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Furnace blowing 5 amp fuses

\015 I have a heil furnace (H9MPD100J20C1)that has worked fine for almost three years; now will not heat. I met with a tech yesterday and replaced the fuse on the control panel - worked fine for a short while and then blew the fuse again. I assume there is a short in the system - any ideas on the best way to find it?\015

Answers :

This is caused by a low voltage short. Most often it's the T-stat wires going to the condenser unit outside. Check to see if the insulation on the wires have degraded and replace them if necessary. Also, if the wire has been spliced before redue the joint and weather seal it so that it won't happen again. This is what I do for a living so if you have any more questions, please feel free to ask more questions.

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Hello, I have a Carrier furnace that is suddenly blowing the 3 amp fuse. I finally isolated that the COM terminal is blowing the fuse. If I connect the blue t-stat wire to it, the fuse will blow. I al

That means there is a short in the common wire, either it is touching metal somwhere in the furnace cabinet, or between the Furnace and T-stat. Most likely you will need to run new T-stat wire ... Air Conditioners

I have a three year old Goodman Furnac /AC unit Model nuber CAPF030B2C. When I turn on the AC it blows a 3 Amp blade fuse in the furnace. If I just turn the furnace on or the fan only on it does not blow. What should I check for?

I would first look at all the wires and make sure the insulation has not rubbed off somewhere and causing a short, after that it means one component is failing and requires special tools and testing that should be done bu expert who has those tools a ... Air Conditioners

3 amp fuse blows on a carrier 58mcb furnace board

Ok, If 3 amp fuse is blowing in the air handler unit when switch is turned to cool check to see if outside unit jump starts and stops when this happens. If this is the case wiring is fine check main relay in outdoor unit. There will be a spring conta ... Carrier 52CQ-312-4 Comfort Series Heat Pump Air Conditioner

The 5 amp fuse was blowing on my old circuit board. I was able to get the furnace to work if I pushed down on the black transformer, this indicated to me that I needed a new circuit board. I replaced it and the fuse is still blowing. Where do I go next??

Hi,The fuse blowing indicates that you have a high current draw or a short somewhere in the system.The first thing I do when I get this is unhook the t-stat wires to isolate the furnace and see whether the problem is internal to the furna ... Air Conditioners

Furnace blowing 5 amp fuses

This is caused by a low voltage short. Most often it's the T-stat wires going to the condenser unit outside. Check to see if the insulation on the wires have degraded and replace them if necessary. Also, if the wire has been spliced before redue t ... Air Conditioners

Ducane furnace model# CG80RB keeps blowing 5 amp fuse

... Air Conditioners

Carrier Heat Pump Model 38EYG042300 airhandler blower operational, T-stat set to emergency heat still operational and does not blow the 5 amp fuse . When T-stat is set to Cooling or Heat from the Heat pump after about 3-5 minutes the 5 amp fuse continually blows, checked the transformer both primary and secondary checks out good, check transformer to ground not grounded, is it posibble for the T-stat to ground out and blow the 5 amp fuse when calling for the heat pump to heat or cool? Hard for m

Hello,\015\012Compressor contactor coil or reversing valve coil... they may not have a direct short but still may pull high amps and blow the fuse... have you had a brown out or power outage lately? They will fry coils...\015\012From what ... Air Conditioners

Blowing 5 amp fuse - Honeywell Icp Heil Tempstar Furnace Spark Ignitor Assembly 1173829 P8e-ce19 Comfort Maker

... Honeywell Icp Heil Tempstar Furnace Spark Ignitor Assembly 1173829 P8e-ce19 Comfort Maker

Bryant 650a furnace keeps blowing 3 amp fuse - Air Conditioners

If you keep blowing the 3 amp fuse it usually means you have a short somewhere in your low voltage control wiring or maybe within the wiring of your control box. I would ecommend using your ohm meter or continuity tester and start tracing each circui ... Air Conditioners

The 3 amp fuse on the control board of my furnace blows often when the heat comes on and immediately when the A/C comes on. I got a new thermostat. Can the blue and yellow wires for the A/C be switched and cause this? Any other suggestions? Thanks, Jared

Yes if the wires are on the wrong terminals the fuse will blow.Also any short circuit of any wire will cause the fuse to blow.The yellow wire is typically for the compressor contactor to engage.The blue wire is typically a neutral w ... Air Conditioners

Swamp cooler keeps blowing on low speed. Amp it out at the switch and it's only pulling 3.8 even with a lload also amp it at the cooler side and it's only pulling below 9 amps. No reason why, I do have an old disconnect box with two 15 amp fuses and I'm suspecting it. Icould the connections be bad in that box. When low fuse blows hight continues to work. Neighbor works for HVAC

... Mastercool 67680 Evaporative Cooler Air Conditioner

Thermostat I have a RV with a coleman unit, unit run fine, but the thermostat blows the 2.5 amp fuse, I change to a 5. amp and it still blow the fuse, it will run for two day some time a week before it blows it out. What can I do.

Several things cause fuses to go. But you ace in the hole is that it works for sometime before it goes out. This suggests that a relay or contactor is not pulling in as it should. I would try replacing the fan relay (if so equipped) and definitely th ... Coleman Mach III Air Conditioner

3 amp fuse blows after three hours on Goodman 4 ton 16 seer pump

I would suspect you have a problem in the defrost circuit of your heat pump. there are a couple of things you can try. first just run the system on emergency heat and see what happens. you could have a defrost board that is shorting when it kicks int ... Haier Energy Star ESA3183 Air Conditioner

My american standard is blowing the 5 amp fuse on the board. the drip pad had a clog and took care of that but now the 5 amp fuse will keep blowing

Bad contactor on outside unit ... American Standard Air Conditioners

Transformer and circuit board blown on Nordyne AC this happened suddenly when the a/c has been running fine, also it blows the 3 amp fuse on the circuit board, I replaced with a 10 amp fuse and it ran fine with that. Is there something I have done that would cause the transformer and the circuit board to blow and also the circuit board had NO burn marks on it.

... Air Conditioners

I have 60 amp circuit breaker on my electrical a/c heater with a 45 amp fuse. I had the unit for 7 years with no problem. This month the 60 amp circuit breaker keeps tripping when the heater goes off. The 60 amp circuit breaker does not trip all the way. Do you think I have a bad circuit breaker? Shouldn?t the 45 amp fuse blow before the 60 amp breaker trips.

You're unit is a 31/2 ton according to the numbers.Normally, breakers will only be in a half way posistion when tripped. Yes, under most conditions, the fuse will blow before the breaker trips. I have seen this many times, the breaker may be weak, bu ... Goodman CKL42AR42 Air Conditioner

3 amp fuse blows when ac is switched on. Heater works fine.

There is a short in the low voltage wires somewhere for sure. The most common place is the low voltage on the outside unit, sometimes animals chew through them or they get cut with a weed eater. Just my experience. You basically have to trace it back ... Carrier 38CKC060 Air Conditioner

The Coleman Mach thermostat in my 5th wheel blows its 2 A fuse a couple of times today and am trying to figure out what is causing this. Please help. I am unable to get the furnace to run even with a good fuse in the thermoatat. When I bypass the thermostat to run the Atwood furnace (red tied to white wire). THe furnace blower comes on and the burner sounds it lights for 5 seconds and then goes out. 15-20 seconds later it reignites and goes out and continues to cycle -- the blower motor

Hi\015\012\015\012Its blowing fuses because of short circuit inside the coleman mach or due to two wires being shorted with each other. You'll need to open up your thermostat system to look for the short circuit and also shorted wires.Ple ... Air Conditioners

We have a Bryant 556a model, puron Central air saystem. The air handler unit keeps blowing the 5a fuses. I replaced the filter. I cleaned the main contactor at the compressor. It ran for a couple hours and is now back blowing 5 amp fuses. Help!!

It sounds like that contactor is the culprit. My reasoning is that after you fooled with it, it worked for a while before resuming the problem A new contactor costs about 15 to 20 bucks and it would be no chore to just hook up the two thermostat wir ... Bryant Air Conditioners

Our inside unit Coleman EB20B (outside unit Goodman GKL 49-1) keeps blowing the in-line 3 amp thermostat fuse. We've rewired the wires in the wall, rewired the contactor wires, and the contactor was broken so we replaced it. We're still blowing the fuse. Could we have reversed the thermostat wires at the contactor? Or could the short be in the Blend Air box-this box is coupled to the thermostat wires? Thanks Ken Rohm

Hi,Mark\015\012 all your wires using tape or by writing it down to ensure you will be \015\012able to hook them back up exactly the way you found them. Remove all the\015\012 wires from your board again. Tape off the ends so you don ... Coleman Air Conditioners

When i tunn on my AC unit at the thermostat it blows the 3 amp fuse in the air handler when it call for cool when i switch the t stat to off and just turn fan on the fuse does not blow and blower runs

Sounds like the compressor is or a electrical component directly linked with the cooling operation/ outdoor unit running.Possible short to earth....cheers ... Ruud UBHC Air Conditioner

3 amp fuse blowing in York central A/c

Hope things are working for you now. In any case, Keep a couple of things in mind. The control (thermostat) is low voltage.A not so simple,simple switch that obviously senses ambient temperature and at a preset time will Or temp will switch on a sec ... Air Conditioners

Weather King blows fuse in Criterion II furnace

You probably have a shorted wire between the heater and the a/c. There are two wires that conncet the control power to the outdoor a/c from the heater they should be on terminal c & y in the heater. disconect those two wires and try it again if t ... Weather King 10AJA2501AH Air Conditioner

The fuse to the lifestyle LP522 blew the 3 amp fuse. I have replaced the fuse a few times but the moment I select the heating or water to come on the fuse blows again. The boiler I have is a baxi bermuda

... Air Conditioners

I have a suburban lp furnace and duotherm air/heat pump roof unit. duothern thermostat. 20 amp breaker kicked ( reset breaker) & furnace quit. NOW furnace fan comes on but does not light, and the front AC will not work either, when in the COOL position on STAT the unit blows warm air instead of cold. I replaced the Thermostat and a Tech guy checked the board in the furnace and it was OK. He also switched the board from the rear air with the front and nothing changed. Rear air and heat pump works

I'm not sure what the problem may be but you could try calling All\015\012Seasons RV Appliance Parts & Service. There number is\015\0121-800-344-0673 they have helped me in the past. That and there tech\015\012calls are free so it wouldn't hurt ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

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