may be in a safety lock out mode. Possible failures:Fusible linkon board Surge protectorfaulty circuit board ... Air Conditioners

Fedders window model A6Y12F2B "New Unit",,only 10 days in use! Just stopped working No Power To Master Panel Air Conditioner Not Working Fuse Panel/Breaker ok,Outlet ok,,power to plug ok(lights up) Reset button on plug functions normally Master Panel is dead, will not light up, non functioning controls

Take it back to the store. Manufacture defect if it died after only 10 days. Attempting repair or disassembly will probably void warranty. ... Fedders Air Conditioners

Had a error on control panel mitsubishi canter freezer unit.The display shows a alarm ligth on it,hence the compressor is not working to fill the R404A gas in the system. One of the pipes had a leak we replaced the pipe and now trying to put the gas in the system but the compressor is not working showing a alarm ligth on control panel.

There is a pressure switch in the system,not allowing it to come on,it would be mounted on a line,it needs to be by passed to get the compressor to come on.Once the right amount of freon is in the system,then you can reconnect the switch,and unplug t ... Air Conditioners

I purchase window A/C in 2005. I am facing problem from the day I purchase. 1)Initially the remote panel was not working, they repair/replace but it is working only on remote but not from window panel. 2)At the same time up and down slide plates were found damage. 3)Last year in 2008, when I gave for service I was told that compressor gone. they could replace it as it was in warrenty period. 4) After one year in June 2009, I gave for service, I had been told that evaporator is damage, not possib

Sounds like alot of shipping to me! it cant be fixed , economically at least! about 5 years is all one can get out of most asian brands ... Air Conditioners

I have a GE air conditioner, model #ASM18DBS1. It seems that some of the touch pads on the control panel aren't working. The On/off works but the temperature up and down and the energy saver aren't working. The remote control isn't working either.

... GE Deluxe AGM12AB Air Conditioner

My Carrier Infinity Hybrid Furnace/HeatPump is suddenly not responding. It's been working for a few years, but today it's acting dead. All the breakers are on. At the furnace (58MVB series 100) I hear a light buzz/hum from the control panel that stops when I turn off the switch on the side (or open the control panel access door), and returns when I turn it on again, but there's no amber light on the control panel, and the thermostats and electrostatic filter seem to have no power either. What's

Turns out the condensation pump wasn't detecting that it was full, but the furnace was, and the furnace was disabling. A local heating contractor suggested that I jiggle the condensation pump. When I did that, the pump ran, and immediately the furnac ... Air Conditioners

There is a switch on my 1 1/2 ton Ruud furnace/Air handler that is not working properly. The unit would not turn on, even though the thermostat was working. I took the panel off of the air handler and found that a switch had been duct taped into the on position on the unit. Apparently, the tape had shifted and the switch was no longer in proper position. when i moved the switch, two green indicator lights lit up. When i turned the unit back on, the A/C worked. Clearly, there is a problem w

Helllo, this switch is called a door interlock switch. ... Air Conditioners

I have a dc dimplex exp 750 panel heater in a bedroom, the heater works but stops afetr a few minutes, all the lights still work and it is on as all the ligts are working. Could it be the thermostat in the heater that's the problem? Thanks

... Air Conditioners

My Carrier Infinity Hybrid Furnace/HeatPump is suddenly not responding. It's been working for a few years, but today it's acting dead. All the breakers are on. At the furnace (58MVB series 100) I hear a light buzz/hum from the control panel that stops when I turn off the switch on the side (or open the control panel access door), and returns when I turn it on again, but there's no amber light on the control panel, and the thermostats and electrostatic filter seem to have no power either. What's

The buzzing sound your hearing is a transformer that is producing 24v ac current to the main control Board, this is what controls the unit. you can check for 24v to the main board by removing the front panel access door and finding the safty shut of ... Air Conditioners

I installed a new honeywell rthl111 series in Oct. 2012. I wired the blue wire to the RC because that was how the old thermostat was wired. The heat worked all winter but when I tried to change over to cool nothing would work. I checked the schematics online and realized I should have installed the blue wire to the B. I checked the fuse in the power panel and saw I had blown it. I changed it and rewired the thermostat the correct way. I tried again and still neither the cool or heat will work. A

... Goodman Air Conditioners

Hi , I have a Electronic pilot lighting system on my RUUD package unit. The pilot light flame keeps blowing out or is not working properly. I removed the panel to look and see what was wrong. I could not see any faults. The sparker worked just fine, the gas line tubing was fine no blockages( took it off to inspect it) every thing looked good. Worked fine for the last couple of weeks and now it will not ignite the pilot light to light the rest of the propane gas to heat the house. I tested the fl

Sounds like you have checked most things. A pilot will go out if it is dirty, if the gas valve is not holding or if the senser is dirty or bad. Remove the pilot and clean out the small orifice inside. Check all electrical connections, clean the senso ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

Two out of four elermants not working Dimplex XLSN? Dimplex XLSN storage Heater Hi Can anyone help please? The storage heater has four elements, I noticed only two were working, they where the two starting from the control panel end. I removed one of the elements that wasn?t working and replaced it with a new one the new element didn?t heat up when the power was switched on, anyone know what the problem may be. Thanks Tony

Hi,If you know that the element is not working and the element is new then you need to use an electrical meter to trace down the power and see where it is stopping at...My feeling is that you have a bad relay and that is your problem. ... Air Conditioners

I have a ducted air conditioner Daikin inverter model FDYQ250MV1 on the control panel an error appears as ja which is a sensor. I dont know where this sensor is located. This system works during the day. But early mornings when the weather is cold on reverse cycle only the fans work and the power light begins to flash. An error symbol appears as ja.

... Air Conditioners

My frigidaire fam18hs2a is not working!! The controls on the panel and remote don't work!!!

... Frigidaire FAH125P2T Air Conditioner

We have a Kenmore window airconditioner about 10 yrs old. 15,100 btu, 27inches wide, 10.7 effic. rate. Cannot access model # at the moment. The on/off switch on the control panel is a sensor, and we pushed it in too hard and it broke through (made a hole). Now the airco doesn't go on. We bought a universal remote for Kenmore, but it doesn't work. OUr old (original) remote didn't work either. Should we try to get hold of a "new (replacement)" original remote and see if that helps? What do

Buying a new remote would not help at all, because i dont think that the problem is it with the remote it may be with the window air conditioner, if you know about it you may have to open it, else you should consult a repair guy. ... Kenmore Air Conditioners

We have a Kenmore airconditioner about 10 years old 15,100 btu, 27" wide, 10.7 effic. The on/off sensor on control panel got pushed all the way in and broke. Airco does not go on now. We tried a universal remote - it did not work. Our original remote never worked either. Do you think getting hold of a new "original" remote will solve the problem, or is the airco broke and needs other kind of service? We have a manual but don't know the model # right now. Thanks much.

No remote will work without a sensor. The sensor will need to be replaced. ... Kenmore Air Conditioners

I posted a problem a month ago about my vulcan climate control ducted gas heater where the flame igniter but the flame did not stay alight. today i replaced the identical thermocouple however the ignition (electronic) does not work i had shut off the gas near the unit and switched off power on reading the manufacturers instructions on the panel i tried switching off and on several times still does not work

Most of the time there is a down time necessary in between turning it on and off make sure you give it a few minutes after turning gas back on and make sure your thermostat is off than turn on your ignition and than after a minute or so turn on your ... Air Conditioners

My control panel will not work at all. i dont have the remote to see if it works with that.

I'm having the same problem. There is a glass fuse that is probably blown behind the control panel. Take the front cover off (there is 1 philips screw holding it in) and then remove the three 1/4 inch hex screws holding the control panel in. As you p ... Fedders Q Chassis A6Q10F2A Air Conditioner

Compressor does not run. On turning the AC on, the compressor does not run. The blower fan does though. Checking the relay panel, the relay for the compressor does not engerize. a temporary solution is to put a switch across the contacts the compressor on and then the thermostate is set so that the AC should work, the fan comes on and the unit works as usual. The only exception is that the temperature must be controlled manually.

Hi, if you are energizing the contacts on the contactor, and the compressor runs, the thermostat is faulty. This is what energizes the contactor coil that you have. You need to check to see if you have voltage to the coil on the contactor. You need t ... Coleman Mach 15 Air Conditioner

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