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Furnace doesn't come on, no matter where thermostat is set

\015 All power is on and breakers ok. Furnace was working fine and then just quit. I can get blower to work if I turn thermostat to ventilation only. Won't come on set on Heat. (No A/C or heat pump hooked up).\015\012Air from vent didn't seem to be as warm as usual just before it quit.\015

Answers :

This sounds like the relay switch on the control board may be bad. I just replaced a control board last week on a Carrier unit doing the same thing. The relays are built into the control boards. To fix this you must call a luxaire dealer and they can be found at www.luxaire.com. I will ask though, if you put the tstat into fan on instead of auto, does it come on? If it does, it could be a tstat issue. How you find this out is to remove the thermostat and expose the terminals. Take a small "jumper" wire and touch either one of the r terminals to the w terminal and hold it there. If the unit fires up with no problems, then it's the stat and not the board. Try jumping first and if it still won't come on, you know it's the control board. Good luck to both of you!

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Furnace doesn't come on, no matter where thermostat is set

This sounds like the relay switch on the control board may be bad. I just replaced a control board last week on a Carrier unit doing the same thing. The relays are built into the control boards. To fix this you must call a luxaire dealer and they ... Air Conditioners

The furnace "runs"... you can hear it click and want to turn on but the blower doesnt come on. The blower works if I set the thermostat to ventilate though.

Your flame detector circuit is bad. The heater never lights, so the blower never comes on. Another thing would be the temperature sensors mount on the duct close to the burners. ... Air Conditioners

I have installed a UPM model THM101B thermostat on my Intertherm model E3EB-015H electric furnace. I wanted the feature of turning the blower "ON" without the heating elements. I picked up the green 12v for the fan relay. Once the power is restored the furnace comes on even though the temp setting is low and the only way I can turn the furnace off is by disconnecting the green fan relay wire? The jumper has been properly set in the new thermostat for electric furnace operation.Right now I feel t

... Intertherm Air Conditioners

Central air just stopped running, was running all day. I turned down the thermostat about an hour ago and I heard it come on. I noticed it wasn't running just a little while ago. Looked an the thermostat says it is 78 while the aircon is set for 72. It wont come back on I tried resting the thermostat and checking the breakers. I even switched the furnace off on the side. The furnace is about 30 years old...

Possible you have a bad contactor switch.. Have a tech look at this since it is dangerous due to high voltage and age of unit\015\012\015\012Good Luck\015\012\015\012Dave ... Air Conditioners

Rudd furnace I have a RUDD furnace model UGPJ-07-NAMGR. It had stopped working, so I replaced the thermostat but it is not the thermostat. When I hold the furnace reset button, the furnace will fire according to the setting on thermostat(heat or fan). As soon as I let go of the reset button, the heater stops working. It does not matter what I do to the thernostat, the heater will not fire. I crossed the red and white wire but nothing happens. The heater is supposed to fire when I cross wire, ri

You have a safety limit switch that is either bad or needs to be manually reset. Some have little buttons between the two wires going to the switch that you can push to reset. If not they are automatic switchs then one is bad. You have to do an oh ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

I have a ruud achiever 90 plus furnace. Thermostat is set for 70 degrees. I hear the furnace click on and try to ignite. It does this four times and blower comes on without the furnace igniting. Cold air is coming out of the vents. What is happening to my furnace?

... Air Conditioners

AC comes on and stays on until you move the setting up to around 90. At times the unit will not cut off no matter what setting you choose. If it cuts off at 90 after manually moving it there, you only have to manually move it about 2 degrees and it comes back on. On the 90 degree setting sometimes it will cycle properly. The thermostat is an analog. Thanks

If the house is actually cooling, but the thermostat thinks in 90 degrees in there, you definitely need a new thermostat. If the house is actually 90 degrees, the AC SHOULD cycle on and stay on till it reaches the preset temperature. Since it doesn't ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

AC unit will come on sometimes, I dont know how to use program on thermostat so we just use the temporary setting to run the AC usauly on auto now it doesnt come on at all, I have been setting it on "on" unit is 5 years old.

Make sure the stat is set on COOL.check breakers and fuses.if that doesnt help,you'll need a pro. ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Good morning I have a honeywell programable thermostat and when I bought the house there was no instruction booklet. The heat is shutting off at night The furnace guy is coming sometime today and I will be charged a lot of money (which I don't) have if the problem is not with the furnace and I am sure it is the thermostat. I am sure it has something to do with the setting, I think I hit run program instead of hold the other day & I think it threw everything off. Help help help

Mebnme, is right, manually setting your therm and holding hold, will override any pre-setting program. Also go to honeywell website, order a manual and program your therm yourself, what model do you have? ... Air Conditioners

Furnace I have carrier 8000. We were told the batteries were dead and that was what was causing the furnace to kick off and not run at night, When we get up its 63 degrees but set on 69. If you turn the thermostat off and then on again it will work ok for a few hours. then it happens all over again. you can start it manually but it won't come on by itself, then it runs for a few hours ok and repeats at night it goes off...We repalced the thermostat, but it still is the same.

Change indoor sirkit board. ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

The compressor on my central a/c unit doesnt shut off no matter how high I set the thermostat.

Check for voltage at the contactor coil it should be 24 volts it sounds like the points on your contactor welded together not allowing it to release. if you have no 24 volts at the coil and you are sure the stat is off this is most likely the problem ... Carrier Air Conditioners

I Have an older model of the white Rodgers thermostat and yesterday we adjusted it's place on the wall. In the middle of the night it was freezing and after some troubleshooting i realized the black wire had come off. I reattached and the heat came on fine. I fell asleep and woke up to it on and roasting. It hadn't shut off. Replaced the batteries and reset the temps and it still Wont turn off at the setting or any setting for tht matter. Help! I can't keep putting it on every half hou

... Air Conditioners

Thermostat turns furnace on for 2 minutes. Then goes off for 3 minutes and coming back on again for another couple of minutes. Temp stays at set temp but would like furnace to stay on longer and stay off longer

... Air Conditioners

I have a 1985 Bryant central air Furnace model 395BAW048095 with a White Rogers 36E gas valve. The flue is metal and there is a fan within the furnace to create a vacume at the base of the flue pipe conection that turns on when a call for heat comes from the thermostat at startup to ignition. The spark fires but no gas is released by the valve for the pilot to lite. Added information: The blower fan is set to continually run, I replaced the pressure switch (306621) and the limit switch (HH12ZB18

... Air Conditioners

I have a LUXPRO PSP600 digital thermostat and when I switch it to heat it automatically comes on. The hot air is blowing fine. However when it meets the temperature that is set, the heater turns off but the furnace in the basement for air circulation doesn't turn off. It keeps running. (The fan with the furnace in the basement kept running.) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

My nokia cant play youtube video ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

Our Furnace doesnt seem to be working correct. We an: Air Pro BGM075128 and is Natural Gas. It will turn on when we turn up the thermostat.. but we never get any heat through the vents. There is a switch on the side that is "on" and one that is "fan". If we turn on the "fan" only cold air gets blown through. It looks like this is for cool air. So, if we leave the fan off and the "on" swith on, we get the furnace firing up, but no heat ever comes through the vents. I tested out the thermo

Sounds like the blower motor is not working, if the furnace is actually lighting up and the burns are ignited. You should set your thermostat to auto, as if it is on fan then the fan runs all the time until you take it off of fan. I am a little confu ... Air Conditioners

We had our furnace replace this winter, our air was only about 8 years old and working fine so we didnt change it, well now , the air coming out of the vents are cold, but the condenser NEVER shuts off and the thermostat never reads what it is set on, it stays 2 or more degrees higher, the company that installed the furnace checked the air and said everything is working fine, and leaves me high and dry and HOT... the freon level is good, the pressure reading is good, but the house is hot and the

Hi, if the new furnace they put in did not have the right size coil to match the outdoor unit, it would run all of the time and not cycle off. Lets say if it is a 3 ton condenser, the indoor coil must be a 3 ton coil as well. If they put a 2 !/2 coil ... Air Conditioners

My relay board often clicks (possibly attemting to start my a/c unit). My furnace does not light unless gets very, very cold, no matter what setting used. Seems to be a thermostat issue. Have Dom

... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

Thermostat setting I just bought a new house and I have a heat pump-we live in North Carolina. The name on the thermostat is Braeburn and it is a multi-stage 2 heat/ l cool digital thermostat. We have it set at 68 and when the blower first comes on it blows warm air-however then it switches to cool air. And sometimes cool air comes out first. We have set both stages to 68 and it is in the heat mode. Should the 1st and 2nd setting be different?

What i would do is see if the outside unit is working at all. when you first turn it on the air was warm due to the fact that the temperature inside was cooler than the set point. when it get within 2 degrees ... Weather King 12AJA6001AH Air Conditioner

Armstrong v tech 91 furnace. will not make heat. when on unit runs continuosly no matter what thermistat is set at. could mother board be bad,replaced once already. cah this be done by the home owner to save the inflated cost of a repair company coming out. thanks donny

These furnaces goes thru 4--steps for complete run time.... step-1, the small draft inducer blower motor blows and prove thru the small air tube that sucks a switch close to tell the circuit board to go to step-2......the glow plug glows for 15 secon ... Air Conditioners

When i set my thermostat on heat no matter what i put it at the fan never kicks on but as soon as i put it to cool it comes on

... Intertherm P3RA-042K Air Conditioner

I have a Carrier Gas Furnace Model # 395CAV024055ABJA, I works fine if you keep the temp low, like 68, so that it doesnt come on very often, but if you try turning it up and it needs to run for awhile, it wil start this cycle where the flame will kick on and off, the blower is continously running and only blowing cold air, I have tried new batteries in the thermostat on the wall, and have tried putting it on manual heat, no change, another thing is that once it starts this cycle, if you shut it

It sounds like it is going into overheat mode. Check the overheat sensor, make sure the flue is clean, make sure any filters are clean, also check the gas passage inthe heat exchanger, if there is a blockage from soot the system will overheat ... Carrier Air Conditioners

I have an intertherm electric furnace FEH-A020, with multispeed blower installed when A/C added. My problem is blower operation. at the end of the cooling season with fan set to auto operation the fan ran continuously. Now that I've turned the unit back on for heat the blower will only function with the switch in the on position (continuous operation), in auto mode the heating elements come on with the signal from the thermostat (Honeywell CT3400), but the fan does not. I checked the fan relay p

The model of T-stat you gave comes up as a discontinued model on Honeywell's web site, but it looks to be a manual stat that type of stat would have to be wired with a summer winter switch with electric heat, allowing it to turn on the fan with a cal ... Intertherm P3RA-048K Air Conditioner

Ihave a coleman evcon gas furnace model DGAT056BDE . the circulation blower comes on most every night at about 12:15, runs for 3-4 minutes. does not matter if thermostat is on or off. fhermostat is a didgital Carrier brand w/o night time setback. circit board was replaced, still doing it. Home not haunted. gary

... Air Conditioners

Nordyne electric furnace heats up but fan won't come on when set to auto. Is it a relay switch. Have installed a new thermostat.

If the fan runs in the ON setting then you have a bad fan relay for the heat mode.\015\012Did you install the t-stat before or after the problem?\015\012If after, you have a bad fan relay. ... Air Conditioners

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