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AC Thermostat My air conditioner thermostat went from fahrenheit to celsius readings. Anybody know how to change it back?

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If you have a maual go to the installer settings, Most manufacture have these manuals online

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AC Thermostat My air conditioner thermostat went from fahrenheit to celsius readings. Anybody know how to change it back?

If you have a maual go to the installer settings, Most manufacture have these manuals online ... Air Conditioners

I had power blink off for a couple of seconds and then came back on. The Amana air conditioner RCC30A2E seem to be On but no cool air was blowing. I check breaker it was ok. I preceeded to check thermostat, I notice 24v was not present and by bypassing the thermostat the air conditioner still was not blowing cool air. I went outside and notice the fan was not rotating.

Check for fuses in the 24v wiring. Was anything running outside? The 24V X-former is located in the air handling unit. check for voltage on the air handler. if present, check output voltage at X-former. You should have 24V ... Air Conditioners

Hi I have a Lennox heat and air conditioner roof top on my unit. What's happening is,the heat turns on for a about 10 minutes then shuts off, the only way to turn it back on is to turn off the thermostat, then turn it back on, but will keep doing the same. Oh and one other thing, the filter warning is showing on the thermostat, could it be as simple as changing the filters? Any suggestions anyone?

You are right, you must change the filters, since it isno longer working normally. May this help you. ... Air Conditioners

Thermostat reading My thermostat automatically changed to celsius and I need to change it back to fahrenheit. Please help!

Push up and down at the same time ... Air Conditioners

My air conditioner was working fine until it just stopped working. Thermostat shows no readings whatsoever. The unit outside dose nothing as well. We have changed the filters, reset the breaker switches and still no readings on the thermostat.

Hi, \012Sounds like the transformer burnt out..or the t-stat went bad... \012 \012Here is a tip about troubleshooting your air conditioner... ... Air Conditioners

Ive had this air conditioner over 2 years and never had this happen it cuts off and all three lights flash i read the back it says if it does that to drain it i dont have the hose your supposed to have to drain it but i just drained it into a pot. i done exactly what it said and then cut it back on it runs any where from 5 to 30 minutes then shuts off again. it doesnt make any noises it seems to run fine when it does run it just keeps shutting off. i dont know if thats the exact model but its c

... Sharp CV-P10MX Air Conditioner

We have a Goodman Furnace and Air Conditioner approx 7 years old. When I put the Cool on thermostat and lowered the temperature for the air conditioner to come on the furnace fan started but the outside air conditioner only made a humminging sound. How long does it take for the air conditioner to start? I thought in previous years it came on quickly. I changed batteries in thermostat and reset the brakers on the main electrical panel. Could you please give me some advice. Thank you.

Hi, You are right. The outside unit starts quickly. The humming will either be the evaporator fan or the AC compressor itself. If you can reach into the evaporater fan with something narrow and stiff you may be able to see if the fan turns. Sor ... Air Conditioners

My thermostat is stuck at 85 and I can't change it. I tried resetting it but it just went right back to 85. I can't set a program or alter anything on the fixture at all. I don't know the model.

... Hunter 30124 Air Conditioner

I have a 2001 Lincoln Town car Ex L and the air conditioner doesn't come on for a long time after starting the car. (It comes on anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes of driving). It cools great great after it comes on. After it comes on and I stop for a short time it usually comes right back on but after it is off for a while (longer then 15 minutes) it takes a long time before comming on again. It would seem logical that it might have to do with the a/c thermostat. If anyone know a solution, it would

I have this Exact SAME problem right now in my 2003 Lincoln Town Car Executive L. Wish someone solved this, and if you did, "hiretheboss" then you should post it! ... Air Conditioners

I have a comfort control 2200 thermostat. I changed the batteries and the thermostat is set to 80 degrees. The air conditioner stays on and the temperature on the thermostat is stuck at 80 degrees but the house temperature is down to 75 degrees and the air conditioner will not shut off unless I turn the thermostat setting to 81 degrees.

May be the location of the thermostat. Try another thermometer right beside wall thermostat & see what it reads. ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

The electricity went off in our neighborhood yesterday. It came back on. I do not run my central air this time of year so the air conditioner is in off position. My fan is on auto but this usually means it is also in off position. When the electricity came back on yesterday the fan came on (not the air conditioner) and is continually running. I cannot get this darn thing to shut off. I have looked on the internet and made serveral attempts to get this fan shut off. I do not want to pay for

Hello Sounds like runaway blower.The relay in the blower unit is stuck/welded & should be replaced.In the mean time you can turn off the service switch at the unit.If you tap the relay it will shut off (for now) untill the next demand and get stuck a ... Air Conditioners

I have a SC 2210 thermostat. It has worked fine the last 4 years. Last night I woke up uncomfortably warm and realized the display on the thermostat was blank. I switched it to off, then a few minutes later, back to Auto. The display popped back up and found the temp was at 76. I changed the Set temperature back to 71 and went back to bed. When I woke up this morning, cold, the thermostat never kicked on, and the display was blank again. After opening the thermostat and hitting the reset sw

First off..if youve been 4 years without a battery replacement, perhaps that is the issue. I'd try that first, if it doesn't correct the problem, replace the thermostat with a new digital thermo. You would want to first remove the one you have, (so ... Air Conditioners

We have a fujitsu reverse cycle air conditioner. Last night when we went to turn it off with the remote it did not respond. We needed to turn it off at the switch outside the house. We replaced the batteries in the remote. We get a display on the remote but it does not appear to communicate with the air conditioner. The air conditioner continued to send out warm air when we swithed it back on from the outside. We then found a manual on / off button under the inside flap of the wall mounted sys

Check if the remote control if still good, using the camera of your cellphone point remote control to the cellphone camera and press the "on" button of your remote and you can see the light emitting from your remote control transmitter. If the lights ... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

I read on the honeywell thermostat T8400C that if the reading went blank, try changing the batteries. The only way i see to get inside the thermostat is to unscrew a couple of screws. However, on the outside it says, "Do not remove screw". How do I change batteries on this thing without removing the screws? Beyond that, what can i check?

This unit gets it's power from the air handler transformer. Check your breakers, then take the front cover off the furnace or air handler and check for a blown fuse. If a fuse did blow, there might be some other problem. Replace the fuse, and h ... Air Conditioners

The Thermostat for my air conditioner reads: "REPLACE BATT". I have read and reread the instrucions/manual formy Air Conditioner and do not find any mention of battery, type of battery or where to place a new battery. Please advise.

Hello,What kind of air conditioner are you using, what is the make and model number? this will help to advice on the problem.Take care. ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

My central air conditioner was working fine but the power went out for about 2 hours and when it came back on, my air pump runs and the air conditioner fan is running but it blows warm air. What gives?

Mcdevito75 here, Your A/C units control board is most likely transisterized or computer built, in which case when power went out so did the memory in your A/C control board. Simply shut down your A/C unit, re-start and make adjustments again for your ... Air Conditioners

We had our furnace replace this winter, our air was only about 8 years old and working fine so we didnt change it, well now , the air coming out of the vents are cold, but the condenser NEVER shuts off and the thermostat never reads what it is set on, it stays 2 or more degrees higher, the company that installed the furnace checked the air and said everything is working fine, and leaves me high and dry and HOT... the freon level is good, the pressure reading is good, but the house is hot and the

Hi, if the new furnace they put in did not have the right size coil to match the outdoor unit, it would run all of the time and not cycle off. Lets say if it is a 3 ton condenser, the indoor coil must be a 3 ton coil as well. If they put a 2 !/2 coil ... Air Conditioners

Air Conditioner was working fine last summer but outside fna not working. Not hearing any sound at all. I can move the fan amanually and it seems fine. There is an electrical box next to the main electrical box on the back of the house with 2 fuses in it but I can't tell if they're bad. I thecked the thermostat and it apears to be fine. The air conditioner furnce kicks on and blows air out of the registers. It's just the main unit outside that's not working.

There is a relay in the outside unit. Check for 24 volts a/c at the two wires coming from the furnace. also there may be a mouse nest in the control comartment where the relay is and they tend to chew up wiring insulation and sometimes wires get disc ... Carrier 38CKC042 Air Conditioner

Rvp thermostat wont turn air conditioner off until it reaches 60 degrees, how will i know if its the thermostat or a relay

... Air Conditioners

Sometimes, our furnace will start blowing cold air when it should be blowing hot...I know it is normal that it blows hot air and then will blow cool air as it cools to shut down. This is not what I am talking about. I am talking about while the furnace is blowing hot air to heat, it will quit blowing the hot air and start blowing cold and it it like the air conditioner kicks in. It will then continue running cold air...I usually have to shut the furnance off and when it kicks back on it will

Do you have an automatic change over thermostat? this would switch it from heating to cooling. ... Air Conditioners

I have a carrier 15,000 rv air conditioner with remote control, can I change the bottom unit & hook it up to a wall mount thermostat? My old a/c was hooked to the thermostat so it is wired for the change.

Call 1-866-464-2478, Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm.I see no reason why not, once you have lower unit (control box) and wiring diagram. When you call that number, have your current model number ready of upper unit, and I'd ask for technical assistance. Good ... Air Conditioners

I have a Duo-Therm RV Roof Air Conditioner Model 57915.622, Prod # 991731648, Ser # 84818800. It will not run. I changed the Compressor and Fan start capacitors. When I turn the unit on at the Thermostat nothing comes on. The Air Conditioner Control Unit E155095, Part # 3107541.009. The fuses are okay.

... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

My air conditioner 's thermostat won't go below 88 degrees. Turning the air conditioner off and/or attempting to change the timer, does not work.It runs quietly. Help!

... Maytag M6Y18F7A Air Conditioner

2007 Hyunda Sonata air conditioner is blowing hot air. We checked all of the fuses and it didn't make a difference. Checked refriderant level and it is reading too high. Auto store said if the compressor it not on it will read too high. Compressor will not kick on but there was no noise or anything indicating that the compressor went out. Help!! It is too hot for this!

... Air Conditioners

Haier HWR18VC5 18000 btu,220 is throwing out semi cool air... we cleaned the coils in back back plus changed air filter ... do you recommned a part like a thermostat

... Haier HWR18VC5 Air Conditioner

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