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High noice level of indoor unit

\015 In my 1.5 ton spilt a/c, indoor unit makes noice of about 75 to 80 db of air throw. how to resolve the problem?\015

Answers :

Typically noise levels are caused by dirt accumulation around the fan blades and coils. Make sure that the unit is completely clean. These units are very small and collect dirt much quicker than larger systems. If you look in you owners manual, you will find recommended cleaning and general maintenance instructions. If you do not have your manual, you can find them on the manufacturers website.

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High noice level of indoor unit

Typically noise levels are caused by dirt accumulation around the fan blades and coils. Make sure that the unit is completely clean. These units are very small and collect dirt much quicker than larger systems. If you look in you owners manual, yo ... Air Conditioners

Can Carrier split system 38G250H be converted to be controlled from a room thermostat rather than the return air thermistor. I have a very high ceiling ,2m above the indoor unit,and the stratification is a problem. I have already the ''Butcher'' ceiling fan installed and it is still cold at the floor level, and 27deg.C at the unit level.(2.4 m)

Yes it can be done as long as the thermostat has the capability of acting as a on-off switch.It could be bimetallic type which till today are the best way of tep control since the inherent qualities of the bimetallic strip is that any temp change co ... Air Conditioners

I have a Sanyo khs1271 that is about three years old. For the last six months it has been making a high pitch chirping sound in both heating and cooling modes. I suspect the problem is the fan on the indoor unit as the chirping only occurs when the fan speed is on high. So far, the only solution to the problem has been to turn it on quiet mode, which reduces the fan speed and thus makes the unit's ability to heat or cool less effective. Does anyone know how to access the fan on the indoor unit

Hi You can try to check this link it has the user manual.Thankshttp://www.sanyohvac.com/assets/documents/user/Use ... Sanyo Air Conditioners

50DF024 Unit had too much oil put in by someone that didn't know better. Compressor died of course. Burnout. I put in a reman comp (06E)and a suction line filter core with cleanout filter. After start up, ran smooth, some oil migrated back to crankcase. High oil level, drained a gallon, oil level barely 1/8 in sight glass. Ran unit for 2 wks, (14 hrs per weekday only)all ok. Changed a filter core again, upon start up, comp was shaking badly and drawing high current. Enough to trip breaker. Oil

... Carrier Air Conditioners

My indoor unit blower makes a low chirping noise. it tends to go away or not be heard at high fan operation. how can i access the blower on the indoor unit to take a look at it (mr. slim unit; 2 ton)

... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

The fan speed in my mini split a/c indoor unit is abnormaly low even when set in High speed mode. This unit also has a powerful mode to raise the speed beyond High for 15 minutes, but it is not working either. I replaced the fan motor, the power supply board and the main board to no avail. Any help will be appreciated.

Please change the fan capacitor,all will be ok afterwards. ... Air Conditioners


... Samsung Air Conditioners

I am working on a M # GPG13420901AB. This is a 3.5 ton package unit that replaced a 3 ton package unit on 1700sq/ft single level home. Old unit was working fine but was replaced when the home was renovated. The new unit will not hold temperature in the home when outside ambient climbs above 83-85 degrees. Refrigerant pressures early in the day (70-80 degrees ambient) look fine 70 suction 200 high 9-11 degrees SH. Late in the day with outside ambients around 90-95 degrees, inside temps 75-78

It sounds like you are low on charge. I think you have a thermostatic expansion valve and you need to check the subcooling, you should have 12 to 15 degrees at 95. At 95 degrees your head should be about 280# for a 12 or 13 SEER unit or higher depend ... Goodman Air Conditioners

Mini split. Outdoor unit runs for 5 min, then shuts down. Indoor unit continues to run, just blows cold after outdoor unit shuts down. Refrigerant level is good

... Soleus Mini Split Air Conditioner

I have a 3.5 ton Ruud UBHC-Series Heat Pump, with fan coil unit UBHC-17J11SFA. It was installed in 2004. It has not been cooling well this summer, nd my bills were high last winter. I did not properly change filters for the first couple years, as I thought they were to protect ME, not the UNIT. (I care less about ME than the UNIT!) Recently got it diagnosed with this info: 1) Coils slightly dirty 2) Rozz(I can't read his handwriting) levels: 45.9 / 210.3 psi 8.8 degrees subcool 56 degrees super

Hi I hope this will help, if toy have a air compressor you can clean the coils yourself by bloing air across the coils to the outside of the unit. If there is dirt in the coils and leaves in the condensor coil, once you clean it may be ok but Rudd ha ... Air Conditioners

We have a gym that is 150 feet by 75 feet and around 40 feet high, I have 2 york 20 ton heat pumps located on out side of building. CFM are 8000 a peace. when temps outside are in single digits temps in side gym never get above 40 degrees it as been like that sence it was installed. there is only 1 return vent for each unit located ground level where heat vents come in. heat is routed across sealing. seems like all heat stay up high where it comes out at, How can I get temp into the 60's Heat p

Do you have any ceiling fans in the building? Fans forcing the circulation will force the hot air down. Have you had any other professionals take a look at your problem in person?Thank you,Lee ... Air Conditioners

Noice level high. Vibrating noice - Air Conditioners

Hi there. Clean both fans if dirty. (inside and outside) Check for foreign objects like insulation caught in the squirl cage blower. Make sure unit is level. Check for vibrating tubes.ThanksPaul ... Air Conditioners

A friend has an air cconditioner system that keeps freezing up on the inside,i checked the levels and the unit calls for 350 on the low 300 on the high however he has 350 on the low,50 on the high,what do you think,air movement problem or possibly a restricted line?

Sounds like the hiside and low side difference is too great.. Spec cited is 350 Low and 300hi with a delta of 50 versus what you are seeing of 350 Low versus 50 High ..delta of 300.. Could be contamination or a leak.. ... Air Conditioners

LG Libero E High heating and cooling lamps flashing on indoor unit

... Air Conditioners

Extremely annoying variable high frequency whistle from senville 18000 btu unit with two indoor heads. what causes this?

... Senville 18000 BTU Dual Zone Ductless Air Conditioner and Heat Pump 9k 9k or 9k 12k or 12k 12k

Split ac 2 ton, indoor unit fan runs very low speed even if changed to high speed, it remains same

... Ruud Matching Split Air Conditioner

LG LSN306HV Indoor wall unit has developed a high pitched whirling sound when running. I am suspecting a fan motor and/or bearing issue. Need to have repaired as it has become very irritating. What is/are the causes?

... LG LS306HV LSN306HV & LSU306HV Standard Inverter WaHeat Pump

I have a Daikin VRV System RSEYP10K condensor works not faults but cannot get any heat to the indoor units. Also only inverter compressor will run high pressure gas 20 bar

... Air Conditioners

Hello all, Two minutes after start my air condition goes to sleep mode and stays like this. The model is LG: Outdoor units: model: UU12W UEC (AUUW126C) 1ph 220-24-V 50Hz Indoor inuts: model: UV12 NEC (AVNH126 ELAC) 1ph 220-240V 50Hz Thank you in advance! Your prompt answer will be highly appreciated!

... LG LS-L1210CL Mini Split Air Conditioner

Mitsubishi ducted Mr.SLIM PEA-RP.EA does not cool efficiently over 30C by late afternoon temp. rises indoors to high 20C temp. Has unit been withdrawn from market ??????????????

Sounds like it's short of gas. (Caused by a gas leak.) ... Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

Toshiba Heat Pump / Air Conditioner Split type, Indoor unit model number RAS-B13SKVP-1 - Problem with excessive high-pitched squealing sound. Where should I / Can I lubricate the bearing in question? Using (ideally) what kind of lubricant? - Grease, Thin Spray-on, Thick Spray-on, or?

Normally maximum indoor unit carries sealed motor. Hence, replace bearings. ... Air Conditioners

A/C Unit SAMSUNG -Outdoor unit model= MH080FXCA 4A was connected to 3 indoor units: · B location – indoor unit model MH035FNCA · C location – indoor unit model MH035FNCA · D location – indoor unit model AQV18JA (This unit has no rotary switch SW02, so I don’t know how to set it for communication with the outdoor unit) I set the outdoor SW01 to 3, because 3 units are connected of possible 4. I moved the dip switch of the outdoor unit to “off” position. I set the indoo

... Samsung Air Conditioners

Noisy indoor air conditioning units

The noise you are describing ..if the indoor coil is clean and the fan blade are clean..i would say you have a charging issue with your unit thats causing the noise..most ac units come with a preset amount of refrigerant in them... say a unit has com ... LG Air Conditioners

I have a Mitsubishi split system with 2 indoor units (MS09TW) and one outdorr (MU09TW). The evaporator coil on one of the indoor units has been diagnosed by a A/C repair company as having a pinhole leak. I would rather repair the entire indoor unit but I can't find an avaialable replacement unit. Is there a model that will directly replace my existing unit. The evaporator coil PN is E02 462 620

The following link includes service manuals for your air conditioning system: http://usa.mylinkdrive.com/uploads/documents/2388/document/MS-09~17TW,TN__MU-09~17TW,TN_Service_Manual.pdfI'm sure you find the solution inside the manual. ... Mitsubishi MS09TW Air Conditioner

The control for the compressor is not turning on when the remote is set on cool, but the indoor fans turn on. This is a C4822N outside unit and a RS 2422A twin indoor unit. there is 220 volt being sent down on black and white to the indoor unit but nothing comes back to the outside unit on red

... Sanyo Split System Air Conditioner

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