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I have general model AR-JE11 but it is not switching on or off or anything thru remote , i have chkd the remote with another same a/c and the remote is fine but i dnt know y it is not working ith one of the a/c ! please let me know the aolution if any my email is [email protected]

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Remote control unit are not working. I would like to buy one remote control. I live in dhaka, Bangladesh so how can I buy it? Model No: AR-JE11 for General AC 1.5 Ton Window type. My AC is working by manual on and off.
\015\012I have a general AC Model # is AR-JE11 pls can you tell where I can get this in U A E United emirates (Dubai)

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I have general model AR-JE11 but it is not switching on or off or anything thru remote , i have chkd the remote with another same a/c and the remote is fine but i dnt know y it is not working ith one of the a/c ! please let me know the aolution if any my email is [email protected]

Remote control unit are not working. I would like to buy one remote control. I live in dhaka, Bangladesh so how can I buy it? Model No: AR-JE11 for General AC 1.5 Ton Window type. My AC is working by manual on and off. ... General Air Conditioners

About two years ago, I purchased a: Hunter 56 In. Brushed Nickel Ergonomic™ Remote Control Ceiling Fan Model 21871 A few months ago, a bolt of lightning struck through my house and my fan stopped working ever since then. The remote works fine since I can see the senson light up. And I know the electrical wiring is fine too because it was tested. However, I don't believe my fan is under warranty and I sm trying to find someone who could look at it and let me know if it's worth the mone

To have a contractor in your area look at this unit, try using the contractor search on the home page of fixYa, or simply use the yellow pages for your area.My guess is that the lighting burnt or damaged the motor windings in the fan. I a ... Hunter Air Conditioners

One louver is not working (LG Split AC) Pl let me know how to fix it up

... LG LS-K2430HL Heat Cool Mini Split Air Conditioner

I have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan with remote. Only the fan works on HIGH. How do you reset remote so it works on all settings? The says set F/C on the back with fcc ID:CHQ8BT7096T. On the front from top to bottom , Left to right. The remote has a digital screen. Then a button labeled fanauto, a blu button with a fan then a for/rev button. The next row of buttons are a timer, green button with a light and then one with light delay. The last row of buttons has 2, one up one down with label Temp./

Seems like the remote doesn't work. Change the batteries. Verify the switch settings in the battery compartment match the setting of the switches on the very top of the fan itself.\012 ... Air Conditioners

We have a lot of Fujitsu a/cs at work and the remote controls get swapped around. One remote doesnt work with an a/c. The same model remote from another room will work so it is not the a/c unit. Are the remote controls paired with the a/c unit? Do I have to do something to pair it to this a/c? Pressing the reset button on the remote control doesnt fix the problem. The model number is AR-RY3

... Air Conditioners

I purchased a commercial cool room air conditioner by Haier (7000 BTU) and I set it up and turned it on and used the remote and everything worked accordingly. I came back in the room to adjust the settings and the remote would not work. I changed the batteries (though they were just out of the package 3 hours ago) and was able to adjust one setting and the remote would no longer work. Unfortunately with this model, all settings except the on/off switch are on the remote. Please help!

I am assuming that this is the same thread that I just answered only with a different title. ... Air Conditioners

I also have a grunaire dual zone mini-split that doesn't work worth a ****. I've had it looked at multiple times and had freon r410a added twice and still nothing. Without the high side - how do you know if you put too much or not enough. I also have a long run on one system being over 25ft from the compressor so its a longer run - but that one at least worked for a moment - the short run - never worked. Get the FC fault consistently on one unit - other unit just doen't blow cool - how do yo

An FC fault on a Grunaire is typically a defective PFC board in the outdoor unit or a Grossly overcharged system, where the drive cannot overcome the standing pressure to start the system up...the ONLY CORRECT way to charge one of these u ... Air Conditioners

We have a carrier rv air conditioner with a remote. The remote looks like it is working - shows signal, but the unit does not seem to receive it. Don't know if we need to replace the remote of if the problem is with the infrared receiving part of the unit? Would like to know before we spend the money on just a new remote. Thanks.

Check and be sure u have a full 12 volt supply going to the unit check your fuses ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

I have a CAPF4860C6AA air cond. I emailed your tech about a problem I have but I sent it in under the wrong model.My unit doesn't cool properly. It stopped working recently. The out side fan was working but the in side one wasn't. I shut it off for about 12 hours after which I changed the air filter and cleaned the overflow unit(pump). I turned it on and it worked but not cooling right. It's freezing or something to the touch on the outer cabinet. I recieved an email from you but I wasn't sure w

May I suggest? or ask, can you feel air being pulled into the front of the unit? If so, you may have a baffle or shutter misdirecting the air flow and it is not being channeled through the vent outlets into the room. The unit may need to be slipp ... Air Conditioners

Two out of four elermants not working Dimplex XLSN? Dimplex XLSN storage Heater Hi Can anyone help please? The storage heater has four elements, I noticed only two were working, they where the two starting from the control panel end. I removed one of the elements that wasn?t working and replaced it with a new one the new element didn?t heat up when the power was switched on, anyone know what the problem may be. Thanks Tony

Hi,If you know that the element is not working and the element is new then you need to use an electrical meter to trace down the power and see where it is stopping at...My feeling is that you have a bad relay and that is your problem. ... Air Conditioners

The remote works but not on the AC unit. We bought 4 of the same type of AC units and one of the AC stop working with the remote it came with. THe AC works on forced operation mode so there is nothing wrong with the AC

There is inside(front) the AC unite remote pcb has to be replaced or repair ... Air Conditioners

Was called to look at a clients newera credanet system. All 3 zones programmed for 3 events each day. One heater not working. Managed to 'boost' 2 of the 3 zones to prove heaters working. Faulty heater worked at one stage but do not know what i did to achieve this! On suspect htr, black rocker type switch does not seem to do anything. On board surface mounted LED flashes Red. Is there an instruction manual available for older TPR convector system

... Air Conditioners

We got an LG R22AWN-10 installed however the "dehumidifyer" mode does not seems to be working. You cannot control flow or temperature however it works for one minute then stops ... works again - just don't know how to figure this one out. Humidity is at 80% and I though there has to be some setting somewhere - any idea?

Your unit uses an evaporating cooling system, which is similar to a dehumidifier. The lower you set the temperature, the more humidity will automatically be extracted from the room air. The control panel on the front of the unit has all the controls ... Air Conditioners

I have two Harbor Breeze Triton (Item #233576) ceiling fans purchased approximately 3 years ago. Neither have pulls, so the only way I can change the fan speed or dim the light is with the remote (the light can be shut on or off with a light switch, and I can also turn the fan off completely, if I want). A few weeks ago, one of the remotes stopped working...replaced the battery, etc., and nothing worked. I took the remote from the lesser used fan, changed the dips, and use it for that fan

... Air Conditioners

We have a Kenmore airconditioner about 10 years old 15,100 btu, 27" wide, 10.7 effic. The on/off sensor on control panel got pushed all the way in and broke. Airco does not go on now. We tried a universal remote - it did not work. Our original remote never worked either. Do you think getting hold of a new "original" remote will solve the problem, or is the airco broke and needs other kind of service? We have a manual but don't know the model # right now. Thanks much.

No remote will work without a sensor. The sensor will need to be replaced. ... Kenmore Air Conditioners

Amana ap077r one button on remote doesnt work, how can i fix, i can press all the buttons on the remote and they work except the down button. do i need a new remote or is there an easy fix to this problem.

You can fix the problem of the failure of the contact within your remote. First of all you need to understand that there is CARBON contact underneath the pad that you press. Carefully remove the remote control, use a sharp knife to carefully open wi ... Amana AP077R Portable Air Conditioner

Can you please let me know your opinion about majestic fireplace model#nvc36 im planning buy one on kijiji for 450.00 .can you let me know how many btu as well and some instructions how to install thank you

The majestic is a very nice fireplace. My mother-n-law has 1 installed in her home and she loves it. I found you some very good information on this firepl ... Air Conditioners

Hi, I have a NEC Model RSH2423 split system still in great condition. It stoped working by Remote Control and only workson the forced operation under the cover. I have checked the remote and replaced the batteries and know it works. Is this a problem that can be fixed

... Air Conditioners

I have 2 multi split room air conditioner AM18A1C09 one works but not getting cool enough and the other one the remote works but the indicator sign comes on when i try to turn on unit

For the first one which is having cooling problem, the filters may be blocked or inside coils are dirty and needs cleaning or the compressor is got weak/.The compressor is the part which has refrigerant in it.If that refrigerant gets low, the unit wi ... Samsung Air Conditioners

I have a new caravan fitted with a domestic B3000 plus air conditioning unit. it worked well until we got to Darwin. Since arriving here it starts up by itself for a few minutes at a time and then shuts down again. It does start without a command from the remote control. If we turn the unit on with the remote it works normal but it seems to have life by itself. It is hot and humid here and I do not know if this could be the reason. Can you please help me? Thanking you in advance. Rene.

... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

What do all the buttons on the remote mean/do? i have no instruction book etc. can anyone help with even a manual from another model or the same model... I know it has functions like timer delay etc. but I don't know how to program it... Right now the AC's compressor is not getting switched on... only the fan works.. Model number is RAV014EKD the remote has KAIMIN fn. , and a few others to.... Please Help!! thanks

... Hitachi RAS-09UH Air Conditioner

I have an Amcor 18000 BTU Mini-Split A/C with Heater and Remote. It has never run more than two days and then I get E4 error code. It is difficult to get anyone to service these units in rural areas. I have a guy who works on it and is a licensed HVAC service person but needs some guidance as he deos not normally work on mini-split units and does not know Amcor at all. As far as i know last time he put more coolant in it. I want to purchase several more mini-split units and I have a pla

CLICK HERE for the manufacturer site and your owners manual.\015\012\015\012E4 is an "Abnormality of Outdoor Unit."\015\012\015\012This could be ... Air Conditioners

I do have the remote with a new battery on it. I have two units, one works fine with the remote but the other one does not...any suggestions?

Check power to second unit and if it works in manual then there is a micro processor problem in second unit if this remote once worked it.Also try killing main power to second unit as it could be a lockout problem. If it work and shuts down again the ... Air Conditioners

I purchase window A/C in 2005. I am facing problem from the day I purchase. 1)Initially the remote panel was not working, they repair/replace but it is working only on remote but not from window panel. 2)At the same time up and down slide plates were found damage. 3)Last year in 2008, when I gave for service I was told that compressor gone. they could replace it as it was in warrenty period. 4) After one year in June 2009, I gave for service, I had been told that evaporator is damage, not possib

Sounds like alot of shipping to me! it cant be fixed , economically at least! about 5 years is all one can get out of most asian brands ... Air Conditioners

Windward II, model 55296; Remote no longer activates fan or light even though electricity is on. Batteries have been changed. Face of remote just has blank rectangle with a blank.curved indicator underneath it, Remote and fan have worked flawlessly for a year since they were purchased. Is the problem with the remote? Email = [email protected]

First off you might try shutting down the power on the Windward itself. There may be a disconnect near the unit, or a breaker.. or the breaker may be in the house in the main breaker panel. In either case, turn it off for maybe 10 minutes and see if ... Air Conditioners

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