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Compressor needs replacing

\015 Urgently need supplier of compresor for B3200 Dometic RV Air Conditioner\015

Answers :

Good luck, I'm in the business and it's virtually impossible to find just the compressor for rooftop rv units. You might be able to get one through and RV dealer that sells parts as well. Also, contact dometic. Usually the only time a compressor is replaced is when the units are still in warranty. Let me add one more thing. Because of the price, it's more economical to replace the whole uint since most of these units are below $800 total price.

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My RUUD UBHA 21J8SFGAI is not cooling my house like before. It runs almost all day and the house feels a little warm. I called an air conditioner repairman who told me that the compressor is leaking freon and oil from the bottom because the bottom 2 inches are wet. He said I needed to replace the compressor. He added freon the the unit and said it would cost around $700 to $2,500 depending on what needed to be replaced Can a compressor be fixed or do I have to replace it? The house is a lit

Compressors for household ACs are not repairable. Usually if a compressor goes bad, whole condenser unit is replaced. ... Air Conditioners

Honeywell t8601d showing a square symbol error - in past this has indicated low refrigerant. Tech came out, said need to replace thermostat, as compressor would not start, but if manually connected wires, compressor would start. So, had thermostat replaced. Tech then said need refrigerant. Did the t8601d actually need to be replaced?

There is a sensor that shuts the compressor down when the freon (refrigerant) is low. The tech probably "shorted" out this sensor. If the unit went on when he did this, the charge is low. ... Honeywell Air Conditioners

Have a WeahterKing WBEA 14J055FCIA Inside split air system. Last tenant removed the outside compressor. Looks to be a 2.5 ton unit and need to find an replacement outside compressor that will match up. Is there anything still available? Do not think I need to replace entire system.

James if you are able, go on to craigslist and try to find you a used outdoor unit. I have several rentals and craigslist has saved me several times. I bought the last unit , 3 ton, used for $100.00. ... Air Conditioners

Need help in AC compressor replacement. The existing compressor number is C-SB351H6B and its a SANYO.? What is the BTU rating for this compressor and what would be the replacement with a copeland scroll compressor

This compressor has a rating of 56700 BTU at 45 deg. F Evap and 130 deg. F Cond.\015\012Your supplier will match a copeland scroll using this rating\015\012\015\012Fuji ... Air Conditioners

My E.G. Air Cond.Compressor/condenser fan motor was replaced because it burnt; I replaced it with an O. Smith Electric Fan Motor. I also changed the capacitor. The new fan motor runs full speed for about 10 minutes and stops while the compressor is still runing. I need help to assure I have it wired corectly. I may need a manual which I do not have.

These motors have a wiring diagram on the motor. Make sure you don't have two different speeds connected together. ... Air Conditioners

Just replaced compressor in goodman 3 ton condensing unit..new compressor trips breaker immediately tried everything i can. Will not start. Take wires off compressor and fan will turn on.. Soon as compressor is connected trips breaker need help

... Air Conditioners

Need a replacement compressor < 8 " high for older refrigerator

How can you have a R134a Compressor that is 32 years old. That gas was not even available then. What you are asking is impossible, unless you are asking can you change from possibly R12 to R143a. The answer is yes but it would probably be too costly. ... Matsushita DD73C14GAU6 1/4 HP R134 Compressor 115V/6Compressor

38BQ008910 capacity Need to replace the compressor on this model air cond unit. The compressor is a Hitachi model 502FH2 T.

... Carrier Air Conditioners

I have a Coleman Suncutter model 7430A601 Bristol) whole house air conditioner. This is a 1984 model which is set up outside the house with 12 inch ductwork from the unit to the duct in the house and 12 inch cold air return from the house to the unit. I was told the compressor needs replaced. Is the compressor for this model still available and if so, where?

... Air Conditioners

Weather King 10PJB18A01 heat pump. Compressor is working, however reversing valve is stuck in cooling mode. Need HEAT! Can this be fixed without replacing entire compressor?

Reversing valves get stuck try taping on the valve, it's problably stuck. i don't care for heat pumps, i like strait cool . very little can go wrong and easy to diagnose. why they ever started making heatpumps,i don't know. i know dozens of people wi ... Weather King 10PJA4301AH Air Conditioner

Do I only need a new condenser, or a whole new split central air conditioner system? I currently have a Bryant 340AAV with a Bryant evaporator coil model no. CD6AXW036021ABAA, outside I have a Goodman Condenser model no. CE36-1GB, My compressor has failed, HVAC said replacing compressor would not be worth it. I was about to buy a used Rheem 10 seer condenser, but I read that the minimum is 13 seer and that if the inside is a different seer from outside that would result in it breaking down. I do

Hello!The HVAC shop is likely accurate when they told you it would not be cost effective replacing a compressor alone. My advice is to contact the HVAC contractor back, and ask him what they would recommend that the condenser ... Goodman CKL42AR42 Air Conditioner

The compressor won't engage unless I hold the temperature sensor in my fingers. If I release the sensor,it will run for a short time and then the compressor will stop. what needs to be replaced?

Check that the sensor is plugged in and has no loose wires. If it has a good electrical connection, then you will need to replace the sensor. ... Quasar HQ2142KH Air Conditioner

I have the Mitsubishi split unit system with 24BTU for my bedroom, the problems starts after the compressor has started and the cold air has been blown through the indoor unit, this pleasure lasts for about 2 mins and then a strange sound from the outdoor unit , sounds like the power is getting low or some what, then it shuts itself down. A technician checked and said the compressor needs replacement..its 12 month old and works 6 hours a day!!!

Ok, it can be two things. \015\012\015\012The outside unit needs to be washed with a water hose to rinse any dirt and debris that can cause a restriction in airflow over the outdoor coils. If they are allowed ... Mitsubishi MSM18NW Air Conditioner

Hello, my Bryant AC system's compressor is not turning on. The circuit breaker keeps tripping, does the compressor need to be replaced? thank you

Sorry to say, but yes. This happens when the compressor shorts out. If you are handy with electrical, you can test this to be sure, but you will need a multimeter. If so, disconnect the line voltage to the condenser first, open up the electrical comp ... Air Conditioners

Fuses OK, Fan OK, blowers OK but compressor does not kick in. Not cooling now. How to get a replacement unit. Sleeve Ok and remains in place, just need the unit that slides in Chuck Raney 12013 Edgewater Rd Fort Smith, AR My AC man say compressor locked up and not working anymore.

If you can give me the make and model number, I can probably locate one for ya. ... Air Conditioners

AC compressor is tripping the breaker. How can I test the compressor to find out if it needs to be replaced?

Check the leads to ground to see if any are grounded, then go lead to lead ohming them to make sure they are not open. If not grounded and they ohm out, the compressor is good as far as electrical ... Carrier Air Conditioners

Compressor of intertherm cond unit MTL-011548BAV shorted. Replaced with 4 ton (48,000) complete cond unit. Now, suction line frost back to compressor with R-22 suction pressure too low (50#). Why? and what need to do to correct this situation. In mobile home with gas furnace and ''A'' coil.

Make sure coil and fan are clean and getting good air flow thru the coil and not bypassing it if discharge psi ok air flow problem if high then somthing in unit stopped up some have screens in the liquid line at the coil hope this helps also make sur ... Air Conditioners

I have a Sharp CV10NH Portable Air Conditioner with the same problem as posted by gtkermit on Jun 08, 2010: works fine for a few minutes then compressor turns off and fan continues for a few minutes then compressor kicks in again and cools for a few minutes (cycles about every 5 minutes perhaps.) I have followed all suggestions on page 30 of the manual (as well as the different options for venting, etc.) ms-shop suggested that the thermostat needs to be replaced. How do i do this? Thank you!

Hello,The problem could be the thermostat, and any of the following compressor cycling for every few minutes\015\012could be over load for the compressor, dirty condenser coils need \015\012cleaning, To check \015\012the compressor\015\01 ... Sharp CV10NH Air Conditioner

I have a Rudd AC unit Model UAND 024 JAC After installing a new codensor fan motor when I throw the circuit breaker the unit will not turn on but when I push the contacts on the contacter manualy the fan will come on but the compressor will not. need to know what I need to do or replace to make this unit work ? I did lower the temperature to 74 THANK YOU

The contactor is equipped with an overload relay and needs to be reset for the contactor to work. Press the reset button on the overload relay to reset it. It is usually orange or white colored button. But the biggest problem is the compressor not wo ... Air Conditioners

Mit.hp model MUH24WN Unit was working fine shut off at night went to turn on during day and would not come on it was tripping the circuit (replaced circuit) still tripping we know it is definately compressor unit but I don't believe it is grounded tech. telling me we need a new unit other sources that work on these units say something may have gotten into the compressor, If you could tell me the possible answer to this problem?

... Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MXZ30TN Air Conditioner

Compressor needs replacing

Good luck, I'm in the business and it's virtually impossible to find just the compressor for rooftop rv units. You might be able to get one through and RV dealer that sells parts as well. Also, contact dometic. Usually the only time a compressor i ... Air Conditioners

Split unit a/c - works but no cool air only air. I was told the compressor broke and would need to be replaced at a huge cost.

The warranty usually reflects the worst case life expectancy. In other words if your warranty is for 5 years then they expect that if the unit was to be run consistently with regular to no maintenance It will only last 5 years.These syste ... Samsung AS18A6RB Air Conditioner

I want to replace honeywell mercury switch thermostat with Honeywell focus pro 5000 if possible It is for the control of a Carrier reverse cycle compressor unit 3hp I need it to switch automatically fro heating to cooling and vice versa

Go for it.didnt see a question ... Carrier XHB123D X/Y Series Heat/Cool Air Conditioner

Hi. I have a Sankyo SD-508 airconditioning compressor that runs the refrigeration on my boat. It doesn't hold the refrigerant charge for very long (2mths or so) and I understand the seals may need replacing. Does that sound like a likely diagnosis/solution, and if so, how do I go about doing it? Can anyone point me to a link to a repair manual for it? Thanks!

Hi, yes it is a possible that you may have leaking seals . I have a link for you to check out and it may be of some help with the Sankyo SD-508 compressor.I have repaired Refrigeration systems for a lot of years.What I would do is locate/pinpoint lea ... Air Conditioners

I just need to find a supplier for a replacement compressor for the duo therm unit on my RV. Any ideas?

Not sure you can buy a compressor separate, but you can try any RV dealer. My guess is that a complete upper unit (roof) is going to be the way to go, and in the long run cheaper. By the time you pay parts and labor, you can get an entire upper unit, ... Dometic Rooftop RV Air Conditioner

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