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I dont know how to get it to heat

\015 All i can get it to do is to blow out cold air, but i believe it can act as heating aswel. i dont know how to do this\015

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Hi! there if you have ac running in your house try to see in the contrrol panel the heat logo or the word heater then turn in select heater or warm.then switch on adjust your thermosetting behind that cold and hot control,if you using remote configure on menu.have a warm day thank alot regards

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I dont know how to get it to heat

Hi! there if you have ac running in your house try to see in the contrrol panel the heat logo or the word heater then turn in select heater or warm.then switch on adjust your thermosetting behind that cold and hot control,if you using remote configu ... Air Conditioners

My 6 year old Heat pump RHE 60 on days when temp. gets up to 85F the Compressor struggles to come on some times up to 10-15 minutes.A hard start kit was installed when unit was 5 months old for similar problem but later they (service people) found it was caused by a burnt wire. I dont know if they left the hard-start kit on unit or removed it. I cant get installing dealer to find me a fix for this problem .

Hi,One of the methods to curb if the compressor is not working is " Installing Start Kit".There might be many reasons.Let me write main reasons :-\015\012\015\012\015\012Compressor will not start some or m ... Air Conditioners

I have a out side on the ground A/C and the mowing crew pulled a little brown wire inside the wire is re and white I dont know where it goes and I cant get heating guy out any time soon?

The answer to you question is - yes..\015\012\015\012There are many ac repair companies that will come out 24/7..\015\012\015\012Just do a Google search - type in air condition repair & your zip code\015\012\01 ... Air Conditioners

I have a Kenmore 3-ton heat pump and the blower motor on the fan wont come on. I can let it cool off and spin it by hand to get it started. I suspect a startup capacitor but dont know where it is located or what it looks like. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. It is 20 years old and this is the only problem I have had with it.

Hi,Yes it is the cap. and that looks like a round or oval metal container with wires coming out the top....look for the writing on the side and get one with the same mfd and voltage to replace it... mark the wires before removing and repl ... Kenmore 75085 Air Conditioner

I have an amana dual fuel heat pump with LP gas furnace. the furnace will not light. the ignitor heats up, acts like it's not getting LP to the burner and i don't get 24 volts to the pressure switch just above the gas valve, or to the gas valve itself. i cut the power to the unit, removed pintle to the gas valve to ck for gas to the valve and it's o.k.,. what do i need to check next, i don't know how to get codes out of self diagnostic system and don't know if these codes would effect the furnac

... Amana Air Conditioners

I have a Toshiba Heat pump. 220-240V 50HZ 40 watts. I have lost the manual and do not know how to get it to give me hot air. I put the temp at 22deg but seem to just get cold air blowing in on me all the time. Surely when it is 5deg outside I should be able to get hot air coming form the stupid machine. However said heat pumps were good obviously hasn't got one of these!!!

It's in the wrong mode ... Air Conditioners

I don't know which Carrier A/C model I have at this rental home and there is no manual on this unit. But the box attached on the wall upstairs has the ProgramOn Heat set at 62 and Cool set at 85. What is this ProgramOn mode and how from this ProgramOn mode that I can set to cool 75 and not 85. I can lower it to 75 but once I leave that mode it would return to cool 85 again. But i always have it on just Cool mode at 75 but i don't know why the house most often get hotter at night. Do you know w

Hello NTRINHVU You have to hit the HOLD button to keep 75 permantaly,otherwise it will go back to 85 every 3 hrs automatically. ... Carrier 38CKC036 Air Conditioner

Model coleman mach 8333c8714 serie 8000 my a/c start for 2-3 minutes and than the a/c shut down but the fan still working!! after a few minutes , it want to start again but dont seem to be able to. you can ear the clicker goes off and the compressor dont want to start.Does that all the time. maybe the compressor?? dont know ?? can i get some advise or tips please .

\015\012COLEMAN R.V. AIR CONDITIONER SERVICE AND REPAIR QUESTIONS\015\012COLEMAN R.V. PRODUCTS\015\012GO TO rvcomfort.com\015\012Click on RVP (RV PRODUCTS) \015\012Click on type of AC, if you can’t find the informa ... Coleman Mach III Air Conditioner

I have a radiant floor heating system with a wirsbo control system, i keep having to reset the system to get the zones to heat up again. The broiler is working fine. The first time I reset the radiant heat stayed on for 3 days and this morning it was off and had to reset it again for the zones to kick on again. I am new to all this and want to know where to start before calling someone and having to pay mega money if it is something simple!! Thanks

Is this a water circulating system? If so there are bleeder ports on your radiant heating zones on the floor that you can bleed the air out of the system. They look like a tire air pressure valve. Depress the valve core with ... Air Conditioners

I have Amana heat pump, I dont know why it does

Sounds like your resetting the compressor its going off on high head pressure. check and make sure the condensor coils are clean. and that the fan is running properly. ... Amana PTH123B25AJ Heat Pump Air Conditioner

My friend has a monitor mpi 441 heater,mounted on top theres a thermo disc about the sizeof a dime with 2 wires going to it.i ohmed it out,it had no continuity,i gumped it out it started.I have a universal therm disc that i get set a wide range of temps.would you know the temp of the one that was in it?a L150.L180.L225 something like that,thank you for your time.I repair refrigerators,wash,dry.dw.ac.heat pump.gas i dont know to much.thanks again for your help

Hello.If there are any numbers on the old part ,that will tell you the temp it was set at.other wise start at a lowest temp on the universall to be safe, ... Air Conditioners

Heat operation on Mitsubishi SRK28HCA Airconditioner - I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO OPERATE REMOTE CONTROL TO GET HEAT OPERATION. Please assist.

... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

My boiler is in an outside cupboard and a frostat was fitted.My heating comes on at night and in the day when it is cold and I don't want it to as it is costing me alot of money in extra gas usage, plus it is uncomfortably hot at night and the house does not need heating when I am out. It also appears to effect my hot water as this does not get hot when the frostat is overiding the timer. P{lease can you let me know what I can do to fix this problem. I have had engineers out today who have turne

I am not a expert by any means but have a similar problem with an outside boiler, but mine is in a garage. It strikes me that if yours is located in a more confined space you could place a small parafin heater in the cupboard which would raise the t ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Why dont my air conditioner get warm to heat my house? I have it on high heat and it still blowes cold air.

A few basic principles for air conditioner troubleshooting. For both central home air conditioner or window air conditioner, the first thing to check is whether the unit is getting proper power. If the unit uses 220 volt po ... Amana PBC092A00A Air Conditioner

No heat I have a Singer Unit MDL # bce22008 Ser # R463. One element is open and the other reeds cont but it is not heating. Whats going on? Do you know where I can get parts , or another unit?

... Air Conditioners

I dont know how to use my nightstore heater. It doesn't have a timer. Do I turn it on at the wall and leave it running all the time until the seasons change and extra heat is no longer needed or do I switch it on at night and turn the power off during the day. How does it "know" when it is night rate electricity if it is on all the time?

Your heater is probably a convection system, so there will not be a fan sound revving up to let you know when it is on or off. It \015\012just runs and slowly raises the temperature of the room. The heater has an output regulator knob you use to set ... Air Conditioners

Vulcan CX Central ducted heating. RE: Following a power outage the control panel does not respond, I have checked the pilot light and it is still on. I need to know how to reset the time and get it to respondwith some heat! It is a friends house and they are not contactable and I cannot find the instruction manual.

The control panel gets its power from the central heating unit's power point. Try turning the power off outside at the powerpoint next to the ducted heating unit and try turning it on again after a few seconds, see if it resets ... Air Conditioners

I bought a used furnace and when i hooked it all up the green light that says working is flashing instead of staying on constantly. dont know if that is good or bad. but the automatic pilot will not light and i am not getting the fan to turn on or anything. the draft induce motor is warm to the touch after a few minutes so i know that it is trying to work. not sure if that is the correct name of the motor exactly.

Something is not right here. Turn it off and check the power connections to the unit.. something is hooked up incorrectly. If you can send me a photo of the schematic I can tell you how it should be connected. ... Air Conditioners

Installing thermastat took off amana thermastat and put on honeywell model rth3100c non programable, digital thermastat. but i did not lable wire when i disconnected wires. i put new honeywell on but can only get emergency heat. when i switch to air or heat i keep popping the 3 amp fuse in the relay circit which i just put on new cause i thought that was the problem till i found out my thermastat was bad.i was told by honeywell that it seems like i crossed a wire somewhere. but i need to know wh

Any wire can go to any terminal. unfortunately you now have to hand trace each onre to the device it powers and hook it up accordingly. a daunting task even for a pro. having said that the installer could have used the normal colrs for the usual wir ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Ruud heat pump outside unit not starting. Open and found contactor disengaged even though I have system on from inside. Low voltage wires come out of a circuit board checked for 24v, none. Then bypassed board by unplugging same yellow and brown wires plugged into the board and exiting but now I have 24v getting to contactor but it does not engage contactor. What could the problem be. I know a little a/c but these heat pumps are very complicated. Help please, I want to learn.

If you are getting the low voltage to the relay and it is not closing, then the relay may be either bad or stuck. Disconnect the 220v and see if the contacts can be manually closed. I always use a piece of wood or something non-conductive. If the ... Air Conditioners

Our Mitsubishi FDC506HES ducted air conditioner keeps shutting off on hot and cold after about 10 minutes and flashes and the comes up with the error code E3.It will heat for those 10 monutes before it shuts down but it will not really cool at all. Please help. We cant afford to get someone to fix it. We just paid a guy to come and look at it $120 and still he said he didnt know and would have to contact Mitsubishi and get back to us. $120 for that. That was a good portion of our weekly budget G

Try to reset the error by disconnecting the circuit breaker for 10sec. and "on" again then operate the unit. But if wont work may there some parts that are defective that trigger the error E3. Replacement of pars is needed for this problem. ... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

Heat pump gets ice covered when heat is on. Cooling works fine. There is two brown wires coming from the unite in the attic to the outside unite. One of the wires has come loose from the outside unit. I don't know where it goes or if this is what is causing the freezing. Thank you, Ky Girl

Hello,KY the defrost function is not working.The wire goes to frost sensor or the outside unit control.It is LOW voltage wire.Turn the unit off and carefully look for a abandond/bare wire.Maybe a single wire with a wire nut/cap or splice.Reconnect th ... Air Conditioners

Cycleing, ok it sound like the heater fan kicks on then off , on then off, on then off, just like that . it will do this on heat cold or in off post. the ac and heat seam to work but i dont get the on off cycleing ! its not the ac blower but like a fent fan for the heater ! had a ac tech tell me it may be my main bord! carrier modle # 58RA (VJU one of these is next not sure witch)050 board # HK42FZ009 S/N 3197A13382

You are referring to the inducer motor that is kicking on and off. It is probably a limit switch that might be triggering it to go off and on over and over. It could possibly be the board but I highly doubt it since the ac works just fine. It can ... Carrier Air Conditioners

Hi, I have an Indiglo 44550 thermostat. It has been set on cool all summer and we adjust temperature manually to our needs. Now I can't get the heat to come on. I know it works, think I have pressed to many buttons. I put it on AUTO program and adjusted the heat temp. Nothing. The time zone number 1,2,3 or 4 pending on what time of day it is, won't stop flashing. Can someone please help me. Thank you.

... Hunter Air Conditioners

I am a new owner to this store and this unit is sitting in the store it is working but it does not get cool, i dont know if it used freon but its not get kool, what can i do

Need make and model and do the buttons light up or turn on when plugged in? press add comment upper right corner to reply or email me at [email protected] for a faster response. please accept solution, leave feedback, and a rati ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

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