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Did not receive a filter with my shipment of a/c C9?

\015 Received shipment 20th of March and installed A/C on the 21st. Did not find a filter when unpacking the A/C.\015

Answers :

You will have to contact Windchaser and tell them the filter didn't come with the unit. Here is the information to do so. http://www.windchaserproducts.com/contact.htm
\015\012They will probably send one to you for free.

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Did not receive a filter with my shipment of a/c C9?

You will have to contact Windchaser and tell them the filter didn't come with the unit. Here is the information to do so. http://www.windchaserproducts.com/cont ... Windchaser PAC9 Air Conditioner

No cooling I received a call from my tenant that they have no ac. When i get my inspection of the unit to find an extremely durty air filter, which i replaced. Also i cleaned the a coil which was also full with dust. So i figured the time it took me to to do all that cleaning that the unit had time to reset it self. Long story short i still have no cooling at all still. through the first sequence of operation every thing seems ok . dtill no cooling

"You forgot the "first rule , check to see if everythings is working! If the filter was dirty , then you skipped the second line of defense to prevent dust from going into the vents is the squirrell cage blades. Air flows thru the filter first,,,2ond ... Goodman CKL36AR36 Air Conditioner

My Delonghi DEM10 compact dehumidifier has stopped collecting water. The unit starts and runs fine with no change in noise, but after I left it running for 3 hours in my bathroom, it had not collected any water and the air in the room still felt damp. I have checked and cleaned the air filter, but this has made no difference. Any advise gratefully received.

Hi,\012There are many reasons why a dehumidifier will not work or collect water.\012Here is a tip that I wrote to help ... Air Conditioners

How to replace filter on kenmore air conditioner 70101

... Kenmore Air Conditioners

Appliance i have an one year old central air conditioner (comfortaire heat pump). When installed they told me to change the filters every month. After a few months I realized my filter were never getting dirty. I scheduled the yearly maintenance on the unit. They said all was fun, but suggested that I change to a more expensive filter. I have changed filters but they never get dirty. I pulled the filter out and looked under at the "v" and noticed every week it is getting dirtier. What could be t

The only possible explainations for your situation is that the air is either going around the filter and going straight to the coil or the air filter is on the wrong end of the furnace. The air should go through the filter before it goes through the ... Air Conditioners

I have 4 Airtech Ceiling Fans with the RL117 Receiver and Transmitter. Two of the RL117 Receivers do not want to switch the lights on and off anymore but I can still change the fan speeds and nobody can fix the receivers for me in South Africa because they all say that they can't get any components for the receivers. Who can fix it for me or where can I get new receivers from?

... Air Conditioners

Please help.. I purchased a discontinued Hunter purifier, moder 30547, almost a year ago and now "filter" and "pre-filter" are always constantly blinking. Is this something that I can clean and vacuum, or do I have to purchase new filters. Im asking only because these filters seem very expensive to replace and I dont want to replace filters if they arent making them anymore soon..... ? Help...

Hello,the filter is bad so you have to replace it,you can get new filters for the following price range.between 7 dollars to 30 dollars,so it depend on the type of filter you are using.recommendations for filters goes thus,you have to change your fil ... Air Conditioners

Filter How do you change the filter on the split unit? The filter for the AC unit outside? Where is the filter located?

Type it up on the company web sites! ... Goodman CKL60AR60 Air Conditioner

Drayton RP2 with BG 532 boiler Hi, My home only has hot water but no heating. i have recently changed batteries. The receiver seems receiving the fignal fine i.e. when I turned up the temp the gree light will come on after a few second of flashing red light and vice verse. The problem to me seems to be the boilder doesn't receive the instruction from the receiver. The boiler can produce heating on manual override situation. The indicator shows 58 (sometimes 61 or 49 etc) folloed by a

... Air Conditioners

Is there a second air filter inside a central ac unit ? I change my filter on the air intake faithfully. Always using high grade quility filters. it was brought to my attention that there is another filter internaly that also needs changed ! Is this correct. I have a Thermal zone model# AH24A-1T it is about 8 years old.

If you have only 1 trunkline for the return and you have a filter grille with a filter in it, it is not necessary that another filter be installed in the air handler. But if you have more than one return or if you have a fresh air intake tied into yo ... Air Conditioners

I have an amana heating/cooling system. it is 3 years old. it has 2 fans/compressors outside the house that seem to operate fine. with all the hot weather this year we have used the air conditioner more than we typically do. i hadn't thought to change the air filter sooner because of the increased use. the filter was so clogged it got partially sucked into the air handler. i shut the switch off on the system and removed the filter to get the size off the filter. i closed the system back up witho

What you have done is restricted the air flow the water is most likely where the indoor coil is froze and you may need to clean the coil as well just from your symptoms shut unit down open the door of coil this is most likely in the shape of an A re ... Amana Air Conditioners

Filter size I live in an apartment with a weather king 14AHJ11S01C01 and they change the filter but it always gets mangled and end up ripped apart. The size filter they use is a 20X12X1. Is this the right size filter or should I get a bigger size?

Thats an A/C, what is the indoor unit model #? Does it have a filter box? If so what size? If not do how does your filters sit in the unit? ... Weather King 12AJA4801AH Air Conditioner

I just turned on my ac for the first time this year. I found leaking on my carpet. I had to change my filter and found ice on my pipes. also the area around the unit was damp. Did i fix the problem by changing the filter or is there suppost to be a filter under my filter. I have a model ar30-1 Thank you

The ice buildup comes from low refrigerant or poor airflow.\015\012Is your indoor fan runnig OK?\015\012Are your evaporator coils clean of dust and dirt?\015\012If fan is good and coils are clean, call a service tech to check your r ... Goodman CPLE24-1 Air Conditioner

Just washed permanent filter on older Carrier heater/ air in garage. (Can't find model No.) IT'S TALL. a/c coil sits on top of it. The top panel on heater has vent slits.. The bottom panel is solid and the filter is a metal washable filter that fits in bottom of lower section. When I insert lower door that pushes a button in and heater starts. 1) Having trouble getting lower and upper doors back in. 2)Filter is still slightly damp from washing it...ok to reinsert? 3) Is it necessary to

Hello.\015\012 A slightly damp filter is ok. The heater will dry it out. If you turn the thermostat to off it will be ok. Just keep your hands and loose clothing away from moving parts. Good luck and Happy New Year! ... Carrier Air Conditioners

My central a/c has a problem with water dripping from the cooling coils and getting down on my air filter below. The filter then turns black with mold. I have a very expensive filter (Aprilaire) so replacing it all the time is a problem. The a/c cools the house fine. The drain isn't clogged and the filters are new. What is causing this and how can it be fixed?

You should tilt the system such that the water goes directly to the drainage pipe. it is easy however it may require a hany man.Regards ... Air Conditioners

My Rinnai says not to use it without an air filter and to clean the air filter once a week--but I can't see an air filter. Is it possible that it was installed without one?

If you have a RHFE263, 431 or 556, the air filter is located at the top in the seam where the wall trim piece attaches to the heater. It looks like a dryer lint filter. ... Rinnai EnergySaver 556 Air Conditioner

50DF024 Unit had too much oil put in by someone that didn't know better. Compressor died of course. Burnout. I put in a reman comp (06E)and a suction line filter core with cleanout filter. After start up, ran smooth, some oil migrated back to crankcase. High oil level, drained a gallon, oil level barely 1/8 in sight glass. Ran unit for 2 wks, (14 hrs per weekday only)all ok. Changed a filter core again, upon start up, comp was shaking badly and drawing high current. Enough to trip breaker. Oil

... Carrier Air Conditioners

Filter Hi, In my panel the light for filter flash(flicker) and the big filter (I have one in the corridor upstairs) is cleaned and changed. My question is why still flashing ? I have another one somewhere ? My model is : GSC140241A - Goodman 2 Ton 14 SEER R-22 Central Air Conditioner CODE: GSC140241A

Check and see if there is one in the A/H. Look on the right end (return end) There is a panel anout 1" wide going from top to battom. There may be a filter left in there. ... Air Conditioners

Daikin a/c FDY100LVIR N81. installed in suspended ceiling approx 2 mtrs. away from ceiling filter inlet. No filter pad provided for this inlet?. Told to attach a piece of wire to end of unit to withdraw filter for cleaning, how do we get it back?. I find this situation unacceptable and have been trying to resolve problem with Daikin and installer for 3 months, now they are saying that the ceiling vent is an after market item so is not anyones responsibility. Thanks Trevor

... Air Conditioners

We have a Fujitsu Halcyon wall mounted ductless unit (indoor Unit ASU15RLQ). It was installed in December 2007 and we've done regular cleaning of the washable filters etc. Now it is not cooling. There is a row of condensation droplets along the outside lower edge of the intake grill. Also when ever it runs, the indicator light is steady red not green. What does this unit need? How could I buy a replacement filter? The manual says after 2 years we should replace the filter- Model UTR-FA14.

Hi, first of all, you can get a replacement filter by contacting Fujitsu on (973) 575-0381, (866) 952-8324 toll free and you will be told the nearest Place around you where you can get it from.Secondly, your AC not cooling might be as a ... Fujitsu Air Conditioners

I have a frigidaire window unit. i cannot recall the exact # of the unit. but, my problem is that the unit still cools, but the smell it emits is similar to that of a wet dog. i opened the unit and cleaned the filter, i noticed there was what appeared to be a second filter, but i did not see a way to get it out. after cleaning the filter, i turned to unit on and got the same results. i think the unit # is something like FAM187STA

Hi, you cannot take out the second filter because you are not a tech in that field. Many times when a wall or window a/c unit is installed the installer\015\012levels the unit.It should actually be lower on the outside end than the\015\012wall ... Air Conditioners

On our honeywell thermostat model RTH230B it says "filter" on it, does that mean to change the filter? I changed it a couple of months ago and I just changed it again today but it still says "filter"

What filter is the thermostat referring to? The filter to the outside air for my own benefit? ... Honeywell ER150B Air Conditioner

Replacing filters Do I have to replace filters on my weather king a/c? If so, where do I buy the filters and how do I replace them?

Not above the fifth grade! ... Weather King 10AJA2501AH Air Conditioner

We have a Emerson Quiet Kool air conditioner in a camping trailor. It is old. We need a new filter. The filter is close to the mesurements listed by Boland-41. The exact mesurements are 81/2 by 131/4 and has six compartments. It is foam over a plastic frame. Where can I get a filter. I believe the 8x13 would work.

You can actually make a filter for a lot cheaper,\015\012 anyhardware store will carry the filter material on a roll, or bolt, just but the thinnest stuff and cut it to desired size.\015\012 many times I have bought Mezlin from a Crafts ... Emerson Quiet Kool 10GV13 Air Conditioner

Replacement Filters My filter is cracked and extremely dirty. Where can I purchase a new filter?

Home Depot. If it is a special filter go straight to the manufacturer ... Maytag M6Q10F2A Air Conditioner

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